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December Rush

"So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be."

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a character in “Blood and Pastries”, as played by ChristyLovesYou



❝The Basic Facts❞

December Pandora Rush

'Dec' or really Dess, just the first sound of her name. Maybe 'em', she's never really gotten 'ber'. She doesn't really care what you call her.


26, and whad'ya know, her birthday is in December. Great creativity to her parents.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
It's slightly complicated but..
She is a flexible aromantic asexual. Now before you get confused, I'll explain a bit.

Flexible Asexuals: Asexuals that are more open to the idea of having sex and may be willing to have sex for the benefit of a sexual partner. Some flexible asexuals may even enjoy having sex.
Aromantic Asexuals: Asexuals who have little or no romantic drive. They usually prefer to be single. Some even never experience crushes.

That being said, she doesn't have much of a will to have sex or find someone to love. She believes that when that person comes along she'll just know, and that's all there is to it. No matter if they're male, female, both, neither, or a mix.


❝What I See In The Mirror❞


Eye Color:
Green, but occasionally a brownish green.

Hair Color:
Dark brown mostly, in the dark it's almost black, in light it's a chocolate color. In the summer it gets lighter, and winter it gets dark. Oh, the sun.


Skin Tone:
Pale, maybe a creamy looking color, but sometimes more porcelain.

Body Markings:
She has a few scars from being a clumsy child, needing to get stitches, or just occasional freckles, but nothing really that would stick out.

Physical Description:
December is a tall lean girl. She's a slow eater, and only eats when she's hungry, and stops when she's full. She's a good size for her height, not just skin and bone. She has feminine curves, and a generally hourglass figure. She tries to have good posture, unless she's really tired, then she'll slouch. She has brown hair and very very pretty green eyes. The kind of green that doesn’t make a big deal about itself. Her chocolate brown locks cascade down to the middle of her back, which she regularly runs a brush through in the morning, but doesn't do much more for it. She's one of those people who don't focus too much on her appearance, but her hair always seems to be 'messy-neat-perfect'. She has generally long eyelashes, which she loves about herself. Something she doesn't like is the way her hips stick out a bit. It may not be noticeable or a bad thing, but she doesn't really like it.

As for clothing she isn't very extravagant. Mostly she wears darker blues, greys, purples, reds, greens, and black. They make her eyes pop more in her opinion, and again she doesn't care as much of what people think of how she looks. She's usually found wearing thin strap tank tops, skinny jeans, and a hoodie. Other than that she'll wear some sort of uniform for work.

❝Behind The Façade❞

She's a bit strange actually.
She always dots her i’s with a heart.
When dining out, she always tidies up the table and resets the condiments.
She draws random doodles on any piece of paper in front of her and always carries a pen or pencil to facilitate this habit.
Has the ability to speak in a cartoon-like voice which sounds little or nothing like his or her real voice.
She always has change in her pocket to give to beggars or homeless.

+ Sunrises+
+The sky+
+The cold+
+Bright colored shoes+
+Long hair+
+Seeing your breath in the cold+

-Being too hot-
-The beach-
-Dead things-
-Obnoxious colored hats-
-Country music-
-The Summer-
-People who overreact-
-Flashy girls-
-People without class-
-Guys who treat women badly, or anyone for that matter-
-Things that seem pointless to him-
-Making choices-
-'Tree huggers'-
-Being told to do anything-
-Thinking about the future-
~Fire - her first house burned down when she was 10, and she's been afraid ever since. Her family moved into a flat afterwards, but she still doesn't even like to hold lighters.
~Never finding someone to love - though she understands who she is and how she feels, she's a bit worried she'll never find someone, not that she'd ever admit that.

December has a selection of fairly useless skills:
She has cold hands and feet and so acts as a human icepack for her friends in the summer time or when they've got a headache. It's natural but she's adimit that it takes skill to be a cool skinned as her.
She has a vast knowledge of horror films and enjoys distributing it on movie nights.
She can tie a cherry stalk into a bow with just her tongue.
She has great aim! From spitting a cherry stone in the bin to shooting a hoop she rarely misses. (That includes throwing sweets up in the air and catching them in her mouth)

Being open. I guess everyone has some form of trust issues, and she is no different. Most people feel like they never get extremely close to her, but if you ask her she'll tell you anything you want to know about her. Maybe in this sense she's just more independent, but she hasn't had many people remotely close to her.
Running. She's pretty slow.
Styling hair. She's a sad excuse for a girl in this aspect, it takes her a brush, a mirror, and 20 minutes to put her hair in a pony tail.

"I am very interested and fascinated how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other."
December, like many others in the world, is her own person. She's unique, and different in her own way. Her apathetic nature may come off as careless and lost, but actually she's just pretty relaxed. You could probably say anything to her and nothing would tell you she was caught off guard, even if she was. She isn't one for showing many emotions, a smirk here and there, but mostly a bored demeanor. Though she seems to always be off in her own world, one that even dreaming couldn't get you close to, she never comes off as ditzy or anything along those lines. She's actually extremely deep and empathetic, in a way that most people couldn't comprehend getting to that sort of level. It seems no one has the time these days.
She's a jack of all trades, but a master at none. Pretty much you could give her just about anything from a soccer ball to a knitting needles and she could do well with both. Not perfect, but good enough to pass by. She doesn't have much she excels at, but this has never really bothered her. In life she generally tries to just get by, and nothing more. Often she's found studying or reading an old book. She's a somewhat fast reader, but it's more of a pass time than something she particularly enjoys. Most of all she likes to quote books.
She's a smart girl, and like said she wouldn't come off as stupid or even dull. She can carry a conversation well enough if the person is willing to, and she's easy to open up to, though she doesn't open up herself. She's clever and witty, and even humorous sometimes, though she mostly doesn't have much of a sense of humour.
She's a graceful, delicate being. She isn't necessarily religious, but she follows her own method of faith. The earth is her heaven, and sun is her god. She makes the best of what she can, because sitting around feeling bad for others with worse, or being jealous of others with more isn't going to change what you have. Complaining won't either, and sometimes you just have to suck it up. In three words she can sum up what she's learned in life: It goes on.
She believes in fate, as well as destiny.
Destiny is what is supposed to happen, which to her means there's a reason for everything. Fate is what ends up happening because of the destiny. Sometimes they're used interchangeably, but that's her view on it. She does in fact believe in some sort of soul, something that makes you, you.
She'd like to think there's a name for the energy that moves your body, which is what she defines a soul as. It can be anything though really, even a feeling.
Going back to her emotions, her dull looks shouldn't be looked over. She's actually not as numb as she seems. She doesn't show her pain, fear, angry, sadness, or happiness too often unless the feeling is strong. She hasn't had many close friends, and may seem reserved though she's very calm and relaxed. She's not very insecure at all, and is very honest, but only if you ask of her opinion. She tries not to speak out of her line.

❝My Past and My Present❞

"Maybe it’s sad that these are now memories. And maybe it’s not sad."

Interest: TBA

Her mother, Mary-Jane Evans Rush
Her father, Edward Mason Rush
Her sister, Caralyn Leigh Rush

"As much as I don't understand my mom and dad and as much as i feel sorry for both of them sometimes, i can't help but love them very much."
She was a child of two parents. No, her daddy didn't get drunk and abuse her, or her mother for that matter, and no neither of them were very mean to their children. They just lacked care. They lacked compassion. They were two people just trying to get by, do what they thought they had to and nothing more. They both worked, they both were present at home. They didn't give much affection, and always seemed to be bored with themselves, their lives, and their kids.
Their mother was a beauty queen at 18, she was gorgeous. Her mother, (Decembers's grandmother) had entered her in pageants since she was 4. The little girl had grown up fine, but didn't have much of a social life. She was popular, and everyone seemed to envy her beauty, but she was untouchable. No one could really get close to her because she was reserved and closed off.
Her father was an average kid. I guess the reason he never spent time with his own kids was because his parents never spent time with him. The moment he was 18 he moved out. He didn't want them, they focused on their dreams, never his. And because of that, he never could spend too much time on others, so set on figuring out what to do next, he never strayed far from the home though.
When he left, he stopped in a convenient store. That's when he met her mother. I don't know if you'd call it love at first sight, but they got to talking. She said she didn't want to be in the town anymore, but she had nowhere to go. He told her he had nowhere to go, but he was leaving. Somehow it lead to him inviting her to join, and eventually they were married.
They had two daughters, who they neglected as much as their parents had to them. Their mother just wasn't the type to dress them up and put them in contests. But she didn't know how to be affectionate towards them either. So they grew up somewhat alone, but dinner was always on the table.
When she was 10 years old, her house burned down in a fire. The cause was unknown, and they weren't able to find the source. It was burnt down to ash and dirt, leaving chard remains. Luckily, they all made it out of the fire. Well, almost all of them. December's dog July died in the fire. She'd begged her parents two years before for a puppy, until they finally gave in. She'd named it July because she was named after a month, and July was her favorite. The dog was a small one, but a great one. She was smart and friendly, cuddly and kind. They were all asleep when the fire started, and she was the one who barked for them to awake. In the confusion of getting the kids out, her parents forgot the beloved dog. December cried for weeks, feeling as lonely as ever without her best friend who she normally cared for daily. Though it may seem stupid to anyone else now, she still misses her dog.

So begins...

December Rush's Story

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December Rush

It was maybe the ending of the afternoon when December woke up, rolled off her couch, and stood up a bit too fast. A rush of blood pulsed into her head, making her vision hazy, and she tried to steady herself by holding onto the old wooden cabinet. Her head throbbed, and she pinched her eyes tight, wincing from the pressure that filled her brain. Once she had her balance, she found herself trudging over to her apartment's kitchen. It was small, not exactly cute. Light wood detailing, white counters, and white tile. The room was painted a bit of an off-white, whoever designed it wasn't the best with colors. A simple table that matched the wood detail was also there, with two wooden chairs. On the counter top sat a bottle of ibuprofen or tylenol, and a half drunken glass of water. Whatever it was she took another two pills, and swallow them down with the remaining water.

This wasn't abnormal for her, she often got headaches when she woke up, and sometimes randomly through the day. The worst were in the morning though. At least with the medicine she could dull the pain and wait for it to pass. Taking a deep breath, she stretched her arms out forward, and let out a sigh as her hands dropped back down. She sauntered over to the other side of her apartment, her bedroom.

Through there she headed to the bathroom, and turned the hot water on in her shower. She slipped out of her clothes, and stepped into the shower. After about 10 or 15 minutes after she'd finished, she stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself, walking back into her bed room.
It was an organised mess, in short. Clothes lay about, papers and books randomly around. Her bed was one of the things nice and neatly, perfectly made. She didn't know why she hadn't slept on it recently, but she also didn't know why she kept falling asleep on the couch. She rubbed the back of her neck, it was a bit sore was the position she'd been laying in. She searched around for something to wear under her uniform, an apron.

She picked out something not too noticeable, mostly because she didn't like drawing too much attention. A light grey pair of skinny jeans, a black v-neck tshirt, and her light grey hoodie. Slipping those on, she sat down at her desk. On the wall it faced, there hung a mirror. Brushing her hair and blow drying it, she looked at her reflection. She gave a blank stare, and luckily the mirror returned one. She'd seen movies where the mirror wasn't the same, and that would've been pretty creepy.

After getting ready, she grabbed a quick snack and a water bottle, which was good enough for dinner. On her way to the door she slipped on her shoes, and turned off the lights. Her shift at the bakery was going to start in ten minutes, and she lived about three blocks away. The sun wasn't exactly setting yet, but it was pretty close. She exited the building and took a right, walking down the rough side walk. It was broken in some places, and the street was pretty much empty. It was a forgotten part of town, but at least it wasn't a bad part. She'd moved there about two years ago, after college.

The air wasn't necessarily cold, nor hot really. She was comfortable in her jacket, and there wasn't any wind. As she came closer to town, more cars could be seen and heard, and people bustled around, it was around rush hour wasn't it? Being herself, she blended in well. Just another pedestrian, she made her way to the bakery. Once she'd reached the little shop, even outside she could smell the sweet warm goods. She strolled around back, and entered through the back door.

There she took off her jacket and tossed it on the resting bench for the employees. Looking at the clock, she realized she was about three minutes late. Which wasn't a huge deal, but it was always better to be prompt. She quickly threw her apron over her head, and tied the strings on the back as she walked towards the main area. She passed Cassiel on her way, she gave her a small wave, and a quick, almost a half smile. Her eyes always widen, maybe even brighten a bit, when she gives attention to something. December isn't the type of person who naturally smiles, and when she does smile, it's hard to read. She's well aware of her facial expressions, and only smiles when she wants to, or she's truly happy. She knows that a smile can give too much away, so she tends to keep her smiles under wraps.. But at least it was something, and Cassiel probably figured that out about her already.

She casually strolled into the main area of the bakery. She took one of the pads of paper and a pencil to start working. The other waiters were starting to leave, and she stood waiting for her spot to be finished with, not wanting to get in anyone's way. She leaned against the counter, twirling her dark hair with her pencil. Her dull green eyes scanned the room, the regular customers milled about, but two new ones she spotted almost instantly. One gorgeous girl, with long pink hair. Just her presence seemed to attract the eyes of many, mostly men. Which was understandable, the girl looked like some sort of model. The other was a man, who seemed more reserved. She couldn't decide whether he looked dangerous, or just intimidating. Either way, she was intrigued by the two.

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Cassiel watched as customers came and went, like a colony of worker ants grabbing the sweets and taking them back to their hives. She greeted December as she came in and noticed the twitch of her mouth, her way of smiling as Cassiel always remembered. She returned December’s smile and continued on her way of processing orders. It wasn’t an easy job, loading the orders into the computers, making sure all the necessary ingredients were available, and testing each batch to make sure it was suitable to the requester’s tastes. She was currently working on an order for a couple who were getting married in two month’s time. It was to be a strawberry cake with a marbling of red velvet cake and chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting. She never understood the meaning behind weddings and didn’t care much for them, but even so, she wanted to make sure her clients were satisfied.

“Hm, so this goes here,” she began before the jingles of the bell moving signaled customers arriving. She glanced to spot a woman with abnormal pink hair and was quite beautiful to say the least. The stares of the other customers (mainly the males) justified that. She began to browse the bakery and Cassiel left her to the hands of her employee’s. Before she could return her attention back to the order at hand, another man appeared; this one seemed a bit more reserved and uninterested in the pastries at hand. If she had to guess, he seemed more irritated than anything. She watched as he set up in a table and began reading a newspaper. Odd fellow, she thought as she glanced towards the door. She spotted a young woman having some difficulty opening the door, and she was almost inclined to go help her when the black haired woman finally opened it. These were new customers. She’d never seen them before that was for sure.

Not more than a few seconds later, Nickolas showed up seemingly distraught by something. He stood nervously by the front door and made his way to the back. Cassiel acknowledged him and went back to what she was doing. She heard Daniel’s voice a few minutes later, and before she could respond, he was in the back asking Nickolas to do some things for him. She chuckled to herself and placed the note tablet down on the counter and made her way around to make herself useful with the inflow of new customers. She spotted the black haired woman (who had trouble opening the door) sitting down at a table to the back and noticed how…frustrated she seemed. She grabbed a small tablet and made her way towards the woman. She hadn't noticed a purple haired woman walk in.

“Hi, welcome to Delilah’s Gourmet! My name is Cassiel and I will be glad to be your waitress today. Can I get you something? Perhaps start you off with our famous in-house strawberry shortcake?” she asked, smiling all the while.

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#, as written by Runika
Her attention was caught by another scent, a familiar one this time belonging to one of the Coven. Ephraim was nearby. She wondered if he was going on a run again. Lydia chuckled at the thought. His need to do something was she found cute; just one of the many things that no one else in the world would ever agree with. Her easily amused personality was something that many did not understand. Except maybe Virgil that is. Speaking of the vampire, she hadn't seen him since the day before due to her personal outings. The little bakery was just darling, and she just had to tell him later. She could always contact him using her phone, but there was not any rush. She could still smell Ephraim's scent in the area, and she would have ignored it if she had not realized he was coming closer.

That’s strange, pastries do not suit Ephraim well at all, she thought to herself.

When she heard the jangling of the door bells, it was confirmed that Ephraim had entered the bakery. How cute, the nonchalant leader sitting in the midst of a colorful confectionery. Well, he obviously was not there to lecture her to give her any news, so she continued browsing the delicious treats. The vampire tried to search for something that was not too sweet. Although she liked them, she did not have a sweet tooth. Just enough sugar would suffice. Anything more and her taste buds would sense it as ‘much too much’. For some reason humans just loved to indulge themselves in whatever would kill them; her included. She felt the eyes of men on her, and hid her smile. Lydia prolonged her browsing, just to have the glory of being admired for just a bit longer. After what felt like a long time, she finally settled for a fudge cupcake topped with pink frosting. Of course, she made sure it also had a cherry on top.

Just when she was about to call for some service, another scent had sneaked its way into the bakery. A different one from the first, but it was just as pleasing of an aroma. A conclusion finally came to her. Humans. It had to be a human’s scent. It was not the smell of the fluffy bread or frosting, it was the scent of humans. Strange enough was that it was not one, but two different scents. She had heard of humans with enticing scents, but never had she encountered such scents. How coincidental that she found two in one day. Lydia allowed her head to turn towards the direction that her nose was guiding her. She did not see anyone. It seemed to be coming from the back of the bakery. With a disappointed sigh, her eyes wandered the bakery for the other source. They set upon a woman with long orange hair.

What a beautiful hair color, almost as lovely as mine, she thought as she looked at her.

The woman worked at the bakery, which was obvious with her adornment of an apron. Lydia was trapped between the decision to speak to her, or ignore her scent completely. She had no reason to not speak to her, and was on the verge of stepping towards the woman when the second scent entered the room. The pink head stopped and searched for the source. It was another woman, one with long dark hair. If not for her scent she would have paid her no heed. She was dressed in grey, the drabbest of colors, and to top it off the hoodie hid her figure. Now, why would any woman want to hide that? Well since she was already smelling her, she took her time analyzing the person. Lydia was sure the girl had curves, judging by the way her hips were shaped. Under her top she was probably hiding a nice body shape. What a shame. Although the girl looked plain, if she became Lydia's doll, she could easily become a work of art. Her tongue ran over her lips, the scent of the two were so tempting. Thank goodness she had already eaten.

New scent. Shoot. So many scents were interrupting her thoughts today. This time, it was Abigail. Oh? The young'un was at the bakery as well? Lydia turned around just in time to see the poor young vampire run straight into the glass door. Lydia's hand covered her mouth as she let out an audible chuckle. Oh, the little one was just adorable. She watched Abigail walk in, but then refocused her attention on the delightful aromas.

New scent. Damn it all, she felt like a dog. One that would stop and sniff the air every time it caught whiff of something. This time, it was a boy. He rushed into the bakery and straight to the back. So, that makes three scents in one day. Did working at the bakery give them this scent? Not all the employees had their own strong unique aroma, so she guessed not.

New scent. Okay, this was starting to get annoying. Was her nose malfunctioning? There could not have been this many enticing aromas coming from humans in just one store right? Another boy. Seemingly with a younger brother. The younger brother did not carry the same scent, so it wasn't genetic. River Lake just got interesting. The boy walked over to where Ephraim was seated, seemingly requesting to take his order.

Of course, another scent. It appeared Arya had decided to join in. Their scents were so strong, she didn't blame them. All they were missing was Morgan and dear ol' Virgil.

She would join her coven later, for now she really needed that little snack. Her head turned back to the dark-haired girl in grey clothing. Putting on a sweet smile, Lydia walked towards her, her heels clicking against the floor boards. What a nice scent. If only the girl were actually a doll, she could bring her home to bed and snuggle with her all night. Then again, a doll didn't provide much of a meal. Or fun for that matter, she thought.

"Good evening Miss, could I get that cupcake over there?" She asked, pointing at the pink-frosted cupcake she so dearly craved.

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December Rush

December leaned against the counter, watching more and more begin to file in. Another new looking costumer came it, with dark hair and bright blue-grey looking eyes. She had trouble with door, and seemed frustrated when she sat down. Nickolas came in next, looking at bit bewildered, or maybe he was just paranoid. This wasn't surprising, the boy was a bit jumpy, worrying about everything too much. Daniel came next, and quickly got to work, taking the stern looking man's order. December then felt slightly guilty, mostly because of the fact there were more than a few people here, and she was relaxing. Another female came in, also new.. It was a weird night, but she wasn't exactly complaining. It was somewhat refreshing to see new faces. Deciding she might as well go make herself useful, she was about to go take the angry girl's order, knowing there wouldn't be too much conversation.
It wasn't that she didn't like conversation, she just found that she wasn't the best at making it. Keeping it sometimes even, because she found herself a bit boring to talk to. It didn't matter though, because Cassiel came and walked over to the girl.

She bit her lower lip, and tapped her pen against the counter. So much for that. Again, this was probably better because Dess might've been the worst sales person in the world. She wasn't much for convincing people, and being slightly stubborn herself, she hated to try and sway other's opinions. Mostly she was carefree, but she was mainly against being too extravagant. And at that moment, the definition of the word seemed to be heading in her direction.

Her sweet smile, spread across her pink lips. She could hear the girl's shoes click against the floor.
Randomly, December wondered if they'd scuff the floor.
Her attention going back to the girl, she couldn't help but notice she was giving her a weird look. A mix between being friendly, flirty, and she got this weird feeling the girl looked hungry. She couldn't tell if it was for the food or for her. She was probably being crazy though, Nickolas must've rubbed off on her getting all worried. Either way, there the perfect pink haired barbie doll stood before her, and greeted the much plainer looking, December.

"Good evening Miss, could I get that cupcake over there?" asked the girl, or woman you could say, her curves proved that.
It was a delicately pink frosted cupcake, she should've guessed. Well, at least it wasn't her.

Up closer she could see the woman's eyes clearer, which were a mix of lovely blues. Even compared to the rare green eyes Dess had, they were dull to the lovely blue. She blinked, realizing she was supposed to be helping the barbie.
"Of course." She said, motioning the girl over to the register. December shuffled behind the counter now, and carefully took the cupcake from the glass display area. "For here or to go?" she asked simply, looking her in the eyes.

The girl who had trouble opening the door then approached one of the other staff members, asking where her cake was. Didn't she come in almost eight minutes ago? She wondered, but returned her gaze to the pink one.

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Cassiel Fenix

”Alright, I shall get that for you right away,” Cassiel replied as she wrote down the woman’s order and left to retrieve the pastry. As she did so, she noticed the case was empty and frowned. It was supposed to be filled with the strawberry shortcakes. She sighed and lowered her shoulders. This was not going to bode well with the customer so she needed to make more. First thing was first: apologize to the customer. She quickly made her way back to the black haired girl and noticed she was already up, demanding where her cake was. Cassiel frowned a bit; she didn’t want to have to deal with someone so…impatient. Gathering her composure, Cassiel forced a smile and walked up to the woman.

“I am terribly sorry ma’am, but it seems we are out of our in-house strawberry shortcakes. I can, however, make you one if you so wish. It will take about twenty to thirty minutes to bake. If you’d rather try something else, I’d be glad to give you another pastry, on the house to make up for the shortcake,” she spoke to the woman, keeping a calm tone as if she were speaking to an elderly adult. She didn’t want things to get out of hand and she would prefer not to cause a scene. Kicking someone out of her bakery was not something Cassiel wanted to do and hated doing. “If you’ll excuse me, I will go start on that shortcake. Just find whatever catches your fancy and I will return shortly with your cake,” she concluded before leaving. She made her way to the kitchen area and began to grab the necessary items to make the shortcake. After a good twenty-five minutes, she proceeded to top of the cake with light cream and strawberries to finish her dish. She let it cool for five more minutes before making her way back out.

“Sorry about that ma’am, but I do hope you enjoy this. This one is on the house as well as an apology,” Cassiel stated, placing the plate down in front of the woman. She didn’t stay for a reply and left to the counter, checking on her employee’s to make sure they were doing okay. Harriet had yet to show up and she was growing a bit worried about the girl. She hoped nothing major happened on her way to work. She pushed the thoughts aside and noticed she was running low on sugar. She cursed beneath her breath and pulled off her apron. She pulled her blue jacket back on and headed towards the front, wallet in hand. She passed by Nickolas on her way out and stopped in front of him, noticing his solemn look. Well, she couldn’t have that now could she?

“Hey Nick, do me a favor will you? Can you watch the bakery for a bit? I need to go get sugar. We are running low and I need to finish the wedding cake,” she stated as she left for the door, not giving him time to respond. He was always good at managing the bakery when she needed to leave. She passed December and gave her a quick glance, noticing she was attending to the pink haired beauty. “Hey Dess, I’ll be back,” she began as she rummaged through her wallet, “I need to get sugar and I left Nick in charge. Make sure he doesn’t get in over his head will ya?” she stated and finally proceeded throughout the door. The store she usually received her items from was at least a thirty minute walk. Any sane person would have driven, however; Cassiel does not own a car. She’s been terrified to drive after the accident and has only ever walked to work and back. She didn’t mind so much and began to hum a light tune, enjoying the summer breeze as it passed by.

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#, as written by Runika
“To go, thanks dear.” She replied.

Green eyes met her blue ones, and she found herself staring at them. Ah, green eyes. How lovely, she thought. That bit of green gave a bit of colour to her drab outfit. She wouldn't mind staring into those pretty eyes while having another type of fun. Although Lydia wanted to stay and find out more about the intriguing scents, she was one of the youngest, and in being one, she knew that Ephraim was still worried about her self control. Never wanting to give Ephraim a reason to exclude her from the Coven, she took extra care that she abided by the rules. The bakery was just too much of a temptation for now.

What a pity, perhaps I will come by another time to visit.

The woman with orange hair passed behind the one who was attending her, and she relished in her scent as she passed by. Really, these scents were out of this world. She didn't mean to eavesdrop, but it's not like the two were whispering to begin with. So, she goes by Dess? When the dark haired girl in front of her, Dess, turned her head to the side, Lydia licked her lips subtly. The small motion had the woman’s neck exposed, and it was just so tempting. The vampire found herself leaning forward, her hand reaching out towards the exposed piece of pale flesh. She could already imagine herself sinking her fangs into the pulsing artery.

Only when the woman turned back to face her did Lydia’s eyes dart back to the girl’s green ones. Realizing her blunder, Lydia smiled sweetly, her arm continuing to extend and softly brushed her dark hair behind her ear. Poor girl, she must have been so confused. Well, at least it was someone as beautiful as her rather than a creepy dirty homeless man off the street. In fact, the woman was rather lucky to have someone as stunning as Lydia touch her.

“My apologies, I was just thinking that your hair looked so very soft.” She said with a chuckle.

Lydia took the cupcake from the woman and left her a ten dollar bill. The remainder was intended for the woman as a tip. The vampire let out a small sigh of relief; she didn't end up devouring the woman.

Now, now Lydia, you mustn't disappoint. She told herself.

She had noticed that Abigail was throwing a bit of a tantrum, but had seemed to calm down once she had received her cake. Strangely, the young one came over to the counter. Lydia looked at her curiously, but shrugged. Whether or not Abigail could handle herself was up to her, but she herself was not going to risk her sanity in this shop of temptations. Lydia turned on her heel, and as she passed by Abigail she leaned in quickly to give a small peck on the girl’s cheek; just another act of affection that she knew drove the girl crazy. Without giving the young vampire time to react, Lydia headed straight for the table where Ephraim and Arya were seated.

“I’ll be heading out now.” She said to them sweetly.

Really, the goodbye bidding was just an excuse for her next action. The pink haired vampire sneaked her way beside their leader and repeated her same small act of affection on his cheek; which she knew he found just as lovable as Virgil.

It wasn’t until she retreated from the little kiss before the scent of the waiter caught her senses. She was so very glad her Coven was here. It pressured her more to not mess up. Taking a quick look at the male she gave him a flirty smile as she stood next to him. He was taller than her, a trait she liked in men. Her hand caressed his cheek and lightly tugged his face lower.

"Would you like a kiss as well, darling?" She said with a sweet voice.

It wasn't a question she was waiting to have answered; she leaned in and placed her soft lips on his cheek - that was all she was going to do in front of Ephraim. He must already be mentally rolling his eyes. Mmm, they all smell so delightful. If only I could taste them. Lydia smiled and patted the boy's cheek.

"Ta ta now." She said before her heels took her out the door. Once outside, she bit into the delicious cupcake, licking the frosting off her lips.

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Daniel Chase Parker

"White Ivory and reguar black," he repeated habitully, as he finished writing down their orders, not noticing (or caring, it was impossible to tell which) that the woman had glared at him, "I will return with your orders shortly."

As he was about to leave when a beautiful pink-haired woman sat down next to the dark man, making him pause a moment to see if she was going to order something. But then she kissed the man good-bye, who glared back at her for her efforts, making him think that she was either an ex-girlfriend that couldn't let go or an affectionate sister. Again he was about to leave when he felt her hand on his cheek as she said with a sweetly, "Would you like a kiss as well, darling?"

Her sweetness and obvious flirting through him off guard and immediatly had him on edge, flirty girls usually had something up their sleeves when it came to him, either she wanted something from the dark man or shee was trying to prove some useless point like how she could have whoever she wanted at her fingertips in a snap. Without waiting for a reaponse she pulled his face down to her level and kissed his cheek before she disappeared, making him blush bright enough to be visible. "Crazy bitch," Daniel muttered under his breath, as he was finally able to walk away, it wasn't that he thought she was crazy or a bitch, just that he had no idea how else to react.

As he made his way back to the kitchen he passed by his brother who was snickering at his predicament so he smacked him over the head as he walked by. "Shut it Brian, or I'll shut you in the cooler again," he hissed in warning and the snickers immediatly ceased as his brother instead glared at him as he clutched his head.

In the back Daniel quickly brewed the requested tea then poured the coffee. Taking one in each hand he made his way back to the front and presented the two with their drinks. "If there is anything else you need, please feel free to let me know," he informed them as he then made his rounds in his section.

He wrote down orders and filled them, the previous waiter having left by then, letting him take over. When he finished he then went to his brother's table to help him with his homework, taking the seat that was facing his section. He basically watched as Brian tried to work out the problems for himself and when he would get stuck Daniel stepped in and explained it to him, sometimes having to explain it two or three different ways before he got it. It didn't matter to him though, he was paient enough to handle it and he knew that math just wasn't his subject, Brian was more of a music sort of guy. The kid was great on the keyboards and he even wrote all of his band's songs, but the other members weren't so good (though that just might be his biase opinion) and he wondered just how far that they could go.

Occasionally he would get up to mind his tables, clean them offf, take/fill new orders, refill drinks, etc. but he always went back to his brother to help him with his work. After an hour the homework was done and they both got up and headed to the door, on the way there he spotted Dess at the counter. "Would you cover for me for a bit, December? I need a smoke," he explained as he walked out ciggerette already in hand, he always did this after a tutoring session.

Once outside they quickly parted ways, both waving to one another as Brian left on his bike and he himself went a it further down the street to light his cig. Inhaling the toxins he held his breath, letting them settle in his system a bit before blowing them out through his nose, it stung a bit but it was a good sting.

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December was about to say the price when Cassiel called her, asking her to watch over Nickolas, watching over the bakery. She agreed to doing it, and Cassiel left. Turning back to the barbie she found the girls hand coming closer to her face. Extremely confused, but not really showing it, she just stood there as the woman swept a piece of her behind her ear. Though she didn't complain then, she hated the feeling of that in general. She continued to stare at the pink one, wondering if she was slightly insane or something.

“My apologies, I was just thinking that your hair looked so very soft.” she said, laughing a bit.

Dess replied with a subtle 'yeah' or 'okay' it was too quiet to be heard or cared for, and she didn't seem to notice. Leaving a ten dollar bill on the counter, she walked over to the other table of newcomers. So they all know eachother.. she thought. Sort of weird. She observed them, trying not to stare, as the girl kissed the dark one's cheek. Well she never would've expected that couple if they were one. But his facial expression towards her led Dess to believe that they weren't together like that. Next she kissed Daniel on the cheek, which almost made her laugh. That's when the woman left.

She decided to get a rag and wipe of the counters, which she was about to start doing when Daniel approached her.
"Would you cover for me for a bit, December? I need a smoke,"
She nodded, and he went outside. Instead of taking her time like she'd planned, she swiftly wiped the counter and took a pad of paper to write down orders in case anyone else wanted to get something. It seemed Daniel's tables were all satisfied, and would only need the check if anything. She kept her attention on the bakery, having to watch Cassiel's, Nickolas's, and Daniel's shifts. Hopefully Nickolas would be able to take care of himself.

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#, as written by Ion

Ephraim accepted the coffee with a curt nod, sipping some and deeming it more than acceptable, considering their present location. It was not, of course, the kind he’d had back in Rome, but much better than what you found in most American towns of this size.

The bell jingled again, signaling the arrival of yet another coven member, though as usual, the smell preceded the sight. Marius was perhaps the person Ephraim found it easiest to get along with, mostly for his obvious intelligence and tendency not to say annoying and unnecessary things. He did not acknowledge his presence, however, as things would really start looking suspicious if they added yet more people to the mysterious group of newcomers who all seemed to know each other.

It was still a little crowded for his tastes, besides, and he finished his coffee and newspaper rather more quickly than he would have ordinarily preferred. Just as he was about to signal his waiter for the check, the man walked out, presumably for a break or whatever else they did. A short while later, faint traces of cigarette smoke reached him. A habit Morgan shared, he knew, though why the idle thought came to him was not something he bothered to dwell upon.

Without the same person to flag down, Ephraim decided he might as well approach the counter. “I’m headed out,” he told Arya, more out of sheer habit than any desire to be polite or informative. Generally, he kept his words to what needed to be said, but at some point in the long-distant past, he’d had manners and known how to use them. That time was very far away now, but it surfaced every once in a while with the members of his little family.

The counter area was presently staffed by a young woman, apparently one of the reasons the place smelled so nice. She was dark of hair and green of eye, swathed in loose clothing. These were not things he noted out of interest, but simply from reflex. Forgetting a face, a walk, a tone of voice; these were things that Ephraim did not often do. He’d needed that skill once, too.

“I had a black coffee,” he told her, aureate irises meeting emerald for just long enough to suffice. He handed over the cost of the cup and a rather generous tip. “Split it with the waiter if you like.” He didn’t understand how people lived on the wage being in such a profession gave, and though he was not kind, he always tipped perhaps more than he should. This, he’d always justified, was so that he could blend in, and if he was to draw attention, it would be the kind that cast the opposite of suspicion upon his coven. That was the important thing, above all else.



It was an interesting sort of name, Virgil mused. It had one of those endings that one heard on the names of biblical angels: Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, if he were to tease his brother about it. And yet there was something about it that also sounded rather unforgivingly modern. Was there something to that, perhaps? Had her parents intended to convey that for all its syllables whispered of white feathers and golden lights and castles in the sky, there would be no fairy-tales and no rescuing of damsels to be had here? If so, it seemed quite the adroit sentiment, either that or she’d grown into it with time.

Whichever way it had happened, she seemed quite unconcerned with the danger of being out and about at night, perhaps a thought he would have agreed with, were he not one of those very dangers that lurked always in less-savory places. Clearly, she did not know of him. Nevertheless, he nodded politely, prepared to depart for the moment, when she continued. That brought a smile to his face, rather genuine this time. He may not think much of humans, but there was something to be said for the company of the aesthetically pleasing.

There was certainly no denying that she was that. He’d never come across such a hair color before, and considering his lifespan, that was saying something. Beauty in its conventional forms tended to grow dull after a time, and the prospect of something new was always of interest to Virgil.

“I’d be honored,” he replied humbly, falling into step next to her. “And it be not rude in smallest measure. Virgil is my more official appellation, though of course those as lovely as yourself are free to shorten or alter it as they choose.” The comment was too matter-of-fact to really appear to be a come-on, as though he were remarking about the weather rather than anything more complicated to discern. “May I inquire as to our destination?”