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Akaryuu Kemp

"Well? What d'you want?"

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a character in “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”, as played by Alle9009



Akaryuu Kemp

The Crimson Dragon, Mr K, Ryu.

23 years old

Supervisor. He's a hunter.



Height and weight:
171cm and 67kg

red, and although it looks spiky it's in a short ponytail too.

Blue, but he wears hazel contacts.

collared shirts and trousers, preppy, casual.

Face claim:

He's speedy and durable, but he's not stronger than vampires, so he uses his brains in a fight. Doesn't like his blue eyes, hence the contacts.



  • reading
  • street food
  • peace
  • ramen
  • math
  • disruption of peace
  • alcohol
  • unreasonable people
  • rogue vampires and hunters
  • fish eyes

Reading, parkour, drawing

Clowns, his dad, a vampire drinking his blood when he's unwilling. He doesn't mind so long as they ask him first, or if he has a choice.

He's a laid back, stoic young man who's easily irritated and very hardworking. He grouches a lot and likes to tease people by being deadpan sometimes, but is actually very optimistic. He seems unenthusiastic by most things, but can grow passionate as he warms up to it and be very determined. He's got a gray view point in that he listens to both sides of the story and think about things before coming to a decision, and he's very reasonable and trustworthy. He's fast to offer help if needed, but if they don't need it he'll back off. He's also very perceptive.



Ryu wasn't really brought up in a good family. His mom (Japanese) left when he was little and his dad (not Japanese and had the same blue eyes and red hair) was a drunkard and violent when drunk, so by the time he was 12 Ryu had made for the hills with nothing but money he had saved up and some of his precious belongings. For a while, he lived on the streets and made a living by shoplifting and other things, until one day a vampire grabbed him during the middle of the night and tried to bite him. Naturally, Ryu freaked out and tried to push the guy off, but to no avail. Thankfully, before he was sucked dry a hunter saved him, and after making Ryu stay at his home because of his injuries they somehow ended up living together.

Ryu wanted to learn about vampires, so the old man (hazel eyes) taught him and made sure that he knew that not all vampires were bad. By the time he was 20, Ryu was in university a degree and was a pretty good hunter. Then one day, he was approached by a group of people who wanted him to teach vampires how to coexist with humans. They chose Ryu because he was young and could therefore relate it the students better. Ryu accepted, so they taught him what to do and when he was 21, they sent him to the academy under the reason of his bond to teach there.

So begins...

Akaryuu Kemp's Story


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Beep beep beep Yuki's alarm clock wailed. Letting out a sigh, she rolled over and turned off the alarm. It was already 7:30, which wasn't surprising considering how many times she had hit snooze.

After tossing her blankets onto the foot of the bed, she pulled herself onto her feet, and threw on her uniform. She really didn't want to be late, especially on the first day of the new school year. Yuki grabbed her binder off of the small desk that sat in the corner of her room, and tossed it in her bag, along with several pencils, pens, and a yellow notebook given to her by her parents before she left.

Yuki quietly slipped out of her room and down to the kitchen, trying her best not to wake anyone else up. She grabbed her water bottle, and filled it up, before throwing in her bag.
Reaching into the bowl of fruit sitting on the counter, she grabbed an apple and wiped it off on her shirt.

Picking up her bag and throwing it over her shoulder, Yuki left the building, and started the short walk to school, munching on her apple as she walked. By the time she got to school, the apple had been chewed down to it's core, so she tossed in the nearest trash can, before heading to check the board with the class lists on it. After finding her class, and looking through the rest of the names, she was really disappointed. Nobody she knew was in her class this year, at least that she knew well. There was a girl who was in her class last year, but they never really talked to each other, so it didn't make much of a difference. Yuki sighed and started to walk to her class, not really paying attention to where she was going. Suddenly she bumped into a person.


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"First years History, huh..." Ryuu muttered under his breath. He glanced at his watch, then at the large, white hallway rapidly emptying of teenagers, who were trying to find their classrooms. Ryuu could sympathise with them; they had only ten minutes left before the bell rang and he was kind of in the same boat himself.

Frowning at the timetable in his hand for what felt like the hundredth time, Ryuu scratched his head. The people in charge had apparently decided to give him a easy time since he was 'the new guy', but Ryuu still had to teach until... Recess? That was three periods away, followed by some others... Ok, that didn't seem too bad. The teachers had been instructed to take it easy for the first day to allow the students to reorient themselves in a school environment too, which would also give Ryuu time to get used to the school and how things worked around here.

By all accounts, Ryuu had probably gotten off easy. And in fact, he was getting an easy time of it....

Except that he couldn't find the damn classroom. Why the hell can't I find the floor maps?!

Sighing, Ryuu glanced at the nameplate of the classrooms. second years second years second years - ok, wrong level. Ugh sighing again, Ryuu shifted his grip on his bag and set off to find the classroom he needed.

Six minutes, three wrong turns and a few hallways later, Ryuu was glaring at the sign that exclaimed third years and resisting the urge to swear. The hallways were almost empty now that the bell was so close to ringing, only a few late comers running to enter their class before the teacher arrived. Lucky gits, at least they knew where they're classroom was. All Ryuu had found out was that he needed to get a map and memorise it as soon as he possibly could.

Ryuu sighed. Well, at least I found out the locations of some of my future classes. Looking around, Ryuu tried to decide on a student to ask. He didn't want to do this because the kid might be in his class and that would just be embarrassing, ok, but desperate time called for desperate measures.

That guy. reaching out, he hailed for the kid's attention. "Hey, excuse me," he asked politely, "do you know where-" Ryuu rattled off the classroom's number- "is?"

Zach hesitated (he was so late the teacher was gonna kill him), but he stopped and turned around. It was a teacher, after all. Coming to a stop, Zach frowned and tried to remember. "Er, turn left then right at class 3-A and go down the stairs and then -"

"Actually, just lead me there," Ryuu interrupted, holding a hand out to halt the boy. Too many directions, it was probably better to let the teen show him the way so that Ryuu wouldn't get even more lost. Seeing Zach hesitate, he added "I'll write you a hall pass to excuse you're tardiness, so don't worry about being late."

That decided it for Zach. "Follow me, sir!" He said cheerfully, and Ryuu complied.

Three minutes later, Ryuu strode through the first years classroom feeling somewhat winded and very, very glad that he wasn't late. He didn't want to set a bad example, after all. Walking towards the desk, Ryuu took out a pen and a piece of paper to scrawl the excuse on, the students gradually turning quiet as they realised that the teacher had arrived. Once he was done, he handed it to Zach, who took it with a grin and disappeared off to his classroom.

Ryuu rummaged through his bag again and pulled out a marker. He walked to the center of the class. Alright. Time for the real test. Don't mess up, self.

He wrote his name -Akaryuu Kemp- on the whiteboard in large, somewhat-scrawly handwriting. Facing the now quiet class, he pointed at it with the marker and took a breath. Here goes.

"Good morning." Ryuu said firmly. His voice rang throughout the classroom. "My name is Akaryuu Kemp, and I'm here to teach you guys History, starting from today. You all can call me Mr K, but you can never call me Mr Akaryuu. If you're a good kid who pays attention and wants to at least pass then we'll have no problems, but if you're someone who intends on disrupting my lessons and be, in general, a menace..." He looked at the students, showing no emotion other than slight boredom. "I'll make sure to make your life miserable. And on that note, it's time for attendance. Any questions you may have can be asked afterwards."

Pulling out a file and a pen, Ryuu started to call out names, ticking them off on paper as they raised their hands.


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Ryuu subtly checked the students reactions to the speech he had made, the slightly bored look on his face never changing. Most of them were only paying minimum attention to the speech he had made, but there were a few who were giving him their full attention or looking suitably cowed, along with those who just weren't paying attention. Ryuu made a note of them at the back his mind; those students might end up either troublesome or prove to be a good role model.

Of course, those were only first impressions. They might turn out to be different from what he had assumed in the long run. Still, Ryuu liked to guess and see if he was correct, it made life more fun and helped him practice his observation skills. I bet one dollar that the girl with long dark pigtails and glasses needs help sooner or later. Bet taken, self.

He did the same thing while Ryuu was taking attendance, examining the students without revealing that he was doing so. Huh, so her name's Ada... When a blonde haired boy yelled out here at the top of his lungs, Ryuu's bored, slightly sleepy expression didn't change. Alexander Penn... he ticked the box beside the kid's name. Might be trouble. Enthusiastic, that's for sure.

Attendance done, Ryuu began the lesson. "Take out your textbooks, please. Today's lesson..."

(And I leave it off here because I have no clue about teaching. Just take it as him doing a normal orientation lesson for first years. Sorry.)


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Alex pulled his textbook out of his bag, but he didn't bother opening it. He didn't see the point, in a few years he'd become a full fledged hunter, just like his parents, and his grandparents. It was highly unlikely that a vampire would ever ask him what the square root of 25 was. He had no idea why his parents sent his sister and him to school, maybe they saw the value of an actual education, or maybe they just wanted to see them act like normal kids. While the rest of the students listened to the lesson, Alex pulled out his pen and began clicking it, gaining dirty looks from people at the neighboring desks.

After what seemed like forever, the class was finally over. Alex grabbed his bag and swung it over his shoulder, before walking over to Yuki.

"Can I see your schedule?" He asked, after searching through her bag for a few moments, she pulled out a torn piece of paper with her classes written on it. After reading it Alex grinned. "Looks like you're stuck with me, I'm all your classes."

"Great" Yuki said giving him an awkward smile. Taking this as an invitation to continue, Alex grabbed her by the wrist and started to walk out into the hall.

"So Yuki, what's your favorite color? Mine's orange." Alex asked as he pulled her down the hall.

"I like yellow, I guess." She replied. "You know I can walk by myself, right?

"Come on, I know you like it" He smirked. "After all, you're living every girls dream, holding hands with me." After hearing this, a couple of girls who were walking by snickered at him, and he directed his attention to them. "I know you're jealous girls, but don't fear, there's enough of me to go around." Alex said draping his arm across one of the girls shoulders. Suddenly something hit him square in the face, it was nothing compared to injuries he had received on missions, but it had caught him off guard. It took him a minute to realize what had happened, the girl he had put his arm on had punched him. A few students had stopped in the hall and were now laughing at him, Yuki included, and after a few moments he joined in as well.

I guess Cass was right.


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Robin couldn't help but smile a bit when Abigail said she was glad they were once again classmates. That was one of those moments where the two of them agrreed. Soon after he let out a quick, quiet and snarky laugh at the cheating joke. At first he would usually sigh when he had to help Abby in some way. He still did, but not as often as before.

"Yep, we keep a tradition." The boy replied to the remark about how they were always late on the first day of school. "Let's break it next year, shall we?" He said. He yawned while his friend was dragging him towards the cvlassroom, but quickly pulled himself together. Once they reached the door, Robin opened it.

"Sorry for being late, teacher." He spoke quietly. "May we stay for the class?"

His eyes quckly landed on Zach. He remembered to give the greetings from...

"Miss Kanegata!"
Another teacher in one of the senior classrooms approached Mai.
"Pay attention in class! But in order for you to do that... you have to wake up, right?" he poked her head.
Mai groaned, got her head up and rubbed her eyes.
"Sorry, teacher. It will never happen again." she mumbled.
"If it doesn't happen till the end of the day, I'll give you a handshake!" the teacher replied. "Sinse it's the first day of school, I won't be very hard on you. However, you must stop, or you'll fall asleep on the exams! Not that you'll do much better awake. Unless you do this incredibly hard thing called studying. You'll have extra homework. You'll do an essay about the history of vampire mythology! Write that down! If you don't do it, I'll give you a red mark! I'm sorry, Miss Kanegata, but I think this is the only way I can get you interested in reading!"
"Excuse me, teacher!" a classmate called. "Can we start the lesson? We can't spend the whole class concentrating on Kanegata's studies!"
Mai calmly wrote down her assigment and opened her textbook like nothing happened.
"Fine. You're right. But you get extra homework too for involving yourself in teacher's job!"