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Blake Barakel

"My sister's a fool; why act sagely when there's all the world to ruin?"

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a character in “Blood Moon: A Supernatural Apocalypse”, as played by aarondalea





Full Name
Blake Seth Barakel

“Seth, the demon, at your most humble…sevice?”

"Relatively young, yes, I know. But do not fool yourself into believing I am any bit weaker than I actually am."

"Shame that changing into a demon doesn't affect your sexual organs at all."


“Anything. If they don’t have a means…I’ll forcibly create one.”

"Frankly, I don't remember where exactly my sisters and I are from anymore. The lost memories included that little teeny tidbit of information. Thank God there were enough clues to hint that I killed our parents after Eris and I had...evolved."

Face Claim
Ezra Miller


180 || 5’9

72kg || 158lbs

Blake has a thin, almost sickly, build where near all of his bones are painfully shown, with nothing but bone and skin on his body and barely any muscular build. However, do not be fooled by this. Blake is actually incredibly strong, and his arms and legs are a tad bit towards the thick side, as he has practiced near everyday in order to ‘survive’, though no one really dared to bother him.
“I don’t know why I am this…thin either, especially with my general weight. Well, I do, but then again, I suppose it works for me. The easier to seduce both men and women alike and then rip their skin off piece by piece, no?”

Hair Color

Eye Color
Black || Dark Red / Maroon

Scars & Tattoos
Only this tattooed on his back



• Torture|| "Oh, silly. Not torturing myself, but placing other people under my heel."
Blake has no care for his victims. If they come under his radar, be it human, vampire, or whatever, Blake will most likely let his mind go wild as he slowly sinks them into a world of passion and pleasure to one of agony and pain. He has no set way of torturing others- but his favorite is sex then skin.
• Singing|| What Blake sometimes uses to signify his approach and arrival is through singing songs. From the classics of Marilyn Monroe to even Justin Timberlake, Blake sings all and any songs when he wishes to. This also tends to signify the end of his victims death whenever he starts to hum 'Ode to Joy'.
• Sex|| "For all I know, this obsession started to build after I turned into a demon. Really, the only change to myself that I actually like fully."
Blake just loves the feeling of release that sex provides. Within a week, he can spin through twenty or so partners, till the point that his name is now famous throughout the supernatural world. However, many fear having intercourse with Blake since he usually decapitates his partner after the night.
• Eris Barakel|| "She's a bloody angel. A bloody angel with the purest black heart I'll ever have the luck to's such a shame that we will kill each other one day soon."
Darkness | Poison Ivy | Drinking | Smoking | Bars | Brothels | the Stage | Dancing | Cross-Dressing | Sex Toys | High Heels | Cities | Music | Porn | Jokes

• His 'Sister'|| "Foolish sister, so shy, so beautiful, so naive. If only the Blood Moon could show her exactly what she is inside...just like Eris and I..."
Blake believes his sister is a fool, a blind fool who doesn't wish to see the truth. She is weak, and only the Blood Moon can give her what she needs: power. To join and make sure that the Barakel family is once more unified as one under the night sky.
• His Past|| "Meaningless. I do not wish to remember the time when my own life was not within my own hands! Why feel reminiscent of a time when I was a human- weak, puny, absolutely, horrendously stupid!"
Though Blake doesn't remember much of his past, there are enough memories and clues to suggest to himself that it was for his own good that his memories were erased from his mind the moment he changed into what he is today. Everything hints at a young boy who grew up in a normal family, neglected, sad, but strong- stupidly strong.
• Humans|| In general, Blake just thinks of his past species as toys to use and throw away. He thinks of them as incredibly weak, useless and filthy, unable to protect themselves in a rapidly changing world of violence and murder. He believes that if they cannot survive, they should just go extinct as a whole, to rid the world of a race that cannot do anything.
Sunlight | Animals | Pets | the Sun | Nature | Sports | Running | Prudes | Schools | Everyone besides Erin | His Past | Police | Diaries | Vegetables | Disobedience


• Physical Strength || "This only developed when I changed, but, well, to give you some level to gauge what I mean...I could break a man in half by just stepping on him with one foot, repeatedly, of course, but what matters?"
• Pyrokinesis || This ability developed when Blake turned into a demon. Now, why is Blake so famous within the transformed creatures circle? Because of his deft manipulation of the element fire. More so than any other supernatural creature that currently roams Earth, Blake is the master of pyrokinesis. Other demons cower under him due to his strong power along with his manipulation of fire- from normal fires to the flames from Hell.
• Stamina || "How do I know about this? Well, we could try if you want...though you might just end up in a pleasurable death at the end, if you get what I mean."

"Would it be foolish to say nothing?"
• The Sun|| Like all other creatures of the Blood Moon, Blake dislikes the sun with a passion. Not only does it weaken his abilities, but also causes him to become physically weak as well. At times, it is almost like he is inebriated, drunk, hungover, but without the mental incapabilities. He hates this state of mind, and thus tends to avoid the sun at all costs.
• Telepathy|| Unlike Eris, Blake's mental capabilities are extremely limited. Within the sense of communicating with others without speaking, Blake can only do so with his two sisters- and it's extremely tiresome for Blake to do so with Alyssia.
• Pride|| Blake is extremely proud, and there is no on and off switch for his constant leak of pride and condescension. This has caused him, from time to time, to underestimate his enemies and opponents, though in the end he has constantly won whatever fight he enters into. Problematically enough, this only increases Blake's pride as he slowly edges away from humanity and into the realms of demons and darkness.

• Sex|| "Well, this is something that is pleasurable to both- or more, mainly in my case- participants, reproductive, and just fun in total! Why not take it up as a hobby?"
• Torturing|| "Human flesh is one of the most inciting things that I never noticed before as a human. Now that I do see the beauty of human flesh...why not abuse my aesthetic liking to it's fullest?"
• Playing with Fire|| "I create fire. I have the right to play with it whenever I want."


"My personality? Let me think...perfect, cool, cruel, heartless, fun, crazy, hypersexual nymphomaniac."
Blake's personality went through a near 180 degree U-turn the moment he was exposed to the blood moon. When the demon had taken over his body, little of his humanity was able to survive within Blake- and now, it acts as the only force to keep Eris and Blake together without murdering one another. But slowly, the humane-side of Blake is slowly dying away, as if it were being eroded by a cavity, slowly, from the center.

Throughout the past few years, Blake has been growing gradually more and more cruel, his torture methods more gruesome and his sanity slipping. The direct clauses of his two selves tend to drive him into temporary, sporadic fits of madness, causing him to lose himself entirely- until he once again regains his senses. Not that Blake cares much about his weird transgressions, really. He doesn't care about much anymore at all except for Eris. Nothing can interest him anymore besides Eris and sex. He has reached, so to say, the apex of apathy, his life characterized with an extreme lack of care.

This doesn't mean that Blake has no more emotions. Obviously not. Contrary to his human self, Blake is extremely prone to anger fits as the smallest of things could drive him into fits of irritation and anger. Just as quick as these fits come, they go, once again allowing Blake's twisted 'calm' personality to once again rise up into the fore to help cause more chaos within the normal world. Blake is driven by nothing but lust, the one thing that is constantly on his mind. Really, he could care less about his human sister, the only reason why he searches for her is due to Eris and her need to make Alyssia their 'play buddy'.


Born in a normal family, Blake was the eldest child out of three children within the Barakel family. Their parents had been the normal couple, interested in historical knowledge and the like, never excelling, yet doing rather well especially with the burden of three children. Blake had always looked out for his two younger sisters. For Alyssia, Blake tended to help, giving her tips and advice on her studies, as she was always in the grade lower than his. For Eris, Blake spoiled, giving her toys and candies daily as if their parents didn't give her enough already. She was, within the Barakel family, the princess. Blake, however, was the forgettable existence. Though he received good scores, Blake never did stand out with anything he did. His parents diverted their attention on him towards his sisters, as they trusted him enough to not make the wrong decisions.

This lifestyle continued for the next decade, with Blake constantly living in the shadows as his sisters were basked in highlights that he contributed to. All was good- and though Blake felt a bit of discontent, he would always swallow it down, ignoring it and thinking of it as nothing at all. That is, until the Blood Moon occurred.

Blake was not the first victim of the Blood Moon. Rather, Eris had been. Blake had ignored the pain that had tingled his skin as he walked up to the kitchen door, watching his younger sister prance under the bright red light of the large moon that had hung in the sky. "She beckoned me to come; she wanted to play. So I went." The transformation had been instantaneous, painful but yet exhilarating at the same time. "I was reborn! Reborn as the vessel of the greatest Lord of the Underworld, the Demon Seth! I found a new side to myself, one that I had been hiding all along; the side of me, of avarice, lust and anger." Blake had then gone off to find Alyssia, leaving their parents for later. But the middle child had refused to leave the room. "She refused to leave- she acted AGAINST MY ORDERS!" With the intent to kill in his mind, Blake had tied Alyssia to her bed, propping it up against a cupboard so that she was under the rays of the blood moon, forcing her into a strong pain that would persist throughout the whole night- but that was not good enough. Blake had risen his hand, nails and fingers aimed straight at Alyssia's torso- before a force from within stopped his hand.

"Weakness is the only reason why Alyssia is still alive today." Walking away from his bound sister, Blake had found Eris in a pool of blood, the bodies of his mangled parents strewn around her on the ground. "At that one moment, I felt a tinge of despair and of love from deep within. Obviously, at the time, my human side was still alive. But what matters now! Nothing does." With one hand, he had grabbed Eris and had ran away from the home, with the intent of burning it and Alyssia the next day- but the girl had ran away.

Since then, Alyssia had faded to the back of Blake's mind- but time and time again, Eris would remind him of her existence. "She is not our current main goal. Rather, the idea of consummating with that skinny wretch... does not suit my taste. Really, Eris just wants someone to play with, and who better than her elder sister?"

• Eris Barakel || "For all I care, this bloody little angel of mine is all the family I have."

So begins...

Blake Barakel's Story