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Ayami Keifune

"Let's go Tsubaki! Two-step Goodnight!"

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a character in “Bleach: The Dying Of The Light”, originally authored by Talisman, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Ayami Keifune
Age: 198
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Lime Green

Amy has the appearance of a young woman of eighteen, but the most striking feature is her bright pink hair. Her hair is often tied up into a high pony tail which cascades down to her neck. Her skin is a natural dusty tan. Often she has a flower of some kind fastened in her hair as well. Her favorite being a camellia, but she likes to switch it up from day to day. Her dress consists of the standard black shinigami robes, except a pink shitagi instead of the usual white. She always wears a warm smile.

Occupation: Lieutenant of squad 8
Themesong: Lullaby
Personality: Amy is a bubbly and cheerful girl. Optimistic almost to a fault, nothing seems to manage to get the girl down. She loves to laugh, to talk, to sing, and generally loves life (such that it is). She isn't shy in the least bit and would happily chat away with anyone and everyone. Behind all of that though, Amy is quite intelligent and dutiful. Always find joy in one's work and all that. Also, she is kind and merciful, hating to kill, but will do so without a moment's hesitation if necessary. A strong individual who will take the brunt of bad times on the cheek and smile. She also has a mischievous side and will play jokes on people every now and then. All in good fun of course. She absolutely loves to sing though, and usually speaks in a sing-song like voice. When left to her own devices and bored, she will often entertain herself by singing or humming.

Spiritual Pressure (Reiatsu) Level: Great
Reiatsu Appearance: Shades of dark pink and violet


Zanpakuto Name: Tsubaki (Camellia)
Zanpakuto Spiritual Form Appearance: Tsubaki takes the form of a twenty-something young lady with disheveled hair and clothing. Her hair is a lighter shade of pink, as are he loose clothing. She has warm colored skin and a number of flowers adorn her hair and clothing. Tsubaki is extremely lazy, a contrast to her master's active lifestyle. She always seems to be asleep and in stages of sleep. However, Tsubaki is kind when she is awake is often called a sweety by Amy.



Shikai Release Command and Appearance: "Let's go Tsubaki! Two-step Goodnight!"
Shikai Abilities: Shikai takes the form of an extremely ornate rapier. A sweet smelling aroma descends upon the immediate area around Amy and her speed increases two-fold.

Kaguwashii Komoriuta (Sweet Lullaby) ~ A passive abillity, the sweet aroma surrounding Amy and Tsubaki causes all of those in the vicinity to grow progressively sleepier and drowsy. The speed of which total sleep sets in varies depending on the opponent's willpower and spiritual pressure. Low ranked shinigami, humans, and hollows usually take upwards to a couple of minutes to be put to sleep while Captain or Lieutenant level shinigami can take a couple of hours to indefinitely.

Neteiru kamu (Sleeping Bite) ~ Breaking the skin with Tsubaki rapidly speeds up the process which puts her opponent to sleep. Again, how fast it speeds up depends on the opponent and damage done by Tsubaki. No matter how strong or willful the opponent is, numerous concentrated attacks will put an opponent to sleep eventually. Amy would guess that ten "bites" would put even the most powerful shinigami to sleep.

Powers and Abilities: Amy is excellent at both Kido and Shunpo, while true swordsmanship is lacking. She is more of a defensive fighter, opting to wait out her opponent while Tsubaki does it's work. Thus, she has expertise in Bakudo spells and evasion with shunpo.

So begins...

Ayami Keifune's Story


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(OOC: Just a note for how my characters talk; Whenever I use bold, it is my characters actually talking... and when I use italics, it's their thoughts. Whenever there is something that is neither bold nor italics, it's someone else talking. :D I hope that's clear!)

Ashido Hotaru

The night was quaint; it was the one year anniversary of Captain Kayasaki's capture. For Ashido, this night that was supposedly full of celebration and cheer sat wrong in his eyes. What was the point of celebrating the failure of the Gotei 13 in apprehending one of their own. They weren't even able to defeat Captain Kayasaki, two substitute soul reapers did. 'How stupid; celebrating failure...' Ashido was usually one to enjoy drinking, but not tonight, something didn't feel right to him. Ashido looked up to notice the late arrival of Captain Mugen, "Sorry, Commander. A member from my Squad had something important to relay to me." Ashido wasn't impressed with this captain; so relaxed, so calm on this night. "Oh yeah? I bet you just fell asleep again." Captain Mika responded to Captain Mugen's apology with a sneer remark, that was something Ashido knew all too well. 'That's something I would've said...' Ashido couldn't help but chuckle slightly, maybe Captain Mika wasn't so bad. Either way, Ashido couldn't shake his unease at the situation, he honestly just wanted to get away from the Captains and such; maybe take a brief trip around the Seireitei.

He left his thoughts just as the Head Captain began one of his never-ending speeches, yet this one was significantly cut short. 'All the better for me.' After the brief speech from the Head Captain, Ashido noticed that Captain Yuri appeared to be having a relative good time, as were most of the captains. As he looked around at each attendee, most everyone was here. The only officers that weren't attending this party were Lieutenants Quen and Mikoto, an interesting pair to say the least. As Ashido kept to himself, his ear began to itch ever-so slightly. His eyes beamed around the table, ensuring that nobody was talking about him. 'Must've been my imagination...' He watched as Captain Nura rose from her seat and began taking a brief stroll, he sneered quietly at the 'new' Captain's self removal from the uneasy situation. 'She's so... awkward. It's like she doesn't fit in.' He couldn't help but feel she wasn't exactly the best (wo)man for the captain position, either way, it wasn't his decision to make. On top of that, Ashido was becoming slightly irritated at Lieutenant Ayami for offering her services as a server for the feast. He didn't feel like it was necessary, nor appropriate for a Lieutenant to do the work of a lower class officer.

Mikado Gaidosu

For once in a great while, Mikado wasn't the late attendee. He was relatively surprised since he felt that tonight would be too upbeat for him and figured he should just stay in the barracks and sleep. That was until Enjeru heard about this celebration and practically forced Mikado to attend. He sighed as Mugen took his seat, completely ignoring the quick exchange Mugen shared with Mika. The entire concept of celebrating the anniversary of the capture of a traitor was just a little odd in Mikado's eyes. 'Why couldn't we have just taken the day off instead?' He figured sleeping all day would've been of greater benefit than a party. It took a moment for Mikado to realize that the Head Captain had risen from his seat in order to present a speech. 'The Head Captain's going to speak.' Mikado hunched over slightly so that his elbows rested on the table before him and his hands could support his head, "Nap time" he spoke softly as he quickly dosed off, assuming that the Head Captain's speech would take up a considerable amount of time. To Mikado's despair, the speech was nowhere near the usual length and he didn't have but a moment to close his eyes. 'Fufufufu, serves you right, Mikado!' Enjeru cackled abruptly in the brief silence that followed. 'Oh shut up...' Mikado was nowhere near pleased with Enjeru, always making him work when he could sleep, she was such a pain.

It took some time for Mikado to actively liven up a bit. He drank a little, giving him a light buzz which was accompanied by a nice full stomach. "This isn't so bad." He commented within the vast table-talk conversations that were transpiring. Now, if only he could find himself a lovely lady for the night, that just might top it off nicely. He looked around rather aimlessly, taking mental notes on the nearby women. The only two within short distance were his Lieutenant, Ayami and the new-er Captain Nura. It was rather easy to assume Ayami would refuse his offer, like always, plus she was one of the little server-girls. She couldn't ditch this joint, she had a 'duty' to serve at the feast. "Always helping, so typical of you, Ayami." He sang in a soft, charming voice just within earshot of his Lieutenant; who was serving Captain Yuri some more beverage. Within one moment, the new-er Captain, Nura had risen and taken a few steps away from the table. Mikado immediately laid on his back as he called out the fleeing captain, "Captaaaiiin Nura! Please come back, I want to talk to yooouuu." He slurred a few words in a slightly 'lovey dovey' way, just so Nura would be inclined to join him.


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Ashido Hotaru

The scene was loosening up quite abit. Ashido cool feel the tension in the air fading away. That was all abruptly interrupted by a pat on the back. Ashido never took direct contact lightly, but he didn't react since he could hear his Captains voice follow. "I think im going to barracks if any thing happens you can fill me in later." Ashido didn't even bother to turn around. "Aye Captain, I'll let you know if I hear anything." He knew this was coming, Captain Katsuro would leave every celebration, every party, every scenario he didn't care for as soon as he could. It was simply what his Captain chose to do. It didn't bother him now, but before, when Ashido was just promoted to Lieutenant, it angered him. 'Why is he even a Captain when he can't take the time to stay for the proper ceremonies?' That single thought always nestled itself in Ashido's mind, taxing his innermost thoughts. In any case, it wouldn't matter what Ashido thought, the Head Captain positioned Captain Katsuro and most likely go back on his decision without proper reasoning.

Ashido noticed Captain Mikado laying on the ground as he called out to his new victim; Captain Nura. A wise-ass smirk crept upon Ashido's face as he saw the victim spin around and pull an obviously fake smile on the perverted Captain. 'Serves you right, black sheep.' Although he detested Captain Mikado for his laziness and overall terrible attitude as a captain, he almost could admit he disliked the new Captain Nura even more. She was promoted to Captain over himself, who was obviously a better candidate. It wouldn't matter what Ashido thought since his own captain obviously needed him. Without Ashido, Captain Katsuro would be one terrible captain, or at least that's how Ashido saw it.

Mikado Gaidosu

Her gaze was rather apathetic, something Mikado was all to familiar with. It was only convenient that her somewhat radiant smile broke through her apathetic expression. 'This is going wells so far.' From here, the conversation could go one of two paths, but Mikado was familiar with only one; rejection. How he hated that word so much scorn; it plagued his life constantly. "Welllll... you Could stop being formal with me." He snickered a little, deciding to sit up and spin around so their conversation would be more proper. "And my name isn't 'Captain Gaidosu' little one, it's Mikado." He was being quite serious despite the devilish smirk that crossed his face. He figured Ayami, or any other woman in the Gotei 13, warned her of his antics. These antics weren't meant to harm anyone though, so why did they treat him so? That was a question that he never could answer himself, and Enjeru obviously wouldn't aid him with such a trivial matter.

The room was still rather lively despite the loathing of the situation. It was something rather obvious to Mikado, everyone didn't care for this celebration, they honestly wanted to finish their respective work or sleep. Either way, Nura wasn't the only person trying to leave. In fact, Captain Katsuro left rather abruptly, leaving Lieutenant Ashido like always. "So, I was gonna ask if you wanted to take a nice, quiet stroll with me. But, I can see from your expression that you'd rather spend your time returning to your Squad work." The guild card, a Mikado favorite; such a good trick to getting someone to cooperate with you. "Either way is fine with me, it's your decision." He clasped his mouth as he yawned rather quietly. The night was still quite young, how could he be tired already.


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Yuri Hitsuki

"Please tell me it's just the booze," Yuri said. Yet, the immense pressure he felt and the burning purple light couldn't have been. The calm but quick actions of the Commander and the stone serious faces told him, no, he wasn't just that drink. Marvelous. He was in no state for this, going drink for drink with Mika managed to do that to him, and unlike the rest of the captains, he didn't have an off switch the turn his drunkenness off. Yuri shakily made his way to his feet, making heavy use of Mika's shoulder. Alas, this was the job of a Captain, and inebriated or not, he needed to do it. He rolled his shoulders once, feeling the familiar weight of Hououtenku on his back. He could feel her cold glare in his mind, but knowing Hoen, she'd want nothing else than to be on the front line fighting. A far cry from what he wanted to do, but still. It was his job.

"Tsukishima," He called to his Lieutenant, a dutiful boy who may might make a fine captain some day. The boy stood and saluted, awaiting his orders. "Round up Squad Seven. Form up a distance away though, don't want you to get caught in his spiritual pressure," it was all he could do without getting in the way. A man like Jin could easily crush his entire squad if he just threw them at him, "Do whatever you can to support the Captains from a distance," He added. He then rubbed his face, obviously not enjoying the turn the night made. "Good luck," he added before turning to the door and vanishing.

The way wasn't too hard to find. Just follow the big ass spear of light in the distance. He stepped along the roofs of the Seireitei and then came upon the scene. Of course, he wasn't the first one there, that honor went to the substitute soul reaper, and the Captains of squads Ten and Five. Yuri caught himself wondering where Onitacchi was. It was odd for a man so in love with battle to be late like this. Or perhaps that was the booze still talking. Either way, it would still be a dangerous fight and Yuri tried his best to focus himself. He could feel Hoen scolding in his mind for being a drunk. A real warrior is always ready for battle. A real warrior loves battle. Such a feisty one, that Hoen.

In order to pacify her just for a bit, Yuri allowed himself to draw Hououtenku over his shoulder, though he did not unleash his Shikai. That was for real warriors. He held his blade in both hands. "Hey! Substitute!" He called Midori, "Don't get killed," He added.

Amy Keifune

A pitcher shattered on the floor, alcohol soaking into the tiles below. Amy didn't expect such a awesome display of Reiatsu so suddenly, and the pitcher suffered for it. She watched in mute shock as the Commander checked out the door and as the other Captains began to bark orders. All except her Captain, who seemed to focused on Captain Nura to give her any orders. Though somewhere in the lazy ass's mind, she thought he knew what he was doing. At least, she hoped he did. Nura was the Captain of Squad Ten after all, the previous position held by Jin. Someone did need to keep an eye on her.

She appeared at Mikado's side with Tsubaki hanging from the small of her back. "Really Captain. Flirting with colleagues. That's how things become awkward," She teased. "I'll have to come along and make sure you don't do anything stupid," She added, poking his shoulder. "If that's okay with you Captain Nura," addressed the Squad Ten Captain. She leaned close to Captain Mikado and whispered, "What do you know, looks like you are getting to walk with two pretty ladies," Though it was less of a walk and more of a sprint into the mouth of danger. But Amy was far too cheerful a girl to let a little thing like death dampen her mood.

But before she was answered, Nura was off, leaving both her and her Captain in the dust. "A wily one that," She added looking at Mikado. "I suppose we follow her Captain? Right behind you," She said.

Amy swore she could feel Tsubaki yawn...


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Mikado Gaidosu

The air was tense for the few moments, Mikado's hand stiff and idle. His own Lieutenant, Ayami, had joined the conversation only to utter a few words in vain. By the time she finished her brief joke, Captain Nura was hot on the trail of her former Captain. It happened in a blink of the eye, Mikado shrugged since that was his first inclination. "Aye, I doubt this will turn out good." He scratched his head attentively still slouching abit with a slight tipsy feeling about him. 'There goes my plan...' He wasn't overly bewildered at the immediate reaction of Nura, she probably had questions, or something. "Oh, yea, good luck on your own Captain Nura." Mikado wasn't overly impressed with the sudden display of valor. "Uh, sorry Ayami... I zoned out there for a sec." He wore a guilty face, placing his hand on his Lieutenant's shoulder. "Yea, right. A walk with two pretty ladies?" He chuckled while rubbing the smirk of his face. "It would've been a walk full of lectures..." He could tell by Nura's expression that she had some sort of plan in mind. "We're gonna have to get a move on, you ready?" It was a little fishy, Nura's reaction was too quick for someone who was unprepared, or at least for someone with the lack of experience she suffered. Nobody that young, nor that inexperienced would be willing to hop into combat without some strategy, or at least that's what Mikado always noticed.

The situation was terrible. Roughly half of the Gotei 13 wasn't prepared for such a battle, his own squad included. Mikado's mind was quite foggy from the combination of alcohol and the rapid sight reading. He looked down at his young, rather naive Lieutenant. "Stay close to me, and in the worst case scenario. I need you to leave immediately, understand?" Although Ayami had earned Mikado's deepest trust and his highest respect; she wouldn't be able to handle this kind of spiritual pressure for too long. "Oh, and one more note." Mikado placed his index finger on her forehead, squatting as to be eye level. "Don't mess up your pretty little face, alright?" A huge grin was plastered all over Mikado's face, it was simply something he couldn't help but mention. At that moment he spun around, waving his hand lightly as to gesture Ayami to follow, and vanished.