Ryurishi Tatsuya

Chef...and Captain of Squad 9

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a character in “Bleach: The Final Hope”, as played by Soul_Alchemist


Name: Ryurishi Tatsuya

Age: 213

For the most part Tatsuya is a laid back kind of guy, or at least he lets this persona be seen by others. In truth he is always on his guard and ready for a fight. He is very protective of others, even people he doesn't know, which often leads to his getting injured.


Needless fighting

Letting the Gotei 13 down as their security leader

Appearance: Image

Position: Squad 9 Captain

Zanpakuto: Nikukarahone (meat from bone)
Sealed- in this form the zanpakuto looks like the katana in the pic
Shikai- in this form the zanpakuto transforms into a giant meat cleaver, the blade is about 4 feet wide and 5 feet long
Bankai- the zanpakuto takes on the form of a sasumata that is about 6 feet in length.

Zanpakuto Spirit: Image

Zanpakuto Power:
The power of Nikukarahone is to create and manipulate flames in unnatural ways.
Moerutate (Burning Shield)- by swinging the blade so that the tip grazes the ground, a wall of flames is created. Unlike normal flames, the wall is solid, as if made of stone, and supposedly only someone with a higher spiritual pressure than Tatsuya can break through it. The width of the wall depends on the length of the mark made by the sword, but the height can be whatever he likes

Neppa (Heatwave)- with a swing of his sword he can send a wave of flames in the direction of his swing. The wave of flames will feel as solid upon impact as a wave of water, and the fire will cling to those it hits just as water would

Yakutaiba (Roasting Edge)- a simple power that causes the blade to become engulfed in flames

Release: Prepare the feast, Nikukarahone
The zanpakuto itself takes on the form of a rather average looking sasumata, but then a fireball appears between the tongs of the weapon, which begins to spiral out until a dragon made of flame is created. So far all Tatsuya has been able to do with his Bankai is use the zanpakuto to control the movements of the dragon, although he is able to use his other abilities as well.

-Extraordinary endurance, stamina, and strength
-Master chef

Bakudo: knows 1-61 but can only use #8 and #21 without an incantation
#8. Seki- creates a round shield that temporarily repels or paralyzes whatever comes into contact with it
#21. Sekienton- creates a blast upon impact that creates a thick cloud of red smoke

#1. Sho- pushes the target away from castor
#31 Shakkaho- fires a ball of red energy at the target
#32 Okasen- fires a wide arc of yellow energy at the target
#33 Sokatsui- fire a burst of blue spiritual energy at the target

Extra Equipment:

Tatsuya lived to be 25 in the world of the living. He own a somewhat famous restaurant, travelers passing through always made it a point to stop by his place to get a good meal before moving on. One night, however, there was an accident and the restaurant caught fire. He could have easily survived, but instead he died getting his beloved customers out of the flames, his life ending when he went back inside one last time to rescue his apprentice, a young boy who had also been doing his best to help. When he had the boy in his arms, running for the exit, the building finally collapsed, killing them both.
After this he found himself in the Seireitai, where he did little more than wander for several years before eventually finding the boy he had tried to save. After that they stuck together, and eventually opened another restaurant together, not knowing that spirits didn't really need to eat or drink. Even so people came there, to spend time if nothing else. One day a member of the Gotei 13 came by and learned that Tatsuya and the boy had a higher spiritual pressure than the others in the area, and to they were both taken to the academy.
Since then they have trained together, and now Tatsuya is the Squad 9 Captain, and the boy is his Lieutenant.

So begins...

Ryurishi Tatsuya's Story