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"This world is full of zombies, mindlessly following society's rules of law and order."

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a character in “Blind Justice”, as played by RawkFist



ImageImageName || Daniel Jae Harper.

Gender || Male.

Alignment || Villain.

Age || Twenty one.

Hair || Caramel-brown, mid-length with a fringe over his forehead.

Facial Hair || None, clean-shaven.

Eye colour || Chocolate-brown.

Skin tone || Somewhat fair-skinned; not too pale but not olive either.

Handed || Right.

Scars/ Unique features || Hidden beneath his hair is a scar of about 2-4 inches in length, and a cluster of small scars across his chest.

Description || Overall, Sparks gives off a rather scruffy, untamed sort of appearance; exaggerated mainly by his style of hair and over-worn clothes. His eyes are soft and warm at first glance, deceitfully so because at a closer look they hold a dark, rather ominous sort of feel to them. He's generally quite an attractive young man with his clear complexion and youthful aura, though his jaw is a little rounded and his lips are thick and squished.

Sparks' most common wardrobe choices seem to often include baggy sweaters/jumpers, skinny jeans and high-tops (trainers). People who tend to spend a lot of time around Sparks might often notice the rips and scuff-marks dotted around his items of clothing (not placed there intentionally for fashion purposes). As mentioned earlier, this gives him a scruffy look; some think he does not care about his appearance, which is completely true. It is rare that Sparks is seen wearing hats of any kind, but his most favoured hats are usually caps or slouchy beanies. His colour scheme, believe it or not, is actually quite average in its colourfulness though most would not expect him to be parading around looking bright. The brightness of his clothes can range from electric blues and yellows to blacks and greys, depending on the clothes and/or his mood.

ImageImageImageLikes ||
1. Anyone with a decent sense of humour, or a mind of their own.
2. Showing off, to say the least, and being the topic of conversation.
3. Acts of free will; rebelling against law and order.
4. Modern rock, punk rock, k-pop and metal.
5. Anything or anywhere surging with electricity is where he spends his time.

Dislikes ||
1. 'Do-gooders' and 'Suck-ups' are the most annoying people in the world to him.
2. Being made fun of or having his flaws picked out over his better qualities.
3. Domesticated animals, and any type of insect.
4. Excessively large and unnecessary amounts of body or facial hair.
5. Vegetables of any kind, in a similar way to a small child.

Motivations || Sparks carries an almost dangerous weight of hatred on his shoulders, but any sort of specific reason either hasn't been thought of yet or does not and will never exist. Any act of indecency carried out by this man is simply his method of staying on top of the hierarchy, the food-chain if you will. He will not tolerate being thought of as someone to look down on, no matter what he has to do.

Fears || Sparks, like any other human being, has quite a large list of phobias to speak of. The most common of which being his irrational fear of lakes, rivers and any deep water, and his fear of being publicly humiliated. They are his worst fears by far, though the more mild fears include insects, unnecessary physical contact and more commonly the dark.

Personality || Sparks was never a Villain at heart and most likely never will be. As a child, he was the sort of boy who would care the most about his friends, family and pretty much anyone who bothered to smile at him as they passed by. It was rare that they would, because he recognised from an early age that humans were an oddly unsociable species, always afraid of their own kind and lacking trust in each other. He didn't mind so much. He survived through his childhood with a somewhat positive attitude, and the teen years were when he developed a more charming and flirtatious nature. He was loved amongst social groups for his ability to make light of every situation and stand up for his friends when no one else would man up and say something. It was also because of his untamed, carefree nature that he got himself into a lot of trouble; always disrupting his classes, acting unintentionally rude towards anyone of a higher authority and 'fooling around' when he should have been studying. In short, he acted as most typical teenagers would in his shoes. He was no different than the next guy, and he was content with that. He was just... Daniel.

After the night (which he called 'the incident') in which he gained his ability, his attitude changed completely. While he had still retained what he could of his natural charisma, charms and flirtatiousness, Sparks had noticed that he could do things no one else could and believed himself to be better than his friends, his family and pretty much everyone else. Instead of wanting to help people, he wanted to dominate and intimidate them, to assert his authority because he knew he had the power to. He created his own little hierarchy amongst the people in his town. Friends who managed to stay on his good side were just below him and above most others, but he would've thrown them under the nearest bus if he had been given the chance to. A darker nature began to unfold shortly after his 'awakening', and a hatred was born inside of him. The reason behind his sudden switch is unknown, and will probably never make itself known. Sparks lives by three simple rules: follow no one, live freely and always stay one step ahead of everyone else.

Aside from his negative attitudes towards life and anyone who draws breath, Sparks is not so completely filled with evil that he cannot show affection towards those closer to him than the rest. He still smiles and laughs around friends, and loves just the same as any human. There are times when he acts shyly and becomes flustered at compliments or awkward situations. He cries and feels upset during sad times. Behind his cold exterior, he is just the same as everyone else. He has a harder time showing it than most, but the young Sparks is still hidden in him somewhere.

Relationships || Sparks has his family, but he has long since lost touch with them. His mother and father were sweet people, though technophobic and slightly paranoid in their old age, and his younger sister was just as annoying as they are expected to be though he loved her sincerely. He never knew his grandparents well and he had no uncles, aunts or cousins to speak of. His family is quite small. Sparks has also had girlfriends before but no serious relationships.

ImageImageImagePowers || As is hinted by his name, Sparks' ability is to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind. He is able to conduct electricity and absorb it from anything electrical, then to generate and manipulate it psychically. Though he can generate electricity from most parts of his body, the most common in use are his hands and his mouth. For his powers to be able to work, he needs to be near something surging with electrical currents, otherwise he will have nothing to draw electricity from and will not have any powers to work with. His powers are like batteries, for example, in the sense that they start out full and the power then drains out slowly as he uses his abilities. Once his power runs thin, he must charge himself up again by drawing electricity from objects, e.g. changing the batteries. During a power-out he would be completely useless because he would have no power of his own and he can't get it elsewhere. One example of a character with similar abilities would be Cole MacGrath of Infamous.

Strengths ||
- Aside from his ability, Sparks has recently become skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of small weapons.
- Due to his somewhat athletic build, moving around quickly and climbing proves an easy task for him.
- His body has a high tolerance for pain, so he can take more hits before he is drastically weakened by others.
- Sparks is highly intelligent, and often analyses opponents to figure out tricks and weaknesses.

Weaknesses ||
- Sparks must always be careful when touching electrical items he does not wish to drain, for fear of doing so accidentally.
- As well as objects, he can't freely touch other people without being extremely careful in case he electrocutes them.
- He shies away from water, or anyone that has the ability to manipulate it.
- It is easy for him to be outmanoeuvred in a fight due to his low-level skill in fighting and his slow reflexes.

History || Sparks grew up in a family that was never really considered to be poor but not considerably wealthy either. Whether rain or shine, his parents always took care to make sure that he and his younger sister were provided for and that they both had the things they wanted most in life. Both children were close with their parents, though Sparks was more of a mommy's boy and his sister was more of a daddy's girl. They grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood in the town of Millwood; it was quiet and peaceful, nothing bad really happened there during that time, though no one could deny the occasional robbery or indecent act. Sparks paid no attention to evil doings during his childhood, something which his parents were thankful for, and spent most of his time either out with friends or with his head in a book. School life was alright, though most of the older children found it fun to push him around. He had learned not to get so upset about it after a few years, and started standing up to them when he got a bit older.

He was a popular boy amongst his class mates for his charming, attractive qualities and his ideas when it came to being pushed around. Most would say he was a 'Do-gooder' simply because he stood up to bullies when they picked on younger children, but also that he was mischievous and horrid because he was rude to teachers, police officers and other children's parents when they tried to assert their authority over children. He wanted to be free when everyone else was content with playing by the rules and while he was happy with his life, he wanted to be his own person without bending to the rules of society, without listening to those who stood for law and order amongst men. He lived to have fun.

One night, roughly a few months ago, he had decided to stay out late with some friends, but everyone started to head home due to thunder storms and lightning. The weather man had claimed the country would be having the worst storms in over five decades. He hadn't taken it so seriously at the time, but he was seriously regretting that when he was forced to walk a mile in heavy rain and thunder. He was around halfway home when it happened. They say only one in a million people are struck by lightning; Sparks just happened to be that one person. One bright flash across the sky and it was all over, or so he says. He went through his 'awakening' at that moment, and had woken up a few hours after being struck. It was around 4am when he awoke. After sitting there for a while, unsure of what to do, he finally plucked up the courage to stand up and walk home. It was surprising he even could, considering the circumstances. He tried telling people but no one believed him, to his good luck. His entire life was changed from that point onwards.

For the next two months or so, he went about his life completely oblivious. Of course, strange things had occurred. He tried to use his phone the following day, and it practically exploded in his hand. A pulse of electricity shot through his hand and up his arm. He freaked out when it happened, but realised it didn't hurt, thought nothing of it and went about his day. This happened several times with different objects, but he discarded each one, albeit more hesitantly each time it happened. It was only up until a few weeks ago that he discovered his talents, and started to like it. However, he is still new to life with powers, life as a Villain.

So begins...

Sparks's Story