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Atreus Athardan

The Outlaw Prince

0 · 538 views · located in Ismir

a character in “Blood in the Sand”, as played by Renegade Spectre



              THE BASICS
                    ▌Name ▬▬ atreus athardan
                    ▌Alias ▬▬ tre
                    ▌Role ▬▬ the rightful king of ismir
                    ▌Age ▬▬ twenty-seven
                    ▌Gender ▬▬ male
                    ▌Race ▬▬ human
                    ▌Orientation ▬▬ pansexual
                    ▌Allegiance ▬▬ the people of ismir
                    ▌Appearance ▬▬ tall, broad shouldered. purple black hair and amber eyes.
                    ▌Height ▬▬ six feet four inches
                    ▌Weight ▬▬ two hundred and twenty pounds
                    ▌Markings ▬▬ aside from a few scars, atreus is virtually unremarkable.

              THE INTERESTS
                    ▌Likes ▬▬ helping others, the ocean, sailing, sparring
                    ▌Dislikes ▬▬ disloyalty, liars, cruel people, undeserved drama
                    ▌Hobbies ▬▬ fishing, wood carving.

              THE POWERS
                    zephyros and notos ▬▬ twin scimitars imbued with wind magic.
                    ▌Fighting Style ▬▬ atreus is a finely skilled swordsman who prefers scimitars to anything else. while he has the ability to dual wield, most often he uses only one, unless the situation calls for it. he's an adaptive fighter; atreus uses his opponents cues to recognize their patterns before striking. although fast, his system of watching and waiting can be seen as a weakness for he may be slow to react.

                    atreus has knowledge in wind magic having studied at the college in arethusa but rarely uses it unless absolutely necessary, for his magic stores are nowhere near the level of his physical stamina.

                    ▌Cyclone ▬▬ creation and manipulation of cyclones.
                    ▌Storm Call ▬▬ the summoning and manipulation of a vicious windstorm; very draining.
                    ▌Gale Force ▬▬ ability to use magic to hasten one’s movements.
                    ▌Imbue ▬▬ ability to instill wind magic within a weapon.

                    ▌Public Speaking ▬▬ born with a natural charm, atreus can address a crowd no matter the size.
                    ▌Diplomacy ▬▬ atreus has a head for political games and intrigue. He can navigate testy waters between bickering sides and offer a fresh perspective.
                    ▌Woodworking ▬▬ one of the first hobbies atreus delved in was wood carving. He would make small creatures for both isador and talia, or jewelry for his mother.
                    ▌Sea Legs ▬▬ since birth, atreus was a water baby. His parents would take him sailing as a child and his love for the ocean was deep. He personally helped craft his own vessel, using his carving skills to make the figurehead; a mermaid.
                    ▌Swordsmanship ▬▬ because of his sheer size, atreus is quite strong. His skill with a blade is due to years of training and the best teachers that gold could buy.

              THE PERSONAL
                    ▌Kind Hearted ▬▬ atreus has a heart of gold. His mother raised him to be kind and gracious, and it was a lesson that always stayed with him. He is humble and easy going. Some see this as a weakness, but atreus has the love of his people.
                    ▌Humorous ▬▬ though he can be serious when necessary, atreus is rather comical. He enjoys cracking jokes and keeping things nice and easy. Oftentimes, he is called out for not taking things seriously.
                    ▌Brave ▬▬ with the heart of a lion, the prince has an unshakable will. He will defend what is his with ferocity and fervor.
                    ▌Impulsive ▬▬ oftentimes, atreus rushes into things without much planning. Or rather, he’ll often say that he will think of a plan as he goes along.

                    ▌History ▬▬ atreus was born to loving parents who doted on him from the second he was welcomed into the world. his father, king nylus, immediately named him heir just mere moments after his first breaths. by the time he was a toddler his training started in order to groom him into one day being king. his mother would often take him into the city with her so that he met his own people, for she believed that a king was only as strong as the happiness of his people. this would imprint on atreus, for as he got older, the more and more he wanted to help others. whether it was helping re-thatch a roof or standing waist deep in the surf pulling in fishing nets, atreus was a man of his people.

                    when isador was born, he was ecstatic. he always wanted a sibling and little brother was more than he could ask for. they were close as children; atreus would drag isador around everywhere, showing him all the hiding spaces he found or all the places they could slip out of the castle walls. when talia, their younger sister was born, things didn't change a bit. they'd dote on her and buy her things from the city until she was old enough to join them on their jaunts to the beach to catch ghost crabs. it wasn't until the war hit that things changed. atreus didn't have the free time to occupy his brother as he was summoned to the war room nearly every day. he studied strategy and technique for when he would hit his sixteenth birthday, he was to be sent to the front lines to observe first hand just how horrible war was.

                    when the time came, atreus was hardly ready. the stench that wafted through the battlefield was a scent he'd never forgot. nor would he forget the sounds of screaming soldiers as they lie dying, with nothing anyone could do. the war would end just after atreus' seventeenth birthday and with it, he came home a changed man.

                    on the home front, things were also different, especially with isador. it wasn't so much that his personality changed, but the dynamics of the relationship he had with his brother changed greatly. isador was more private and shut in, wanting little to do with atreus. he'd steal off into the city with friends and atreus passed it off as him wanting space. whatever it was, it continued for years.

                    though a horrible event, the death of their mother and unborn sibling briefly brought the brothers together. they spent some time, enjoying each other's company but...atreus knew something was off. he wouldn't realize that his brother wanted to take the kingdom from him until the very last moment, when isador would kill their father.

                    the days that passed after atreus fled from ismir were hard on him. he was so bright and cheerful but now he was aloof and determined to take back what was his. his first stop was ostia. the city state was free from isador’s grasp and was lead by a good friend of his; ivar karsh. there, he would find the help he needed to take back ismir.

              PLOT WISHLIST
                    ▌▬▬ - confrontation with the betrayer. give me gritty and emotional.
                    - comical scene with atreus being a dork, as per. ladies fawning over him, friends not letting him live it down.
                    - confrontation with isador, eventually.

So begins...

Atreus Athardan's Story