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Blood in the Soil, Lead in the Air

Blood in the Soil, Lead in the Air


A movement to have destroyed lands and broken nations recover from the destruction brought from war has taken momentum. People of many species and civilizations now come in peace to recover. Though your expectations are cut short.

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The Sol-Tyche system is fascinating. The Sun and it's colder little brother, Tyche orbit each other as massive bodies. Their gravity allowed for three planets to form, all unmoving relative to each other and close distance. Their distance from the sun was perfect, along with their comfortable atmospheres provided ideal conditions fit for civilizations to rise in. Three of them all developing with life and gaining many achievements, Humanity being the first to reach for space. The 1960's was met with a massive series of rockets launched into space, man making their first contact with humanity was viewed of as a sign of peace, a new era of exploration.

Meeting the alien civilizations, the reasons were sadly more Geopolitical than actual science. The United States wanted them as a personal Calvalry for World War III. The reason for was War as usual. This miracle of a star system was in no way perfect, as it was not immune to one of the greatest trials any civilization faced: war. Earth with it's two World Wars, Vilous with the Brutal Shigu Conquest, and Verdeckt with the many betrayals and extinctions. The United States wanted to use these alien civilizations as an ally in war, a belligerent. As Calvalry for NATO, to fly to Earth and destroy the remains of the Soviet Union, and repopulated the West.

One can be thankful that never happened. The fall of the Berlin Wall was already decades ago, and the Middle East accepting Western Ideals. Vilous was ready to partake in peaceful talks between North and South, and Verdeckt has been clean of bloodshed for the longest. This however, was all relative. In a great movement, the three cradles of civilizations regularly undergoes travel in between. Volunteers of many species seek to help lands tyrannized by war recover to a brighter future. Farming, renovating, restoring. But even to this day, war remains a constant fear.

You are standing on the very grounds of a Village that was once home to a forced labor camps. Felcrin, a beautiful Archipelago was once owned by the slave ran Albajaria. What is thought of as the last war in Verdeckt, some say still goes on as insurgency and terrorism undergone by the seemingly dissolved Coup consisting of the former owners of the slavelands. It has been years since their last attack, though many locals are in denial of their disbandment. Locals wait for the return of the Coup, and with the distant sound of rumbling engines and loudening gunfire, they dare wouldn't let them take it back. Armed with a well trained militia, enforced by military power and mercenaries, they will not allow them back. You wouldn't allow them back.

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No Godmodding: Your character can show great skill, however they may not be able to easily take on large groups of enemies head on. They must have vulnerabilities, advantages and disadvantages. Their moves has to be counterable to a degree.. This does not mean your character can be lethal.

No overpowered weapons: Realistic weapons are acceptable. This mean real life weapons are accepted, so as fictional weapons fitting to the timeline of such weapons. Outdated weapons are also accepted, such as bolt action rifles and swords are even accepted. Though swords have to be taken realistically. Lasers, Plasma weapons, Extremely powerful yet small machineguns, etc are not allowed.

No overpowered armor: No nano suits or graphene plates. No super alloys. No energy shields. Steel, Ceramics, and aramid fibers are accepted. Fictional yet competing armor are accepted. Having no armor is acceptable. Generally, you should not withstand several shots from a battle rifle.

No infighting: You may not play as a person in the Albajarian Coup. You must work with fellow characters to help the farming nation recover from war, and defend it when it comes.


These are preset species you can choose, you can be a dragon or whatever, but these make it easier, as they have a background, and help add depth when creating a character.

Humans: An athletic human with well rounded capabilities. Coming from a series of background, and quite diverse, what they may be armed with varies greatly. A nice gun, a sword, or a shovel, they establish a middleground for all species. Being from Earth, they would have the benefit of handling a variety of suiting equipment. Being from Earth, they make up a nice bulk of the volunteers.

Sergals: Sergals hail from the planet Vilous. They're defined by their canine qualities, shark like muzzles and rodent like feet (And their loveable fur). Their physique is well built, making them suitable for handling heavier equipment and ordnance. Their large size however costs a bit of maneuverability and concealment, and makes them a large marked target to shoot at. ... arison.jpg

Nevreans: Contrastingly small and diminutive, these Vilousian locals are bird like creatures marked by their vestigial wings and flamboyant feathers. They are much more smaller and frail, however much more dextrous and mobile. Though larger weapons are out of the question. They are great for getting up close and personal with the enemy, that being close quarters combat. ... fsheet.png

Synxes: Synxes are odd beings from the warmer spots of Verdeckt. Unnaturally white with a tubular and lanky form with two tentacled developed into false limbs. This makes them very concealable being capable of moving very slowly or not at all; They do however make sudden and extremely rapid movements, allowing them to attack before anyone knows it. With stealth on their side, they make great marksman or for those setting up a lethal ambush. ... daSynx.jpg

Azraelans: Tall, extremely athletic Azraelans are barely like birds in comparison to Nevreans. Their backwards bending, legs are packed with muscle, and their body when leaned over his highly aerodynamic, symbolized by their masking beak. They're built towards running great distances at great speeds. However they cannot turn as tight, and are restricted in bending paths. They're great for flanking the enemy by quickly getting to a spot, or circling and strafing them.

Required information: Additional information needed

Background: Role in area (i.e militia, mercenary, or Levneran military, etc.), the country you are from and such.
Equipment: Your choice of weapons and armor. You can have anything that isn't overpowered, and at least believable.
Species: See the above.

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The Island of Felcrin was little more than the size of Hawaii's big island, and being nearer to Verdeckt's equator, it was comparatively humid for a arming spot. The soil was fertile and wet, and the air was filled with the sound of people of sympathy. Up on the hill was a village that overlooked the valley where the crops were cultivated, and the odd alien cattle grazed. The Terra Cotta walls contrasted greatly with the stamped steel camper vans that housed the new youth that was keen in the interest of this village. From the top, one could see the old craters of powder filled cannon balls that detonated in the valley, where many have charged and fought. Kings have degenerated to bickering thugs. Old bunkers and abandoned houses left in ruin. It was a slaveland where the poor now strive, but the scars of the miserable days still fill the land with it's painful imagery.

Some of them were just nice adults. Others were young teenagers looking for something to shove into their resume. The modern world was like that. Many species from the two other planets, mostly from earth walked into the scene for a hard day's work of renovating, refurbishing, and cultivation. Dominik was one such being. His perfectly grey form and face masking beak signified a tired but confident outlook as he stood affront the doorpost of his camper. Putting on some thick boots he makes his way to an old man's shed, a fellow, yet local Azraelan. Dominik did his best to speak Albajarian-Levneranian Creole, he chuckled as he walked towards the shot up thing with newfound optimism, toolbag weighing down his arms.

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Jason stared into the rain as he stood under his umbrella. A girl stood across the gravel road, being rained on, having no umbrella or anything to stand under. He walked over so she could stand under his umbrella. "So, what is your name?" Jason asked. "I'm Savi," She replied. "Yours?" "Jason," he said. They stood there in the rain, under his umbrella.

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Character Portrait: Dominik Meissner
Character Portrait: Jason
Character Portrait: Savi


Character Portrait: Savi

Honest, Savi often tells the truth when she doesn't feel like it.

Character Portrait: Jason

Loyal, Jason will do anything to protect his friends, even if it means him dying.

Character Portrait: Dominik Meissner
Dominik Meissner

Hails from Earth as a test tube born Alien. He leads a life of warfare starting in his homeland's military, then traveling to other nations.


Character Portrait: Dominik Meissner
Dominik Meissner

Hails from Earth as a test tube born Alien. He leads a life of warfare starting in his homeland's military, then traveling to other nations.

Character Portrait: Savi

Honest, Savi often tells the truth when she doesn't feel like it.

Character Portrait: Jason

Loyal, Jason will do anything to protect his friends, even if it means him dying.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jason

Loyal, Jason will do anything to protect his friends, even if it means him dying.

Character Portrait: Dominik Meissner
Dominik Meissner

Hails from Earth as a test tube born Alien. He leads a life of warfare starting in his homeland's military, then traveling to other nations.

Character Portrait: Savi

Honest, Savi often tells the truth when she doesn't feel like it.

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The image link for the Azraelans doesn't work.
I am very interested in this story but, because of that love of creativity, I've found myself stretched thin at the moment so it depends on if I can accommodate another. XP
I'm seriously thinking of making a Northern Sergal character. Those guys look like they could be pretty badass with the right armor and weapon style.

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