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Raiden Chelute

"There is no right or wrong. Only Victory and Loss."

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a character in “Bleach: Insurrection”, as played by ZombieGil


Name: Raiden Chelute
Age: 1077
Personality: Very old fashioned. Raiden is a man who sees mercy as weakness and pity as arrogance. Justice and righteousness mean nothing, while conquest and victory stand for greatness. His words are few, his tongue quick as lightning itself. He doesn’t appreciate assistance, Raiden rather handle a fight on his own. Fighting with everything is the only way. Hesitance is the sign of death, while brutality marks genius. Raiden sees no need in friends, only in victory and spoils. Opposing him is something a dead man would do, literally. He will never hesitate to eliminate anyone, whether they’re friend or foe. He sees everyone as an enemy; some just present themselves as assets for the time being.
Victory and Conquest are his only goals. His mind is narrow, his speech straight forward, his attitude terrible.

Powers & Abilities
Master Swordsman: Raiden’s primary form of combat. Despite this fact, Raiden only uses his Zanpakutō to finish his foe. He finds his Resurrección’s abilities more than suitable for the elimination of an unworthy advisory. His swordsmanship is rarely seen outside his Resurrección; due to its necessity to utilize his full potential.
Excellent Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although a rarer form of combat, Raiden has proven himself able to fight without his Zanpakutō. He doesn’t usually resort to such tactics aside from blocking direct contact; i.e. punches kicks, etc.
Sonido Master: By far Raiden’s greatest strength. His speed makes up for where his power lacks. He’s able to achieve moments where he appears to teleport rather large distances. A common tactic of Raiden is to increase his speed to a point where he can create a temporary pseudo-clone of himself to catch his foe off guard.
Cero: Raiden can launch Cero from his feet as well as his mouth. It takes a slightly more orange color compared to the standard red Cero. Its destructive power isn’t as devastating as most, but its range is significantly wider.
Bala: The technique is a condensed version of the cero. Its speed is amplified but its strength is lacking. Raiden’s Bala takes a golden color and is launched from his fist.
Gran Rey Cero: To unleash his Gran Rey Cero, Raiden must mix his own blood as a catalyst with his standard Cero. The Gran Rey Cero is rather pale and white. Its destructive power is significantly multiplied while the range is much more concentrated. The Gran Rey Cero has the capability of leveling buildings with the drawback of being very unstable.
Static Hierro: Most Arrancar focus spiritual pressure on their skin in order to harden it. Raiden utilizes his spiritual pressure’s static qualities to release quick jolts upon physical contact. The static is counter-actable by concentrated spiritual pressure around the point of impact. Other than his shocking touch, Raiden’s Hierro isn’t much stronger than a typical Arrancar. Once in his Resurrección form, the static becomes a full-fledged coating that greatly improves Raiden’s Hierro.
Pesquisa: Raiden can sense spiritual pressure decently well. He hasn’t particularly focused on enhancing the ability; it’s just your standard Spiritual Pressure Sensory.
Descorrer: Ability to open a Garganta between worlds.
Garganta Broadcast: Raiden is able to produce visual displays via the Garganta. It acts as a make-shift television screen using his spiritual pressure as a power source.
Immense Spiritual Pressure: Raiden’s spiritual pressure is very strong. He always has a small trace of spiritual pressure surrounding him to act as a warning to foes.
 Appears as White Lightning. Radiates from his body in all directions; varies in size, length, etc.

Luciérnaga, Hotaru; Spanish for “Lightning Bug”, Japanese for “Thundering Insect”. Raiden's Zanpakutō is significantly thinner than most katana, it has a black hilt with no guard. The lack of a guard allows Raiden to abuse his Zanpakutō's versatility by, quite literally, killing the foe by any means. He tends to hold the blade in reverse, with the blade parallel to his arm. Raiden has been noted to wield Luciérnaga in many styles to reach maximum efficiency in combat.
Resurrección: The release command is “Enlighten“. Luciérnaga emits multiple lightning bolts that surround Raiden before erupting to the heavens. Traces of the lightning linger around Raiden.
Resurrección Special Ability: Raiden gains enhancements in most of his physical attributes.
Enhanced Speed: Raiden’s speed is to the point of physical displacement. Virtually unrivaled by any sole person; the fatal flaw being the blind sight Raiden incurs. During his fast movement he cannot change course, nor can he move his head. The speed is greatly beneficial, but also provides a huge opening in Raiden’s defense.
Solid Hierro: In his Resurrección form, Raiden’s Hierro becomes solid; as opposed to static. It acts as a coating over the hollow armor. It’s significantly stronger than his previous Hierro.
Self-Regeneration: Although slow, Raiden can achieve regeneration. It’s speed isn’t fast enough for combat, but given adequate time, a limb could easily be regenerated. It's the standard in Hollow regeneration capabilities; most Arrancar lose the ability in transition from Vasto Lordes.

Bakudantsuki; Japanese for “Bomb Thrust”: Raiden charges Luciérnaga with spiritual energy. Once it takes the shape of an orb he releases the energy in an extremely concentrated blast. The technique is specifically designed to counter-act various spiritual energy based attacks. Its composition of pure spirit energy combined with Luciérnaga’s lightning power allows it to absorb explosions. The orb will increase in radius while absorbing the attack; it will not explode rather dissipate. Explosions can be prevented so long as it has enough spiritual energy to contain the explosion's force.
Purga Tronido; Spanish for “Thunderous Purge”: With this technique, Raiden focuses spiritual energy into the tip of his Zanpakutō. Once the blade makes contact with a surface, it erupts. The destructive power of the attack varies depending on the amount of spiritual energy focused into the blade itself. Raiden commonly uses the technique to disrupt an enemy's attack. Upon eruption, multiple lightning bolts are unleashed in the forward direction. The initial explosive impact is known to cause little harm; having a tendency to simply create pressure rather than actual destructive force.
Lanza del Relámpago; Spanish for “Lance of the Lightning”: Raiden is able to fashion javelin-like weapons from his spiritual power. The weapon is mainly used as a projectile and takes an arrow-like shape upon launch. Its speed is high while the destructive power it emits upon contact is devastating. The trajectory of the weapon is incredibly hard to control and often results it miss-throws.

So begins...

Raiden Chelute's Story