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Arrow Lillian Ford


General Information
Face Claim:Hailee Steinfeld (Use to be Christie Burke)
Romantic Interests: No One at the moment


Height:5'1 Ft
Weight: 110 Lb
Body Type: Dainty, slim but curvy.
Eye Color: A rich hazel Brown
Hair Color: Deep auburn, almost black
Identifiable Marks: She has a scar shaped like a J on her left hip from a freak accident as a child, she also has a tattoo of an Bow and Arrow on the insides of her forearms representing her and her older brother, She has a tattoo of a sun with a crescent moon in the inside and a sword going through both on her right hip.
Arrow is almost child like in size, but she is compact muscle. She doesn't look like much which has made people, both natural and changed, see her as nonthreatening or an easy target but years of martial arts has given her keen instincts and a rationality in a fight that gives in edge that her opponent didnt expect. She likes to observe people, giving them fun back stories and can often get lost in her own thoughts, which allows a soft child like smile to curl her full lips and her normally hawk like eyes will go dreamy. She isnt a common beauty, there is somthing to her that gives the sweet girl an edge that is a put of or a draw to males. Her style is mostly pale colored tops and a nice thick pair of jeans matched with a vintage leather jacket and combat boots, she doesnt vary from her normal very often and if she does its for an important reason.



Arrow is normally described as hyperactive, carefree, observant, rational, playful, and loyal but when angry shes described as destructive, mean, unkind, painful, and unfocused meaning her anger can and will be pushed on to anyone in her way. Shes very much like the wind, soft and gentle like a summer breeze or ferocious and disturbing like a hurricane or tornado when enraged.

She enjoys being around people and likes to say that with out them she would be lost, which is very much true, without them she is like a forlorn breeze dancing around until something blocks its path but with companions she is focused, and steady. She knows where she is going because they know and even if they dont she has a place to be and feels welcomed.

For all her good and bad traits being stubborn is probably one that is in middle ground because it might cause problems but in the long run it usually proves to have bases, some say she has a sixth sense and maybe she does but in truth she simply follows her gut and if something doesn't feel right shes going to refuse to do it and shes going to push her friends into not doing it as well.



Family: Her father was William Ford, he was 40 when he died in a car crash. Her mother was Virtue, she was 37 when she over dosed on antidepressants. Her older brother is Bow, he was 19 when he changed into something else.
Pets:She had a dog named Sandy and currently has a Lab great dane mix puppy that she had found named Wendy.
Friends: TBA

Arrow was born to her parents on a stormy night, the wind howled was her mother screamed and it calmed with Arrows first pitiful crys in her new world. The name Arrow wasnt even one they had been considering but sweet little Bow looked at his baby sister for the first time and said, "Shes going to be a fighter. Lets call her Arrow so she can always hit her target." and in such she was named Arrow. Bow was correct she was a fighter, she argued with teachers and she once punched a little boy in the nose for making a girl cry. That was just who she was. As she got older, she got wilder and her mother use to swear that she was just like the wind. It was as if the soul of the wind had entered her beautiful childs body, as she so kindly put it.

Outside of some normal childhood problems she was a good girl, and she hadnt had any difficulties in life until her father passed away. It was a horrific ten car pile up and the doctors said that he died on impact. They also said that it wouldnt have mattered any way because there would have been no way for the EMTs to get to him in time because of the fact he was the fourth car in the wreck. After that he mother started taking antidepressants, it wasnt long before her mother downed the whole bottle. Life got pretty hard after that and Arrow went into a rebellious stage, getting her tattoos and she would stay out at odd hours because her and Bows elderly great Aunt couldnt stop her if she tried. It was on one of these fateful nights that she was out at a party, she had already passed out in a bedroom when her brother was coming to find her. He didnt make it, he was one of the first people caught in the blood moon. When she woke up the next morning she found out from the few people walking on the streets what had happened. She returned to her Aunts home only to find gore everywhere and the lack of her brother.

Arrow has long sense believed that if she hadn't gone out one of two things would have happened, they would both be dead or they would both be alive. So in her mind, she is what doomed her brother. She doesnt know if he still lives in his changed state or not.



Rational thought in high stress situations.
Martial Arts.
Decent with throwing knives.
Pretty good at defusing tense situations (if she didnt cause them that is.)
She can make light of anything.
Wind/Rain/Lightning/Thunder storms dont scare her.
Likes fighting.

Thinks the best of everyone.
Is stubborn.
Is naive.
Is afraid of the dark.



Back Pack:
-Water Bottles
-Some Clothes
-A couple knives
-Her mother locket
-A picture of her Brother
-A flash light
-A book
-Narwhal stuff animal.

So begins...

Arrow Ford's Story


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Fire and blood.
That's most of what Alyssia could remember from that night. The fire, the fire in her veins, the fire that consumed her home, and her parent's bodies.
The fire that raged through her siblings and took their Humanity from them.
She didn't know how it happened. It just...Did. Eris was first, she recalled. Or was it Eris? Was it Blake? Alyssia just remembered them tearing her parents' bodies apart until they lay in pools of their blood, as red as the moon that shone through the window.

It had all been so quick, too.

She remembered running from them. The taunting voices, a hallucination and something real, echoing down hallways that shone red like blood in the moonlight. Escape had become an instinct at that time. She was no longer a predatory hunter.

She was the prey of her own brother and sister.

Then she remembered the fire that spread through her veins.

It burned her. All she could remember was the feeling of the charred veins beating through her like a drum. It was the sun that saved her. It felt like she was being burned at the stake for years, imprisoned in her own home, only the sun's rays saving her. It had came up like a beacon of hope, driving away the fire with cool rays. She'd felt the relief, and the missing presence of her siblings. They were gone. And she had to get away, too.

Alyssia opened her eyes, and looked around at the people below her. Jessamine and Arrow were still asleep, by the looks of things. The boys were too. Alyssia lay there for a moment. Had she heard something snap?

It was dark, so it was the most dangerous time. She drew her dagger from her belt, and just held it in her hand for a second. The cool metal gave her relief, it was her protection now. She sat up quickly, packing her things away swiftly. She was sure there was something out there, moving. Her ears were not very good, however, well, not as good as the creatures that may be lurking out there. It was dangerous at night, and Alyssia longed for the sun. It made her feel better, happier, even more so since the Blood Moon. She was becoming more and more afraid of the dark...She had seen monstrous things in the dark, these past 5 months...There was that zombie... She was glad she had the others with her. They gave her the feeling of a purpose.

Another snap. Perhaps it was one of the zombies? Alyssia was alert, standing up now, brandishing the blade in front of her. Something was out there. She would wake her comrades only when they needed to be. Only then. For now, she would let them rest, and she would guard their sleeping selves until that time came.


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Darcy Millington

Darcy was leaning on a tree and watched the five humans asleep. She knew the job that waited ahead of her. And she wasn't so happy about it. But in order to help them she had to earn Seth and Lilith's trust first. Though she doubted that would ever happen.

The few other paranormals around her were moving slightly. They were frustrated, they wanted to attack already. Darcy tried to keep herself calm. โ€Damnit, can't they stay quietโ€ she thought in her mind. However her next thought was โ€In fact, the more noise they make, the more alert the humans will be. Then they might have chance to escape.โ€ She saw a girl waking up. โ€Good...Now wake up your friends and get hell out of here.โ€

When nothing happened, Darcy sighed quietly. She looked around her. There were six other besides her. She didn't know them very well. Only the male vampire she had seen couple of times before. Each one had one target. Well, three of them shared the same target, the girl with long, blonde hair who was now awake. Seth really had obsession with her.

Darcy's primary target, however, was the African looking girl. โ€I'm going to let her escape. Probably I'll be tortured because of that. Hopefully few others will be able to escape too. That girl doesn't look like a fighter who could survive alone.โ€

Darcy looked at the sky and started to count in her mind. โ€60, 59, 58...โ€ They would attack soon.


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Arrow Ford

Loud music was filling the house, shaking the walls. Arrow, wanted to go home but she didn't want the argument with her brother Bow so instead here she was, dancing and drinking. At some point she went up to the attic, it had been converted into a bed room but no one but her and her friend Megan knew that at the party.

Collapsing on the bed she passed out, it wasn't until the mid afternoon when she woke up. Walking through the house she felt sick, bodies of the party goers were everywhere, Running outside she ran into a older man with tears in his eyes. He told her that the moon had changed alot of the humans caught in its path, running home Arrow didn't find her brother, she didn't even really find her grandmother, what she found was gore. No body, just ripped up meat. Gagging, Arrow ran to her room and changed her clothes. Packed a bag, and ran. She couldnt find her brother, thats when she knew he had done what he always did and came and looked for her.

She knew her Brother was gone.

Arrow was awake, her eyes were closed and she was breathing evenly but she was wide awake she was listening to the world around her. Something wasn't right, what it was she wasn't sure but there the noise was again. In the trees, multiple trees rustled but not a natural rustle but a body in the trees rustle. Eyes snapping open Arrow pulled herself into a sitting position, "Alyssia, the trees." She whispered to the only other person up, her wide eyes were moving quickly from the trees surrounding them. In her slim hands were several small knives, none more then three inches long but all were delicate and were properly weighted for throwing. Crawling on all fours to Jessamine she shook her friend and did the same with the boys. "We need to run, we have to run now." She said softly as to keep from being heard though she knew that if there were creatures in the trees then they would have heard her clearly anyways.


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Albert sat on his haunches, switching between closing his eyes tight and keeping them open. Both of them resulted in darkness, but it was really a matter of which was less dark. Ever since that day...that night....

He shuddered, palms cold. As a human he'd get sweaty palms whenever he was nervous. It was always something he was self-conscious about, but now he'd give anything to have that annoying function back.

He felt antsy. Nervous. Worried. He didn't want to be here...didn't want to stage this attack on people who were still human. He hardly remembered who his target was...well, actually, that was a lie. Even as a human he'd had a good memory. His amber eyes landed on the standing girl with hair that could blend in the moonlight. At least, the moonlight of old.

His mouth tugged into a frown, sharp canines poking over the top of his bottom lip. He really, really didn't want to do this. He didn't even know why Seth had put him out here. Perhaps it was a way to get rid of him...Albert wasn't exactly popular in their "home base".

The time was coming close. The red-haired demon looked as if she were counting down the seconds. He curled his fingers in, tense. The humans below were already starting to stir...a second had woken and was moving to wake the others. Hopefully they would all leave beforehand, but even then Al knew that would just give the others a chase. And he knew how much they loved a chase. These humans would be no match for them. Even Al, probably the weakest in this group, would be able to outrun them.

Run he urged mentally, RUN


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Jessamine stood in her small dorm, her fingers wrapped around a pencil as it etched her mind's latest child on to the pages of a recycled paper journal.

"If no evil be nigh, To thwart you out of spite," Jessamine recited.
"And if you know the very words, to cast a spell of might." She said with a gentle smile on her tawny brown lips. "you get upon the thistledown and if the breeze is right." She looked up and out the window as the sun set just under the horzion, allowing the moon to begin to rise. "You sail away to Faerieland along this track of light."

Just as the moon rose up, it was as if the gods bleed, and the white orb that was the moon was stained red.

With that Jessamine felt her body shake and she knew a panic attack was coming on but no, it was only Arrow. Jessamine took a deep breath, trying to calm herself before a panic attack did occur. That was the last thing they needed at this point. The world literally went to Hell, Demons....Actually Demon were trying to kill them, and the last thing she wanted or needed was to be stopped dead by one of her debilitating panic attacks.

"We need to run, We have to run now." Arrow urged and Jessamine nodded, she gathered her satchel and looked around herself. Trees surrounded them and apart of her felt safe but she knew the trees couldn't protect her or any of them if the demons attacks. She looked and found the boys groggily waking up, Arrow in a bit of a fright but that wouldn't last, She was probably the strongest of them, Her name was Arrow for God's sake, and Alyssia...Jessamine frowned when she didn't see her but sighed when she saw her standing guard around them.

Jessamine was grateful to them all, but she couldn't help feeling like the weak link, the one that was going to get them all killed. She was weak, Her panic attacks were going to get them killed if it happened at the wrong time. She could only hold them back for so long, her attacks, and certain things, certain triggers, like blood or a dead body would send her into a fit immediately.

It's how they found her in the first place. All alone, breathing heavily, her caramel colored face ashen, her eyes wide, clutching her chest, standing over the mutilated bodies of her roommates.

She took a breath now, just thinking about it made her antsy.

Atleast now they knew the signs. She'd get antsy, start moving around too much, if she were standing, she'd shift from foot to foot, if she were sitting, usually her legs were crossed, so she'd cross and uncross her legs. She'd tug on her clothes, grind her teeth, and start to sweat. Any of those were clear signs, that a panic attack was coming on. Thankfully, they also knew how to calm her down as well, One of them, usually one of the guys, would let her play in their hair, it was a comfort thing, as odd as it was. She used to play in her father's hair before he died. She'd twist a lock of hair between her fingers while her arms were wrapped around somone. The Guys were quick to volunteer for that job when things were calm. In bad situations -which was most of the time, she just needed someone's hand, it didn't calm her down all the way but it would be enough to keep her tethered to the situation at hand.

It was a lot to deal with for them, she felt like a burdon but she was too afraid to go off on her own. She didn't want to die alone....but she didn't want them to die with her either.

She pulled her dagger from her thigh holster, she wasn't very good with it but atleast she had one.

"What happened, Arrow?" She whispered. " What's going on?"


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Alyssia's heart was beating fast. It was fear. She was sure of it. There was a slight noise beside her, and she saw Arrow waking up. She breathed a slight sigh of relief through her lips. At least they were starting to wake up now. "Alyssia, the trees." Alyssia looked up, scanning the treeline and treetop canopy. There was something unfriendly out there. "We need to move." She muttered. "We need to get out of here now." She whispered. She tried to stay calm, but her racing heartbeat wasn't helping.

Alyssia turned to her friends and watched Arrow shaking the others awake. She watched Jessamine, who looked slightly panicked, but perhaps relieved. Alyssia felt almost sorry for Jessamine, this whole situation was not her forte, and Alyssia couldn't understand how much fear she must be feeling, if she was frightened herself. Alyssia didn't want to scare any of them, but the situation was going to get out of hand if they didn't leave right now. The boys were stirring now, too, thanks to Arrow, and Alyssia was glad for them. Perhaps, together, they'd have a chance.

The moon, silver and safe, could be seen through the canopy. It was slightly less than Full, a waning Moon. It had been the Blood Moon yesterday, the 5th one, five months of this torture had gone on. They'd hidden in a shelter somewhere yesterday, and a day of travels had led them here. It was dangerous out in the open, but they had no choice.

Alyssia scanned the treeline again. She couldn't see anything. No hint of eyes in the dark, at least, yet, anyway. She had a bad feeling in her gut, something would come out of the treeline, and soon. A small voice, Jessamine's, caught her attention. "I think..." Alyssia paused. She'd caught sight of something. There were figures just beyond the treeline. A splash of red, perhaps, that was hair, and a boy, watching them, with about 6 others around them. Her nails on her empty hand dug into her palm, a habit of hers. "Let's go. Let's go! If any get too close, you know what to do." She muttered. Alyssia knew who had sent them. She knew exactly what was going on. She was going to play dumb, though. They might not want to find out her brother and sister were Demons now...What if she'd become the same?

Alyssia shuddered slightly at the thought. They needed a plan. "Try and stick together?" She suggested to them quietly. "If you get split up, we need a place to meet up again." She suggested. "Any ideas?" Her fist, holding her dagger, closed into a tighter fist and then opened again, and repeated the motion. It was a sign of nervousness, for her, anyway. She sneezed. Oh damn. They had a werewolf with them. Then she had a crazy idea.

Her stomach twisted into knots, but she stepped forward, away from her friends. "You might as well show yourselves, we know you're here!" She said, pretty sure they could hear her. Whether they'd do it was up to them, but she hoped they would. She could see what they were if they did step forwards, which might give them a slight more of a chance. She looked at her friends, her only hope.

"Get ready to run."


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Albert's eyes widened as the girl, his target, stepped towards them, addressing this group that wanted to kill her. Go away, go away! he mentally shouted at her, his face taking on a strained, pleading expression that he was unaware of. He knew her invitation would stay ignored, that now the more aggressive ones would wait even longer, just until the humans relaxed before barreling out of the trees.

Albert wanted none of this. Not only did he fear that he might get trampled, but he didn't even know what he would do if he managed to get his target. Of course, these were all excuses, hiding his true motive. Standing up, he grabbed a branch and pulled himself up, making sure to match his movements with the sound of the breeze, avoiding the rays of the moon as he climbed higher up the tree. He was, to human ears, noiseless...though he was certain the werewolf below found him unbearably loud.

Crouched on the branch, he looked down at the humans, eyes refocusing on the girl with hair like the moon. A shudder ran up his spine as he imagined the hair red, and his thoughts returned to yesterday night, the unbearable pain, and the terrible thirst. He'd almost...almost...the poor girl, no doubt one of the demonic siblings' play thing, looked as if she might faint when he approached her, his golden eyes flashing menacingly. Yet, there was something unsettling about her eyes...the submissive look...as if she'd welcome him...as if his teeth were a better alternative to...to...

He pinched his eyes shut, trying to get the image out of his head. He'd seen, once, on accident, the terrible things those siblings did with their 'food'...just the thought made him want to throw up, and he nearly lost his balance.

Recovering, he remembered why he was up in the tree in the first place. Inching across the slimming branch, he clutched the branch above him. If he could just crack it off loudly, fling it below, maybe that would spook the humans into running. The others would just blame his clumsiness, and maybe Seth would think twice before sending him out on a mission like this. Of course, Albert would have to stay out of sight at the mansion, but that was something he was already used to.

While the branch did accommodate Albert's weight, he tugged on the branch above too firmly, and subsequently forgot to grab hold of one that was secure. Time seemed to stop as he felt himself topple past his balancing point, and the paused seconds rushed up to slam into him as he fell from the tree, landing on his side, extra momentum rolling him from the treeline. When his head stopped spinning he opened his eyes and found himself just meters away from the girl...his target.

A million different thoughts swarmed his head. He'd blown their cover all right...but who was to say the others wouldn't burst out now? What if they would wait it out, see what these humans would do to him? Could they do anything to him? Not if he convinced them he wasn't bad, not like the others, but then his secret...the others knew he was different, but they didn't know how...it would be exposed now. If the humans didn't kill him, the others would for sure. But what if the humans ran? Why weren't they running now? And what...what was that smell?

Something in his stomach tightened as the night wind tossed the scent about, filling his nose and tingling his spine. His head grew hazy, and a hidden desire started to rear its head until he realized with horror what exactly it was: blood.

"Go" he urged the human hoarsely. He knew this scent would drive the others crazy. He himself had dug rows in the dirt with his fingers, uprooted grass and wildflowers crumpled in his fists which had clenched shut as he had resisted. "Get out of here"


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I told you not to make a sound. The screams rang through the castle, but Eris' voice filled the mind of the woman that dangled from the wooden boards. Have you ever heard of a puppet that speaks? A slight narrowing of her eyes, and another scream ripped through the woman's throat, sounding as if she was choking on something, something that was not there. A mental surge was sent through the air, pressing into the minds of all those that roamed the castle. Defy her, and face the consequences. All, of course, feared the mental message that was forcibly pressed on their minds, cowering with fear- or however much they could. Blake only smiled as he heard his sister vent through her mind, even laughing a bit as more screams joined the one woman's screaming voice, resuming the symphony that always played in their abode. "My, my, young sister." Blake said with a silky voice, fluttering his eyelids a bit at a man who crouched in a corner, large gashes on his chest, naked but for a piece of cloth that barely covered his crotch area. "It would seem to be that you are having much too nice of a time here, are you not?" He laughed, intentionally brushing her soft cheek with his fingers, knowing that she would be irritated by the touch.

A small touch. One that was given by the familiar hand was enough to light the small spark of irritation that was beginning to fester in the young girl's chest. Blake! She absolutely abhorred being touched, and his movement forced her eyes to narrow, a push at the mental barriers of her brother and the scream was forced into his mind. Even if he was her brother, she did not tolerate anyone touching her. A blink of her eyes, and her large, blood red eyes refocused, tilting her head as a curious smirk formed in the corner of her lips. "Oops, did I harm you, brother?" Her voice was returned to that sickly sweet tone. Blake snorted, the intrusion into his mind but irritating him slightly- but that did not mean that his anger would lay low. The flames of the candles on the candelebra that hung right above their heads flared, burning the ceiling of the room, filling the room with a sickly smell of chemicals and burnt substances. "Absolutely not, dearest Eris." He leaned on his other foot, the heels glinting a deadly red in the bright flare of the flames, as he looked around at his sister's masterpieces once more. They were much unlike his- Blake never did leave his humans for display. Use and throw away. He thought, making an unamused glance at the bodies that were nailed to the wall. At least they are artistic, Eris. He would give her that much.

Walking over to the man Blake had seen earlier, he rubbed his fingers over the man's head, as if petting a puppy. "What plans do we have today, Eris?" He asked as the fires sowly dimmed. Blake's hand was now lightly scratching the man's scalp, his sharp nails teasing the man's skin lightly, matching the small smile on his face. However, an annoyed glance was forming inside the gleam of Eris' eyes against the flames of the candle, raising her eyebrow against her brother's teasing motions toward the man in the corner. "Showing him much attention, I see." Her voice touched on a tone of jealousy and her expression formed into a pout. Unlike her brother, she preferred direct pain next to teasing, her mind itching to push past the barriers of the man's consciousness and deliver to him what her brother would not. However, snapping out of it, she shook her head, turning her gaze away from the two. "Won't you get me more toys, brother dearest?" A smile formed on her lips at the words, "I kept on accidentally killing them all. It's no fun when they die."

The man was shivering under Blake's soft motions, knowing that the brother was as ruthless as the sister. "Well, I must apologize, Eris; I killed the last of mine yesterday due to...over-exercise." He smiled, as his hands slowly started to apply more pressure to the man's head, his nails like claws as they dragged over the man's scalp. "I am sure you do not wish to know what was happening...but, I believe I sent many mental images already?" Blake laughed, his face twisted into a dark smirk as he looked at his sister, his eyes emotionless. Did the images disgust you, sister? I sent them specifically for everyone in this building. He grinned as he let his hand drop to his side. Slowly, he sat down on the man's lap, and then entwined his long legs together, allowing the red heels to click against one another. Slithering a hand up, he allowed one of his nails drag along the man's cheek, revealing that his nails were also painted a blood-red. "Mm...I am glad you did not kill this one, Eris. He does fit my..." Blake licked his red lips as he turned his head to look at the shivering man, hunger etched across his face, "...taste." He placed a peck on the man's cheek, leaving a perfect red kissmark where he had placed the kiss.

Perhaps her brother did not notice the trembling in the young girl's figure, nor the narrowing of her eyes as the scene unfolded before her. The images of the day before mingling with the current scene, sending waves of disgust and... Jealousy? Rest assured, Blake. I did see. Her thoughts lost that tinge of humor and amusement, her eyes traveling down toward the red heels that did not seem to have existed yesterday. A clench of her teeth when Blake licked his lips, and a teasing smile formed on her face. "He's mine. Brother." And with that, her mind surged forward with a force, enough to send an agonized scream, ripped from the man's throat, into the air. More. She knew exactly what she was doing, for this was no longer going to be an unintentional kill. The man's eyes rolled backwards, the whites of his eyes matching the utter white terror that seemed to wreck his body. The force of the scream matched her rising anger. However, with each scream, the young girl took one step back from her brother. It all ended with one last scream, the man immediately grabbing the piece of glass that lied beside him before a flash of red was seen. Blood dripped down the man's chest, the gaping hole formed by his own hand. Another stab, then another. An amused grin was reflected in Eris' eyes as she watched the man conduct his own destruction. Oops. And with that, her chilling laughter was heard as the quick footsteps rang down the stairs.

Seth rolled his eyes; his hands had already roved downwards towards the man's crotch, intent on having his own fun- but Eris had ruined it within a second. He sighed and took the glass shard out of the man's chest, observing it in the flaring lights before looking back at the man's terrified gaze. "Oh, poor baby..." Blake muttered, guiding the bloody glass shard across the man's forehead before stabbing it in. A wide grin crossed Blake's face as he started to move his body up and down, pleasure gliding up his body. Taking the glass shard out again, Blake made another parallel gash on the man's head, his hips still working incessantly, allowing blood to once again splash out, this time soiling Blake's white shirt. "Mm..." He unconsciously smacked his lips as he leaned in and licked the blood off of the man's forehead, ignoring the fact that Eris had long since left the room. I'll... Blake started to pant, his eyes gleaming with delight. I'll be there in a second, dearest baby Eris... The glass shard went into the dead man's forehead two more times, leaving a bloodied square in the center of his head. With his fingers, Blake pulled the skin and bone off, slowly munching at it, allowing the man's severed pieces of brain to slowly tumble out, falling onto Blake's exposed censored, suddenly causing rivets of pleasure to ride up his back and into his center. He closed his eyes, allowing the feeling to ride over, before taking another bite of his little snack. "Poo." He said, looking down at his pants and shirt. "My clothes are ruined." Quickly, the sound of sharp heels followed after the lighter footsteps in the hallways, allowing with a low, deep chuckle.

Blake. The flashes of her brother's name was sent toward the room, her hands wrapped around her head as the mental thoughts and images her brother held at the moment pushed into her mind, despite her willingness to receive them. Blake! Her red eyes flashed a new tinge, one that held more anger than their usual sadistic amusement. The mental scream was sent to her brother's mind, as if warning him that the boundary was not to be crossed. However, just like Blake always does, the boundary was crossed by far. Blake ignored his sister's screams as he took his time following her, his heels clicking on the cold stone floor. "BLAKE!" This time her shrieking voice echoed through the castle. It wasn't often that one heard Eris scream, but nearly every time, it was Blake's fault. The scream was followed by a mental pulse that spread through every corner of the castle, as if searching for its target, but also targetted everything in its way. Her eyes did not waver even the slightest as the mental pulse was directed toward her brother.

As if batting off a fly, Blake waved his hands as an irritated look crossed his face. Though the mental pulse did not bother him much, it still put the demon on edge. Stop, Eris Barakel! He sent back, his eyes narrowing. Blake knew that Eris would pick up his message- she was the child prodigy in terms of telepathy, after all. "You should develop some patience, baby sister." He said, coming to a stop right behind Eris. Crossing his arms, Blake smiled again as he leaned against the bloodied wall, right on a demon woman he had pinned there a week before as fun. Now, he licked the perspiration on her body off with his tongue, slightly ignoring his sister once more- as usual. However, Eris' eyes reflected no humor in the situation. Her brother's commanding voice made the young girl flinch at its force, but she nonetheless stood against his anger. Don't make me kill her, Blake. The glint in her eyes showed that the small girl was not joking, and a step was taken forward despite the scene that sickened her to no end before her. A slight push at the mental barriers of the woman, and Eris gave her brother the usual smile of innocent she often used, as if whatever that was about to happen was going to be accidental. A slight squirm was seen from the woman, but the girl did not pause.

Blake turned quickly, glaring at the younger girl as his hand whipped out and harshly slapped against Eris's cheek. "Stop." He commanded, his voice cold and silent as he towered over Eris, the flickering lights of the candles lining the hallway dimming. The young girl's head snapped sideways and the sudden surge of force was cut off from its source. Silence accompanied Blake's words and Eris did not turn her head back. But as quick as Blake had acted, a smile suddenly formed on his face as he pulled Eris into a close hug, his eyes wide with mad laughter which shook throughout the whole building. "Oh, Eris! How I do so love you!" His words were returned with a glance from the blood-red eyes of Eris, whose glances of anger suddenly died down and renewed with ones of hope. Truly, the young girl simply wanted his attention. Blake let her go and then pulled off his shoes, taking one in each hand. Walking over to the female demon, Blake shook his head slowly, an apologetic look on his face. "I must apologize, dearest. I had fun planned for you- but your Mistress would not allow it. So, adieu to you!" The impaled demon opened her mouth in fear- but it was too late. Each heel punctured her straight through the eyes, causing her screams to fill the halls once more. "Ah! I knew you were a talented one- just like those whom are so enchanted with our beloved sister!" His smile twisted into a frustrated look as he started to punch the woman repeatedly, each hit accompanied with a grunt and the sound of bones breaking. "Our- fucking- human- sister!" Blake did not even perceive the moment the female demon died, but stopped when he had managed to control his anger, his fists twitching as did. Pulling the stilletoes out of the female demon's eye sockets, Blake put them on once more and walked towards Eris.

"Well, I believe I just finished our last playtoy, Eris. It seems like it is time to find more." A roll of her eyes, and Eris raised her head, her hand on her cheek as the burning sensation faded away. However, despite her silence, she was not yet ready to forgive her brother for his actions. He chose her over me. The anger she had built up toward the woman was overwhelming, but the smile in her expression showed no hints of it. "Of course, dearest brother," She had the perfect idea in mind, and a few quick steps forward allowed her to jump up, her arms wrapping around her brother's neck as she pulled herself upwards onto his back, her hand touching his neck. I have the perfect target in mind. The images she sent toward him were strange, filled with the smiling images of their human sister. Eris no longer held love for her sister, nor even attachment. However, her brother still seemed to, given his obvious anger. The images flew by faster, the pure looks of her sister were forced into Blake's mind, one after another, not even giving him a moment to take a breath. How about it, Blake?

Blake snarled as the images filled his mind, his eyes glazing over with anger- and something else that was almost immediately smothered. You want...that piece of filth? He asked, wrapping his arms around Eris's tiny frame. A curious glance was given to the momentary change in Blake's mind, but before she could recognize what it was, it has already faded away. However, the curiosity was quickly replaced by a tiny smirk, her eyes shining with playfulness. Wouldn't you? Her little taunt did not seem to have much effect, but her hand left his neck, giving him a satisfied smile. Blake shrugged, shifting his younger sister around in his hands now that he supported her full weight. If you wish. We could go and find her other companions as extras as well. You know I never take one human only every night. The twisted smirk once again appeared on Blake's face. "Well, then. I believe you must contact our pets- I believe they are following our sister."

The red glint in her eyes flashed under the candlelight. Oh how lovely. A sadistic smile formed at her brother's suggestion, and Eris gave him a playful grin. Of course, brother dearest. It never hurt to have more playtoys. This time, a mental pulse was sent, but one that was much stronger than the rest. It pulsed through the castle, into its bloody gardens, and out toward the land beyond. Whoever was within the proximity she determined would be able to hear it.

Sister dearest. I know you're out there. Beware. We're coming for your little friends as well.


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James kept his breathing regular... in.... and out... in... and out. He had been awake near a half hour now. 'There is at least 2 of them...maybe 3... ' He rolled over in his "sleep" and unfastened the clasp on his knife that was under his backpack, which he had been using as a pillow.

He heard the girls talking, they sounded worried , he shifted once more , rolling over on his back ready to spring up in a moments notice. He wished his bow hand been strung, he could take out at least two of whatever was in the dark with a well placed arrow or two, but taking on a monster with a knife didn't lend him any favors, that was to be sure.

He clutched the hilt of the blade, knowing it would be drawn in a reverse forward grip. His mind played it out a few times. Depending on what happened , he'd have to get close, really close.

The sickening memory of the zombie he had killed a while back flared through his mind. The feeling of flesh clutching the knife as he had tried to pull it free of the wretched ghoul made his skin crawl all over again, even more sickening was trying to pull the knife from the bone he had hit during his next stab. He relaxed his hold on the knife a little pushing that thought from his mind.

' Relax... focus on the sounds...' He continued to play asleep. That's when he heard the crash. 'it's happening!' his mind raced but for some reason he remained 'asleep' , he simply inhaled a little more and shifted again , a little more ready to pounce. He strained his whole being to listen.

He finally heard something 'Go."and " Get ---here" He assumed it was 'Go, get out of here'. That raised a large number of questions. He forced down the urge to see what had happened, and who was talking. 'play the easy target... lure them in... unsuspecting..' He focused on keeping calm, keeping the adrenaline from surging through his body and getting lost in that black and red haze it can cause. He waited for the sound of the attack that might not come.

Peace washed over him as he laid there, knife in hand, poised to strike. Tonight was going to be a long night, like every other one for the last 5 months had been...


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Silence. Great. Apparently the Changed weren't as stupid as Alyssia thought.

Alyssia didn't want to turn her back to the trees, so instead she listened to Jessamine waking James up. She looked over at Avery and walked over to him, keeping her back to them. She nudged him with her foot. "Wake up. Quick, come on." She walked away from him again, gripping the dagger tightly in her hand. She had little in the way of time left. She could feel it.

Suddenly, as she walked over to where she was stood before, a crack was heard in the treetops. She watched as something came tumbling down along with the branch. It was a... boy. About her age. He was pale, though, too pale, his pallor looking sickly and unnatural. He had bronze hair, and when he looked at her, amber eyes that pierced her own blue ones with longing as he whispered his words to her. "Go. Get out of here." His words had urgency, and his fingers clawed the ground. She took a step back, her own eyes wide with curiosity and awe. "Y-You remember, don't you?" She whispered to him, sure he would hear her. He was Changed. She knew it. A vampire, from the looks of his pale skin. She took a step back before her mind was pierced by a strong pain and she had to clasp her hands over her ears to keep from tearing her own hair out.

"Sister dearest. I know you're out there. Beware. We're coming for your little friends as well."

Her sister's voice echoed in her mind like a bad dream. Her mind felt like a ribbon, one that was being played with, one that was having it's candle wax picked off and the edges becoming unraveled. She was trembling, shaking like a leaf. They had to get out of here now. There was no question about it. She couldn't let her friends find out - even if they could hear her. Maybe it was just her. The others didn't seem to hear what she could. She righted herself again, as she had doubled over, and licked her lips. She tasted blood. She had bitten her lip, apparently, and her hand has squeezed the dagger in her other hand, and a thin line of red was slowly dripping onto the green beneath her feet in a rhythmic beat.

It wasn't a good thing. Not at all.

She backed off slowly, watching the boy's amber eyes the entire time. When she reached the group, however, her eyes flicked up to the treeline. Other Changed had edged into the glade, and Alyssia could spot the werewolf, and a few other vampires. She pushed the group with her uninjured hand. "Run." She urged, pushing Jessamine slightly. "Run!" She urged them, her own fight or flight instincts kicking in. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, like the fire did, like the fire would if she ever heard that voice in person again. She took off for the trees, her legs trembling still, making it difficult to keep running continuously. She hit the treeline before the werewolf had even realized she had run. Oh great. He was chasing her.

The trees were a maze of black and dark green. She could hardly see a thing, and she knew that other Changed could lurk here, too, but she had her dagger, and to her, that was at least a glimmer of hope. The moon lit her way, most of the time. She could hear footsteps behind her, but that just pushed her even more. Ahead of her, a young woman vampire suddenly stepped out of the treeline, and made a wild grab at her, fangs bared. Alyssia ducked and slashed out wildly, not hitting her, but surprising her enough that she jumped from her path. She just continued to run, and run, and run.

Even when Alyssia could no longer breathe, she ran. She had to run if she wanted to live. She couldn't stop because she got tired! Unfortunately, she felt her slowing down needlessly, as she weaved in and out of the trees. She didn't look behind her, but she sneezed, and that was all the werewolf needed to tackle her to the floor.

She screamed relentlessly as she kicked and struggled backwards, but the 'wolf held onto her foot tirelessly and she fought and struggled, a smirk plastered all over his face. He thought he had her. she screamed again, struggling backwards, as the female vampire came into view, right by her ear. Alyssia lashed out blindly, and aimed upwards. Her dagger cut into the vampire's throat with ease, and the red blood splattered her like warm milk. She shuddered as the vampire fell against the tree, muttered a 'thank you' and said no more. The werewolf looked over at her for a second, and then lunged for the dagger.

Both of his hands clasped around her small wrist, and she tried to pull away, viciously, for control of the dagger. She kicked at him, doing anything to get away. She could see the crazed look in the wolf's eye, he could smell the blood, and it drove him crazy. No doubt other Changed would know where she was now, and would be coming for her. Just like everything in this blasted world! The werewolf suddenly let go of her wrist with one hand, crushing it with the other, trying to make her let go of the knife. She tried to hold on to it, but screamed as she felt her bones cracking under the pressure, breaking in his grip. Using her free hand, that she had been pushing his chest with, she poked him in the eye, and he withdrew, for a good second. He got angry then, his fingertips extending into claws, his hands growing furry. His teeth also got longer, and wolfish. Alyssia trembled in fear, and pushed out at him again, while his grip crushed her other wrist.

She dropped the blade.

"That's a good girl." He growled at her, using his free hand to touch her hair. She flinched, before kicking out at his crotch area, hitting her target. He pulled back, roaring in pain and anger, letting go of her wrist in the process. She didn't even realize her broken, crushed wrist was there, but she grabbed the dagger with her free hand and plunged the dagger into the werewolf's chest, until only the hilt showed. She pulled it out, a spray of blood splattering down around her as the 'wolf died. She cried out, in pain and fear, fear at what she had done to the two people, and of what her wrist - her broken, mangled wrist - would stop her from doing. She crawled away, backwards, on her hands and knees, hair mixing with the moonlight. She leaned against a tree, lost and alone, no idea where any of her friends were. So she called out in a small voice.

"Leave my friends alone, and take me. It's past time I became acquainted with the new Eris and Blake Barakel."

She knew somebody would hear her. There were always Changed nearby, they could hear, they heard everything. Night watches were the most dangerous, and that was the reason why.

Alyssia held her wrist in her empty hand, after dropping the dagger on the ground, in the dirt, bleached white by the moonlight. It was okay in this light, the moon wouldn't Change her unless it was Red. She was shivering, and her eyesight were blurry as she cried out in pain as she tried to remove the sleeve of her jacket. Her head swam with pain, remembering her dearest little sister's voice picking at the seams of her brain. She couldn't imagine what would happen if she met with them again... And yet, she would. She was asking to. She wished to, in place of her friends. As long as they were safe. Ragged breaths were all she took, as blood from her hand dripped onto the mud. She felt dizzy, sick, alone. There was no hope for her. She'd accepted that. If her friends were okay... Then that was her job done. Maybe she could stop Blake and Eris from harming them and give them a chance... She thought of Jessamine and James, Arrow and Avery... They were her last hope, and they were gone. She hoped. She didn't want them following her. Her brother and sister didn't need her friends. They just wanted her. Like they always had.

Like they always would.