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Yuri Hitsuki

"Do we have to? Fine... Ignite, Hououtenku."

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a character in “Bleach: The Dying Of The Light”, originally authored by Talisman, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Yuri Hitsuki
Age: 475
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 165
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Yuri looks like a young man in his mid-twenties. His face is boyish and free of blemishes, while other parts of his body, such as his hands, belly, and back harbor a number of scars from before he mellowed out. He isn't extremely tall, and his body mass mostly consists of skin, bone, and muscle. He's not beefy, and instead occupies a runners physique, thin with corded bands of muscle. His dress is standard black shinigami robes, sans sleeves, and his Seventh Division white haori over that. Hououtenku pokes through a hole on his haori

Occupation: Seventh Division Captain
Themesong: Up from the Ashes
Personality: Yuri is, despite the fire motif, a relatively reserved and laid back man. He would much rather sit back and see how things go than interfere directly. He's not the headstrong type, nor is he excessively violent only fighting when he deems absolutely necessary, and even then only grudgingly. He still is very smarmy and will take any opportunity to snark at almost anyone, All in good fun of course. Despite him being a calm and reserved man, there is a temper running deep in the man. He has managed to control his temper and bury it deep down, but it can still rear it's ugly head if Yuri is pushed far enough. When he loses his temper, his mannerisms become more like a beserker.

At one point, Yuri himself was a fierce warrior with his temper on his sleeve, he'd kill viciously and mercilessly. He was akin to more of a powder keg than a shinigami, and any slight could set him off in a tirade of angry remarks. That was a long time ago, and Yuri is now much more mellow and actually seems happier. He smiles more often than not now.


Spiritual Pressure (Reiatsu) Level: Immense
Reiatsu Appearance: Flickering orange and yellow
Zanpakuto Name: Hououtenku (Rising Phoenix)
Zanpakuto Spiritual Form Appearance: She takes the form of a young woman with avian features. Piercing eyes, a slightly hooked nose and a certain arrogant air. Hoen, as Yuri uses for shorthand, has fiery accents on top of the avian features, tying in with the phoenix motif, though she is quite humanoid in appearance- except for the constant aura of orange and the small wings on her back. Her skin is warm in color with fiery red hair and dark red eyes with black around her eyes and down to her cheeks. Aside from that, she wears golden armor with a phoenix motif in feather accents.

Hoen has the typical warrior attitude(honor, fighting, blood, war, etc), though with Yuri's own change of heart, she too has become more relaxed with her war and blood approach to life. Like her master, Hoen is sarcastic and snide, most often to Yuri who often exchanges blows with the Zanpakuto. But She is loyal- a bit bored nowadays.


Shikai Release Command and Appearance: Ignite, Hououtenku

Shikai Abilities: Yuri's shikai splits into two broad scimitars with black blades and red accents. Aside from the obvious change in form, the air around Yuri and Hoen gets noticeably warmer. In this form, each strike from either blade leaves behind a trail of flame and spits sparks upon contact with any surface, unless Yuri wishes it not.

Moutsume (Raging Talon) - A blade of flame shoots out from a slash of either/or blade(s) and cuts forward.


Bankai Release Command and Appearance: Take flight and raze the skies, Taika Hououtenku- Bankai. (Great Flame Rising Phoenix)
Bankai Abilities: Taika Houotenku takes the form of two hookblades with red handles and is completely sheathed in fire. Yuri's dress is also transformed to accompany his bonkai. His Captain's robes take on a light reddish color and the edges begin to flicker like flame. A typical Japanese hat (sugegasa) appears on his head as two orange ethereal wings sprout from his back. His arms are also covered in golden armor

Yuri has complete control over flames in this form, able to summon and direct them with gestures from his hook blades.

Taika Moutsume (Great Flaming Raging Talon) - A grand wave of flame is summoned and rages in the general direction of attack, engulfing all in it's path in intense heat.

Yomi Futa Girochin (Hell's Twin Guillotine) - A rarely seen attack, where Yuri ensnares his opponent between the hooks on either blade and rips to either side in a gout of hellfire, incinerating the enemy. A vicious and gruesome attack Yuri no longer has the stomach for.

Powers and Abilities: While he is adequate in Kido and Hado, (Up to Level 70 each) he doesn't like to rely on them. Instead, he is a master swordsman and is is an expert in Shunpo, using it to augment his swordsmanship. He was once a relentless warrior with a ferocious streak and merciless view of battle, but that has long since faded. Now he is more calculating and uses his head in battle more. Still, the berserker is somewhere inside Yuri, waiting to be released.

So begins...

Yuri Hitsuki's Story


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Yuri Hitsuki

"Please tell me it's just the booze," Yuri said. Yet, the immense pressure he felt and the burning purple light couldn't have been. The calm but quick actions of the Commander and the stone serious faces told him, no, he wasn't just that drink. Marvelous. He was in no state for this, going drink for drink with Mika managed to do that to him, and unlike the rest of the captains, he didn't have an off switch the turn his drunkenness off. Yuri shakily made his way to his feet, making heavy use of Mika's shoulder. Alas, this was the job of a Captain, and inebriated or not, he needed to do it. He rolled his shoulders once, feeling the familiar weight of Hououtenku on his back. He could feel her cold glare in his mind, but knowing Hoen, she'd want nothing else than to be on the front line fighting. A far cry from what he wanted to do, but still. It was his job.

"Tsukishima," He called to his Lieutenant, a dutiful boy who may might make a fine captain some day. The boy stood and saluted, awaiting his orders. "Round up Squad Seven. Form up a distance away though, don't want you to get caught in his spiritual pressure," it was all he could do without getting in the way. A man like Jin could easily crush his entire squad if he just threw them at him, "Do whatever you can to support the Captains from a distance," He added. He then rubbed his face, obviously not enjoying the turn the night made. "Good luck," he added before turning to the door and vanishing.

The way wasn't too hard to find. Just follow the big ass spear of light in the distance. He stepped along the roofs of the Seireitei and then came upon the scene. Of course, he wasn't the first one there, that honor went to the substitute soul reaper, and the Captains of squads Ten and Five. Yuri caught himself wondering where Onitacchi was. It was odd for a man so in love with battle to be late like this. Or perhaps that was the booze still talking. Either way, it would still be a dangerous fight and Yuri tried his best to focus himself. He could feel Hoen scolding in his mind for being a drunk. A real warrior is always ready for battle. A real warrior loves battle. Such a feisty one, that Hoen.

In order to pacify her just for a bit, Yuri allowed himself to draw Hououtenku over his shoulder, though he did not unleash his Shikai. That was for real warriors. He held his blade in both hands. "Hey! Substitute!" He called Midori, "Don't get killed," He added.

Amy Keifune

A pitcher shattered on the floor, alcohol soaking into the tiles below. Amy didn't expect such a awesome display of Reiatsu so suddenly, and the pitcher suffered for it. She watched in mute shock as the Commander checked out the door and as the other Captains began to bark orders. All except her Captain, who seemed to focused on Captain Nura to give her any orders. Though somewhere in the lazy ass's mind, she thought he knew what he was doing. At least, she hoped he did. Nura was the Captain of Squad Ten after all, the previous position held by Jin. Someone did need to keep an eye on her.

She appeared at Mikado's side with Tsubaki hanging from the small of her back. "Really Captain. Flirting with colleagues. That's how things become awkward," She teased. "I'll have to come along and make sure you don't do anything stupid," She added, poking his shoulder. "If that's okay with you Captain Nura," addressed the Squad Ten Captain. She leaned close to Captain Mikado and whispered, "What do you know, looks like you are getting to walk with two pretty ladies," Though it was less of a walk and more of a sprint into the mouth of danger. But Amy was far too cheerful a girl to let a little thing like death dampen her mood.

But before she was answered, Nura was off, leaving both her and her Captain in the dust. "A wily one that," She added looking at Mikado. "I suppose we follow her Captain? Right behind you," She said.

Amy swore she could feel Tsubaki yawn...