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"We Shouldn't Allow Emotions To Get In The Way Of making A Decision, Especially If That Decision Effects The Entire Pack!"

0 · 641 views · located in The Lithium Forest in Isiria

a character in “Blood and Brittle Bones”, originally authored by Sadies, as played by Selene Durlan



( ^ Image Not Mine ^ )

NAME: Griffin
AGE: Adult (6 Years)
DATE OF BIRTH: July 12th
SPECIES: Timber Wolf
HEALTH STATUS: Minor arthritis around his joints.

FAMILY: He left his family behind when he left.
ACCENT: American

PERSONALITY: Griffin is a wise wolf that knows a lot, if you need advice then Griffin is the wolf to go to because he was raised well by his family, taught about the world and about the myths and legends of the wolves. He is a friendly wolf who enjoys to make friends and socialize with others, he is very outgoing. He is not the most active wolf, he will do what is needed but he is not the type that will spend time playing or messing around, he likes to conserve his energy, plus too much exercise makes his joins ache so he prefers to rest. He has a good personality and always has some-thing to talk about however thats not to say he never shuts up, he just enjoys to spend time with others. He likes pups too, it's not uncommon to find him telling stories to the youngsters, he has always wanted a family of his own however he has never gotten close to anyone, he is not the type of wolf who falls in love fast, he likes to take his time to get to know some-one first, sadly for him by the time he realizes that he likes some-one they are with some-one else. He is also not the type of wolf who will go for some-one who crushes on him, although he is used to it, he doesn't really enjoy being crushed on by others, especially if they don't know him too well. Griffin would make a good mate, loyal and brave, he would do anything in his power to keep his mate happy. He is however sensible, not always a good think, he will think with his head and do whats right for the pack, he is not the type who always thinks with his heart in a time of need, if putting lots of lives at risk to save one pack member was required, he wouldn't risk their lives, it is often very controversial among the wolves however he just wants to keep them safe. He is a good wolf, he is kind and caring and yes, it would cause him a lot of pain to abandon a member in need but he would suck it up and move on. Griffin does not show his emotions, he doesn't want to upset anyone and so keeps them hidden. Griffin is a loyal member of the pack.
BACKGROUND: Griffin was born to a great pack. His mother was a shaman and a pup sitter, his farther was an fighter within the pack and an ex alpha of an pack which had lost their lives in a forest fire. Griffin grew up within the pack and trained in the pack to be a fighter. He was one of three cubs in his litter, he had a sister and another brother. His brother was much different from him, infact they never saw eye to eye, wanting to protect it, his sister aimed to leave and find her own pack to be an alpha. Griffin wanted to be the lead fighter, his cousin was the lead fighter for his pack and he looked up to him even though he was covered in battle scars. As Griffin grew older his cousin helped train him however his alpha had seen how well Griffin had progressed and started to become worried that he would try and take his place. The packs alpha grew more jealous of Griffin and soon he began to show that Griffin was no-longer welcome. His brother didn't help, he would often encourage the alphas hatred towards Griffin. He would often bully Griffin and cause him trouble, eventually it ended in his brother getting injured. After his brother was injured Griffin decided to leave in order to stop the drama and so Griffin left his pack and family behind. It stopped the fights and danger within the pack and Griffin searched for wolves to join.

- Making new friends
- Telling stories to the pups
- Helping others
- Family and pups
- Being part of a pack
- Resting

- Having to make hard decisions
- Being alone
- Revealing his feelings
- Having aching joints
- Seeing others with families and him being on his own

- Loosing some-one close to him
- Heights

- He can separate emotions from a situation.
- Strong
- Brave
- Loyal
- Kind

- Not very fast
- He has joint pains
- Not very active


SOCIAL STATUS: A friend for all except those who decide to hate him.
HOME: A den dug into the side of a dirt hill with large stones that have fallen around the den entrance.

RANK: Delta
DESIRED RANK: Any is fine with him.

DESCRIPTION: Griffin has a thicker coat around his body and tail than anywhere else on his body. He often comes across as chubby however it is just his fur. His fur is pure black although there are very dark brown flecks in his fur that is only noticeable in the sunlight. Around his muzzle and eyes is grey to white in colour but it is not solid colour. His chest also has some grey but it is blended in with his black fur. His eyes are an amber orange colour.
ARTWORK: My Characters and Art.

THEME SONG: King and lionheart by Of Monsters and Men

So begins...

Griffin's Story

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L i f e S i m m e r
F e m a l e | S c o u t
"Just call me Sim."

Amber eyes blinked beneath the shrubs where a she-wolf had nestled in. The mottled pelt shifted behind her shade and the wolf let out a long, shivering yawn. The she-wolf stretched her legs and dug into the ground with her nimble paws. Lifesimmer wanted to sleep more than anything, but she knew of the work she had to do. She nosed the leaves out of her vision as she slowly crept from her sleeping place. The shrub occupied the corner of a clearing which the pack claimed as the heart of their territory. The camp now had wolves seeping in from the entrance. The she-wolf pushed herself onto all fours and watched them with weary eyes. Giving her pelt a shake, she wondered if she had slept in. Assuming that the Beta was back with a mouthful of companions in her ranking, she had. The morning patrol took their places and started to socialize as Asher trotted over to the Alpha. It was the Beta's duty to report in to the Alpha, even if there was nothing that took place in the premises.

Her amber hues studied the grounds, and her sights caught young Thorn resting by her lonesome. The she-wolf decided to gather up the courage to approach the fighter, padding over with her ears pricked. Lifesimmer stopped a tail length away and let out a muffled woof to get her attention. "Pardon," She breathes light and quick. "Have I missed the morning patrol?" What an obvious question she spurted out! The absurdity of her question made her nervous. The little stub, where her tail should be, stiffened. She wasn't used to talking to many of her peers, mainly because she was branded as an outcast because of her father. For some odd reason, the Alpha decided that Lifesimmer would be great use to her pack and took her in. Still, not every wolf agreed with her decision. She was pleasantly surprised when she was ranked as a scout instead of a lowly omega. Lifesimmer was determined to prove to them all that she was worthy to be here. So far, first impressions weren't exactly her department. The she-wolf listened attentively as Thorn prepared to speak, shivering with anticipation. If she had indeed missed morning patrol, she would take it as her duty to monitor the area anyway. Who knows what could be lurking out there with fewer wolves on the scene. The only wolf she could trust to be with her on this mission was Lichen, the sentry. Unless someone else wanted to come with them. She doubted it though, the majority of the pack recently came back from the forest and were probably hesitant of going back out there.

(Let me know if I must edit. Since it's my first post, I'm bound to get something wrong. For example, the weather.)

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#, as written by Sadies

Male | Delta

Griffin shook out his pelt and came back into the view of the campsite. He was a large male with a thick black pelt and amber eyes. He was probably slightly older than most of the wolves, 6 years old. He pressed himself down under a tree then looked around while licking his leg. His joints hurt again as usual, he wasn't what one would say is old but he was defiantly not young anymore and his body clearly knew it. Join pains were common for him now.

He looked around to determine what every member of the pack was doing then he set his eyes on LifeSimmer and the alpha, Ghost. For a moment he wondered what was up, maybe he had missed some-thing as well. For a moment he pondered but then his mind rested, there wasn't anything he really had to be doing which he could had missed out on. He relaxed again, removing his gaze and allowing his head to drop to the ground and his eyes close.

His peace didn't last long, it never did. The sound of rustling near him distracted him and made him open his browny orange eyes. It was just a bird, a small blackbird looking for insects in the snow. The forest was so alive, so active where as he wasn't He yawned, his yawn was some-what funny, sounding similar to the sound a cat would make when meowing, before he dropped his head back down and shit his eyes once again.

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The Alpha female turned her head and smiled at Asher, her fluffed tail neatly beside her and her head held high as she sat. "I miss all of you when you leave." she noted truthfully, he pale red eyes sparkled. "I worry too much, but I guess I should have known this role in life would come with a price. There are some advantages to it I suppose."
The white wolf stood, holding her gaze on the male Beta, searching for the question she was originally going to ask him, but had forgotten. "Ah," she remembered, "was anything sighted during your patrol at all?"

OOC: I made an itty bitty post ha ha.

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“Running, you should know, is a kind of stillness.” ― Tiphanie Yanique

The bright fire was slowly fading behind her, as was the victory cries of the humans and last whimpers of her family. Soon the only sound that filled the dark forest was the thumps of her paws onto the ground and the soft exhales and inhales of breath. Cold gusts of wind fought against Lacy, threatening her to slow down, but she ignored it, she ignored the burning of her lungs as she pushed the freezing air in and out, and the numbness of her paws as she pushed herself to get further and further away, as she tired to escape her appending doom. It would be so easy to stop now, to give up and let death come and collect her, but she had always been a fighter, she had never been one to give in. The she-wolf would never understand why it was her who had lived and not one of her siblings, after all, she was the smallest of her family, she would have been the easiest to pick off, the only thing she had going for her was her speed, and even that was less when it came down to a battle. Then again, it was her speed that had saved her.

The night wore on, and as she traveled up, over the mountain, the air cold colder and the winds whispered louder, soft snow was falling slowly, unlike in the valley below. The tall, dead trees cracked and twigs snapped beneath her, and yet, she only stopped once. She stopped at the peak of the mountain so she could turn around and look down at the valley that used to be her home. She could see the fire that was engulfing the dead trees, it was slowly spreading, through it would stop soon, it was clear it had been man made. Other animals were running away, fleeing from death. She lifted her head, and let out a heart broken howl. It priced through the air and echoed off the the mountain and down to the burning valley, and the darker, untouched valley. Lacy turned then, and started to run again. She didn't stop again after that, not with the picture of her home burning branded into her mind.

Soon the mountain started to tilt downward and she knew she was coming closer and closer to the other Tribe of wolves. Her mother had heard mere rumors about the other wolves, since not many of her own tribe had liked to travel over the mountain, she knew now, by the scents that burned her nose, the rumors had been true. This tribe, The Tribe of the Fallen, was one of the biggest tribes in this area. If she could, she would warn the Alpha of this tribe, explain what had happened, how ruthless the humans had been, and how they might be next, and then she would move on to warn others. Lacy no longer had a family of her own, the least she could do was help protect other family's from the same loss.

She pushed down the swelling emotions, the pain, and pushed her legs to move faster. She strained her ears and nose, trying to hear if any of the wolves were near by, trying to figure out how old these scents were. As far as she could tell, they were at least seventy-four hours old, most likely, they had belonged to a hunting party, they were most likely trying to pack as much food up for the rest of the pack before winter hit them as hard as it had hit the mountains. The snow was still caught up in her fur from when she had been higher in the mountains, and most likely it wouldn't melt out completely until the sun rose. Lacy kept going through, ignoring the new cold as she traveled blindly through the forest. She didn't start to slow down until she came across newer scents. The she-wolf soon slowed down to a light jog, and let out a softer howl than before, through she still winced at how horrible it sounded, like she was a dying animal calling for help. She was certain that the tribe would hear the unfamiliar howl and come to investigate.

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Ghost could tell Asher had slightly been stung by her lack of interest, but she reminded herself it had been that way for a long time, she could also tell that he had been slowly giving up on her. Although it ached her heart, she knew it was better this way. Besides, he was still someone she could trust and rely on, and an important asset to the pack. It's not that I don't want to have a mate to rule beside me, but I must put the whole pack first before anything. Their sake and wellbeing is my responsibility. She sighed, watching her pack through wary eyes. A light breeze made the snowy hair along her spine stand slightly and she lifted herself, showing dominance, as she embraced the thin wind. Her head and tail held high, she walked through their home, greeting everyone with a smile. She would have to call everyone together eventually to discuss the seasons changes, especially with winter just a few moons away. During the brittle season of winter, the small prey would tuck themselves warmly into their burrows, and the much larger prey would travel outside of the forest, beyond the mountains. She had been thinking that soon it would be time to face some changes to accommodate with this time of year, especially since last winter season nearly half the pack had been wiped out.
Looking up at the sky, she saw the sun was pale and a cloud had crossed over it, signaling the beginning of Autumn. The air will be colder, and the leaves will start to fall, telling the prey to start heading away. We must discuss soon... I will call a gathering before next moon. She had been thinking of ideas that they could use to survive the harsh times, but had only come up with one, and it was too soon to be worrying the pack with such drastic measures just yet.

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L i c h e n
M a l e | S e n t r y
"Lih-chen. That's how you say it.
Not Lie-ken. I am not a fungi."

Lichen cursed at himself as the she-wolf darted. The very last thing that he wanted to happen. Her long legs aided her as she disappeared into the forest. He knew better than to slump his head and drag himself home, so he bounded after her. He realized that the howl not only got rid of her but also stirred up a strong fear scent for him to follow. This gave him a sense of relief that she wasn't lost from him forever, just temporarily. Eventually, the she wolf would get tired and find a place to rest. At this very thought, Lichen paced himself. However, he kept up the fast stride.

Something pricked him with a odd feeling as he ran. He had passed many familiar shrubs, trees, and marks as he followed her fear scent. Only as his reddish-brown eyes laid upon the entrance to his camp had he realized that she was running in the right direction in the first place. He didn't even need to run. He squeezed into the small entrance, his large paws digging into the dirt to hull his huge body in. He was greeted with the Alpha's ringing howl.

At first, he was disoriented, however he recollected himself. He glanced around the clearing with pricked up, alert ears and his long tail stiff. Salix trotted up to him but Lichen didn't pay him any attention. "Hey, What's the matter?" He barked, his fluffy tail swishing behind him. Lichen let out a faint whine. "I'll tell you later." Salix lowered his tail and he sniffed Lichen. "You smell different. I can't tell why..." Before the ginger wolf could respond, Asher and three other wolves trotted into camp. Lichen's eyes rested on the wolf in the middle of LifeSimmer and Thorn. There was a new she-wolf, her unfamiliar scent tinted with soot. The Alpha merely glanced at the new wolf as Asher took a moment to hobble over to her and explain what was going on. Her news was obviously the first burden she wanted to rid herself of.

The grave news sunk in after she closed her mouth. There was enough silence to hear the uneasy wolves whisper briskly to their neighbors. Salix nosed Lichen, worry flowing off his small body. Lichen nodded. This was indeed something he didn't want to hear. Especially since he was already stressed with finding his fugitive.

OOC: (Let me know if I must edit. I'm bound to get something wrong. For example, the weather.)