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Ayena Crosby

"A wise girl kisses, but doesn't love, Listens but doesn't believe, And leaves before she is left."

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a character in “Blood and Chocolate”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


Ayena Crosby; Pronounced Eye-Eee-Na

Scars, Piercings and/or Tattoos: Though Ayena is a 'Deformed' vampire, she is not bald, as you can see in the picture. She does, however, have very visible veins in her forehead, and a scar that goes from her right cheek down to her chin.
Height: She is quite small, standing at 5'4.
Weight: As well as being small, she is also slim, and weighs only 113lbs.
Eyes: She has orange eyes, which is presumably something to do with the fact that she is a 'deformed' vampire.
Body Type: Ayena has a small and slim build, but is still quite strong and flexible, like most Homo Wampyrus Nosferatu.

Nickname: The people that do know Ayena mostly call her Miss Crosby, though she used to be known as Ina.
Age: Though Ayena only appears to be 18, she is actually 98. Not as old as a lot of vampires, but still quite old.
Vampire Type: Homo Wampyrus Nosferatu
Sexuality: She mostly goes for guys, but if she found a girl she liked, she would surely make an exception. So I suppose Pansexual.
Personality: Though Ayena's appearance (apart from her face) makes her look quite sweet, she is far from it. Infact, she often uses this to her advantage. Ayena is a cold, heartless killer, and has no regards for human life. She only really cares about protecting herself. She is also extremely stubborn, and the one thing she hates is being bossed around. She vaguely remembers when she was mortal and went to school, and has always thought it unfair that teachers have more authority than children just because they were older, or more mature. The kids should still choose to do what they want. As far as Ayena saw it, it was legal child-labour.

Though Ayena may come across as down-right evil (which she practically is.) she also has a soft side, which only comes out when she sees someone she truly loves, or at least gets along with, which is very little. She will be understanding and caring, and listen to what you have to say, no matter how silly. She is also very gullible in that sense; When it comes to people she trusts, she would never guess that they were playing a joke when they said they saw pigs fly. Of course, if she didn't know teh person very well, she wouldn't fall for it.
~ Being Laughed Out
~ Being Bossed Around
~ Unfairness
~ Losing
~ Being Corrected
~ Modern Appliances
~ Blood
~ Winning
~ Being Listened To.
~ Being Loved.
~ Being In Charge.
~ Speed
~ Agility
History: Ayena grew up in a mansion in a small town. Her parents were William and Calypso Crosby, and were very high up in the social ladder, as well as being very rich. She had an older sister, and the two of them constantly fought to be the apple of their parents eye, though Ayena usually won. With her beautiful snow white skin to her raven black hair, she was like the real Snow White - well, in looks anyways. In personality, the two were completely different. She lived a rather average life - well, average for a beautiful, rich teenager in the early 20th century. She was quite popular, and around adults, she acted well-behaved, while she secretly smoked cigars with a bunch of teenagers in the area.

When she was eighteen, she turned into a vampire, and it is the most horrifying and vivd memory she has. She remembers all the pain the virus caused as her human body shut down, leaving her with her ugly vampire body. And everyone said vampires were beautiful... have you seen this girl's face?

She then fled the village, realizing what had happened when her throat started screaming for blood and she spotted her reflection ina puddle. Well, she didn't immediately flee exactly. She headed home, where she collected a few spare change of clothes, some money and a few cloaks to cover here face, and of course food. She didn't realize she wouldn't need it anymore. But on her way out of the house, her sister caught her leaving. Out of both temptation and instinct, she killed her sister and drank the blood. When her parents came to see what the ruckus was, she did the same to them.
From then on out, Ayena was a killer.

She travelled alone, using her innocent yet beautiful features - besies her face, which she always kept hidden - to seduce men and women alike into a quiet place for the kill. She got surprisingly good at this over the years, as she learned different techniques.

When she was 68, she met another Homo Wampyrus Nosferatu, a boy with no hair and bulging veins. The two clicked instantly, and for a while, the two worked together as some sort of team. Until she was 74, when a fight with a Homo Wampyrus Draco left him dead and Ayena with another scar to add to her horrible face. Ayena hunted down the vampire and killed him. Her friends name had been Peter.

So begins...

Ayena Crosby's Story


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The cold air of the night didn't bother Ayena Crosby as she crouched on the window sill; infact, if anything, she enjoyed the cool breeze on her bare legs. She was wearing a long cloak to hide her face, and underneath a short dress. She used a piece of twisted metal to open the window, and no alarm went off. She wasn't surprised. After all, it was her who had disabled them.

As soon as she stepped into the building, the smell of human blood overwhelmed her. Her mouth watered. Blood Type O. Her favourite, and unfortunately the most rare, too. She whipped her head around at the sound of a beating pulse, to see a baby girl lying in a cot. Her curly blonde hair fell around her heart shaped face, and her thumb sat in her mouth. She stepped Ayena stepped towards the sleeping child, her steps making no noise against the wooden floor. She whisked the baby from her cot, and brought her lips to her neck. She bit into the flesh of the child, and the girl had no time to scream or cry out. In seconds, she was dead.

But of course, that was not enough to keep Ayena at bay. She could never completely sate her thirst, but she definitely needed more blood if she wanted to make sure she didn't go on a killing rampage. She could already sense another beating heart in the building, and was soon on the move.

She followed the scent of the human into the kitchen, where a man and woman were arguing. As soon as they heard the door open, however, they fell silent, looking at the door in fear. Ayena stepped through the door, and dropped her hood, making the man step back a bit, and the woman begin rifling through the kitchen cupboards. Ayena raised an eyebrow at this. What was she looking for?

As soon as the woman found what she was looking for, Ayena knew what it was immediately from the smell. Garlic. She let out a high pitched laugh, which made the woman jump, but turn around, holding the garlic in her shaky hands. How had she known she was a vampire? Possibly the ugly face -- or maybe the blood smears around her mouth. An amused glance crossed Ayena's face, only for a split second, before she turned it into a face of fear. She backed up against the wall, eyes wide. The woman seemed happy with this, holding the garlic higher, as if to make sure Ayena would see it. It was then that Ayena lunged.

She knocked the woman to the floor, and heard a crack as the woman's head hit the floor. "Foolish mortal," she hissed, before biting into her dinner. The sweet blood poured into her mouth, and as soon as she finished, she moved onto the husband. He was easy. Afterall, he had passed out. It was only seconds before he was completely drained.