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Lexi Callaghan

"Let's Commit The Perfect Crime; I'll Steal Your Heart, And You Steal Mine."

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a character in “Blissful Escape”, as played by Grumpy-Converse



Name: "Sexy Lexi, of course!" Lexi Alissa Callaghan.

Nickname(s): "Call me whatever you want, but be warned; I have a killer punch." Lexi has been called many things, from Lex, Allie, Alissa, Callaghan, Bitch, Cunt, etcetera, etcetera. She really doesn't min nicknames, and finds them sort of cute, though she has none of her own. She mostly goes by Lexi.

Age: "Technically I'm Twenty-One. Mentally... Thirty? Physically, about Eighteen, and personality wise... Fifteen." Twenty-One / 21

Sexuality: "Anything with two legs will do just fine." Lexi has 'dabbled' in both genders, but for now she is Heterosexual / Straight.

Personality: "Bitch, please; I'm a bucket full of rainbows and sunshine." Lexi is nice, when she tries to be, which is, if I'm honest, not often. As far as Laura is concerned, she has given up on the human race, and sees no point in trying to be friendly with those she neither knows nor likes. The only time you will see her being kind is when she is working, and even then uses sarcasm alot, and the smile plastered on her face is obviously a forced one.

"You in love yet?" She is definitely one of those girls that we all secretly hate -- the one that will be talking happily to you one minute, talking behind our back the next. This is partly because she is so sensitive, and her mood swings are unpredictable - the smallest thing can turn into a lare fight with her - and it is also because she tries to hard to fit in. If there is one thing Lexi hates, it is being embarrassed, and if there is one thing that Laura loves, is being in the popular group. Even if that means pretending to hate someone, when you don't. You do what it takes, right?

"Amn't I such a joy?" You do not want to go near this girl when she is in a bad-mood. She is even worse than normal, which you, if you have read up to this point, know is shit. AKA -- Stand back! Lexi tends to snap at anyone who talks to her, and prepare for a few glares and eye rolls coming you way. She will sometimes - seldom, but still sometimes - use violence, depending on why she is mad. And for a small girl, she is surprisingly strong.

"Jealous?" Lexi is a very good actress, and has performed in numerous school plays and the like, which helps with her lying skills, which we all know can come in handy. Lexi can almost always make up a convincing lie in seconds, presumably from years of practise.

"Sick of me yet?" Lexi is also very competitive. She has always tried to win in everything, and usually does, too, due to her persistance. She's a sore loser, too, and you will usually be gretted by constant tormenting and teasing afterwards, if you beat her. Her little 'contests' could be anything, even if you don't know you're competing, from a local running race to winning a guy's heart. Speaking of guys, Lexi is one of those flirtatious, bold types, and really will just go out there when it comes to guys. She has, on many occasions, cheated or used someone, but she doesn't really care.

Likes: "Your Mom."
•All Star Converse
•Being Liked
•Scary Movies
•Funny Movies

Dislikes: "You."
•Knitted Clothes
•Cheese And Onion Crisps
•Video Game Lovers
•Being Judged
•Being Ignored
•One Worded Texts
•Silent Movies

History: "What is this, an interview?" Lexi was born on the 15th of October 2177 to Natalie and Paul Callaghan, on a bus. Yes, she was brought into this world on a dingy red bus that smelt of something between feet and dried piss that was making its way to the the Square. A middle aged woman named Bonny Travis, who would soon be her new nanny, helped her mother during the delivery and labour.

When her mother arrived home to the apartment, the first thing that her mother did was drop her. Typical, really. Her mother had only been nineteen years old at the time, and was stupidly wearing eight inch heels whilst carrying a new born baby. She fortunately landed on the sofa, though they still of course went back to the hospital to make sure she was fine, as we all know how delicate babies are. Basically, her mother was just preparing to sit down on the sofa with her new born child -- who actually still hadn't been named at this time, the pair had been hoping for a baby boy to call Corey -- when she slipped on her heel, landing on her butt on the cuch while her daughter landed beside her with a thump. Natalie still stunned, just sat there for a second as she blinked in confusion, while her soon-to-be husband Paul rushed over to Lexi and picked the crying baby in an attempt to sooth her.

It was two years after Lexi was born that the couple got married. Lexi was a flower girl, along with her cousin Emily, who was basically just there because, being two, Lexi would screw up otherwise. She wore a blue satin dress complete with a bow and all, that at the end of the night was covered in chocolate cake and grass stains -- a weird combination, to be sure.

When she was four she started her first day of preschool -- and cried the whole freaking day. When she arrived, her mother stayed with her for about an hour, until she had to go to work. Unfortunately, Lexi was not going to let that happen. She grabbed her mothers leg, screaming and crying for her to stay. The teacher, realizing how important it was for the mother to go to work, tricked the child, saying that they were going on an adventurous walk around the school. Lexi made her mother promise to stay, and so her mother did, but to Lexi's disappointment and horror, when she came back, her mother was nowhere to be found. Immediately, this set her of on another crying rampage. When the teacher gave no notice of her, she sat in the corner, fists clenched as she loudly sobbed. A small girl came up to her and put her hand on Lexi's shoulder. "It's okay, kid," she said, in a sweet, understanding tone. "My Mommy isn't here either. But she said when that clock says line circle circle circle then she will come back." She had pointed to the am/pm clock sitting just out of reach on a cupboard, away from the childrens prying hands. And of course, by line circle circle circle, she meant 1:00. Being only four years old, the girl would have never understood time.

The two introduced themselves; Amy Oliver and Lexi Callaghan, and became best friends immediately, even if they did seem pretty much opposites, they balanced each other out. Amy was the sweet, charming and likable one while Lexi was the loud, aggressive , bossy one. Who would have known?

Lexi started high school at fourteen, turning fifteen when she started High School for the first time. She was in her senior year when she found a boy she thought she would be perfect with. And it was a long relationship, too. Two years, actually -- until she spotted Jacob cheating on her, with no one but Amy. It broke her friendship and relationship with both of them, and her heart.

For a while, she would just stay at home, crying to herself, while watching TV and eating ice-cream. It was two weeks when she got over it, but she was more cold towards others, and she became the person her ex was - A cheater, a user. After a year of her cold personality, and no proper boyfriends - or at least, none that lasted more than two weeks - Lexi's family shipped her off to Bliss, worried abalout her.

Possible love interest: TBA

So begins...

Lexi Callaghan's Story


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Yesterday; 22:00

"It's my life! What the hell?! Why do you get to decide whether I go to this 'Love Island' shit or not?!"
Lexi Alissa Callaghan stood in her room, her mother standing at the other side of the bed, an open suitcase with clothes strewn around it sitting on the bed.
"Because I'm worried about you! And you aren't going to go yourself!"
Her mother took a handful of clothes that had been taken out of the suitcase, and put them back into the suitcase. Lexi glared at her, and took them out of the suitcase yet again, dumping them on the bed.
"You're going!"
"No, I'm not!"
"Yes, you are!"
"No, I'm not!"


They Try To Make Me Go To Rehab, But I Say -
"-No, no no!" Penelope Callagan sang. She was twenty-three, and Lexi's sister. They were in her muddy, white van, on the way to a resort known as Bliss.
"I still don't get why I have to come here," Lexi grumbled. Penelope ignored her.

They arrived at the resort, and Penelope parked the van. "Have a good time, and all that shit," she said, as she handed Lexi one of her bags. Lexi gave her a cold glae in response, before wheeling her two bags up the pathway. She had to admit, the house looked pretty impressive. Not that that would make this anymore bearable.

A few people stood at the door already, talking to each other. "Lexi Callaghan," she said, plastering a mischevious smile onto her face. She was unaware whether she was interrupting something, but didn't really care.


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Jordan watched as more and more girls showed up. She gave them a cold glare, making sure they knew she wasn't interested. She couldn't care less even if guys came... Then some guys showed up, her mind set was slightly altered. There were three guys so far. One had black hair, one was not her type, but the other? The last one to arrive somehow intrigued her. She noticed he seemed like herself. She had separated herself from the group after Danielle or "Dani" had arrived.

She hated large groups, she didn't like being around people much. She was sitting off to the side when she saw the blonde walk over to the group. She had seen everyone else talk or introduce them self. But that guy didn't. She picked up her yellow back pack and rummaged through it. She dug out her black pen and started to outline some of her tattoos. Being a loner. That's what she always did. It's what she always does. I guess that's just Jordan.


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A redhead was the next to arrive on the scene. Alex admired her hair and smiled. She had always been in love with red hair and she never quite knew why. She was about to tell the girl that she loved her hair, when she stopped herself. 'Now is not the time to be socially awkward Alex' she thought. Before she could think any more about the fact that she was socially inept, another woman walked up. 'Wow. I feel under dressed' she thought with a smirk. 'But she looks quite lovely in yellow.' she thought. Alex couldn't help but admire people before meeting their personality. It was something her Ex hated about her. She brushed that thought aside, 'I'm not here to think about Spencer, i'm here to try and have a good time' she thought, standing straighter. Alex shook Dani's hand awkwardly and quietly responded "Alexandria, but I prefer Alex" Her attention was caught when she heard a car lock beep. 'Wow. We're all pouring in at the same time' she thought. 'It must be fate' she laughed to herself. As the man approached Alex gauged him. 'Probably gay' she thought simply, relying on her intuition. She would never ask or bring it up.

"Alex" she replied softly. ONLY SPEAK WHEN YOU'RE SPOKEN TO' a voice yelled in her head. Alex flinched momentarily, waiting for a slap that wouldn't come, but regained her composure quickly. She had hoped nobody noticed. Another man entered the scene and he seemed to be funny and charming. He introduced himself as 'Jadie-bear'. Alex couldn't picture herself calling him that but she nodded at what he said. The next man walked up silently and just stood with the group. 'Interesting' she thought, noticing the way he was standing. 'Doesn't like new settings? New people?' she thought curiously, but her thoughts were interrupted once more by another guest. The woman's personality made her smile. Mischievous with a hint of sassiness.


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Jason smiled when the group got larger. He always did enjoy groups. Although, he got slightly bored, and shuffled off to one of the smaller walls. He hopped up onto it, and made it look like a great effort - Mainly for the comedy effect - And put his headphones in his ears. He put on random play for his I-Pod, and then he remembered his headphones weren't plugged in.

The music started to play, and seemed to be directed towards the group. He froze up, and stared at the i-Pod in disdain..

"Põdral maja metsa sees
väiksest aknast välja vaatab
jänes jookseb kõigest väest
lävel seisma jääb
kopp-kopp lahti tee
metsas kuri jahimees
jänes tuppa tule sa
anna käppa ka"

His face contorted to one of embarrassment, and he switched the song. The next one wasn't much better.

"Somebody call 9-1-1, Shorty's fire burning on the dance floor, Oh-Whoah-Ohh. ~"

Jason turned his I-Pod off, and simply stared at the group. "My bad." He muttered.


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Lexi looked around, taking in everyone's appearance. A couple of possible guys. She thought about the way her family had looked at her after her break-up. Disappointed, worried...

It was then that she noticed the girl standing next to her, looking slightly annoyed, like she was waiting fr something. Shit, Lexi thought. Did she just say something?!
Lexi had zoned off.
As usual.

Just as she opened her mouth to speak, the girl walked away, an annoyed and frustrated expression on her face. Lexi didn't blame her. She would feel the same. Being her, probably stronger than that.

Her first impression on Amelia was definitely that they wouln't get along very well. The girl was wearing a red dress with leggings, and girly white sandles. Definitely not what Lexi would go for, an example would be what she was wearing right now; black skinny jeans, a tank top with a cropped top, converse and a leather jacket.

Amelia walked over to a boy, and not a bad-looking one at that. At least the girl had good taste... possibly.

A vibration in her pocket alerted her to a new text, and she took out her iPhone.

You arrived then? How is it? Found anyone worth it yet? ;) xoxo

Lexi rolled her eyes. What the hell did she want?! Did she think just because Lexi was here, and here family forgave her, all was fine?!

Wtf do u want? Just leave me alone

With a sigh, she placed the phone back in her pocket.

(Sorry, been really busy lately... -,- So sorry!)