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Rebecca Blackmore

This... isn't all that bad...

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a character in “Blood and Lies”, as played by Evita


Full Name: Rebecca Blackmore

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Role: Business partner's daughter

Reason for being a suspect: Dislikes any friend of her father's, mr. Fortuna was an important business partner to her farther, Fortuna's death will cause Rebecca's farther a lot of trouble.



Rebecca is normally well mannered and polite towards strangers, but when she grows closer to people she gets less formal, and she gets very short tempered around her father's friends, which she's made sure he doesn't know. She hates her farther beyond all bounds. She enjoys anything which makes life harder for him, she hates when she's forced to be near him. She doesn't like being alone though, she's quite social and enjoys painting and playing the piano, because it allows her to express herself and be free without thinking about other's opinions. Rebecca can be charming when she wants to, she can read from people's eyes when they want to harm her, but that's as much as she can read from people, she generally have no trust towards elderly rich men. She was educated by privately and she learned well even if she never understood why she needed to learn anything but reading. She has no intentions of following in her farther's footsteps, but dreams of spending her working life doing something creative, like acting or painting or playing the piano.


Rebecca grew up in a big house, with her parents and nurse who later became her teacher. Her farther was an important business man, and she rarely saw him as he was often travelling. When he was home however, he was always violent and short tempered towards Rebecca and her nurse. Her mom ignored it as she liked her husband's income, when her farther had hit her she always sought safety with the nurse in her room behind a locked door.

Rebecca grew into a woman without her farther changing his ways. At her 18 year old birthday her he'd thrown the nurse out, saying he was sick of her bad behavior, providing a carriage out of the country. Watching Rebecca in the company of others her farther decided she was usable, and began sending her around the country to possible new partners, relieved she tried her best to spoil it without making a bad reputation for herself. She often tries impressing young or not-as-old-as-some men, as marriage is the only way she can think of to get away from her farther, and anything must be better than him.

She's in the mansion because her farther sent her there, but now that she's stuck and her farther's friend there is dead, she's in no hurry of getting home. She shows no approval of mr. Fortuna's death, but she doesn't cry over it either, after all, one more obstacle for her farther was one less for her.

So begins...

Rebecca Blackmore's Story


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#, as written by Evita
It was raining on the little road half a days ride from Travostee. Rebecca was sitting listless in the little carriage, well on her way home. That is, until she heard the sound of a galopping horse and the carriage stopped. Curiously she opened the door. The rider was wearing a police uniform, he quickly handed her a letter, then turned around and rode back towards the city.

She went back into the carriage, no need to get more wet than necessary. In spite of the grim message the letter was bearing, she couldn't help but smile. Looked she weren't going home soon anyway. She was to return to the mansion immediately, before reading on she open a small window in the front, telling her coachman to turn around and return the mansion. While the carriage turned around Rebecca sat back, continuing reading the letter. Mr. Fortunas, aka one of her farther's most important business partners, had been found dead, murdered in his office. Feeling a bit sorry for his daughter but really gleeful towards her farther she read on. The body had been found only a few moments before she'd left the mansion, therefore nobody had managed to tell her before the carriage had left the city. She folded the letter and put it back into the envelope. Being considered a suspect was a small price to pay compared to having to go home. She made herself comfortable in the seat. It would be half a day's ride back to the city too, meaning they wouldn't arrive before next morning. It wasn't long before she was sleeping peacefully.

The buzzing sound of the city woke her up as the little carriage entered the city gates. Opening one of the curtains she peaked out at the street and smiled. Busy farmers and traders all trying to make a living. A man skimming through some books, a women trying to pick out the best fruits to take home, a farmer trying to sell his goods to a grumpy man with a funny beard. Passing the city center, a lot of artists trying to earn money for food performing in front of crowds, kids trying to collect money from the audience in a little hat, Rebecca smiled amused, she could stare at this for eternity. Closing the curtain again she got a brush from her back, quickly getting her hair under control. a little change of plans wasn't gonna keep her from being presentable when arriving at somebody else's mansion.

Outside the mansion the carriage came to a halt. The coachman opened the door and Rebecca got out, noticing Vivian and an unknown man by the steps she put on a charming face and sweetened her voice, taking some quick steps toward the couple "good day Vivian, i feel sorry for your loss" Rebecca curtsied politely, but there was no sign of sorrow in her voice or expressions, at most a bit of pity. She stepped further towards the couple, looking at the man. "And who's the gentleman by your side Vivian?" Her interest quickly changed back to Vivian. "I spend the night in the carriage, is it perhaps possible to get a bath before doing whatever i'm here for?"

Katherine had been up early this morning as usual. Even if the old master was dead there was still duties to be fulfilled. At least until the investigations were done. After that, she'd probably leave it up to somebody else. She was hungry. And pale. Her breakfast had escaped her earlier, and she didn't have time to eat more as she had to clean up the mess. Also, the hallway had to be clean before lunch. Of course she was on time with that, she always was. Being done on time was rule number one. Even if it meant no breakfast.

When she had finally been done with the hallway and been ready to go eat the butler had come by. She was to prepare rooms for a lot of guests arriving very soon, while he'd take care of the parlor. Sighing, she hurried off, trying to ignore her tummy's protests. Hopefully she'd be able to fill it after this. With a lot of guests usually came good food, and with that, sweet leftovers. On the way to the room she passed a mirror and something caught her eye. She stopped and looked thoroughly at herself for the difference that she'd noticed. Her glance ended on her tummy. She blushed a bit, maybe a bit too many good leftovers recently... She shook her head and continued quickly down the corridor into the guest rooms.