Azarni Aoyama

"Aoyama Azarni, member of Squad Ten and ex-captain at your service!"

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Name: Azarni Aoyama
Age: Looks 16 but has been dead for 347 years
Gender: Female
Place of birth in the world of the living: Belived to be England due to her English accent.
Alliance: Soul Society
Hollow mask appearance:
Hollow abilities gained: Other than having a larger than normal amount of spiritual pressure Azarni’s Hollow abilities are unknown due to not staying in form long enough.
Azarni’s Zanpactou spirit:


Azarni is a kind girl who is always willing to help others when they need it. As a captain she was always known to be interactive with her teammates, joining them in parties and accompanying them on various things. As a teammate of Squad Ten she didn’t change too much; other than now she is not their superior. Azarni is still admired by many of the Squad since she is still cheerful as if she were never demoted. Her teenage appearance is only amplified by her sweet action to everyone and always being so helpful. Azarni is flirtatious sometimes but even so no one dares make her mad. Upon being angered Azarni seems to become fierce and cold to those that angered her. Last time she got angry many were scared of her due to her ferocious attitude. However after she falls asleep she seems like an angel, and wakes up calm, sweet, and kind once more.


Death’s Blade
Sealed Appearance:

Release phrase and action: Azarni puts the blade back into the scabbard in front of her and says, “Open your eyes and free your soul; Death’s Spear awaken!” From there she moves her hands along the scabbard and it forms into a 7ft long spear.
Shikai name: Death’s Spear
Shikai appearance:
Shikai abilities:
1. Clear the Path: By saying ‘clear the path’ and pointing the spear’s blade to the sky a large black beam fires from the spear tip in her desired direction.

2. Blazing Spear: Using the command ‘ignite’ the spear is set ablaze with a black flame that does not seem to affect Azarni in any way.

Bankai release phrase and action:
From the sealed state: Azarni puts the blade back into the scabbard and holds the handle with the scabbard pointing up. “Put an end to these sinners and drag them to hell; Death’s Scythe come forth and wreak havoc!” The handle and scabbard then begin to glow and forms a 10ft long scythe with the blade over Azarni’s head. Once completely formed the glow bursts away, making it look like someone just threw some confetti in the air.
From the Shikai state: Azarni puts the spear in front of her horizontally in her down facing left hand gripping it tight. As she places her open right hand over her left Azarni begins the release chant. “May these sinners find peace in heaven; Death’s Scythe come forth and purify their souls!” The spear then begins to glow and forms into a 10ft long scythe, once complete the glow quickly fades away.
Bankai name: Death’s Scythe
Bankai appearance:
Bankai abilities:
1. Black Blade Swipe: By sweeping the scythe a black wave is propelled from the scythe’s blade. Up to three of these can be launched in continual succession.

2. Blazing Inferno: The command ‘incinerate’ sets the scythe blade on fire with a black flame. This flame can catch anything on fire when she swings it. Also it seems that up to four other techniques used after also have this flame. It seems that this fire does not harm Azarni as she can easily walk through it without a single burn.

Inner world description:
Azarni is usually in the middle layers of the tower when she enters her inner world.

Fighting strengths: Azarni’s reflexes and combat skills are incredibly high. Due to these and her early gain of both Shikai and Bankai got her the title of Captain at one time.
Fighting weaknesses: When fighting Azarni tends to use a lot of energy quickly.

Prominence in Kido/Flash step ect.: Azarni never really did very well with Kido, but her flash step was always quite fast. Very few have been able to keep up with her when she goes ahead of the rest.


Azarni died at the age of 16 in the world of the living and went to the soul society without help from a Soul Reaper. If someone were to ask Azarni how she did that, she couldn’t tell you since she was already there when she awoke. Azarni lived in the East Rukon District and took a liking to swordsmanship. Her skills were quickly noticed by the Soul Reaper Academy; not that her high Spiritual Pressure didn’t help that. When she graduated and took her Captain’s test Azarni was granted the title Captain of Squad Ten.

After serving for many long years as Captain of Squad Ten, Azarni vanished without a trace. Not even her Spiritual Energy could be tracked down. This had the rest of the captains and Central 46 quite worried. Azarni didn’t even tell anyone she would be leaving, thus leading everyone to think she was dead.

When Azarni came back 175 years later everyone was amazed that she was still alive. Now it seemed that she had even higher Spiritual Pressure and that was the only reason she was not executed. However there was already someone to take her place as captain, and as punishment she was to be placed in Squad Ten with no rank. Azarni would not tell anyone why she left was to gain full control over her Vizard side. Not wanting this know she decided to keep this a secret forever. Everyone has noticed that her once snow white flames and blasts have turned to pitch black.

Now 40 years have passed since Azarni came back and it seems she is still working as hard as she had before. Being demoted clearly has not bothered her, nor has her spot as captain being taken.

So begins...

Azarni Aoyama's Story