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"Anything can be solved. Anything."

0 · 280 views · located in Travostee

a character in “Blood and Lies”, as played by Worldsastage


Full Name: Antonio Walsh

Age: 35

Sex: Male

Role: Detective/Inventor

Image/Description: Image

Personality: Antonio is an idealist. He can also be described as a visionary. He's a man who gets excited with ideas, especially new and fresh ideas. He likes to think that anything is possible, and likes to challenge those who wish to restrict the world in a box of "can't"s.

He tends to be a bit absent minded, over obsessing over one thing that has his attention at the time and neglecting all else. Thus he can come off as a bit reckless and a tad forgetful. It can be hard to get him to focus on one thing if his mind is already preoccupied with another.

History: Antonio always dreamed of becoming a rich and famous inventor. He wanted to change the world in big and glorious ways. He always had a bright idea of enriching everyone's lives. Unfortunately, no one else took his ideas seriously. He was kicked out of the university for refusing to conform to the widely accepted practices in the scientific community, believing that the current way of doing things doesn't allow for the nourishment of new ideas and progress.

He never gave up on his dreams and began inventing on his own. But he still needed to make a living. Through a connection in the police force, he discovered that he had a knack for solving mysteries that others couldn't. He tried to enlist in the force and became a police detective, but could never pass the proper tests. However, members of the force did recognize his talents and would often hire him on cases as a consultant. He started a private firm, accepting cases from both civilians and the police force, while still inventing and looking for investors on the side.

So begins...

Antonio's Story