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Zane Onitacchi

I am the latest Kenpachi in Soul Society, after the last fell to my blade...

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a character in “Bleach: The Dying Of The Light”, originally authored by A.C., as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Zane Onitacchi Kenpachi
Age: 864
Appearance: He has blackish red hair and crimson eyes with a glint of black. He has a perfectly white smile and seems to have unmarked skin for his face. He is tall and strong, but his muscles aren't bulging and are more condensed to allow for freedom of movement to an extent. With the exception of his head his body is filled with scars from his training and mainly battles.
Height: 8'4"
Weight: 422 lbs.
Occupation: Captain of Squad 11
Themesong: Bodies by Drowning Pool
Personality: He is a very unstable person who is almost always up for a good fight against a strong opponent. He may seem like a gentleman one second and then a total blood thirsty monster the next.
Spiritual Pressure (Reiatsu) Level: Vast
Reiatsu Appearance: It is crimson red with a sort of black aura, and it gives off a feeling of a black hole. It also gives off an enormous pressure that not everyone can stand to be around at least not without being affected by it and it's crushing weight.
Zanpakuto Name: Tenma Keiri (Demon Executioner)
[spoiler=Zanpakuto Sword Appearance:]
Zanpakuto Spiritual Form Appearance:
Shikai Release Command and Appearance: "Execute them, Tenma Keiri!"
Shikai Abilities:
-Tenma Shikou (Demon Execution) = The blade is swung and a energy wave is released shooting in the direction of the swing. The technique is not to be mistaken as Kido, it is pure spirit pressure and the sheer force of the swing.
-Keiri (Executioner) = Begins with the phrase "I am your Executioner..." the target is then pulled into a bit of mental barrage of overwhelming fear and mental attacks relating to fear and doubt. The ability works by forcing on the target the full power of the user's reiatsu or spirit pressure and fighting aura. This ability really points out the strong of will, because only those strong of will and dedicated to their goal are able to break out of it, pretty much separating the true warriors and fighters from the chumps. This ability is also the ability a member of the 11th Squad must be able to break out of in order to even be considered for a seated position.
Bankai Release Command and Appearance: "Execute them all, Shinku Tenma Keiri!" (Crimson Demon Executioner)
Bankai Abilities:
-Keiri no Ari-na (Executioner's Arena) = This ability creates an inescapable arena in which to do battle. Those within this arena must abide by the rules of it, which vary depending on the rule enforced by the user, but the downfall of this ability is that even it's user must obey the rules at all given times. This ability can not be undone or have the rules change freely as the only way for it to be released is for one side to either die or surrender. The death of the user does not make the ability stop. The rules can only be set before the first battle within the arena begins which is almost immediately after activating this ability.
#Soro (Solo) = Everyone within the arena is on their own, their is no teams that are abided by simply the last one standing without surrendering is the winner.
#Shinguru (Single) = Everybody must fight solely one on one and if anyone interferes the team who did the interfering must pay the penalty of the arena or surrender the match. The rules may also be altered slightly for example making the matches two on two.
#Senka (War) = This is an all out war between two different sides where the battle continues until one one side remains standing or the other side submits defeat by surrendering.
-Soukei Shikou (Total Execution) = Time seems to slow down as this ability is used and grants it's user a swift attack with that targets all limbs for execution, in other words the object of this ability is to remove all of the limbs of the opponent.
Powers and Abilities: Zane knows no Kido at all having gained his position by defeating the previous Captain of Squad 11 in a duel.

So begins...

Zane Onitacchi's Story


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Character Portrait: Roxann Tsukimonochi Character Portrait: Zane Onitacchi
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#, as written by A.C.
Roxann Tsukimonochi

Roxann was drinking and partying heavily all night long as was drunk as to to pass out and then it happened and as if a flip was switched she completely sobered up and seemed to turn dead serious. "Captain Nura we need to move out now..." in a dead serious tone going as far as to even call her Captain Nura in a formal manner which she never did. Roxann stood up and placed her hand on the handle of her sword which was settled at the back of her waist with the handle on the right side. Roxann was actually offered the position of Captain of the 10th Squad a year ago back when she was Lieutenant of Squad 12, but she turned it down, though she recommended Nura who was currently her Captain and requested to be transferred to the 10th Squad for unknown reasons. Roxann's recommendation that remained unknown to all but a select few helped push forward Nura's promotion. and with those thoughts of the last year ran through her head, she disappeared with a flash step of black lightning.

Zane Onitacchi

Zane never seemed to get dfrunk no matter how much he drank, but he always kept wondering if this was all there was to the party tonight as he was bored, and that's is when it happened and he stood up and started to run in the direction of Jin Kayasaki as fast as he could to fight them as he so loved to do. He was quickly making his way there, but a problem kept hitting him in the face, as he ran into many dead-ends and just ran through the walls leaving big holes if he didn't jump over them or find a short way around.


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Character Portrait: Nura Rin Character Portrait: Midori Shisuia Character Portrait: Mikado Gaidosu Character Portrait: Zane Onitacchi Character Portrait: Ayami Keifune Character Portrait: Jin Kayasaki Character Portrait: Yuri Hitsuki
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Yuri Hitsuki

"Please tell me it's just the booze," Yuri said. Yet, the immense pressure he felt and the burning purple light couldn't have been. The calm but quick actions of the Commander and the stone serious faces told him, no, he wasn't just that drink. Marvelous. He was in no state for this, going drink for drink with Mika managed to do that to him, and unlike the rest of the captains, he didn't have an off switch the turn his drunkenness off. Yuri shakily made his way to his feet, making heavy use of Mika's shoulder. Alas, this was the job of a Captain, and inebriated or not, he needed to do it. He rolled his shoulders once, feeling the familiar weight of Hououtenku on his back. He could feel her cold glare in his mind, but knowing Hoen, she'd want nothing else than to be on the front line fighting. A far cry from what he wanted to do, but still. It was his job.

"Tsukishima," He called to his Lieutenant, a dutiful boy who may might make a fine captain some day. The boy stood and saluted, awaiting his orders. "Round up Squad Seven. Form up a distance away though, don't want you to get caught in his spiritual pressure," it was all he could do without getting in the way. A man like Jin could easily crush his entire squad if he just threw them at him, "Do whatever you can to support the Captains from a distance," He added. He then rubbed his face, obviously not enjoying the turn the night made. "Good luck," he added before turning to the door and vanishing.

The way wasn't too hard to find. Just follow the big ass spear of light in the distance. He stepped along the roofs of the Seireitei and then came upon the scene. Of course, he wasn't the first one there, that honor went to the substitute soul reaper, and the Captains of squads Ten and Five. Yuri caught himself wondering where Onitacchi was. It was odd for a man so in love with battle to be late like this. Or perhaps that was the booze still talking. Either way, it would still be a dangerous fight and Yuri tried his best to focus himself. He could feel Hoen scolding in his mind for being a drunk. A real warrior is always ready for battle. A real warrior loves battle. Such a feisty one, that Hoen.

In order to pacify her just for a bit, Yuri allowed himself to draw Hououtenku over his shoulder, though he did not unleash his Shikai. That was for real warriors. He held his blade in both hands. "Hey! Substitute!" He called Midori, "Don't get killed," He added.

Amy Keifune

A pitcher shattered on the floor, alcohol soaking into the tiles below. Amy didn't expect such a awesome display of Reiatsu so suddenly, and the pitcher suffered for it. She watched in mute shock as the Commander checked out the door and as the other Captains began to bark orders. All except her Captain, who seemed to focused on Captain Nura to give her any orders. Though somewhere in the lazy ass's mind, she thought he knew what he was doing. At least, she hoped he did. Nura was the Captain of Squad Ten after all, the previous position held by Jin. Someone did need to keep an eye on her.

She appeared at Mikado's side with Tsubaki hanging from the small of her back. "Really Captain. Flirting with colleagues. That's how things become awkward," She teased. "I'll have to come along and make sure you don't do anything stupid," She added, poking his shoulder. "If that's okay with you Captain Nura," addressed the Squad Ten Captain. She leaned close to Captain Mikado and whispered, "What do you know, looks like you are getting to walk with two pretty ladies," Though it was less of a walk and more of a sprint into the mouth of danger. But Amy was far too cheerful a girl to let a little thing like death dampen her mood.

But before she was answered, Nura was off, leaving both her and her Captain in the dust. "A wily one that," She added looking at Mikado. "I suppose we follow her Captain? Right behind you," She said.

Amy swore she could feel Tsubaki yawn...