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Alex Nightingale

"Don't worry, i don't bite... Much. Hehe! ~"

0 · 510 views · located in Las Vegas

a character in “Blood and Chocolate”, as played by DarknessUndying


Alexander Jason Nightingale

Scars, Piercings and/or Tattoos: Alex has a strange green and black tattoo over his Nose.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Luminous Orange
Body Type: Alex is slender, not having much meat on his bones.

Nickname: Lex, Lexy, Iris, Lotus.
Age: He is 254 in age, but is only 19 in appearance.
Vampire Type: Homo Wampyrus Sauria
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Alex is kind, bubbly, chatty and nice. He's labelled as insane often for his attitude towards life. He's an optimist. He can be serious if need be. While most people see life as cruel and cynical, he sees it as a game. A toy to be played with. He loves messing with Mortals and teasing them about his blood drinking. He sees life as nothing more than a piece of a puzzle, and that the vampires are a large piece.
Dislikes: Onions, Pickles, Teal, Being Ignored, Too much sunlight.
Likes: Rainy Days, Storms, Windy days, Dancing, Chatting.
History: Alex grew up like most kids. He loved school, and always turned up to class, even when he was ill. Even when he broke his collarbone and his leg. Even when he couldn't use his arms for a week he wrote with a pencil in his mouth. He loved bars, and went to one with his friends. They all went into the back room and well. "Experimented." As he would say. One of his friends bit him on the arm, and in confusion and anger Alex smacked him, his tooth exploding and bleeding. Their blood was mixed, and the result was Alex turning into a vampire. He still is an optimist and is bubbly. Even in sunlight. He just goes around with his hood up, and gloves on. His life really followed a pattern for two hundred and twenty years. He got up, brushed his teeth, drank blood, and went out. His most memorable moment according to him, was when he went Horse riding, and drank the Horses' blood, before going on a rampage. He feels that Human blood tastes better. ( How was that? Atleast you know a little more about him. He's supposed to be a vague character until he meets another Vampire. )

So begins...

Alex Nightingale's Story


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Alex sighed with boredom. He was sitting on a table inside a nightclub. Despite the fact that his favourite song was on, he was too hungry and bored to give a damn. He scanned the club, looking for a suitable meal. He didn't care for the quiet kills. The noisier, the better. He had to put his hood up for them, though. To make sure nobody would see his face. With great effort, he pushed himself from his comfortable spot.

Slowly, he walked through the club. He spotted a female, looking like she had just turned twenty. A small grin formed on that cheeky face of his, and he put his hood up. "Jackpot." He mumbled. He was striding at this point, next to the girl. He turned, and forcibly pushed her head to the side. He forced all of his teeth into her neck, and slammed his jaw shut. He felt the skin rip, followed by the muscles, and then it was just amazing. He felt the dreamy, crimson liquid flow onto his tounge and down his throat. He started to dribble quite greatly, little blood droplets falling from his chin. A few moments later, everyone in the club started to look in their direction. He quickly drained her of any life, and ran outside. He turned the corner into an alleyway, and slumped against the wall.

"That was a pretty damn good feed.." Alex muttered, licking his lips.