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Eliza Whittaker

I wonder if I can...

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a character in “Blood and Chocolate: Nightfall”, originally authored by Lirrin, as played by RolePlayGateway


*Under Construction*

Nickname: Eli
Age: 138 ( Appears early 20s )
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Vampire Type: Nosferatu

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Red

General description: Eli used to be a fairly pretty girl with fun-loving eyes and silky hair, but the Vampiric Curse has left her somewhat less than appealing. Her already pale skin has lightened even more and her once luxurious hair has all but completely fallen out. She stands with a hunch, making her appear shorter than she is. Her skin is drawn taught across her frame, giving her a bit of a skeletal look and both her ears and teeth have taken on very sharp and pointy appearance.

Because of her thin stature, clothes look baggy on her, and she likes it that way, usually wearing clothes that are a size too large anyway. She likes to wear jeans and comic book T-shirts, but when she is out hunting she will change into billowy black clothing, usually involving a cape of cloak, for added scare affect.

Personality: Eliza's personality changed with her appearance. Once outgoing she is now reclusive and bitter. When she was Human she had heard tales of Vampires and had fantasised about real Vampires as seductive creatures of the night. Her dreams were failed, however, when she was changed into the hideous monster she is now.

Baggy clothes
"Pretty" Vampires
Rock music from 1980s

"Ugly" Vampires
Rap music

Eliza has no preference on blood type.

So begins...

Eliza Whittaker's Story


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''Dreaming in white, splatter in red, blue faced terror I bid you goodnight.''
Valkyrie II: Lucuna || Varien

Since the early evening where everyone in his and Alan's home at the top of 'The Ivory Tower' Hotel and Casino and woken up and left him. More so for Alan and Anais to bond and wind down. He had been managing the Casino's incomes, customers in the high class suites, Getting bookings for birthdays, weddings and so on and finally guard detail, though admittedly Alan had always been better with the men and women. He seemed to be able to get on with all Vampiric races where himself had trouble often finding himself wanting to rip a few throats out. But once this was done he sighed in relief as he went back into the private elevator back up to his home.

After using a keycard only himself, Anais and Alan had to get into their home and he reached the top, the door opening and he stepped into his living room. He sighed, smiling and showing all of his sharp teeth and he threw his briefcase and wallet onto the couch. ''Finally! Away from work~! Time to get to the real work~ Fun fun fun...'' He rubbed his hands together as he walked to the open kitchen and he opened a cupboard and started to make himself a caramel latte. Humming as he waited for the water to boil. When it was done he poured his drink into a tall latte glass and put whipped cream, caramel sauce and chocolate powder over it and finally put it on a saucer with some chocolate. He would not lie. He loved such detailed and sweet things.

With that done he kicked his shoes off and loosed his tail and went to his office and opened a book with room designs, music choices, menus and entertainment ideas. ''Alright. This should get everyone into the casino for the Annual Charity Ball.'' He sat back in his leather computer chair, eating a bit of white chocolate as he spoke aloud to himself. ''Everyone loves Masquerade balls. Means you can be mean without getting told off.'' He chuckled before sitting up straight and picking up the office phone. ''Hello. Alesso Von Burgentine here. Oh great, perfect. So it will be ready for tomorrow night as planned? Oh great. Did the drapes and crystals go up alright then? Oh thank god. I would of been so upset if they didn't go up. I will get to sending out the invitations then. Okay? Okay.. bye, bye.'' He hung up and picked up the phone to see if food was getting ready then got invitations sent out to all the vampiric people of high class and middle class for the night to go on. And of course, ghouls were welcome too. No need to eat the servers and chefs now is there?