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NPC Sheet

Captains and other people of interest.

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a character in “Bleach: Saisei”, as played by PaperCoversRockB*tch


First Division, Truth and Innocence
Captain: Nanaziryoko Myugamine
Zanpakuto: Unknown
Often referred to as the strongest Shinigami to ever live, Nanaziryoko is often times seen as a stern and by the book Captain Commander. Her word is law with only the Central 46 being comparable, though even they often succumb to her will. However, behind close doors she is shown to be quite friendly and approachable, often consoling and inspiring struggling shinigami. Her age isn't known, and she will never reveal it.
Lieutenant: Goro Sugisaki
Zanpakuto: Kyuoki
A man known for his indifference, he is never seen outside the sight of the Captain Commander. His station often confuses young shinigami into believing him to be the strongest Lieutenant, for which they would be mistaken.

Second Division, Seek Nothing
Captain: Jiro Funaki
Zanpakuto: Michibashiri
Currently the youngest Captain, Jiro is known as the fastest shinigami in the Gotei 13. He has a playful personality, often seen with a trusting smile across his face. He is known to take pleasure in teasing the members of his division.
Lieutenant: Nanako Tanata
Zanpakuto: Shizukana kaze
Despite her looks, Nanako is a serious woman, and she is most often the butt of her Captains jokes. She takes care of the majority of the second divisions duties while her Captain wanders around Seireitei.

Third Division, Despair
Captain: Tomu Hirasan
Zanpakuto: Tarutarosu
Tomu Hirasan rarely smiles. In fact, there is currently a reward placed by Jiro Funaki for evidence that the man has ever smiled. He is the embodiment of his Division and carries that with honor.
Lieutenant: Miratu Asigiri
Zanpakuto: Wārudoītā
Miratu walks in a constant state of injury, often being able to only get around by his crutch. It is believed that his Zanpakuto spirit is so violent, that every time he tries to communicate with it past shikai, the spirit nearly kills him. He doesn't like to be pitied and will often shrug off those who try to comfort him. He is a straightforward individual who will not respond well to disrespect.

Fourth Division, Those Who Grieve Are Loved
Captain: Nikku Runiko
Zanpakuto: Yasashī Atataka-sa
Often taking first in Shinigami women's polls for favorite Captain, Nikku is a kind and honest man who is known for his hospitality to all shinigami, even those outside the division. Despite his youthful appearance, pictures exist of him with the Captain Commander as old as a thousand years.
Lieutenant: Sara Hikkigaya
Zanpakuto: Shisen o shizumeru
Known as a timid and reserved woman, Sara is often silent in important matters and will often only share her opinion with her Captain. Despite this reserved nature, she is known as one of the best healers in Seireitei.

Fifth Division, Sacrifice, Danger, Pure Love, Humility, Sweetness
Captain: Rōra Myugamine
Zanpakuto: Suiren
As the daughter of the Captain Commander, Rōra has mighty big shoes to fill. Due to this reason she often comes across as elegant, yet rebellious, often making it difficult to discern what she is actually thinking. To her, her mothers word is law and she will never fail to carry it out.
Lieutenant: Keito Kenziko
Zanpakuto: Harikēn
One could make a case that Keito is one of the bravest shinigami around. One could also make the case that he is one of the most stupid. Never thinking before leaping, Keito has a tendency to jump head first into danger at a moments notice. Always earnest, he has a boy-like quality that endears him to others.

Sixth Division, Noble Reason
Captain: Ganji Uchigen
Zanpakuto: Saigo no toppū
Born to one of the great noble houses, Ganji is an incredibly skilled warrior. With many already pegging him to be the next Captain Commander, this man of few words seems to have limitless potential. Ganji has a reputation as being a stoic man who mostly keeps to himself and rarely shares his views on policies within soul society.
Lieutenant: Oryaka Mino
Zanpakuto: Min'yō
A gifted young man with a mind for strategy and Kido. Much like his Captain, he is ever calm and silent, rarely showing his emotions to the outside world.

Seventh Division, Courage
Captain: Kaiden Hachigane
Zanpakuto: Dōbu~tsuen no shiikukakari
Believed to be as old as the Captain Commander, Kaiden is a wise and well respected Captain who treats his subordinates and fellow Captains with respect and honor. Rarely seen without one of his many pets, he has a reputation for collecting animals of varying ages and species, and making homes for them in the division barracks. For this reason he is often scolded by his lieutenant and the Captain Commander
Lieutenant: Shizuru Hachigane
Zanpakuto: Monban
Grand-daughter of her Captain, rumors often circle within other divisions that she was given her position through connections rather than actual skill. Due to her age and inexperience, she is often ignored by members of the squad. Despite this she is very upfront and will address any issues that come her way.

Eighth Division, Everything Is Obtained
Captain: Shinichiro Megami
Zanpakuto: Kyōhaku kan'nen
Widely regarded as the best swordsman outside of Kenpachi, Shinichiro in a stern, training-obsessed Captain who rarely does his duties as Captain, often leaving it to his lieutenant. He is considered the best Hakuda specialist in the Gotei 13, winning a Shinigami tournament 98 years in a row.
Lieutenant: Hiro Eitei
Zanpakuto: Bakkubōn
More of a clerk than anything, Hiro runs the Eighth Division, as his Captain shows little interest in doing so. Despite his secretary like status, he earned his seat and should not be taken lightly.

Ninth Division, Oblivion
Captain: Kazuya Kinazuo
Zanpakuto: Hanran-gun no sakebigoe
Probably the most rebellious of the Captains, Kazuya rarely obeys orders and will more often than not go out of his way to anger the other Captains. His rebellious attitude stems more from a desire to just do what in his mind is right. His Captain status is constantly on thin ice.
Lieutenant: Rei Wakizen
Zanpakuto: Baretto
In direct opposition to his Captain, Rei is a stickler for the rules and will often report his Captain for breaking them. Despite this, he is still loyal to his Captain, willing to face any challenge the two may encounter. He will often rat out other shinigami to the Captain Commander, much to the annoyance of said Commander.

Tenth Division, Mystery
Captain: Junichi Ichiran
Zanpakuto: Kōya no ō
A relatively new Captain, Junichi is known for his laid back deposition and nervousness around the other Captains. Still viewing himself as a Lieutenant, he will often reveal his more humorous side in the company of lower shinigami and Lieutenants.
Lieutenant: Mia Onayoko
Zanpakuto: Horonigai
Due to the indecisive nature of her Captain, Mia can basically do whatever she wants within the Division. She rarely takes things seriously and will often involve herself in the matters of others just for something to do.

Eleventh Division, Fight
Captain: Kenpachi Hakarashi
Zanpakuto: Gurētodibaido
Given the name Kenpachi as the Captain of the Eleventh Division, Hakarashi is a man obsessed with fighting. His greatest wish is to die on the battlefield, and his greatest strength is his feral prowess on the field. Often seen laughing during combat, many believe Hakarashi to be insane. Off the battlefield he is confrontational and arrogant.
Lieutenant: Currently vacant. The last Lieutenant challenged Hakarashi for the title of Captain and Kenpachi. Those who saw the fight said it was over in under five seconds. A new record for Kenpachi.

Twelfth Division, Vengeance, Strictness, Independence
Captain: Nagi Shironame
Zanpakuto: Maddohattā
The mad scientist of the Gotei 13, Nagi has a reputation for going above and beyond to see his experiments to their full potential. He is often at odds with the other Captains, mostly as a result of him going past reasonable boundaries in the name of science. He is known to be sarcastic, witty, and will often talk down to others.
Lieutenant: Chiho Hosoi
Zanpakuto: Ningyō
Probably the only one trusted enough within the Twelfth Division to keep Nagi in check, Chiho Hosoi in a tomboyish girl with a genius level IQ and a real knack for annoying her Captain. If someone needs something from Magi, most just approach Chiho as she has a way to manipulate him unlike any other.

Thirteenth Division, Hope
Captain: Kira Hanakonawa
Zanpakuto: Kyoei kokoro
Born to one of the Great Noble Houses, Kira Hanakonawa has earned the respect of her fellow Captains and shinigami not through name, but through action. She is a proud woman with a laundry list of accomplishments. Even in times of great peril, she exhibits a calming maturity and fortitude.
Lieutenant: Maria Watanabe
Zanpakuto: Morosa
A recently seated Lieutenant, Maria has idolized Kira since she entered the Thirteenth Division. Straightforward and honest, Maria tends to be shy around others from different divisions and will rarely approach them. She has a habit of stuttering when talking to people she doesn't know.

So begins...

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After the battle, a gentle clicking sound could be heard from the figure. "Too weak," was all that was audible in between the clicks. Its voice was gravelly and deep, likely another facade used to mask their true identity. "But, you'll due for now." Quicker than the Shinigami could follow, four pillars emerged from the ground, pinning each up against a tree and hitting them with enough force to knock out most. The pillars appeared no different than the ground underneath them, only being describable as solid earth given a new form. the figure tilted its head, seemingly surprised that its initial attack didn't knock the Shinigami unconscious. Motioning its hands, the four trees brought themselves together, lining the Shinigami up in a row in front of him. The trees left no marks on the ground below, as if they had never been rooted in the ground to start with. With slow, precise steps, the figure began walking toward the Shinigami, seemingly toying with its prey. Whatever the Shinigami had felt up to this point, and whatever they felt now, was inconsequential. They were in over their heads, anyone could see that. Give it a year, a century, but not only a few days outside of the Academy.

Running its hands up the pillars as it moved forward, the figure stood between Hoshiko and Ryuu, shifting its gaze between the two. Appearing to come to a decision, the figure raised its hand and firmly placed it over Ryuu's face. At that moment, it appeared as if the space to the left of them began to crack, small glimmers of light shining even brighter than the Suns above them. The word, "Haien," could be heard from the light as a purple, oblong, blast came screaming through the hole, hitting the figure on the arm and causing it to release its grip. Jumping back, the figure tore off their own arm, seeming to know what the Hado spell Haien did to its target. Dropping it onto the ground, no blood seemed to come out of the being, it simply standing there unfazed by what had happened. A plain looking Zanpakuto emerged from the hole, the blade being pulled straight up and causing a crack to start running across the sky. From the newly formed opening appeared a young man, wearing the insignia of the 6th Division on his sleeve. From behind him appeared Mugen, Ayami, and Kurai. With a quick downward thrust of his sword, the 6th Division Shinigami caused the crack to shatter the entire sky, the surrounding woods and the pillars holding the others. Strangely, the Shinigami not only found themselves free, but any wounds sustained in the previous battle were gone as well. No matter what they felt or tasted during that battle, they all disappeared. As the sky fell once again, they found themselves in a large, old building with decrepit wood floors and tattered windows. Behind the opening Mugen and the others came through, was an open doorway leading into the forest. The figure did not looked to the others, focusing its gaze squarely on their new opponent.

Mugen rushed over to the others, not paying attention to his surroundings or if it made him an easy target. Apart from seemingly having a hard time understanding what they just went through, the four were relatively unscathed, but their demeanor acted as if they just fought a grueling battle. Mugen turned back to the new Shinigami, "Lieutenant Mino, they seem to be fine." Nodding his head, the man revealed to be Lieutenant of the 6th, Oryaka Mino, motioned for them to head for the exit which lucky was on their side of the room. As Mugen and the others made their way outside, the wall beside them was destroyed as Mino and the figure came crashing through. Moving with incredible speed, the two exchanged blows back and forth, neither hitting with any real damage done to the other. Mugen contemplated trying to help the Lieutenant, but the feeling of 'just getting in the way' caused all the feeling in his legs to disappear. Before he could continue that line of thought, Lieutenant Mino jumped back from the figure, pointing out his index finger and motioning for the figure to try and attack. Maybe getting a little too sure of itself, the figure charged the Lieutenant. Turning his hand around, Mino pointed at the figure and said, "Rikujōkōrō." With no time to dodge the figure found itself unable to move with six spiritual bands trapping it. Casually walking up the figure, Mino raised his blade against its neck. "I see. An illusion, within an illusion... within an illusion?" Slicing the figures head clean off its shoulders, the body fell to the ground. Mugen was about to jump for joy when the masked person's body shattered, disappearing into the sky like everything before it.

The seven began walking down the Kusajishi main road, several Shinigami having arrived to investigate the situation. "So, like I was saying," Mugen said, tapping the sheath of his Zanpakuto on his shoulder as they walked. "On our way here, we ran into Mino. He was actually looking into what happened to Hikaru as well, but had gotten nowhere. He told us to stop poking our noses in business like this, but then we got your message from the Jigokuchō." Mino clicked his tongue, turning to Mugen with a stare that would freeze most. "Its Lieutenant Mino. You're lucky he or she wanted to have their fun a little before killing you. Had their ego not gotten the better of them..." The Lieutenant trailed off, choosing not to finish that sentence. Mugen sighed heavily, turning back to the others. "So, how much trouble do you thin-" Before he could finish, the four from the Kusajishi group collapsed on the ground, Mino ordering some Shinigami to come over as quickly as possible. It was later discovered that the locals to that part of Kusajishi had lost time. Not just a few days or weeks, but months. Eight to be exact. While they only numbered a few dozen, the cases in that area were far from coming together.

A day later...

Mugen awoke, jumping up violently and hitting his head on the wall next to him. Cringing in pain, he looked over to Ayami and Kurai, giving a small nod to whoever was awake. He looked down at the four, all sleeping peacefully, or so it would seem. Based on what Mino told Captain Runiko, it seemed as though the constant barrage of mind manipulation on the four had some side effects due to prolonged exposure. Luckily, all four were strong in their own way, waking up that very morning to find their three friends greeting them on their return to the conscious world. "You guys feeling alright?" Mugen asked, directing the question to all of them. Ayami, Kurai, and Mugen were granted temporarily relieve from daily duties while the others recovered. This was partly a kind gesture, and partly because the higher-ups didn't want them talking about what happened with others, not until their investigation was complete. Mugen did not the Fourth Barracks while the others rested, feeling partly responsible since he recommended that be the group to go to Kusajishi in the first place. It was only a day, as the four all seemed to wake up from their slumber sooner than expected. "Here's what you missed. The 12th Division managed to find a cure for Hikaru, though they say it'll be a few days before he can move again. They also didn't tell us what happened to him. It wasn't the same thing that happened to you guys..." Mugen paused for a moment, briefly pondering the thought before continuing. "at least it wasn;t all for naught. Because of what we did, the people in Kusajishi are now free of that things power. And, the disappearances will likely stop, or so says Runiko. Before you ask, no they did not catch that person. Mino believes he was already long gone before we were even in the area." There was a gentle knock on the door, a young 4th Division girl opening it slightly. "You're awake, thank goodness. If you are ready, the Captain's are waiting." The girl slid the door shut and Mugen stood up not long after. "Alright, do you guys need a few minutes or are you ready to get back in the swing of things. Hold on... did she say Captain's? As in more than one." Mugen took a heavy sigh and leaned against the wall, seemingly falling into a temporary depression.