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Ashlyn Numph

"Eh.. A girl can change her mind.. Right??"

0 · 271 views · located in Las Vegas

a character in “Blood and Chocolate: A New Beginning”, as played by Lonelyflower45



Scars, Piercings and/or Tattoos: Image running up the length of her spine
Height: 5'4
Weight: 140
Eyes: Red when she gets riled other than that green.
Body Type: slim with strong and pronounced upper body. "the hour glass"

Nickname: Ash, or Ashy if you want to die.

Age: 220 looks 21

Vampire Type: Homo Wampyrus Draco

Sexuality: straight

Personality: Ashlyn loves to joke around. Being the fun one was better than having no one to be around period. When she is alone she likes to think and read. When she needs to be the serious one she can be. If she needs to be the hard ass she will be that to. She's very straight forward and blunt. Don't like what she has to say than you probably shouldn't be around her.

People who can't take a joke
The man who saved her
any type of bird
Having to be the hard ass or the serious one

She loves O-
likes to read
have fun
being the center of attention

History: In 1793 Ashlyn had just turned 21 years old. She was involved in a women's debating club. Back then all men though it wrong for a women o have rights. Her father had married her off to a man by the name of William J Numph. He was a high ranking banker. At first she was living the high life. Always having money, getting anything she desired. But three months into their marriage she got bored. She secretly joined a women's debating club. When her husband found out he banned her from ever leaving the house. But being the stubborn women she was she left anyways. This time her husband wasn't so understanding and beat her. What they didn't know was she was pregnant with their first child. The beating she received caused her to lose their first child. This was the time of the yellow fever. Afraid of his wife getting the fever he locked her in her room. Ashlyn received several beatings since the first which caused her to try and take her own life. Jumping from the three story building they lived in. What she didn't know was that a man had been watching her. In fact, he was a vampire. He watched her jump causing him to then turn Ashlyn. Ashlyn has never hated someone as much as she hated her husband and her savior. Now she has to somehow find happiness with her eternal life.


So begins...

Ashlyn Numph's Story