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Blake Seth Barakel

"My sister's a fool; why act sagely when there's all the world to ruin?" (MASSIVE WIP)

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a character in “Blood Moon: A Supernatural Apocalypse”, originally authored by aarondalea, as played by RolePlayGateway





Blake Seth Barakel

“Seth, the demon, at your most humble…sevice?”

"Relatively young, yes, I know. But do not fool yourself into believing I am any bit weaker than I actually am."

"Shame that changing into a demon doesn't affect your sexual organs at all."


“Anything. If they don’t have a means…I’ll forcibly create one.”

"Frankly, I don't remember where exactly my sisters and I are from anymore. The lost memories included that little teeny tidbit of information. Thank God there were enough clues to hint that I killed our parents after Eris and I had...evolved."

Face Claim
Ezra Miller


180 || 5’9

72kg || 158lbs

Blake has a thin, almost sickly, build where near all of his bones are painfully shown, with nothing but bone and skin on his body and barely any muscular build. However, do not be fooled by this. Blake is actually incredibly strong, and his arms and legs are a tad bit towards the thick side, as he has practiced near everyday in order to ‘survive’, though no one really dared to bother him.
“I don’t know why I am this…thin either, especially with my general weight. Well, I do, but then again, I suppose it works for me. The easier to seduce both men and women alike and then rip their skin off piece by piece, no?”

Hair Color

Eye Color
Black || Dark Red / Maroon

Scars & Tattoos
Only this tattooed on his back


• Torture|| "Oh, silly. Not torturing myself, but placing other people under my heel."
Blake has no care for his victims. If they come under his radar, be it human, vampire, or whatever, Blake will most likely let his mind go wild as he slowly sinks them into a world of passion and pleasure to one of agony and pain. He has no set way of torturing others- but his favorite is sex then skin.
• Singing|| What Blake sometimes uses to signify his approach and arrival is through singing songs. From the classics of Marilyn Monroe to even Justin Timberlake, Blake sings all and any songs when he wishes to. This also tends to signify the end of his victims death whenever he starts to hum 'Ode to Joy'.
• Sex|| "For all I know, this obsession started to build after I turned into a demon. Really, the only change to myself that I actually like fully."
Blake just loves the feeling of release that sex provides. Within a week, he can spin through twenty or so partners, till the point that his name is now famous throughout the supernatural world. However, many fear having intercourse with Blake since he usually decapitates his partner after the night.
• Eris Barakel|| "She's a bloody angel. A bloody angel with the purest black heart I'll ever have the luck to meet...we will kill each other one day soon."
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So begins...

Blake Seth Barakel's Story


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Fire and blood.
That's most of what Alyssia could remember from that night. The fire, the fire in her veins, the fire that consumed her home, and her parent's bodies.
The fire that raged through her siblings and took their Humanity from them.
She didn't know how it happened. It just...Did. Eris was first, she recalled. Or was it Eris? Was it Blake? Alyssia just remembered them tearing her parents' bodies apart until they lay in pools of their blood, as red as the moon that shone through the window.

It had all been so quick, too.

She remembered running from them. The taunting voices, a hallucination and something real, echoing down hallways that shone red like blood in the moonlight. Escape had become an instinct at that time. She was no longer a predatory hunter.

She was the prey of her own brother and sister.

Then she remembered the fire that spread through her veins.

It burned her. All she could remember was the feeling of the charred veins beating through her like a drum. It was the sun that saved her. It felt like she was being burned at the stake for years, imprisoned in her own home, only the sun's rays saving her. It had came up like a beacon of hope, driving away the fire with cool rays. She'd felt the relief, and the missing presence of her siblings. They were gone. And she had to get away, too.

Alyssia opened her eyes, and looked around at the people below her. Jessamine and Arrow were still asleep, by the looks of things. The boys were too. Alyssia lay there for a moment. Had she heard something snap?

It was dark, so it was the most dangerous time. She drew her dagger from her belt, and just held it in her hand for a second. The cool metal gave her relief, it was her protection now. She sat up quickly, packing her things away swiftly. She was sure there was something out there, moving. Her ears were not very good, however, well, not as good as the creatures that may be lurking out there. It was dangerous at night, and Alyssia longed for the sun. It made her feel better, happier, even more so since the Blood Moon. She was becoming more and more afraid of the dark...She had seen monstrous things in the dark, these past 5 months...There was that zombie... She was glad she had the others with her. They gave her the feeling of a purpose.

Another snap. Perhaps it was one of the zombies? Alyssia was alert, standing up now, brandishing the blade in front of her. Something was out there. She would wake her comrades only when they needed to be. Only then. For now, she would let them rest, and she would guard their sleeping selves until that time came.