Silence is the Captain of Squad 11.

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a character in “Bleach: Shattered Rebellion”, as played by Moon/Mihael


Name- Chinmoku
Chinmoku stands at an average height of five feet, nine inches (5'9''). He is lean in muscles, and only wears black clothing. He refuses to wear anything else, which has gotten him into trouble on multiple occasions.

Species: Soul Reaper

Rank: Captain

Squad: 11

Highest Zanpakutō Achieved- Bankai


Chinmoku is quiet, cold, and calculating. He looks at the world, and those around him, him much disgust, but rarely shows it. When asked a question, he will give a blank stare, and speak a short answer, or glare at the person until they retreat from him.


Zanpakuto Name: Shi no Tenshi (Angel of Death)

Release: Silence is Golden.

Sealed: Image

Shikai: Image

Ability: Shi no Tenshi Tatari Kōru (Angel of Death, Haunting Call). Chinmoku spins his Zanpakuto above his head, creating a vortex of mist and smoke that spins above him like a tornado. This vortex gives off a wail that sounds much like a Hollow's wail, but much deeper in pitch. He then throws the tornado, and watches as it tears apart everything in it's path.

Bankai: Image

Ability: Shi to dansu (Dance with Death) By slashing the air with his scythe, Chinmoku creates a blast of force which strikes forward. Once it connects with an object, be it animate or inanimate, he is forced to charge it, and attack it until it is destroyed.

Fainarusutoraiku (Final Strike). This was only used once. Zero takes his scythe, and pierces his own heart, which then begins a count down. While the count down is commencing, he starts to implode, sucking in all energy about him. Once the count down has ended, he releases all the pent up energy, which is highly devestating to everything around him. Incantation- "Open the heavens, for I am come. The time is now, oh Life without Death, my End is here. Release these chains that binds me to this mortal flesh, I beg of thee. I sing to thee, for my heart is dead, I ask of thee, for my eyes have seen the Sorrow of my Soul. Relinquish the key, and release my soul."


Chinmoku grew up within the Soul Society after his mortal death of 13. He never had a name when he entered the Soul Society, and responded to just about every name imaginable. Within the society, he was always spotted crawling around on walls and jumping from roof top to roof top. When asked about his past, he gave the people a cold blank glare, and continued to glare until they left him alone. It was only five years after his death, that the Soul Reapers took an interest in him and took him into their academy. After many years, his desire to kill everything had placed him within Squad 11. He was given the name of "Chinmoku", which meant Silence, because of his ability to kill without a sound from himself, and from his target. Several years after he joined Squad 11, he took the rank of Captain, which some claimed that he took it by force, or killed the one who was supposed to rise to the position. In truth, he fought for the position, and ultimately defeated his opponent in open combat.

His Bankai form appeared during a routine mission of exterminating a pack of hollows, which left him terrified after it receded. Only Sora, a few others, and Squad 12's members know of his ability to transform into the aspect of Death itself. However, he refuses to use his Bankai, unless ordered to by the Captain Commander, because he is terrified from what he becomes, preferring life over death any day.

So begins...

Chinmoku's Story