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Thomas Walton

"Call me Professor."

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a character in “Blindsight”, as played by comicbooklover



Name: Thomas "Tom" Walton

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Archetype: Teacher

Personality: Tom Walton is a very quiet genius. Every day in his head he comes up with masterpieces, but leaves them be. He loves kids and has a passion for teaching them. Tom is very fun, although many kids don't care. He is sort of a geek but with a zombie apocalypse at hand, it comes in handy. Tom looks very cold on the outside. He doesn't seem like a friendly guy. He also doesn't look very tough, which is another incorrect stereotype.
Tom enjoys using big words and calls the condition of the world "Iatrogenic". He enjoys being the only one in the room who knows what is going on, but understands almost every plan made up. You don't have to tell him anything twice. This is also because he has a photographic memory and has the memory of an elephant. Although Tom is mainly centered on science, he loves Einstein's quote "Imagination is more important than knowledge." He believes imagination is the only thing that will get everyone out of this mess.

Three Skill Sets : Smarts: Tom is a genius. He got his brains from his two scientist parents who died in an explosion in their lab when he was thirteen. He got tons of scholarship offers but didn't go to college since he knew all the materials. He has excellent problem solving skills and conquered a rubix-cube (Not sure if I spelled that right...) when he was five. He did it in three minutes.
Tenacity: After growing up without parents, Tom learned that working hard would get him to where he wanted to be. So, Tom has developed the skill to stay positive, no matter how impossible the situation seems.
Creativity: Tom, besides being smart, is very imaginative, hence his strange scientific ideas. He is a good artist and when he doesn't know how to put his ideas into words, he will draw them out very well.

History Since December 21st 2012: I know this is before December 21st, but I thought it'd be important to mention that Tom was asked by Paradome Industries to become an employee, but he said no because he loved the kids he was teaching too much.
Tom taught a honors science class, covering things most teachers wouldn't cover, like how things like telepathy, bilocation, and other strange sciences could be possible. His students' favorite subject was when he would talk about those futuristic things, but finally the principal asked him to stop filling the kid's head with what he thought was crap. When Paradome asked him to work there, he seriously thought about it, but decided against it for the sake of his students, who were actually fond of their professor, despite them offering him a quite handsome amount of money per hour. If he would have joined, he could have been possibly designing weapons of mass destruction even worse than the zombie apocalypse. But, most likely, if Tom knew what they were doing, he would have quit and told authorities ASAP.
Tom realized what was happening on December 21st when his college students came into class only half alive and he defenestrated himself. (AKA Which is how he would say he threw himself out the window). He went on the run and got to Ohio. His tactics to stay alive were to stay in a basement with a gun, killing all the diseased people who tried to attack him. He even began working on an antidote, but wasn't exactly sure how to fit all the puzzle pieces together. When Tom got the letter, he decided Paradome must be stopped.... he wanted to avenge his students. He wanted to fight for their lives.

So begins...

Thomas Walton's Story


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A wrote frantically as his mind tried to process everything he was discovering. It was unbelievable, unthinkable but in all honesty, it made sense in some sick way. Paradome couldn't be the monolithic corporation it was today without harboring untold secrets and the like. A clenched his fists, his train of thought momentarily lost as he internally punished himself for helping Paradome. But then he breathed deeply and reasoned within for what seemed like the hundredth time "Paradome has everyone fooled." He sighed angrily.

A shook his head and removed his glasses, bringing his thumb and index finger to the bridge of his nose as a headache began to set in, then fear, then anger again, then a sense of hopelessness. A had to right these wrongs, he did the snooping, he found out what they were up to, and he took it upon himself to stop them. Paradome will pay that is A's mantra for now. Feeling the momentary headache subside, A put his glasses back on and continued his search back into Paradome's hidden files.

It was only ten minutes later A was able to crack back into Paradome's systems but what he found horrified him. Absolutely nothing was there. Their entire system was wiped, everything from the scandalous to the mundane was wiped clean and A could only guess moved to a different server. "Fuck you." he grunted at his screen as he frantically began to put all his skills to use looking for what he needed to publicly out Paradome... An hour went by and nothing.

A was losing hope. He had literally discovered the biggest global scandal the world would likely ever see and everything he had to stop what was happening was suddenly gone. They must have found out someone was in their system. A panicked for a moment, would they find out who hacked them? But then he calmed down, probably not... A had stolen Paradome's founder's identification so his hacking couldn't be traced back to anyone but the man who knew all about what was happening... It wouldn't be long before Mr. Wh--e changed his details. That meant A was going to need to move fast right now to find the information he needs before his simple identification theft is ripped for underneath him and he'll have to start breaking into their systems more carefully.

Days passed and A had lost his easy access to Paradome's inside. His demotion also meant his access through the entire corporation was reduced to not much more than the ability to open locked doors. Unfortunately for Paradome A had already found ways to bypass their securities and he was still searching their servers and databases for all the information he'd found, but nothing was coming up yet.

It wasn't until two weeks after A learned the truth that he found at least a little of what he was looking for. It was the solid information he needed, but it was, for lack of better words, a sort of map that would lead him to the truth again... A was left stranded and even more stunted than he was before when he learned where the truth was sitting... All he needed, every bit of information A needed to bring Paradome down was stored onto other devices, devices however that were stuck within the American Quarantine zone.

A cursed a loud at the sudden realisation that all hope was lost. He had no physical way of getting what he needed, and if he couldn't get the external drives and data Paradome had within the quarantine zone, they were going to get away with it. But it was only a few hours after A had begun to lose hope when he hatched another plan...

Logging back onto Paradome's surveillance network A was able to use the CCTV camera's that were dispersed among the streets and insides of the buildings all through the quarantine zone. From there A found and tracked various survivors who had managed to remain alive over the past three months. He worked fast, using cross-referencing networks, identification databases and more, A was able to contact and learn the names of all the survivors he'd managed to successfully contact. There were enough of them to ensure A that together he and the survivors could stop Paradome and he could rescue them.

Within the american quarantine zone A was able to find survivors scattered throughout the two zone areas, 1 & 2. He contacted those stranded in the city of Lassidus, briefly telling them of the evil Paradome was committing and somehow convinced each individual there to make their way to the police station in downtown Lassidus. Unfortunately for them getting there was going to be a little dicey... From his surveillance camera's A could see the streets littered with the wandering, mindless bodies of infected. Once alive, they now teetered between rotting and starvation.

A instructed the city survivors to move during the day, as the infected seemed to be put off by direct sunlight. He watched apprehensively as the survivors in the city made it to the police station... Once they made it to their destination he let them meet briefly before he piggybacked the phone line to the foyer in the police station and made the call that would pit these survivors against the horrors of Paradome's power, but hopefully start them on their journey to salvation.