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Adrian Rosenberg

That car? Trash? It's a damn treasure trove ... if you know where to look.

0 · 272 views · located in Post-Apocalypse

a character in “Blood Meridian”, as played by Asterisk


Name: Adrian Rosenberg

Age: 24

Blood type: AB+

Description: Adrian โ€” like his twin brother โ€” has light brown hair, which he keeps short whenever he can afford the time. He has prominent cheekbones as his face is proudly set. His eyes are a deep green with an orange-ish ring encircling the pupil โ€” a genetic trait received from his mother, which his brother lacks.

Standing at 6โ€™1โ€, Adrian has a solidly built body due to his active childhood and his past occupation as a mechanic. He has a tribal tattoo, which spans the length of his left arm.

Past Occupation: Adrian worked as a full-time mechanic while taking a part-time as a night club bouncer.

Current Occupation: A scavenger. Adrian travels alone โ€” on rarer occasions โ€” in the company of others as he travels from place to place looking for things or obtaining news to barter with at towns.

History: Born into a family of politicians within Washington D.C., he and his twin brother Zach, at an early age, were a handful of trouble for their parents. Neither wanted anything to do with a politicianโ€™s life for each had there ambitions set elsewhere.

While Zach chose to serve in the United States Marine Corps, Adrian pursued a civilian life. He went to college, got a mechanical engineering degree and went into the workforce thereafter. Though his career was in no way meager nor unfulling, he quit his job. He found an opening at a local mechanic shop and took up roots there. He also took a part-time at a night club as a bouncer. Having found out about this, his parents were quick to cut him off. It ruined their image he remembered them saying.

It was during a routine night when Adrian encountered the infection. He had heard about the miracle serum and how it cured a myriad of mental illnesses. Given he was โ€˜normalโ€™, he hadnโ€™t paid any mind to the updates. It was when he threw out a belligerent when the first infected came. The crazed eyes โ€” like a rabid dog โ€” permanently imprinted into his head.

Whatever happened after that remains an absolute blur. Years passed since the initial outbreak and the nuclear holocaust. Presently, Adrian wonders the eastern seaboard finding ways to survive, finding ways to cope with reality, and to try and find his brother.

So begins...

Adrian Rosenberg's Story