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Getsuryu Momogi

0 · 477 views · located in Fantasy

a character in “Bleach: Spiritual Warfare”, as played by NeonWingedPhoenix


Height: 5'5
Weight: 100 pounds
Hair Color:Bright red
Eye Color: Cool Violet
Skin: Light
Handedness: Ambidextrous

A small young boy who appears no older then sixteen years of age. His youthful features betray the disciplined, experienced mentor he has been to countless Shinigami over the years. His true age is a secret only known to a select few within the Gotei 13, his Lieutenant and the Captain Commander himself. His red hair is always pulled back and tied to keep it out of his eyes. It is a rare sight to see him out of uniform , even during non formal occasions. His uniform has to be made especially for him, due to his small frame. Straw sandals adorn his feet over his traditional Tabi


Getsuryu is a walking contradiction. His appearance is that of a very young man, no older the sixteen. But in personality, he is a old and slightly tired man with a small smile on his face. His voice is also that of a young man that has not yet come into adult hood,yet the words that come from his lips are both wise and insightful. He has offered his assistance to many shinigami recruits and many of them passed because of his patient guidance and tutoring.

Getsuryu takes time to get to know each Shinigami under his command, taking time to train them in the use of the Healing Kido that they will find the most useful in a battle situation. Every Shinigami under his command is kept at full wartime readiness, even though there has not been a significant battle for over two hundred years and it is because of this that he has the free time in order to train his men in the use of Healing Kido.

Getsuryu is widely known of his respectful and kind personality and his soft spoken, calm disposition. Many shinigami and even several of the captains have never seen him upset or angry and no one is sure if he has ever raised his voice to anyone. He is also known for his code of honor and morals, something that he tries to install in every shinigami he tutors. He claims that it has served him well in the past. While he is generally optimistic, he has been known from time to time to sit in meditation with a look of profound sadness on his face. Very little is known about his past and it is something that he does not speak on often. When asked about it, he has said this

" I find that it is usually better to look to the future, then to dwell in the past. I prefer to focus on the joys of the day, then the woes of yesterday."

It is widely understood that Getsuryu is a man who can be approached with a problem, his insightful advice has helped many out of a tight situation. He is also known to frequent the library of Seireitei and is one of the few that has been granted access to the forbidden sections of Seireitei, whether it be the library or some other area.



Getsuryu's knowledge of Medical Kido is unmatched in all of Seireitei. His is a very perceptive man, especially when it comes to people and their feelings, but this also extends to Seireitei as a whole. While he does not posses a Genius level intellect, he does have a great well of experience to draw from and if he does not know the answer to a question outright, he will attempt to find the answer himself


Getsuryu is a master level swordsman. He has devoted a great many years into his swordsmanship as well as experience in close quarters combat. He has served as a instructor in the Shinigami Academy for many years and often spars with his students, as well as other captains from time to time, always seeking to perfect his technique as well as teach others. He has even developed a respectful rivalry with many of the Eleventh Squad members. New recruits are often told that they cannot join unless they can at least defeat Getsuryu of the Medical Corps, many discover the truth about the captain the hard way and are sent away with a smarting backside and crushed ego.


Getsuryu is a master level user of Hakuda. He does not boast a high level of physical strength, but he makes up for it with technique. He will admit that he served as temporary head of the Detention unit when the former Captain in charge was transferred to another untit. During that time, which lasted about twenty years, he became very proficient at the art, especially during the first few years when the inmates attacked him constantly, thinking him nothing but a child. He learned Hakuda the hard way in hard combat and has developed a appreciation for defending oneself without the use of a zanpaktou


Getsuryu is a master of healing Kido and can use Bakudo into the upper seventies and Bakudo into the upper Sixties. He has focused much of his energy into putting more energy into a spell then learning a large number of them. He prefers to make each spell count and focuses of perfecting his use of one spell before moving to another, thus he learns the spells at a slower rate, but has mastered the ones that he knows

Getsuryu has mastered the Flash Step to the level of being able to project multiple images of himself in different places. He has demonstrated techniques also known by the Black ops Division, which has given rise to the rumour that he may have been one of them once upon a time. Though, when asked, he simply smiles and answers " Maybe."



Blade type

A uchigatana styled blade, worn edge forward at Getsuryu's side, though it has been known to switch which side every now and then. The Tsuba is comprised of black iron in the fashion of a twining serpent. The Hamon extends halfway up the width of the blade, a curious sight among zanpaktou. The blade is shorter, by nature, but fits like a full length Katana in the hands of it's weilder.

The Saya is glossy black and plain without adornment, as are the wrappings of the hilt.

Shikai Command
" Ascend from the depths."

Upon release, Anzen Orochi changes from a Uchigatana style blade to that of a Chokutp styled blade. The length of the blade diminishes slightly and loses its curve. The Tsuba shifts to a offset square, rather then the more traditional circle. The blade itself changes to black and attains a secondary point at the very end, giving it a far more angular appearance.

Getsuryu made a vow many years ago that he would never again release Anzen Orochi's Shikai form. The reason for this vow is known only to Getsuryu himself and his brother, the Captain Commander. When asked, he simply shakes his head. He will admit that Anzen Orochi has a Bankai, but that he will never use it again.


Getsuryu's past is a mystery to most within the Gotei 13. Aside from the Captain-Commander, who grew up with him and his Lieutenant, whom he has confided in on a number of occasions. Clues about his past can be gathered to form a picture, though he will not confirm whether the rumors are true or not, much to the chagrin of certain individuals.

It is known that Getsuryu managed the Maggot's Nest of a span of years after the former head had to retire. During that time, he served as both Warden and Captain of the 4th Division for twenty years before he was releived and was able to focus on his duties concerning his squad. It was at this point that Getsuryu noticed several deficiencies amoung his men within the unit. He was not satisfied with the level of education concerning Healing that they received from the Academy. So, he took it upon himself to retrain the recruits in the ways of healing. Ever since then, he has taken recruits aside to test them on their knowledge of Healing, retraining them if the need arises. Getsuryu has appeared more and more at the Academy to help with the education of the students there after seeing to his patients, mostly students or shinigami from the 11th squad injured in training exercises or injured destroying the occasional hollow that makes it way into the human world.

Getsuryu is not from a wealthy family. He has the last name of the former captain of the Medical corps over one hundred years ago. He took his place when the Captain was killed in a fight with a hollow, while saving another Shinigami. Getsuryu took his place afterwards and has served ever since, over one hundred and fifty years. What he did before that is unknown, but there are rumors that say he was a member of the Black ops, because of his time in the Maggot's nest. He is definately more combat oriented then most of his predecessors.

So begins...

Getsuryu Momogi's Story