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Saida Z. Elventongue

"An ordinary archer practices until she gets it right. I'm going to practice until I never get it wrong."

0 · 835 views · located in Skyrim: Riverwood/Bleak Falls Barrow

a character in “Bleak Falls Barrow”, originally authored by NethanielShade, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full name:
Saida Zoraida Elventongue
Saida, Sai
Manmer (Breton), with more Mer (Elven) heritage than usual.
Birth Date:
Sun's Height (July) 11th, Loredas (Sunday), 4E 184 7/11/4E184
Current Residence:
Witch Hunter
Stormcloaks, in the past.
None, currently.

Hunting, Herbology (Alchemy), Archery, Stealth and Magick

Image Image

Very Skinny
Eye Color:
Slightly pointy, due to mom being Half Breton, Half Bosmer, and father being Breton. (Bretons are also a mix between Altmer and Nords) As a result, she's one of the rare Bretons who have pointy ears, though they are hardly noticeable due to her hair and the pointyness being nearly non-existant.
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Skin Shade/Color:
Nordic. Word ending with 'd' as in 'gods' sounds more like a 't' as in 'goths'. Rolls 'r's. 'A' sounds more like 'ah', 'o' or 'all'. 'Had' would be 'Hald' or 'Hod'
She's slightly taller than normal people due to her high mixture of Mer (Elven) blood, along with her Breton blood. She has dark brown hair she rarely lets get past her shoulders, and she seems smaller than she is because of how thin she is. She does have small breasts, 'A' cups, but it's a good thing. From where she comes from, women were treated differently and she'd often wear a cloak over her armor, and a hood. With her hair back in the hood and her face hidden in the shadows, she easily passed off as a man.


Very sane, sharp mind.
Almost none, she's the kind of person people overlook and hardly take notice of.
The color silver, the light, hunting
The Dark, Werewolves, Witches, anything that threatens her.
Hunting, Alchemy, Archery, Stealth, Magick
Saida is the very quiet, 'blends into the background', type of girl. She never attracts attention to herself, and is very shy. Yet, with all of this, she holds a malice against evil, particularly bad werewolves and witches. She is also a quick-thinker and a good strategist. But just because she's a kick-ass woman (Sometimes.....), doesn't mean she isn't also a girly-girl.

-Wooden Longbow: Her wooden longbow, enchanted two cause two different effects, is her perfect weapon. Self-taught and trained in Archery for over seven years, she has almost uncanny accuracy, though she isn't cocky. Quite the opposite, in fact, she often doubts herself and her abilities. The enchantments on her bow are "Paralysis" and "Fear". It can cause fear in the minds of creatures and weaker-minded humans, and paralyze many races and species (Depending on factors such as poison resistance, as it's basically a magickal poison, magick resistance and other things). All of this only works if the taget's been struck by an arrow, be it scratch or not, shot by this bow.
-Double Knife Scabbard: The double knife scabbard is attached to a ranger's belt, with slots for the saxe knife and the throwing knife.
-Saxe Knife: The saxe knife is a long knife rangers discovered from the Skandian sea raiders. It is very sharp and made of extremely strong metal, being able to bend and break a sword and not even leave a scratch on the knife's blade. It is also balanced for throwing.
-Throwing Knife: The throwing knife is smaller knife, designed for being thrown. Extra width at the top allows for balance with the hilt, which helps drive it home in her target.

Combat Attire:
Leather Armor with chainmail underneath. It's light and protective. She then usually wears her cloak and hood over it. The trick of the cloak is the special woven pattern of forestal colors, similar to that of camouflage, but more complex. It really helps her stealthiness.
A silver chain necklace, nothing much.
She carries around different bags filled with alchemy ingredients. One contains many blue mountain flowers and blue butterfly wings. The second contains crimson nirnroot, cyrodillic spadetail, and deathbells. The last one contains many gems. They arent normally used as money or for selling, as she knows a secret form of alchemy involving the gems. The gem bag contains amethysts, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, garnets, gold nuggets, and chunks of silver.

Fighting Style(s)
General/Preferred Style:
Use of Magick
Weapons Style:
Special Abilities/Affinities:
Magick Resistance- Breton blood allows for the absorbtion and/or resistance of many magickal spells used on her. Up to 50% of a spell can be completely dissipated.

Styles of Magick
Like all Bretons, she was born with the ability to cast wide varieties of magic, more so than any other human race. Magick is also a very, very big part of her fighting style, almost as much as Archery. If you're going to hunt magcik users, what's protecting you from their magick? That's why she is learning the Arcane Arts.
She relies on her lightning spells heavily, which are not only dangerous, but the coax magickal energies out of the target also. She also relies on Restoration, for a number of things as to healing, warding off other spells, and putting up circles of protection. And lastly, illusion magick. It can help her with such things as invisibility and silence spells.

Relationship Status:
She doesn't know any of her family.
Known Languages:
The Common Tounge (English)
Personal History/Background:

So begins...

Saida Z. Elventongue's Story