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Armundo "Boogie-San" Soichiro

" Life is a party and everyone's invited!"

0 · 127 views · located in Fantasy

a character in “Bleach: Spiritual Warfare”, as played by NeonWingedPhoenix


Division: 9th

Height: 6'4
Weight: 267 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Smokey Grey
Skin: Warm Mocha
Peircings: Silver earring in his right ear.
Handedness: Ambidextrous

Armundo is one of the most unique characters in Seireitei. He is mostly widely recognized as the most undisciplined of all the captains in the Gotei 13. A large figure of a man, he is very easily picked out even when among a large crowd. His most striking feature would be his huge afro, which adds seven inches to his already tall frame. He is also rarely seen without a pair of sharp sunglasses over his eyes. He has a strong facial structure, a thick brow, strong curved nose, full lips and a cleft chin. He is body is equally strong and is something that he does not mind showing off.

Dispite this, he rarely strays from his usual captain's attire, saying that responsibilities outweigh fashion. He is always immaculately clean, his robes perfect and gleaming white. The only way that he diverts from standard shinigami attire is the gold chains about his neck and wrists, aloung with gold rings on his fingers. He is also in possession of a golden tooth, which he lost in a fight in his academy days, otherwise, he is dentistry is without flaw.

Playlist [/u]
Main : [b]" Aynotchesh Yererfu by Budos Band.


Captain Boogie, as he is known, is a very happy person. There is always a smile at the edges of his mouth and he is always ready to laugh. He is a very laid back man, but takes his appearance and duties as a captain seriously, along with his responsibilities as editor of the Seireitei news magazine, a job that he loved dearly. He spends most of his time on the magazine and because of this, the magazine has soared in popularity in the past years with Articles such as

" Death Godesss of the Week.
A weekly article focusing on one specific female Shinigami within the Gotei 13 of any rank and from any squad. The section includes a short background story in the Shinigami's own words. A Q&A, usually about their tastes, preferences and the like and a shout out where the Shinigami can add anything they had in mind.

These articles are considered run up to the annual Miss Seireitei competition which occurs once a year, hosted by the Ninth squad of course

" What's that smell ??

A popular series of articles addressing the sophisticated pallets of the Gotei 13. The article includes a discussion on a particular ingredient and dish and a submitted Recipe of the week .

Party over here!

A list refreshed weekly dedicated to parties happening across the entirety of Seireitei. This article is often co-edited by Captain Komadori of Division 13.

These are but three of the dozens of article series circulated in and out of the magazine.

Boogie-san is also known for his exuberant behavior, exaggerated gestures and sense of fun and games. He always acts as if he is at a party. He has no qualms with showing affection or receiving it, in fact, he seems to absorb every ounce of affection thrown his way. One of his greatest joys in life is women, he loves women in general, all shapes and sizes and attitudes. He seems to know every female in Seireitei by name and is generally known to be a sucker when women are concerned, bending over backwards for a smile or a laugh.

A man of endless energy, he never seems to be tired, even after going all day non stop, he is up and at it again the next day. He would like to think of himself as a well liked man and he tries his hardest to be a fun guy to be around.



While bright, Boogie-san is not a genius. He does not have a hard time grasping complicated concepts and is quite knowledgeable about many things and has a bit of experience in some thing, but he cannot compare to the more brilliant shinigami in Seireitei.

Sadly, Zanjutsu is not Boogie-san's speciality. He is a average fighter with a zanpaktou and barely passed in that area when he took his captain's examination.

Whatever Boogie-san lacks in Zanjutsu, he more then makes up for in hand to hand combat. He may be considered to be one of the foremost hakuda users in the Gotei 13. Boogie-san's physical strength and endurance rank amoung the very highest of the captains.

Another one of Boogie-san's weak areas and one that he barely managed to pass in the Captain's test. He can use defensive kido up to the thirties and destructive spells up to the twenties. Oddly enough, the lower the number, the stronger his Kido..the offensive spell Sho, for instance, has enough force to blast a large structure to smithereens, but his Red fire shot tends to sizzle more then burn.

Boogie-san has mastered his flash step and has surprised many at the quality of his flash step. It is very important for a warrior as challenged in Kido as he to be able to close the distance with his enemy as fast as he can, therefore, Boogie-san made sure that his Hoho was stong enough to keep up with even the quickest warrior or hollow he may face.


So begins...

Armundo "Boogie-San" Soichiro's Story