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The Daughter

0 · 137 views · located in Travostee

a character in “Blood and Lies”, as played by Dziva


Full Name: Vivian Eveline Fortunas

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Role: The daughter



Vivian is very haughty, believing herself better than most people. She is selfish and materialistic but somehow it comes across as endearing most of the time. Generally she has a pleasant personality - a good sense of humour, good manners and is an excellent hostess. If she was anything less than this she would not be perfect and so she will not let herself loose her 'ideal'. Since she does not fully understand the normal concept of money as her father is extremely rich she tends to spend large amounts, leave extravagant tips and give lots of gifts. It makes her feel worthwhile to do these things so she does them more for herself than others. She loves clothes, looking good and having the finest things. Has patience but some things will cause her to get explosively angry incredibly fast.

Despite all her snobbishness and selfishness Vivian is a loving daughter and friend. If you some how worm your way into her heart she loves you dearly. She does not have many people that she truly loves because she guards herself fiercely. All her life people have tried to get to her father and his money through her so she has spent her life deflecting the interest of others while still being polite and thus has become good at playing the social games. She can be hurtful in her comments even when she doesn't mean to be, she just likes teasing. Known for her habit of using the men who get involved with her she has become something of a 'challenge' to the men of her social circle.

Smart even though she may not seem it she knows exactly how much money she has at any time. Vivian may not know the realistic amounts to spend on things but she knew how to take care of money and how to make it grow. She also helped her father with his business and so could easily take over for him if she was interested.


Vivian has lived all her life with her father. He and her mother were rich from their inheritances and had only expanded their wealth by the time they decided to have a child. Her mother died in childbirth though and her dear papa has always doted on his daughter. From pictures she learned she looks almost exactly like her mother. All her life she has loved riding horses just as much as she loved shopping. When she was six her father took her on a trip to the country. There she was briefly kidnapped by the innkeepers. She learned just how valuable she could be to someone at a very early age because of that. Her father has also never taken them out of town again, which she hasn't minded. Her papa started to train her int he ways of money and business when she turned fourteen. Eventually she became so competent he had her help out on days when he was extremely busy. Vivian has used men who were interested in her constantly and sees many other people as playthings to amuse her. Besides her father the one person she truly loves is her best friend.

Since her father's death Vivian has been acting somewhat normal. She goes out shopping, doesn't wear mourning dress and still plays hostess to previously set up parties. While she seems sad enough privately she has not let her public demeanor drop.

So begins...

Vivian's Story


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#, as written by Dziva
Vivian drank her cup of tea sedately. From her actions and appearance you would never think that her father had just been murdered. Yet he had, Mr. Fortunas had been murdered brutally in his own home. That she still lived there was something that people were finding extremely unnerving. Right now though the only thing on her mind was how delicious the tea was. Nothing was going to interrupt her enjoyment of the tea....

Except for that.

A scowl came across her face as the real world interrupted her. Quickly she replaced the horrible expression with a more pleasant, if somewhat neutral, one. Gently she put down her tea, checked herself in the mirror and then went to wait in the hallway. The carriage she had seen pull up to her home belonged to the police chief. Mr Elbas had said that he was to call today but she had quite hoped that he had forgotten. So she was going to talk with him in the hallway, no matter how improper that would be. Vivian stood there patiently for the chief to knock and for her butler to answer the door. When he saw her she nodded regally to him. "Mr Elbas." He nodded back to her as her butler took his coat and hat.

"Miss Fortunas. You look as lovely as ever." She smiled at the compliment even though she knew it was anything but. It was his way of disapproving of her mourning methods. Well, let him disapprove. Let the entire world disapprove. No one would tell her how to mourn her father. She was Vivian Eveline Fortunas after all, no one deserved to comment on her emotions.

"Surely compliments, despite how welcome they always are, are not your business here Mr Elbas. So please, get to the point." The police chief blinked and then cleared his throat with a cough.

"As you wish miss. As I am sure you know, the investigation into your father's death has lead to quite a few suspects. I have a detective coming to the house today, as well as all the suspects we have unearthed." Vivian chaffed at the fact that he was using her house as if he had the right to. Her eyes flashed dangerously but she forced herself to calm down. He was only doing his job after all.

"Very well. When will they be arriving?"

"Anytime now miss. Perhaps you can set up a room to house them all?"

"But of course." She clapped her hands and her butler came to her side. "Prepare the large south parlor will you? A fair amount of guests will be coming and they must be comfortable. Tea and snacks as well." He bowed and left to do as she asked. Vivian smiled at the chief and linked her arm with his. "Shall we wait for your guests Mr Elbas?" This was her house damnit and she would at least be he one to greet them. The fact that her father's murderer was among them did not faze her. She had no notion of who it was and wouldn't treat her guests horribly due to one person. No, that would never do. She led the way outside to the front steps to wait for the others with the chief.


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#, as written by Evita
It was raining on the little road half a days ride from Travostee. Rebecca was sitting listless in the little carriage, well on her way home. That is, until she heard the sound of a galopping horse and the carriage stopped. Curiously she opened the door. The rider was wearing a police uniform, he quickly handed her a letter, then turned around and rode back towards the city.

She went back into the carriage, no need to get more wet than necessary. In spite of the grim message the letter was bearing, she couldn't help but smile. Looked she weren't going home soon anyway. She was to return to the mansion immediately, before reading on she open a small window in the front, telling her coachman to turn around and return the mansion. While the carriage turned around Rebecca sat back, continuing reading the letter. Mr. Fortunas, aka one of her farther's most important business partners, had been found dead, murdered in his office. Feeling a bit sorry for his daughter but really gleeful towards her farther she read on. The body had been found only a few moments before she'd left the mansion, therefore nobody had managed to tell her before the carriage had left the city. She folded the letter and put it back into the envelope. Being considered a suspect was a small price to pay compared to having to go home. She made herself comfortable in the seat. It would be half a day's ride back to the city too, meaning they wouldn't arrive before next morning. It wasn't long before she was sleeping peacefully.

The buzzing sound of the city woke her up as the little carriage entered the city gates. Opening one of the curtains she peaked out at the street and smiled. Busy farmers and traders all trying to make a living. A man skimming through some books, a women trying to pick out the best fruits to take home, a farmer trying to sell his goods to a grumpy man with a funny beard. Passing the city center, a lot of artists trying to earn money for food performing in front of crowds, kids trying to collect money from the audience in a little hat, Rebecca smiled amused, she could stare at this for eternity. Closing the curtain again she got a brush from her back, quickly getting her hair under control. a little change of plans wasn't gonna keep her from being presentable when arriving at somebody else's mansion.

Outside the mansion the carriage came to a halt. The coachman opened the door and Rebecca got out, noticing Vivian and an unknown man by the steps she put on a charming face and sweetened her voice, taking some quick steps toward the couple "good day Vivian, i feel sorry for your loss" Rebecca curtsied politely, but there was no sign of sorrow in her voice or expressions, at most a bit of pity. She stepped further towards the couple, looking at the man. "And who's the gentleman by your side Vivian?" Her interest quickly changed back to Vivian. "I spend the night in the carriage, is it perhaps possible to get a bath before doing whatever i'm here for?"

Katherine had been up early this morning as usual. Even if the old master was dead there was still duties to be fulfilled. At least until the investigations were done. After that, she'd probably leave it up to somebody else. She was hungry. And pale. Her breakfast had escaped her earlier, and she didn't have time to eat more as she had to clean up the mess. Also, the hallway had to be clean before lunch. Of course she was on time with that, she always was. Being done on time was rule number one. Even if it meant no breakfast.

When she had finally been done with the hallway and been ready to go eat the butler had come by. She was to prepare rooms for a lot of guests arriving very soon, while he'd take care of the parlor. Sighing, she hurried off, trying to ignore her tummy's protests. Hopefully she'd be able to fill it after this. With a lot of guests usually came good food, and with that, sweet leftovers. On the way to the room she passed a mirror and something caught her eye. She stopped and looked thoroughly at herself for the difference that she'd noticed. Her glance ended on her tummy. She blushed a bit, maybe a bit too many good leftovers recently... She shook her head and continued quickly down the corridor into the guest rooms.