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Blood and Lies

Blood and Lies


This is a mystery suspicion game.One extra spot still open.

917 readers have visited Blood and Lies since Dziva created it.



Murder...some people make their living from it. Some people are it's victims...some are it's perpetrators...some are the people who find the answers from it.

When the murder of a wealthy business man comes to your desk you are shocked. Just days before he had come to you claiming he needed protection...

Now you must sift through the lies, the puzzles and the intrigues with your partner in order to find the truth. What you get is a web of suspects and no leads, a cast of characters unlike any you have seen before.

The mystery begins...

Our Setting

You live in the world of Freona in the country of Lambiern, a world very similar to the Victorian years. In this world you travel by horse and buggy. The poor use stagecoaches and most farmers simply ride their horses. Technology has evolved in different ways than short distance transportation. Clothing is either steam punk like or actual Victorian clothing. Women are equals to men and the area we are focusing on is the large city of Travostee that is very wealthy. Magic exists but is rare and not extremely powerful. There is no DNA but there is rudimentary finger printing and blood testing. Clockworks are the most advanced technology and the best locks, etc are made form clockworks. If you are extremely wealthy you can have little clockwork people toys that move. Airships cross the sky frequently as they are the main kind of long distance transportation.

Our Story

An extremely wealthy and prominent businessman, Mr. Kelvin Fortunas, has been murdered at in home office. His will has gone missing but it is well known that he left almost everything to his daughter. The next largest sum he has given to an inventor/detective friend so that he may continue his research. The police have come to investigate his death and called together the small group of most likely suspects without alibis.

The group arrive at the house only to find that, instead of just being questioned, they were all under suspicion. Every in the building - including the detective and his assistant were being held as suspects. The group was in house arrest until the case was solved. Only they all know that no one is looking elsewhere for the murderer. Now they must live together in the mansion and band together to prove their innocence. Except one of them is guilty of the murder and suspicions are rampant.

Will you make allies? Friends, perhaps fall in love? Or will you just make enemies and trust the wrong person? Anything can happen but no matter what...

There will be blood.

Story Important Suspects

The detective on the case. Knew Mr.Fortunas, Mr.Fortunas was in fact an investor in the detective's inventing of a new, more efficient airship engine. Did he murder him so that Mr.Fortunas couldn't withdraw his investment and what he left him in the will? (taken by Worldsastage)

The detective's assistant/partner. Since they are such good friends with the detective they might do anything for him...including murder? Or do they have some other hidden secret? (taken by Kawaii Desu)

A maid in the Fortunas household. Did she have to kill him for money? Or so he didn't reveal clandestine activities? Certainly has opportunity, and he left her some money in his will. (reserved for Evita - 5 days)

A psychic and jewelry maker that Mr. Fortunas often employed. It was she who predicted his death to him. Inside information or true gift? Did he find out something he wasn't supposed to know? (Waiting for Lloyd999)

The victim's daughter. She inherits the majority of everything he owned. Simply for money? To cover a scandal? (Taken by Dziva)

The daughter's best friend. Everyone knows she idolizes the daughter and does everything she asks. Would she murder her father for her? Or is there some other reason? Something happen between the two, or perhaps he was doing something to his daughter and murder was her best friend's answer? (Taken by crybloodredtears)

Non-Story Important Character Slots

1.(waiting for Lloyd99)
2.(taken by Evita)

Important Notes

Go here if you still don't quite understand the plot:

This is a suspicion game but the main focus is going to be on the interplay between the characters. Hopefully you won't all be loners.

The murderer is already known by me. If you are the murderer then I will let you know.

I will PM everyone to ask how they think they could play a murderer without giving it away. This does NOT mean you are the murderer. If you want, you could PM me with the answer after you set up your character.

Non-story important characters can die. They will not be randomly killed off and if they are I will post up as the murderer so it isn't obvious who it is. Hopefully someone will die xD

Character Skeleton

You can put the personality and history in the pre-given sections. Put the rest in the description section.

Code: Select all
[u][b]Full Name:[/b][/u]



[u][b]Role:[/b][/u] (what is your connection to Mr. Fortunas?)

[u][b]Reason for being a suspect:[/b][/u] (Only for the three non-story important character slots. If you are a story important character remove this, do N/A or you can add another possible reason you are a suspect if it adds to the role play)


[u][b]Personality:[/b][/u] (at least three sentences)

[u][b]History:[/b][/u] (at least three sentences. If you have a normal-ish life then include event details perhaps)

Toggle Rules

Follow all TOS rules.

No Godmodding, be polite and no trolling. Use common sense.

As GM I will step in should the main plot get sidetracked. Please know the goal of this role play is not constant fighting.

Everyone will either get along or be able to work together.

No one will have magic, it is EXTREMELY rare. The only person with real ability is the psychic. She is the real deal but most of the characters won't believe her.

If there are any disputes that cannot be settled between players I will settle them.

You can have up to two characters. If you do then you can post them both in one post but you need to make sure that it is obvious who is thinking/acting/talking.

Rules can be changed/expanded at any time.

If you have read and understand the rules then put the word quirky in a PM to me.

If you are the murderer please do NOT tell people.

Reserves will not last forever, I will give you five days to submit your character.

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors


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Character Portrait: Vivian
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#, as written by Dziva
Vivian drank her cup of tea sedately. From her actions and appearance you would never think that her father had just been murdered. Yet he had, Mr. Fortunas had been murdered brutally in his own home. That she still lived there was something that people were finding extremely unnerving. Right now though the only thing on her mind was how delicious the tea was. Nothing was going to interrupt her enjoyment of the tea....

Except for that.

A scowl came across her face as the real world interrupted her. Quickly she replaced the horrible expression with a more pleasant, if somewhat neutral, one. Gently she put down her tea, checked herself in the mirror and then went to wait in the hallway. The carriage she had seen pull up to her home belonged to the police chief. Mr Elbas had said that he was to call today but she had quite hoped that he had forgotten. So she was going to talk with him in the hallway, no matter how improper that would be. Vivian stood there patiently for the chief to knock and for her butler to answer the door. When he saw her she nodded regally to him. "Mr Elbas." He nodded back to her as her butler took his coat and hat.

"Miss Fortunas. You look as lovely as ever." She smiled at the compliment even though she knew it was anything but. It was his way of disapproving of her mourning methods. Well, let him disapprove. Let the entire world disapprove. No one would tell her how to mourn her father. She was Vivian Eveline Fortunas after all, no one deserved to comment on her emotions.

"Surely compliments, despite how welcome they always are, are not your business here Mr Elbas. So please, get to the point." The police chief blinked and then cleared his throat with a cough.

"As you wish miss. As I am sure you know, the investigation into your father's death has lead to quite a few suspects. I have a detective coming to the house today, as well as all the suspects we have unearthed." Vivian chaffed at the fact that he was using her house as if he had the right to. Her eyes flashed dangerously but she forced herself to calm down. He was only doing his job after all.

"Very well. When will they be arriving?"

"Anytime now miss. Perhaps you can set up a room to house them all?"

"But of course." She clapped her hands and her butler came to her side. "Prepare the large south parlor will you? A fair amount of guests will be coming and they must be comfortable. Tea and snacks as well." He bowed and left to do as she asked. Vivian smiled at the chief and linked her arm with his. "Shall we wait for your guests Mr Elbas?" This was her house damnit and she would at least be he one to greet them. The fact that her father's murderer was among them did not faze her. She had no notion of who it was and wouldn't treat her guests horribly due to one person. No, that would never do. She led the way outside to the front steps to wait for the others with the chief.


3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Rebecca Blackmore Character Portrait: Katherine Donnell Character Portrait: Vivian
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#, as written by Evita
It was raining on the little road half a days ride from Travostee. Rebecca was sitting listless in the little carriage, well on her way home. That is, until she heard the sound of a galopping horse and the carriage stopped. Curiously she opened the door. The rider was wearing a police uniform, he quickly handed her a letter, then turned around and rode back towards the city.

She went back into the carriage, no need to get more wet than necessary. In spite of the grim message the letter was bearing, she couldn't help but smile. Looked she weren't going home soon anyway. She was to return to the mansion immediately, before reading on she open a small window in the front, telling her coachman to turn around and return the mansion. While the carriage turned around Rebecca sat back, continuing reading the letter. Mr. Fortunas, aka one of her farther's most important business partners, had been found dead, murdered in his office. Feeling a bit sorry for his daughter but really gleeful towards her farther she read on. The body had been found only a few moments before she'd left the mansion, therefore nobody had managed to tell her before the carriage had left the city. She folded the letter and put it back into the envelope. Being considered a suspect was a small price to pay compared to having to go home. She made herself comfortable in the seat. It would be half a day's ride back to the city too, meaning they wouldn't arrive before next morning. It wasn't long before she was sleeping peacefully.

The buzzing sound of the city woke her up as the little carriage entered the city gates. Opening one of the curtains she peaked out at the street and smiled. Busy farmers and traders all trying to make a living. A man skimming through some books, a women trying to pick out the best fruits to take home, a farmer trying to sell his goods to a grumpy man with a funny beard. Passing the city center, a lot of artists trying to earn money for food performing in front of crowds, kids trying to collect money from the audience in a little hat, Rebecca smiled amused, she could stare at this for eternity. Closing the curtain again she got a brush from her back, quickly getting her hair under control. a little change of plans wasn't gonna keep her from being presentable when arriving at somebody else's mansion.

Outside the mansion the carriage came to a halt. The coachman opened the door and Rebecca got out, noticing Vivian and an unknown man by the steps she put on a charming face and sweetened her voice, taking some quick steps toward the couple "good day Vivian, i feel sorry for your loss" Rebecca curtsied politely, but there was no sign of sorrow in her voice or expressions, at most a bit of pity. She stepped further towards the couple, looking at the man. "And who's the gentleman by your side Vivian?" Her interest quickly changed back to Vivian. "I spend the night in the carriage, is it perhaps possible to get a bath before doing whatever i'm here for?"

Katherine had been up early this morning as usual. Even if the old master was dead there was still duties to be fulfilled. At least until the investigations were done. After that, she'd probably leave it up to somebody else. She was hungry. And pale. Her breakfast had escaped her earlier, and she didn't have time to eat more as she had to clean up the mess. Also, the hallway had to be clean before lunch. Of course she was on time with that, she always was. Being done on time was rule number one. Even if it meant no breakfast.

When she had finally been done with the hallway and been ready to go eat the butler had come by. She was to prepare rooms for a lot of guests arriving very soon, while he'd take care of the parlor. Sighing, she hurried off, trying to ignore her tummy's protests. Hopefully she'd be able to fill it after this. With a lot of guests usually came good food, and with that, sweet leftovers. On the way to the room she passed a mirror and something caught her eye. She stopped and looked thoroughly at herself for the difference that she'd noticed. Her glance ended on her tummy. She blushed a bit, maybe a bit too many good leftovers recently... She shook her head and continued quickly down the corridor into the guest rooms.


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Roxanne rode in her carriage, counting money. Beside her on the seat was a letter. Her carriage was headed toward the mansion, previously owned by Mr. Kelvin Fortunas, a big buyer of hers, who coincidentally been murdered, sometime around or after she had met with him. Well, 'met with him' was really just saying less than what had really happend of course. Roxanne looked over to where the envelope was, to find a younger person than she reading it beside her. "Oh, good lord Lloyd! Why must you be so quiet like that." Lloyd only grinned. Was it weird to have a younger boyfriend? Roxanne didn't think so. "I heard you presented at Mystika's," Lloyd did a magic trick to make it look like his eye dropped from it's socket. Turning back toward her with his right eye closed, he presented a large black pearl in his hand and smiled. "Gross trick, but how pretty," Roxanne complimented, examining the pearl. Roxanne placed it in his hand and Lloyd, using a magic trick, pretended to put it back in his eye socket and openned his right eye. He pretty much made the thing dissapear.

"So," Lloyd said, "You're going to that place, huh?" "Yes," Roxanne replied, "I'm pretty sure they're just going to ask some questions, that's all." "Actually, considering it's an invitation as well," Lloyd pointed out, "It's probably suspicion, maybe even a house arrest." Roxanne thought about it for a bit, and then nodded. "Well, I'll go too," Lloyd said. "You aren't exactly invited," Roxanne replied. "Actually, I was there the day he was murdered, after you've been there, because I was looking for you. I wanted to ask Mr. Fortunas when you left, but his door was locked, so whether he was dead or alive at the time is unknown." Lloyd turned to Roxanne, "You didn't-" "No, of course not," Roxanne responded, "We did have a little fight, but I didn't kill him." "Roxanne," Lloyd told her, looking into her eyes, "You can share any secret to me," he then put on that cool charming look that Roxanne loved him for, "As I to you."

Soon the carriage had pulled up on front of the mansion.

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Character Portrait: Rebecca Blackmore
Rebecca Blackmore

This... isn't all that bad...

Character Portrait: Antonio

"Anything can be solved. Anything."

Character Portrait: Vivian

The Daughter


Character Portrait: Antonio

"Anything can be solved. Anything."

Character Portrait: Rebecca Blackmore
Rebecca Blackmore

This... isn't all that bad...

Character Portrait: Vivian

The Daughter

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Vivian

The Daughter

Character Portrait: Rebecca Blackmore
Rebecca Blackmore

This... isn't all that bad...

Character Portrait: Antonio

"Anything can be solved. Anything."

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Re: Blood and Lies

i think we're waiting for dziva to get back...

Re: Blood and Lies

I was wondering if my character was okay for the roleplay. I would like to have it accepted soon so I can begin posting.

Re: Blood and Lies

i would loooove... if somebody would post...

Re: Blood and Lies

I'm here. I'll try to get my first post up sometime tonight.

Re: Blood and Lies

Maybe the other players should be notified that this has started? in case they aren't checking or have forgotten, since i can see most are online without being active here

Re: Blood and Lies

It starts after the death. There were no witnesses and the suspects are gathering. For now i will be acting as the murderer until they are revealed.

His characters were done but I was waiting on the little rule phrase. I did not get it, but decided to allow his characters for the sake of starting the rp. Lloyd, please send it as soon as possible so I don't have to watch you closely.

My first post is up. You can all go as far back as you want before coming to the house

Re: Blood and Lies

Lloyd are your characters done?

Re: Blood and Lies

How are we going to start this roleplay? I was thinking the roleplay could start with everybody doing what they were suposed to be doing, and since we aren't supposed to know who the murderer is, maybe your first post could be of the murderer's actions. Maybe there might be a witness or two of the murderer fleeing from the scene. Also, everybody who isn't a non-important character would have to make their first post in a way where it's possible for them to have been the murderer judging by their location. Maybe everybody could note something in the post that'd prove you were the murderer, even if it's not true, like maybe something like coffee that is at the wrong temperture, or something is turned on or off, or something.

Re: Blood and Lies

@Evita: xD!! That sounds like me >3> ok ^^ consider her reserved, you have five days from today since I wasn't online. Curse holidays and families *shakes fist*

Re: Blood and Lies

so i just found out the victorian age is named after queen victoria o.o i'm so quick

Re: Blood and Lies

Having thought more about it i think i'll go for the maid too, i'm getting 3 weeks off to study for 1 exam soon so i should get time ^.^ working on characters

Re: Blood and Lies

@Evita: ooohhh good luck :3

Re: Blood and Lies

great, i'll look at it as soon as i've handed in my final com./it project :3 might be interested in an important character after i've handed in the last camp report and reading holidays are close

Re: Blood and Lies

Yes, this is still alive x.x I have been sick for the past while so I haven't been online. Lloyd999, I'm checking out your characters now but please review the rules and get back to me.

Evita: sorry x.x Yes you can have an unimportant character :3 sounds fantastic! Your character can come in late if you wish. I think I can just start the reserve five days now since you might have beaten me back xD

Everyone else: Hope everyone is still interested x.x so sorry for being away sick x.x As soon as I hear from Lloyd999 we can start

Re: Blood and Lies

umm is this still alive? o.o if it is, i want a character when i figure out which one

Re: Blood and Lies

Uh, nevermind about the reservations, I already submitted the characters.

Re: Blood and Lies

this sounds interesting and i'd love to have a non-important character, but i'm leaving for science talent college tomorrow and only getting home Tuesday night AND don't have time to send in a character atm because of a couple assignments i need to finish, but if it's still open when i get back Tuesday (or if you could wait for me that long or let my character enter a little late) i'll take it ^.^

Re: Blood and Lies

Hey, may I reserve two characters. I'd like to reserve the jeweler and a non-important character. The non-important character is Kamen Diamonte, the stage name of a famous jewel theft known for his magic tricks and flawless disguises, and always entertaining an audience while doing so. I was thinking they were involved somehow, likely dirrectly involved. Of course, if she's you-know-what and you already have a story for her, then nevermind then, but I think Kamen Diamonte could fit into the plot. Kamen Diamonte's real name is Lloyd Exburna. Kamen Diamonte would never dare kill, but that wouldn't be entirely true with the jeweler. I'll name her Roxanne Mykeisha.

EDIT: What I meant by nevermind is nevermind for that character then, however, I'd actually like to be the murderer. No, I am not begging for this position, I just was thinking about how well the storyline would work for that reason. Also, considering Roxanne has a dirrect connection to Kamen Diamonte, and probably even is his girlfriend, maybe the victim knew of Kamen Diamonte's real identity and her involvment with him, and so, to protect his identity, Roxanne might have killed him. Just saying...

Re: Blood and Lies

Just waiting for some reserves to come in and then we can start. I've pmed the people who need to submit their characters.

Re: Blood and Lies

Sullenkiller wrote:Hello, may I reserve a non-important character slot? And also, will the non-important character be apart of the main plot, or just be brushed off?

Of course you can!

They will be part of the plot, and suspects but they are the ones who can die and none of them will be the murderer.