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Blighted Hearts: Part I

Blighted Hearts: Part I


The vast plane of Istrakahn, a world powered by steam and magic, it is here our story takes place. A story of hunters and their prey. A story of unwelcome guests and outsiders. But most of all, the story of a few blighted hearts.

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"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets."

The vast plane of Istrakahn, a plane of humans, fleshy, emotional, hardy and... soft, beings. A plane of industry and ignoranvce. Of revolution and stagnation. It is here our story takes place. A story of hunters and their prey. A story of unwelcome guests and outsiders. But most of all, the story of a few blighted hearts.


"Hush now, human. All is well. I know you are beaten down, broken, a shell of your true self. But... What If i told you I could give you power? What power you ask? Why, only the power to sieze what is rightfully yours. To strike back against those who have wronged you. The cost? Oh don't worry about that, my precious soul. Just speak my name, that is all you must do... "

Ataraxia, it is where all souls go in death. This ethereal plane is the source of all magic in the world, and it's greatest threat. For thousands of years, a malevolent race of demons known only as the Outsiders, who reside in Aphelion, a plane adjacent to Ataraxia, have been making contracts with and corrupting humans, granting them incredible supernatural powers in exchange for control over their souls. After making a contract, the human slowly becomes one of the Blighted. Manic, ghoulish and susceptible to the influence of the Outsiders, they attack those of innocent souls, in order to harvest their energy for their demonic masters.

In doing this, they become prey for the Blight Hunters, a group of operatives serving the Church of Asmoday. The Church is an organization dedicated to preventing and punishing all supernatural crimes and are the foremost authority on the use of magic. To use magic, one must be born with spectral sight, a phenomenon which allows humans to harness the raw energy of Ataraxia, and also be sanctioned by the church. To tap into the power of Ataraxia without their permission is strictly forbidden.

The Blight Hunters are placed in every major city and are dedicated to hunting down and exterminating those blighted by the Outsider's influence. Their powers are granted to them from the Regalith, an artifact shrouded in secrecy. The Regalith creates a special weapon of pure translucent energy, unique for each Blight Hunter, and binds it to their soul. As a result, they can summon the phantasmal weapon at will. The weapons possess unique abilities and feed off the energy of blighted souls. Absorbing the power of the Outsiders grants the Blight Hunters superhuman strength and speed, however, they cannot perform magic, even if they possess the sight.


"Fear and respect are often mixed up. No one respects the blight hunters, they fear them. They're one step away from the contractors themselves, after all."

In the city of Halcyon Bay there lies a regal building. Its large wrought-iron gate keeps unwelcome guests from its halls, and its large courtyard is fenced off from the general public. This building is known as the Bastion, the headquarters for the Blight Hunters of the Halcyon Bay chapter. The Bastion has been run for over a century by the Calloway family, a line of well-known and influential Blight Hunters. The Head Hunter of the Bastion, Alcaeus Calloway, keeps a watchful eye on the city, and though Halcyon Bay is one of the largest cities in Istrakahn, he has managed to keep it relatively free of the Outsider's influence, along with the cooperation of several smaller Bastions throughout the city.

However, recently, his oldest son Mykonos Calloway, and his partner Margaret Whitemoor were brutally killed on a routine assignment at an abandoned warehouse, rumored to be housing cult activity. Their bodies were decapitated and hung from the rafters by the wrists, with a strange runic symbol carved into their bare chests. Due to this loss, the Halcyon Bay chapter is in deep in mourning, but must also heighten patrols and investigate the murder of their beloved hunters.




The oldest of the Calloway siblings. Though brash and wild-hearted, his hunting skills are unmatched.

The partner of the eldest Calloway brother. Though usually a voice of reason, he can be as foolhardy as his partner at times.
18-21 - OPEN


The second-born son of the Calloway family. Calculated, calm and collected, his words are like a winter breeze.
16-18 - OPEN

The second-born son's partner. Though men bow down at her feet, she only takes pleasure in making her enemies kneel.
18 - 21 - OPEN


The youngest hunter of the Calloways, she won't be outdone by her brothers, and is something of a young prodigy.
14-16 - OPEN

The Calloway daughter's partner. Though talented in her own right, she can't help but feel she fights in her partner's shadow.
14-17 - OPEN


The bastion's resident doctor. Though she is young, she is as skilled as any veteran doctor and is vital asset to the hunters.
20 - 30 - OPEN

The Hunter-Killer. This is the nickname given to the officer sent by the church to ensure none of the bastion's hunters fall to the influence of the outsiders, and in the case that they do, it is his job to eliminate them. Because hunters who fall to the outsider's influence are particularly dangerous, he is a seasoned veteran, and usually assists the hunters in particularly dangerous missions.
25-50 OPEN

The first trainee. She idolizes the Blight Hunters, and is nearly obsessed with the Calloway family, but is slowly realizing that becoming a hunter herself is more difficult than she initially thought.
17-18 - OPEN

The second trainee. A reformed former illegal wizard, he has changed his criminal ways and become a tool of justice, vowing to show others like himself the right path.
19-25 – OPEN

The third trainee. The bright-eyed youngest of the Calloway children, he idolizes his older siblings and father, and longs to be worthy hunters like them.
9-14 - OPEN

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- The time-period this roleplay takes place in is reminiscent of early 1910's-1920's Era England. Cars and vehicles exist but are not overly common. The concept of firearms does not exist in the world.

- Reservations have 24 hours to submit a substantial work in progress.

- Please name your weapon after a song. Also, make its power somewhat specific and not overly powerful.

- Anime face claims only please.

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Character Portrait: Lonan Calloway


Character Portrait: Lonan Calloway
Lonan Calloway

The oldest of the Calloway siblings.


Character Portrait: Lonan Calloway
Lonan Calloway

The oldest of the Calloway siblings.

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Character Portrait: Lonan Calloway
Lonan Calloway

The oldest of the Calloway siblings.

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Re: Blighted Hearts: Part I

Looks like the pair one partner's already reserved - so could I reserve the pair two partner, please?

Due to it being late where I am currently, would it be alright if I chose my faceclaim in the morning?

Re: Blighted Hearts: Part I

Yo yo yo, what's poppin B'. You know how it is on the streets cuh. Yeet, thug life. You know it is, you know me. Once a hoodrat, always a hoodrat.
Can I reserve the partner of Pair 1? FC shall be Alvin from Tales of Xillia.

Re: Blighted Hearts: Part I

Ey oop. I'd be down to reserving the resident doctor. Not too sure about a face claim yet, but I'll be having a look through some things and see if one fits.

Re: Blighted Hearts: Part I

Hiya, your RP looks interesting :)
May I reserve the role Hunter Killer officer? :)

My FC's gonna be Kotomine Kirei :)

Re: Blighted Hearts: Part I

I don't know if you actually use this thread, but may I reserve the female 'hunting prodigy' from Pair 3?

Face claim is Arturia Pendragon, or Saber from Fate/Stay Night.

Blighted Hearts: Part I

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