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Valkyrie Hale

Don't come near me, I'm bad for health.

0 · 305 views · located in America

a character in “Blood Feud”, as played by SizzlerZ


Valkyrie Hale:
  • Real name Cindy, no one is aware of this name except for her as she was named after her grandmother, Cindy doesn't want to keep any ties to her family.




Coven Hereen

172cm (approximately)

55Kg (approximaitely)

Eye Color:
Brown - Hazel

Hair Color/Style:
Dark brown hair, layered brown hair, her hair reaches about 15cms below her shoulders.

Skin Color/Complexion:

Valkyrie prefers not to wear much make-up or jewellery. She doesn't give much attention to what she wears or how she looks, she usually dresses and presents herself in a manner that she personally likes, not the kind that the average kind would. The 24 year old wears sports shoes or converse shoes as she doesn't like to be the 'girly' style.


Valkyrie is the type of person that shows everyone that she is strong, powerful and stuck-up but the reality is she is not, she is truly the complete opposite inside. She tries her hardest to be bad, egoistic and the 'b****' type and mostly succeeds but there are times where her good self defeats her evil side. The reason behind the strong personality that she tries to show people is that during her childhood she was used in the worst of ways and believed that the only way to earn your true spot in the world is to be strong and to never bend your ego.

Valkyrie is the kind that wouldn't take insults lightly, she is also not the kind to just forget what is said by others. Her reaction towards insults whether direct or indirect are in a very sneaky way, she would either show that she does not care at first and take revenge in a smart and well thought out way or to come up with an insulting comeback at the time. She also enjoys humiliating others in crowds as she believes it shows them their true place.

Weapons (if any):
Always carries a knife around with her for self protection, it is either strapped around her thigh between her thigh and her pants or it's tucked in the back of her pants behind a jacket or tshirt. It is a small knife with a case so she is not able to turn herself with the knife.


Diluted bloodline power, enhanced strength, dexterity, and speed equal to highly trained athletes, exceptional sense of smell. Moderate regeneration.

Valkyrie has a sharp memory, this is carried on from the human form to the vampire form. She mostly remembers faces really well and is very good at recognising and putting faces and names together.

Carried Possessions:
Valkyrie always carries around this locket, she never wears it and every time she thinks of it she wants to throw it away, however there is something that always stops her, it belonged to her mother and she always remembers it and takes it when she is lonely or in some sort of complication.


Valkyrie is newly entered in the coven. She felt that she needed to go in the coven lead by a women as she felt that she would be able to achieve a lot more if there was someone that understood that men did not dominate.

Reason to be accepted into coven[b]

Valkyrie also showed her talent with knives, she showed how her aim is up to mark, her weaponry knowledge and techniques is something that impressed some and some just got a bit to jealous...
The 24 year old decided to be very stuck up during the interviews, she acted like a 'smart-ass'. This egoistic and cheeky behaviour did tip off quite a few of the other vampires but there was one that realised that her egoistic attitude could be something that would help their coven a lot.
The main thing that made her stand out towards the end was that she had converted the thoughts of many from why she should be accepted to why should she commit herself to this coven. She showed them she possessed all the qualities that every member of a coven should; intelligence, good defence, great weaponry and combat knowledge, an egoistic attitude meaning she wouldn't bend her ego for the opposite covens is she was to inherit the covens value.



Valkyrie has a Russian background, she was very young when her mother died around the age of 7. She lived with her father but her father never gave her that love, care and attention that every child needs. After a few years she discovered a truth that almost shattered her, her uncle that she loved and cared for so much murdered her mother, she found out that her uncle raped her mother, when her mother tried to go to her father, her uncle saw no option but to kill her. She went to her father to reveal the truth but he didn't believe her, instead he punished her for creating such conspiracies. Valkyrie's greedy uncle killed her father for his money and property, during the murder, Valkyrie escaped and left behind everything; later she found out that her death was faked and she no longer existed. Scared and alone, she was kidnapped by a man who was poor and in very bad condition, he forced her to get money for him in some very disgusting ways, luckily she escaped him after a while and learnt that the world was filled with evil and that the only way to live in the world was to live strong with never bending down to anyone or anything. This is where she gets her strong personality. She doesn't want to keep any threads to her old life so she changed her name, he look, her personality, he everything.

After changing herself completely, Valkyrie strolled as a homeless and orphaned child around the streets until one day she sneaked into a ship that exported goods, it was a trip filled with struggle but she survived and came out in the unknown country America, she later explored the streets of the unknown, new city she was and was later found by a kind man who took her to an orphanage. Young Valkyrie settled in the orphanage and was adopted by a family, the family gave her a lot of love and care but she believed it to be fake as of her past experiences. At the age of 19 she faked her death and ran away to another city. She settled there with a job of a weapon designer or some usually refer to the occupation as a defence contractor.

So begins...

Valkyrie Hale's Story