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Koganei Midnight

Captain of the 2nd Division, and the Fastest in Soul Society

0 · 366 views · located in Soul Society

a character in “Bleach: Shattered Rebellion”, as played by A.C.


Name: Koganei Midnight
Species: Vizard
Character Appearance:
Squad: 2
Position: Captain, Head of the Special Forces


Sealed Zanpakuto Form:

*Name: Kogonei
*Command: Burn to Ashes, Then Ignite Once More!
*Special Moves:
#Kaji-Nami (Fire Wave): He swings his Kogonei releasing a wave of fire from Kogonei.
#Kaji-Renda (Flame Barrage): Kogonei ignites in fire then Koganei charges at his victim releasing a barrage of slashes while doing a Flash-Step for about 12 hits then goes in for the finishing hit number 13, a final blow from overhead to accelerate his opponent into the ground.

*Name: Kaji Kikou Kogonei (Flame Armor Kogonei)
*Command: Let Your Flames Consume Me!
That Armor but on Fire and the blade from Shikai form.
*Special Moves:
#Bakuyaku-Nami (Explosive Wave): He swings Kogonei releasing an explosive wave of fire from Kogonei that explodes on impact with the intended target.
#Kaji-Shihai (Fire Control): He is able to control fire with his sheer will to a certain extent of which remains unknown considering he reveals this as little as possible.
#Kyouran-Kaji-Gekido(Fury Fire Rage): Koganei goes into a rage igniting in flames so hot they are white, charges the enemy attacking from all directions all the while using Flash-Step, after about 21 hits he will stop declares his judgment and sometimes says "From Dust to Dust..." then surrounds the target in white flames and makes the flames close in more and more till the flames are making an orb of fire then makes it explode.


Other Abilities:
His Zanpakuto spirit has looks identical to him as well does his hollow form, the only differences are the eyes.
Koganei=Emerald, Kogonei(Zanpakuto)=Saphire, Koga(Hollow)=Crimson
The different thing about him though is that he can materialize each form so all can see and hear them, among other things. The downside is that materializing one will decrease the overall power by one third, or if both are then their power is divided by three. This ability allows him to be in multiple places at once and helps him gather intel and do covert operations.


He is a child at heart just like he looks but he can be very serious when he needs to be. He does things that based on his intellect more then emotion.


He has his sheathe for his Zanpakuto on his back much like Toshiro Hitsugaya. He has his Zanpakuto straight down his spine on his back.


He is an extremely intelligent person with intelligence above most others. He is a usually very childish person when he wants to be so he usually neglects his responsibilities when it comes to the paperwork. He is very protective of his friends and those who cannot defend themselves. He has a strong sense of a balance in nature and as such he is less often to finish off his enemies unless he has no other option or they are to dangerous to let live. He hates to kill off hollows but does so mainly because he frees them from their imprisonment. Arrancar are another story he hates to take them out because even though they do what they do they can control themselves unlike hollows. He never participated in the last fight with the Arrancar. He has also made off pretty well with hiding his identity as a Vizard from anyone and everyone. He may not have participated in the last battle with the Arrancar which ended in the death of his fellow comrades, he was in a battle of his own and when that battle was finished he rushed to them but sadly arrived too late and only arrived in time to watch them die. He being in the Special Forces knew better then to attempt a fight against all those Arrancar by himself.

So begins...

Koganei Midnight's Story