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Avery Lin


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a character in “Blood Moon: A Supernatural Apocalypse”, as played by cirrus_sd



ImageFace Claim: Skandar Keynes

Full Name: Avery Michael Lin

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 7

Birthplace: Trenton, New Jersey. Used to live in New York City

Species: Currently human, with pyrokinetic abilities

Family: Deceased parents and younger brother before Blood Moon.
One older sister, Mira, aged 25, whereabouts unknown.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Very dark brown, nearly black.

Physique: Avery is quite short for his age, barely measuring in at 5'6.
He has a small build as well, but years of parkour, climbing,
running away from bullies and the police have given him tight muscles
and a lithe, springy gait. He's very flexible and fast, and what he lacks
in brute strength he more than makes up for in agility. He has pale
skin, his face slightly freckled, but his back is slashed with burn marks
and scars. The back of his neck is also covered with a large burn. On
his left fore arm there is a tattoo of three small planets in a row, but
they cover three scars from cigarette burns.

ImagePersonality: Once a very troubled 12-year old, Avery has matured since. He talks more, for starters,
and has learned to control his urges to smartmouth and insult others. He has also made an effort to
be happier in life, which fluctuates in difficulty. Sometimes the smile comes easily. Other times he
has to force it. He still has a bad habit of sulking, as well as acting without thought. He's gone to
many anger management classes and sessions, so he has a better grasp on his temper, but should
he continue to be pushed, he will flare out in blind rage. He is very attached to his older sister, Mira,
not only because she is his only surviving family member, but also because she has taken care of
him and given up much of her own happiness for him. In hindsight, he feels a lot of guilt towards the
way he acted when he was younger, and for the past two years has been doing as much as he can to
make it up to her. While he still doesn't have many close friends, he does have a few people he hangs
out with, usually watching movies or playing video games. He has been doing better with sleeping,
but on occasion he will find it downright impossible and will stay up all night watching TV until he
falls asleep unconsciously. Even before the Blood Moon, Avery would often play with matches or
lighters. When he was younger, in his spare time, or whenever there wasn't anything good on TV,
he'd spray paint grafitti on abandoned walls. Recently he has been changing his canvas to actual
canvas, and was hoping to get into art school.

Likes: his sister, spray painting, superhero movies, comic books, card tricks, building
card houses, gymnastics, parkour, biking, kites (even though they make him sad)

Dislikes: fire, swimming, cigarettes, alcohol, his many foster parents, writing, school,
his sister's boyfriend, his birthday, undressing in front of others.

Strengths: As mentioned before, Avery is very flexible and fast. He has good balance,
climbs well, and is light on his feet. He is also skilled at painting. While he prefers spray paint,
he has tried brush painting and has been good at that as well. He also has a penchant for card
tricks, and knows a lot of random TV trivia.

Weakness: Avery doesn't know how to swim, and is also afraid of large fires. Even though
he played matches and lighters, he always snuffed them out, feeling in control of the flame.
Bonfires and the such scare him. While less so than before, he is still self-conscious about his
burns and scars, and typically wears long clothing to cover it.

History: Avery was the second child born to his parents, Michael and Audrey Lin. When he was 4, his parents gave birth to their third and last child, another boy by the name of Benjamin. Avery got along well with both of his siblings, and his family life was perfect...until his 7th birthday. It was unknown what caused the fire, but it roared to life late that night. Mira managed to get both boys out of the house, where they hid in the well in their backyard. However, they were not without injury. While Mira miraculously only suffered from a small burn on her ankle, a beam had fallen on Avery and Benjamin while they were trying to escape. Avery survived with the scars on his neck and back, but even though they had constantly poured water on Benjamin, the burns he sustained were too much, and he died in the ambulance.

Orphans, the two siblings hopped from foster home to foster home. Mira was considerable more social, and many wanted only her in comparison to her sulky brother, but she was adamant that he come with her as well, and the two were fortunate to never be separated. Many of the foster homes eventually rejected them because of Avery's issues, bad behavior at school, and inability to cope. When he was 10 they were taken in by a single father. He clearly favored Mira more, and detested Avery. While he didn't mistreat him in front of Mira, whenever she was out he would beat Avery, burn him with cigarettes, or otherwise punish him unfairly for miniscule things. The man was a drinker, and it soon became evident to Avery that there was more to his gaze towards Mira than just parental affection. Avery kept quiet, though, as the man never touched her (that he knew of) and he wanted his sister to finish school so that she could go to college (even though he dreaded her leaving, as it would mean he'd be alone with this man forever).

On the day of Mira's graduation, however, the man drank a considerable amount and made an advance on Mira. Avery charged the man, but because of size difference was quickly knocked aside. The man didn't stop there, though, and subsequently seized a chair and began to beat Avery with it. Mira managed to knock the man out with a bottle and fled to their neighbors with the unconscious Avery, where emergency services were promptly called. At this time, Mira was 18, so after Avery was released from the hospital she underwent the paperwork to become his new legal guardian. They moved to New York City, where she attended NYU part-time and worked the rest of the time, and Avery went to school and worked as well. He still ended up in fights, but after his sister discovered his graffiti, she encouraged him to use that as his outlet, getting him painting classes. In addition she paid for his therapy, and while he was stubborn about it, after a few years he finally made some breakthroughs. For the past two years he has been doing significantly better than before, and with only one year left of schooling, and his sister recently graduated as well, he had thought he could finally repay her and that life was finally turning around.

Then, of course, the Blood Moon happened.

So begins...

Avery Lin's Story


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Silence. Great. Apparently the Changed weren't as stupid as Alyssia thought.

Alyssia didn't want to turn her back to the trees, so instead she listened to Jessamine waking James up. She looked over at Avery and walked over to him, keeping her back to them. She nudged him with her foot. "Wake up. Quick, come on." She walked away from him again, gripping the dagger tightly in her hand. She had little in the way of time left. She could feel it.

Suddenly, as she walked over to where she was stood before, a crack was heard in the treetops. She watched as something came tumbling down along with the branch. It was a... boy. About her age. He was pale, though, too pale, his pallor looking sickly and unnatural. He had bronze hair, and when he looked at her, amber eyes that pierced her own blue ones with longing as he whispered his words to her. "Go. Get out of here." His words had urgency, and his fingers clawed the ground. She took a step back, her own eyes wide with curiosity and awe. "Y-You remember, don't you?" She whispered to him, sure he would hear her. He was Changed. She knew it. A vampire, from the looks of his pale skin. She took a step back before her mind was pierced by a strong pain and she had to clasp her hands over her ears to keep from tearing her own hair out.

"Sister dearest. I know you're out there. Beware. We're coming for your little friends as well."

Her sister's voice echoed in her mind like a bad dream. Her mind felt like a ribbon, one that was being played with, one that was having it's candle wax picked off and the edges becoming unraveled. She was trembling, shaking like a leaf. They had to get out of here now. There was no question about it. She couldn't let her friends find out - even if they could hear her. Maybe it was just her. The others didn't seem to hear what she could. She righted herself again, as she had doubled over, and licked her lips. She tasted blood. She had bitten her lip, apparently, and her hand has squeezed the dagger in her other hand, and a thin line of red was slowly dripping onto the green beneath her feet in a rhythmic beat.

It wasn't a good thing. Not at all.

She backed off slowly, watching the boy's amber eyes the entire time. When she reached the group, however, her eyes flicked up to the treeline. Other Changed had edged into the glade, and Alyssia could spot the werewolf, and a few other vampires. She pushed the group with her uninjured hand. "Run." She urged, pushing Jessamine slightly. "Run!" She urged them, her own fight or flight instincts kicking in. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, like the fire did, like the fire would if she ever heard that voice in person again. She took off for the trees, her legs trembling still, making it difficult to keep running continuously. She hit the treeline before the werewolf had even realized she had run. Oh great. He was chasing her.

The trees were a maze of black and dark green. She could hardly see a thing, and she knew that other Changed could lurk here, too, but she had her dagger, and to her, that was at least a glimmer of hope. The moon lit her way, most of the time. She could hear footsteps behind her, but that just pushed her even more. Ahead of her, a young woman vampire suddenly stepped out of the treeline, and made a wild grab at her, fangs bared. Alyssia ducked and slashed out wildly, not hitting her, but surprising her enough that she jumped from her path. She just continued to run, and run, and run.

Even when Alyssia could no longer breathe, she ran. She had to run if she wanted to live. She couldn't stop because she got tired! Unfortunately, she felt her slowing down needlessly, as she weaved in and out of the trees. She didn't look behind her, but she sneezed, and that was all the werewolf needed to tackle her to the floor.

She screamed relentlessly as she kicked and struggled backwards, but the 'wolf held onto her foot tirelessly and she fought and struggled, a smirk plastered all over his face. He thought he had her. she screamed again, struggling backwards, as the female vampire came into view, right by her ear. Alyssia lashed out blindly, and aimed upwards. Her dagger cut into the vampire's throat with ease, and the red blood splattered her like warm milk. She shuddered as the vampire fell against the tree, muttered a 'thank you' and said no more. The werewolf looked over at her for a second, and then lunged for the dagger.

Both of his hands clasped around her small wrist, and she tried to pull away, viciously, for control of the dagger. She kicked at him, doing anything to get away. She could see the crazed look in the wolf's eye, he could smell the blood, and it drove him crazy. No doubt other Changed would know where she was now, and would be coming for her. Just like everything in this blasted world! The werewolf suddenly let go of her wrist with one hand, crushing it with the other, trying to make her let go of the knife. She tried to hold on to it, but screamed as she felt her bones cracking under the pressure, breaking in his grip. Using her free hand, that she had been pushing his chest with, she poked him in the eye, and he withdrew, for a good second. He got angry then, his fingertips extending into claws, his hands growing furry. His teeth also got longer, and wolfish. Alyssia trembled in fear, and pushed out at him again, while his grip crushed her other wrist.

She dropped the blade.

"That's a good girl." He growled at her, using his free hand to touch her hair. She flinched, before kicking out at his crotch area, hitting her target. He pulled back, roaring in pain and anger, letting go of her wrist in the process. She didn't even realize her broken, crushed wrist was there, but she grabbed the dagger with her free hand and plunged the dagger into the werewolf's chest, until only the hilt showed. She pulled it out, a spray of blood splattering down around her as the 'wolf died. She cried out, in pain and fear, fear at what she had done to the two people, and of what her wrist - her broken, mangled wrist - would stop her from doing. She crawled away, backwards, on her hands and knees, hair mixing with the moonlight. She leaned against a tree, lost and alone, no idea where any of her friends were. So she called out in a small voice.

"Leave my friends alone, and take me. It's past time I became acquainted with the new Eris and Blake Barakel."

She knew somebody would hear her. There were always Changed nearby, they could hear, they heard everything. Night watches were the most dangerous, and that was the reason why.

Alyssia held her wrist in her empty hand, after dropping the dagger on the ground, in the dirt, bleached white by the moonlight. It was okay in this light, the moon wouldn't Change her unless it was Red. She was shivering, and her eyesight were blurry as she cried out in pain as she tried to remove the sleeve of her jacket. Her head swam with pain, remembering her dearest little sister's voice picking at the seams of her brain. She couldn't imagine what would happen if she met with them again... And yet, she would. She was asking to. She wished to, in place of her friends. As long as they were safe. Ragged breaths were all she took, as blood from her hand dripped onto the mud. She felt dizzy, sick, alone. There was no hope for her. She'd accepted that. If her friends were okay... Then that was her job done. Maybe she could stop Blake and Eris from harming them and give them a chance... She thought of Jessamine and James, Arrow and Avery... They were her last hope, and they were gone. She hoped. She didn't want them following her. Her brother and sister didn't need her friends. They just wanted her. Like they always had.

Like they always would.