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The Alttanins

The Draconic race of the Alssahra Desert

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a character in “Blood and Bones”, as played by XxEvil1xX


Place of origin: Kingdom of Alttanin Alssahra , Madina Alwaha as it's capitol.
Nicknames: Draconians (formal) Drakes (informal/ borderline derogatory)
Culturally similar to : Arabic
General alignment: Neutral
North East of the Great Continent, live the desert dwelling, dragon like people of Alttanin Alssahra. Known to each other as Alttanin's, others regard this dragon like race as Draconian, though occasionally and under discretion the term "Drake," is used.
Though their appearances are intimidating, the Alttanin's for the most part are docile in nature. By their nature the Alttanin's excel in trade, hence the kingdom tends to remain as neutral as possible in terms of diplomacy with other nations, to include factions that have more darker alignments. The Altatanin's see much profit among clashing factions and will make trades with good and bad a like. Due to heavily enforced controlled weapons and conduct laws the capitol city of Madina Alwaha is one of the few places in the world where people of almost every race can be found coexisting under tolerable means. Really the Alttanins are at odds with only two factions. The Litch Army known as the Banner of Bones, and the Draconscarred, who are a more human looking offshoot of the Alttanins found in the northern parts of Alttanin Alssahra.
Even though the nation of Alttanin Alssahra is mostly neutral it isnt to say that pockets of its people are not familiar with war. Many of the Alttanins find profit in being soldiers of fortune, and are of the largest contributors of the continents mercenaries. Very often an adventurer may break bread and fight along with an Alttanin that the day before they were clashing blades with (providing both survived.) Bound more by coin than honor, the Alttanin mercenaries are more prone to flee should there be no hope in them winning the fights, though some of the more expensive mercs may only do so should there either be a 100% chance of defeat or almost certainty of death.

So begins...

The Alttanins's Story