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Blake Langston


0 · 66 views · located in Scarmouth

a character in “Blinding Lights”, as played by Caille





NAMEXX Blake LangstonGENDERXX Non-Binary.
AGEXX Twenty-sevenHEX XX #603670
SEXUALITYXXPansexual, Demiromantic




H E I G H TXANDXB U I L D: 5'7" and toned/sturdy.

Blake is slightly above the average height. They have short brown hair that is either nicely styled or they will do an undercut, depending on how they feel at that particular time. Blake doesn't have a certain set of style or particular looks that they wear as they dress in anything they feel comfortable in. They have been known to enjoy various named brand sneakers, especially from a certain point in their lives before they joined the army. Blake loves their Jordan, Balenciaga, and Gucci sneakers. They have put a lot of work into upkeeping the sneakers and has brought those shoes with them everywhere they go or move to. Otherwise Blake gets a lot of their clothes from thrift stores and Wal-Mart because they believe you do not have to spend a lot of money on good fashion, but more what you make of the pieces and although Blake loves to dress with fashion in mind there are days where they just wear a pair of grey joggers and a white tank top or hooded sweater.

As far as piercings go, Blake only has their ears pierced and nose pierced. As for tattoos Blake has both sleeves done as well as tattoos on their back and hands. Blake has been getting tattooed since they were 21 years old and has never had any intention on covering them up or stopping. Currently they are planning leg tattoo placements and they have various ideas for that.


P E R S O N A L I T Y:
Blake is a bit of a crackhead or at least has crackhead energy. They are used to just responding first and thinking later in their day to day life, which is a bit chaotic at times. This has been how Blake has hurt numerous feelings with the worst part being that they probably will not apologize for it either.

There is a bit of calculated nature behind Blake though. Being in the army really molded them to be a ‘responsible’ and respectful person. They are good at listening to orders and just doing them without being asked, it is very militaristic of them to behave this way. It can almost make Blake seem cold and aloof all together.

Deep down, the part that Blake has suppressed for years is the side that cares a little more than they would like to admit. They want to be wanted, cared for and have someone to care for in return. They are just convinced that it isn’t going to happen in this lifetime and they’re meant to try and drown their sorrows in any way that they possibly could.

Blake is incredibly resilient though and has made it through life to this point. They have night terrors constantly and have basically become a shell wandering around Scarmouth, luckily Blake has found a stray dog and has taken to wanting to look after him.

F E A R S:
The only fears that Blake has left are seeing their father again or dying despite wishing otherwise at times.



Life was never an easy thing for Blake. They were born to a deceased mother, half brother and a non-existent father. Their father was hardly at their studio apartment for the moments that Blake has held onto. Blake and their brother Riley would end up talking to each other to pass time in hopes that their father was coming back with food, but instead he was always coming back with 12 packs of blue ribbon. This solidified some of their early scents such as cigarettes, burning fabric, and a yeasty scent from the beer.

The laundry would be piled up in various corners and the sinks were piled with dishes that needed to soak for probably ten years. The two would go to school but soon social workers would be involved due to their lack of lunch and clean clothing. After some time of social workers looking into their lives and trying to get a hold of their dad, it was at age 6 that Blake and Riley were taken from their dad’s house and put into their first group home. The deal was that they had to be adopted together, but no one wanted a 6 and a 10 year old together. This led to the two of them moving around to different group homes until Riley was offered to be adopted and he took the deal leaving Blake all alone.

Not only did Blake struggle with the older kids picking on them, but now they lost their only friend and had to make up for the loss in chores that had to be done. Blake was used to being unwanted from a young age and within them it only began to become more and more aware that it didn’t matter what they did and their life had no impact on the world.

At the age of 9 they finally had someone interested in fostering them. This was fine and their parents were helpful in navigating them on who they wanted to be, but eventually due to some rules being broken Blake was moved to yet another foster home and this one wasn’t as nice or welcoming.

In their early teens they began to get involved at parties, drinking alcohol, and dancing. Their grades were a result of the fact they hardly showed up and eventually they stopped going all together. They found a new way to make money and to get the drugs or alcohol that they wanted. They started out by stealing items from the homes of the rich, which was a fairly good idea in Scarmouth considering the wealthy had winter and summer homes that meant the houses would be vacant from time to time.

It was the selling of luxury items that created a revenue for Blake and that would later on buy them food, designer sneakers, weed and vodka. Blake knew they never wanted to be involved in working for a gang, but they did hang around them quite a bit.

At age 17 they were at a career fair which led to them being recruited for the army. It was a moment of processing, but Blake figured that this would be the best chance that they would have at gaining a real career and later the benefits of getting an education after if they wanted to pull out after their service. They became part of the army at 18 and were sent to multiple places over the years.

It was within the last couple years that Blake noticed people were slowly being drawn from where they were to go back to America. This led to some suspicions and eventually Blake was brought back to Scarmouth at 26. It was then that they were able to put the pieces together, but waited until their placement offer was being redrafted to say they were withdrawing from the army.

After withdrawing from the army, Blake didn’t really have anywhere to stay but crashed on a friend’s couch, but not too long after Blake came to recruit revolutionaries that wanted to fight for their freedom and they began to teach them how to fight and what to watch for when fighting with the army.

Blake would then be working on the front lines in battle against old comrades and new. The war was bad and one of the worst Blake had seen. They are now homeless, struggling with ptsd and survivors guilt, post revolution

So begins...

Blake Langston's Story


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noah lawson
the medic - #879788 - outfit

i hear the voices when I'm dreaming
i can hear them say
carry on my wayward son
there'll be peace when you are done


The last thing Noah wanted to do after yet another long shift was go to some awards ceremony for “significant figures in the revolution.” He’d seen enough of the revolution in person and he didn’t particularly want to be reminded of it. But Gabriel had said that they’d invited representatives from the Emergency Department after their role in things, and so Noah had agreed to go. Apparently there was going to be free alcohol and free canapes, which was at least something.

It had been six months since the revolution ended, and things were being rebuilt. They had a new government that was already implementing sweeping changes. It wasn’t official yet, but word around the hospital was that in the next few weeks, the healthcare system was going to move over to publicly funded. Public housing had already been implemented and the number of homeless people on the streets was dropping rapidly by the day. The damage caused in the rioting and fighting was long gone, just a memory.

But it was a memory that was sticking in Noah’s head. The nightmares weren’t as intense as they had been in the initial aftermath, but they were still very much there. The scar on his stomach was healed, but there were mornings he awoke and for a few seconds, the pain was still there. When he walked down the street, he was waiting for an ambush, for an explosion, for anything. The entire group of emergency med residents had stopped going to bars after work because every time a glass shattered, they all flinched and almost launched back into action.

Thankfully, the awards ceremony didn’t seem to dwell on the actual fighting too much. It seemed to be more government focused, awarding and recognising those who had protected their communities throughout the fighting. Someone who had helped smuggle people out of the fighting, someone who had created safe spaces for their community... They were in what appeared to be the last few awards when they began describing a scenario that was uncomfortably familiar.

“The next award we’d like to present is to someone who was selfless and brave on the front lines. We are deeply grateful to all of the staff of Scarmouth’s Emergency Departments who put themselves in harm’s way to save lives and minimise loss of life. But this man drew attention for his actions after he was photographed treating the wounded, even as a government soldier had a gun pointed at his head. Stories from those who served on the front lines tell us this was not the first or only such of these incidents, and that this doctor fearlessly and selflessly treated the wounded indiscriminately. Tonight, we would like to recognise Dr. Noah Lawson of SUH for his bravery and thank him for his service with the Medic’s Hero award.”

Noah glanced over at Gabriel, and the man’s small smile gave away where all this had come from. All around him, people were applauding, some even getting to their feet. Noah just wanted to climb under the table and wait until the moment passed, but he couldn’t. He managed a smile as he stood up and made his way up to the stage, taking the statuette and shaking the presenter’s hand. And then one of them smiled and said, “Would you like to say a few words, Doctor?”

Noah could feel the blood drain from his face. He instinctively looked back towards Gabriel, whose smile had slipped slightly but who nodded, somewhat encouragingly. Noah swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry as he felt what had to be hundreds of eyes on him. He wanted to shake his head and run back to his seat or possibly just straight out of the room, but everyone was watching, waiting, waiting to see if he lived up to what they expected. He knew he wouldn’t, but he cleared his throat.

“Thank you all for this aw- w- w- for this recognition.” He started. He tried remembering every single bit of advice he’d been given on how to minimise it, but his head was blank. And anyway, the rising discomfort and anxiety in his chest as he saw people glance at each other at his stammering was going to completely counteract anything he tried. He kept it as brief, knowing it was probably too short, but he couldn’t get off the stage quickly enough. And then they moved on to some other award, and eyes were finally off him.

“Noah, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise there would be a speech-” Gabriel said as Noah made it back to the table.
“It’s f-fine,” Noah said, sitting back down. The statuette was clutched so tightly in his hand it was starting to dig in, and he released it, stretching his hand a few times. He could feel Gabriel watching him for a few seconds, but his attention eventually turned back to the stage. As they announced the final few awards, Noah was restless, unable to concentrate or focus on anything around them. As the awards wrapped up, the hosts invited everyone to mingle and have a few drinks and canapes in the adjoining bar. As everyone moved, rushing to the bar at the promise of free food and alcohol, Noah slipped away, saying something about the bathroom to Gabriel. The bathroom was quiet and calm, exactly what Noah wanted and needed. He wet his hands and ran them down his face. For the half a moment his eyes were closed, he saw the barrel of the gun pointed at his face, saw his hands coated in blood- was it his own or someone else’s? He shook himself out of it, almost physically. He dug in his pockets, fishing out the pills he knew he had. There was one almost heart-stopping moment where he couldn’t feel them- and then his hand closed around the bottle. He tipped two out and swallowed them dry, taking a deep breath. And then he stashed them back in his pocket and headed back out towards the bar.



hatch williams
the mechanic- #400026 - outfit

i wasn't born yesterday
a bloodsport but I'm a saint
it's time to consider
there are no winners


Hatch hadn’t specifically received an invite to the awards ceremony, but an open invitation had been publicly issued for people to celebrate those who had been nominated and recognised. And the promise of free booze had been enough to lure Hatch into attending. And besides, she was curious to see the types of people who were getting recognised.

Choosing an outfit had taken her a while. She didn’t tend to get dressed up all that much and finding something she could actually stand wearing for a while was difficult. She’d contemplated a dress for a while, but nothing seemed right. And then she found the suit and everything fell into place. Roger looked confused for just a second as she stepped out of her room in heels and makeup. And then he jumped off the couch and ran towards the door.

“Not this evening, buddy.” He whined a little. “Trust me, buddy, I’d love to bring you, but don’t want to draw attention to myself. Not this evening. You look after the house for me, okay?”

By the time Hatch reached the hotel, she was fashionably late. She thought that she might have been out of luck with regards to getting a seat, but apparently the organisers had anticipated the demand as she was shown to a seat at the very back of the room. Her view of the stage was somewhat obscured, but that didn’t overly trouble her. She sat, her legs crossed, and watched the awards with some level of scepticism and interest.

They had an interesting range of awards for sure, and one thing that she noted was that the range of people that were being recognised was significantly broader than the old government would have recognised. There were people of all ages, all areas of the revolution, from all areas of the city. The focus seemed to be on bravery and loyalty, and things took a turn into the overly patriotic for Hatch. The speeches were at least kept brief and non-preachy. There were a few figures that she had heard mention of somewhere along the way, but none of them seemed to match what she imagined. One thing that struck her was the fact that none of them stood out. She'd walk past half of them in the street.

Eventually, the awards wrapped up, and Hatch followed the surge of people towards the bar. Her first priority was to get her hands on a glass of champagne, and then she turned to scan the room, seeing if there was anyone of interest to talk to. She new there had to be plenty, but scanning the room, nobody particularly stood out to her. She took a long sip of her champagne and stayed watching the room.


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#, as written by Caille
ImageBlake had absolutely zero care for social events and even more so when they were getting something. The revolution had been bad enough, but now they wanted to remind everyone of it by having a big party where people could get a piece of paper or metal to boast around in their house, but all it would be would be the sad reminder that people had lost their lives, people were suffering mentally and yet people like them still had no home.

Despite Blake’s obvious hostility towards the event they figured they would go. It was best to present yourself in a social situation and at least play nice, but that wasn’t a skill set that they had, Blake was incredibly blunt and to a point.

Yet they had still managed to get a dress that was just above the knees. It was black and sleek while it hugged their body a little, but also left a comfortable room. Buttons went down the entire thing, similar buttons to what you’d find on a suit jacket. Blake would dress up, but they were not changing out their black Balenciaga sneakers for any other kind of shoe.

They had been seated with a glass of champagne in hand as the awards were being handed out. There were a lot of them and various people were getting them. Blake couldn’t help, but notice that Magnolia was among the people here tonight, which was a bit of a piss off.

ImageDanika sat next to Blake Langston and noticed they seemed mildly perturbed. “Penny for your thoughts?" She inquired as Blake Langston had been quite intriguing and a big name in the revolution.

“I am over it. Don’t want to be here.” Blake said as they began to swish around the liquid in their tall glass as the stem sat nestled between their fingers.

“You are welcome here, but if you really hate it return home?" She suggested to the short haired individual.

“Perhaps, but not much to return home to. Might as well dress up like Barbie and accept my stupid award.” With that the contents of champagne went down their throat smoothly.

“You do not have to accept it. It is your choice on what you do.” With that Danika got up from her seat as they began bringing out the other awards.

Danika did not particularly care to sit and watch people be tormented with awards. That poor doctor that ended up stuttering. Instead she sipped on her scotch as she made it out to the balcony for fresh air. She could hear more awards being announced, but the end did not seem in sight for some time.

She did keep the door open so she could continue listening at the least. She heard a few people give actual speeches, but she wasn’t prepared for the one she heard from Blake.

“I would like to say thank you for this award tonight, but to be perfectly honest I don’t even want this stupid thing. Is this supposed to mend things after everything that happened? Is this an ‘I’m sorry I spent money that should have gone to you on these flashy awards instead.’ It is utter bullshit. This will not magically make my night terrors go away, this will not make those lives lost be found again. Maybe instead of a fancy awards show you guys should be doing more work to better this shit hole. “ With that Blake chucked the award into the audience somewhere, not really caring for much else as they walked off the stage and headed towards the bar.

As Blake was ordering an Irish coffee, they noticed Damien makin his way over to the balcony where Danika was

“And here you are.” Danika said to Damien as he stepped next to her. Her entire life was filled with events like these and it sucked, but it taught her to be social with people. “These things are not usually so outrageous and dramatic, but the aftermath of a revolution I would presume.”

Danika was comfortable in Damien’s presence. She knew any opinions she had she didn’t have to keep them so under lock and key.

“Your speech? It was simply divine.” She said with a bit of a chuckle as she pressed her lips to the rim of her glass and tilted it back so the contents could hit her taste buds. “It would appear that many people were not a fan of the awards this evening, but I am not surprised.” She said, shaking her head slightly.

“What are your plans for the rest of the night? I cannot imagine you would actually want to stay.” Danika said with a bit of a laugh.