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Eris Barakel

"People lie. Appearances deceive. You are about to find that out the hard way." {WIP}

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a character in “Blood Moon: A Supernatural Apocalypse”, as played by TheHuntress




"One of these days, they will all bow down at my feet."


"Look beyond what your eyes can see. The world is darker than you think."

Full Name
"Mom said that I was named after the Greek Goddess of Chaos, Strife and Discord. A fitting name indeed."
Eris Lillith Barakel

"Only my brother gets to give me nicknames! Hell, you don't even have the right to call me by my name."
Eri ll Lillith



"We are the rightful rulers. The rest? Burn them all!"

"Do I not scare you? Alright then, let's play a game. But first, you'd have to die."

4'11" (150 cm)

92 lbs

Eye Color
Dark Grey ll Crimson Red

A birthmark the shape of a snake on the right side of her neck. Her mother used to tell her it was from the kiss of an angel. Now she believes it's from the mark of a devil.

"Many have made the mistake of underestimating me because of my size. I assure you, you'll do the same."

The first word that comes to mind when one lays eyes upon Eris would be "innocent". Her small build along with the smile that is always plastered on her face speaks nothing of what hides inside. While that face is what won her parents over the day she was born, it is now a facade that hides inside one that lusts for domination. Perhaps her ultimate weapon is her appearance, one that often makes one hesitate before even considering hurting her. The looks she always used ever since she was of the age to know better always got her what she wanted, and thus, she exploited her features. Always dreaming of a life where she will rule as a queen, Eris is always seen in ballroom gowns, those that drape to the ground along with a small crown combed into her hair.


"Let me show you what I can do. Don't die yet though, it's no fun when they die."

"I would so rather have my brother's pyrokinesis... Why do I get the crappy mental powers?!"
Mind Reading
The aspect of telepathy that allows Eris to read one's mind through a certain proximity. However, it requires great focus that Eris simply does not have, and thus she usually gets glimpses of their thoughts as they fly by the person's mind, enabling her only limited control over such an ability. Through physical contact though, the connection becomes a lot stronger, thus allowing her to read the person's thoughts fully without hindrances.

Pain Inducement
The offensive aspect of telepathy that has become Eris' favorite application of her telepathy skills. With physical contact, she is able to push massive amounts of phantom pain toward the person. Although the pain itself does not truly exist and is merely workings of the mind, its offense comes in the form that the person is able to harm themselves through desperation or merely the loss of sanity and balance within the person. Although less harmful in a distance, Eris is also able to control this form from at most ten feet away, but its effects are limited to massive headaches and migraines.

Audible Inundation
Eris' favorite form of communication, the ability to convey thoughts and voices into the mind of another without the need of a physical link. The energy this requires depends on the distance of the person of target, but with physical contact, she is able to transmit images into the other person's eyes, creating illusions of what she wants them to see. However, with distance only voices and thoughts are able to be transmitted.

At a young age, Eris has already learned the art of manipulation, able to get others to do her bidding with simple looks and twisting of her words. It's as if she was born with the ability, and has no qualms about using it on others.

Tying in with the skill to manipulate, it is rather easy for Eris to lie, her expression remaining a sweet and innocent state even when she's telling the worst lies of all. Throughout the years, she has gotten even better at lying, able to incorporate misleading hints of truths into lies simply to make them more believable.

Eris was born to play games, her liking to them is not to be underestimated. Her life is like a form of a game to her, with all the others as her pawns. From chess to board games to simply mind games, Eris has spent her childhood winning all forms of these games that requires the workings of the mind. Never once has she backed down from a challenge, and never once has she given up in the middle of a prank. Truly, the mischievous girl thinks of life as no more than a game.

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"A heart of darkness. That, is what is required, of the queen of Earth."

{Playful ll Mischievous ll Sadistic ll Controlling ll Manipulative ll Optimistic ll Impatient ll Naive}


⌈[color=second color]History[/color]⌋


So begins...

Eris Barakel's Story


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Fire and blood.
That's most of what Alyssia could remember from that night. The fire, the fire in her veins, the fire that consumed her home, and her parent's bodies.
The fire that raged through her siblings and took their Humanity from them.
She didn't know how it happened. It just...Did. Eris was first, she recalled. Or was it Eris? Was it Blake? Alyssia just remembered them tearing her parents' bodies apart until they lay in pools of their blood, as red as the moon that shone through the window.

It had all been so quick, too.

She remembered running from them. The taunting voices, a hallucination and something real, echoing down hallways that shone red like blood in the moonlight. Escape had become an instinct at that time. She was no longer a predatory hunter.

She was the prey of her own brother and sister.

Then she remembered the fire that spread through her veins.

It burned her. All she could remember was the feeling of the charred veins beating through her like a drum. It was the sun that saved her. It felt like she was being burned at the stake for years, imprisoned in her own home, only the sun's rays saving her. It had came up like a beacon of hope, driving away the fire with cool rays. She'd felt the relief, and the missing presence of her siblings. They were gone. And she had to get away, too.

Alyssia opened her eyes, and looked around at the people below her. Jessamine and Arrow were still asleep, by the looks of things. The boys were too. Alyssia lay there for a moment. Had she heard something snap?

It was dark, so it was the most dangerous time. She drew her dagger from her belt, and just held it in her hand for a second. The cool metal gave her relief, it was her protection now. She sat up quickly, packing her things away swiftly. She was sure there was something out there, moving. Her ears were not very good, however, well, not as good as the creatures that may be lurking out there. It was dangerous at night, and Alyssia longed for the sun. It made her feel better, happier, even more so since the Blood Moon. She was becoming more and more afraid of the dark...She had seen monstrous things in the dark, these past 5 months...There was that zombie... She was glad she had the others with her. They gave her the feeling of a purpose.

Another snap. Perhaps it was one of the zombies? Alyssia was alert, standing up now, brandishing the blade in front of her. Something was out there. She would wake her comrades only when they needed to be. Only then. For now, she would let them rest, and she would guard their sleeping selves until that time came.


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Blake stood within the limits of the shadows, his toes mere millimeters away from the sunlight that sprayed into the dark room, casting shadows upon light, and light upon shadows. But he was safe- none of it touched him as he stood in the dark shadows, only but his toes feeling the harsh tingle of sunlight hitting his flesh. It didn’t matter much; his flesh would regenerate quickly enough, anyways. His eyes were stuck on the setting sun in the distance, watching as the dark sky slowly swallowed up the orange radiance that he could no longer claim his. He stood there, but a straight statue, his chest barely moving as he breathed in the musky air that filled his room along with the scent of blood, flesh and death. With each inch the sun shrunk down within the horizon, Blake took another step forward, following the shadows as they slowly grew in response of the waning sun. Each step was another triumph over the eternal sun- one that he was most likely going to see for many years into the future. Even when she is gone. Blake’s eyes flickered and dimmed, more so than they had been but a few seconds ago, his pupils dilating until it was almost as if it covered his entire iris- and then it stopped. He stopped as well as the sun finally went out of view, plunging Blake into a sheer, blank darkness.

A chuckle escaped his lips as Blake turned around away from the window that he now stood right behind. The moon is out! Up, sister! His eyes flickered and a red light poured through from them, his iris flashing in the color of a pale, dark crimson. Up, up, up! His giggles echoed throughout the empty building, scaring all those that were not she whom he beckoned into shivers and fear. Walking over to his bed, Blake grabbed two bright red heels from his bedside and slipped his feet in carefully. “Beautiful.” He muttered, turning his feet left and right as he stared down at the new heels. “Thank you for the gift, darling.” He laughed again as he placed a kiss a figure’s head- one which laid on the red blankets, his hands fiddling in the red mass to pull out a white lump. “Oh my! Breakfast? You shouldn’t have!” A moan rasped through the room from the bed as Blake sat down, the red liquid staining the white shirt he had on at the hems. Immediately, he whipped his hand against the woman’s cheek, forcing her to a stop as a snap resounded throughout the silent room. “Annoying little bitch.” He snarled, his face dark as the urge to play suddenly vanished from within Blake's heart- but the look suddenly disappeared as the large smile crossed over Blake’s face once more. “Now then…Eris always loves the heart.” He surveyed the carcass that laid on his bed, naked and ravaged, bruised and cut- all his work. His grin widened as his hand snaked up the woman’s opened torso and onto her bared chest, his nails sharp and his hand stark white against the dying flesh.

“Is it…here?” Immediately, his nails dug into the woman’s left breast, the flesh moving away from his strong fingers as they forcibly crushed into the woman. Cracks filled the room as he broke open her ribcage, allowing access to the origin of life- the heart. An almost sweet look came onto Blake’s face as he gently wrapped his fingers around the motionless heart, caressing the dead muscle to fit his hand- only for him to wrench it out, cruel and heartless, and out into the air. Flinging it onto a plate on the bedside cabinet, Blake got up and licked his fingers, his other hand still clenching his own fine meal. Eris! He snapped across the school, his eyes flashing dangerously when no reply came from his sister’s side of the link. Blake sighed and walked over to a tattered wardrobe, pulling apart the old doors to reveal clean, laundered shirts and pants. Grabbing a pair of black pants, Blake shoved them on with the high heels still on and then walked back to the bed. I expect this room cleaned by someone after an hour. Blake sent the message to all that roamed the halls of the rundown school- the lesser demons would clean up the evidence of Blake’s fun last night that lay both in his bed and on the floor. Grabbing the platter, Blake made his way out of the room and past the many bodies that lined the walls, nailed in through their hands and legs with knives. A click of his fingers brightened the hallway as fires flickered on the whisks of the candles that lined the corridor, one by one as Blake moved through.

But then the scene suddenly changed. Though the sight of human bodies did persist- there no longer was the smell of musk, nor the overt BDSM displays. Rather, toys lined the hallways, dipped in blood and ruined with flesh. Blake laughed as he took another bite of the flesh, a smirk forming on his face as he walked through his sister’s masterpieces. Quickly, her door appeared in front of Blake as he knocked lightly before whisking the doors open, placing the platter on a table in the corner. “Wake up, Eris.” Blake said in a compliant voice, fires bursting alive on the candles that lined the walls of the girl’s room, along with those that hung on the chandelier, bathing the room with dim, warm light. “It’s time to play, little sister.”


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”Come on! Faster! You can’t catch me with that speed!”

Laughter rang from the room in the center of the castle, ones of childish delight and amusement. ”Won’t you hurry up? This is getting boring!” The room was dark, but two figures lurked in the shadows, and laughter only came from one of the shadows. The small figure pounced around the large room, giggles periodically echoing through the room.
Oh don’t be such a baby, it’s but a flesh wound.”

Blood, dark red blood, splattered around the ground, over the walls, across the door, tainting the room in the lovely shade of red. A few fresh drops dripped across the tiles, leading their way toward a larger figure, his body sprawled across the ground. His legs twitched slightly, pulled into an unnatural position. A low growl echoed from his throat, sounding more animalistic than human, but no word of dissent was given from the man that attempted to move forward with his arms, his legs unable to exert any force to push himself along.

”This is tag. Stop being such a wuss, Stephen.” The small figure stood in the center of the room, the blinds were drawn against the sun, and thus only shadows loomed over her face. However, the dark red tinge in her eyes shown through the darkness, as if not acknowledging the mingled body of the man on the floor. Nothing shown through her eyes, blank against the man who was painting the ground with his blood. ”That’s it.” A small motion, barely noticeable with the human eye. Eris kicked her leg, and a rattle of chains was heard, her feet kicking at the long chain on the ground and a howling scream was ripped out of the man’s throat. ”Motivation much?” Her motion had its desired effect, for blood now pooled around the man’s leg, a piece of his flesh still lingered in the claws of the iron trap she had set around his leg. However, there was more, more of such claws spread out over the man’s body, but darkness obscured it from one’s view. The moon is out! Up, sister! Blake’s voice echoed through her mind, but she took no notice of it. ”Anymore and I would have to turn you into a puppet, you useless servant.” The man she called Stephen widened his eyes at the thought, and as if on cue, started pulling himself forward once again.

Up, up, up! The voice in her mind did not stop her Laughter from once again ringing through the castle doors, even as footsteps were heard approaching her door. No matter, for she knew who it was. No one else ever dared to barge upon her room, for whatever reason. ”Is this fun yet?” The childish laughter was so different against the pained groans that escaped the man’s lips, but Eris’ mood took no damage from the sounds, her eyes showing no signs of mercy. ”T-Tag…” It was only a second that she turned her eyes toward the door, her brother barging in. Eris! ”Wake up, Eris. It’s time to play, little sister.” ”Pity… We were just getting started.” She gave her brother an exasperated sigh, for she ignored him for a reason. Another rattle was heard, her hand making a small twist as she pulled the wires in her hand around the unsuspecting servant’s neck. ”Barbed wires makes everything so much easier.” One pull and there lingered silence. ”I wanted to make him a puppet, but he’s a little too tall for that…I actually liked him.” Her voice touched on the grounds of a pout as her eyes turned toward her brother, a smile lingered on her face. ”You always ruin my fun, Blake.” And with that, she kicked the detached, bloody head of the servant aside, not giving it a second glance as it rolled into the corner of the room.

A few more steps, and her hand pulled at the dark curtains, a swift pull forced the blinds to open against the newly set night. Darkness was always her favorite. However, the figure of the girl stood awkward to the sight in the darkness, the long red gown draped over her small figure, obviously more mature than her age allowed. A dark red crown set upon her dark hair, and the moonlight shone across it, making it gleam as if dripped with blood. ”And what have you brought me?” Her smile was genuine, delighted at the sight of her brother despite her conscious avoidance of his mental transmissions earlier. A glance at his hand and she gave a squeal of delight, the heart that dripped with blood stained her brother’s hand in a beautiful shade of red. ”You always have the most lovely gifts, Blake.” The small girl ran forward, taking the warm organ from his hand and giving him a playful kiss on the cheek. However, the touch of his skin, and her mind was immediately filled with the events that her brother had conducted just moments before. ”Blake!” She grinded her teeth, disgusted at the images that now scarred her mind, forcibly pushing them out of her head. ”Remind me never to touch you again.” At least he was discreet enough to kill her. Otherwise I might be jealous. She shook her head, and quick steps moved her out of the room, placing the red heart into one of the translucent cabinets that lined the side of the corridor. ”Perfect.” A chuckle was heard, resounding through the corridor, filled with her favorite toys, and of course, the puppets that lined the side.

The “puppets” groaned against the laughter, for the mingled bodies of the men and women had no use of anything except their mouths. Their arms and legs distorted into impossible positions, their hands and legs nailed onto the red boards. ”Shut up!! Puppets aren’t supposed to talk!” Her commanding voice resounded through the hall, but as the voice of a woman continued her weeping, Eris’ eyes narrowed. If that’s how you would like to play it. A smirk, and the red in her eyes shown brighter against the darkness, her mind pushing into the already-weakened mind of the woman.

A scream resounded through the castle, so typical of their home.


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I told you not to make a sound. The screams rang through the castle, but Eris' voice filled the mind of the woman that dangled from the wooden boards. Have you ever heard of a puppet that speaks? A slight narrowing of her eyes, and another scream ripped through the woman's throat, sounding as if she was choking on something, something that was not there. A mental surge was sent through the air, pressing into the minds of all those that roamed the castle. Defy her, and face the consequences. All, of course, feared the mental message that was forcibly pressed on their minds, cowering with fear- or however much they could. Blake only smiled as he heard his sister vent through her mind, even laughing a bit as more screams joined the one woman's screaming voice, resuming the symphony that always played in their abode. "My, my, young sister." Blake said with a silky voice, fluttering his eyelids a bit at a man who crouched in a corner, large gashes on his chest, naked but for a piece of cloth that barely covered his crotch area. "It would seem to be that you are having much too nice of a time here, are you not?" He laughed, intentionally brushing her soft cheek with his fingers, knowing that she would be irritated by the touch.

A small touch. One that was given by the familiar hand was enough to light the small spark of irritation that was beginning to fester in the young girl's chest. Blake! She absolutely abhorred being touched, and his movement forced her eyes to narrow, a push at the mental barriers of her brother and the scream was forced into his mind. Even if he was her brother, she did not tolerate anyone touching her. A blink of her eyes, and her large, blood red eyes refocused, tilting her head as a curious smirk formed in the corner of her lips. "Oops, did I harm you, brother?" Her voice was returned to that sickly sweet tone. Blake snorted, the intrusion into his mind but irritating him slightly- but that did not mean that his anger would lay low. The flames of the candles on the candelebra that hung right above their heads flared, burning the ceiling of the room, filling the room with a sickly smell of chemicals and burnt substances. "Absolutely not, dearest Eris." He leaned on his other foot, the heels glinting a deadly red in the bright flare of the flames, as he looked around at his sister's masterpieces once more. They were much unlike his- Blake never did leave his humans for display. Use and throw away. He thought, making an unamused glance at the bodies that were nailed to the wall. At least they are artistic, Eris. He would give her that much.

Walking over to the man Blake had seen earlier, he rubbed his fingers over the man's head, as if petting a puppy. "What plans do we have today, Eris?" He asked as the fires sowly dimmed. Blake's hand was now lightly scratching the man's scalp, his sharp nails teasing the man's skin lightly, matching the small smile on his face. However, an annoyed glance was forming inside the gleam of Eris' eyes against the flames of the candle, raising her eyebrow against her brother's teasing motions toward the man in the corner. "Showing him much attention, I see." Her voice touched on a tone of jealousy and her expression formed into a pout. Unlike her brother, she preferred direct pain next to teasing, her mind itching to push past the barriers of the man's consciousness and deliver to him what her brother would not. However, snapping out of it, she shook her head, turning her gaze away from the two. "Won't you get me more toys, brother dearest?" A smile formed on her lips at the words, "I kept on accidentally killing them all. It's no fun when they die."

The man was shivering under Blake's soft motions, knowing that the brother was as ruthless as the sister. "Well, I must apologize, Eris; I killed the last of mine yesterday due to...over-exercise." He smiled, as his hands slowly started to apply more pressure to the man's head, his nails like claws as they dragged over the man's scalp. "I am sure you do not wish to know what was happening...but, I believe I sent many mental images already?" Blake laughed, his face twisted into a dark smirk as he looked at his sister, his eyes emotionless. Did the images disgust you, sister? I sent them specifically for everyone in this building. He grinned as he let his hand drop to his side. Slowly, he sat down on the man's lap, and then entwined his long legs together, allowing the red heels to click against one another. Slithering a hand up, he allowed one of his nails drag along the man's cheek, revealing that his nails were also painted a blood-red. "Mm...I am glad you did not kill this one, Eris. He does fit my..." Blake licked his red lips as he turned his head to look at the shivering man, hunger etched across his face, "...taste." He placed a peck on the man's cheek, leaving a perfect red kissmark where he had placed the kiss.

Perhaps her brother did not notice the trembling in the young girl's figure, nor the narrowing of her eyes as the scene unfolded before her. The images of the day before mingling with the current scene, sending waves of disgust and... Jealousy? Rest assured, Blake. I did see. Her thoughts lost that tinge of humor and amusement, her eyes traveling down toward the red heels that did not seem to have existed yesterday. A clench of her teeth when Blake licked his lips, and a teasing smile formed on her face. "He's mine. Brother." And with that, her mind surged forward with a force, enough to send an agonized scream, ripped from the man's throat, into the air. More. She knew exactly what she was doing, for this was no longer going to be an unintentional kill. The man's eyes rolled backwards, the whites of his eyes matching the utter white terror that seemed to wreck his body. The force of the scream matched her rising anger. However, with each scream, the young girl took one step back from her brother. It all ended with one last scream, the man immediately grabbing the piece of glass that lied beside him before a flash of red was seen. Blood dripped down the man's chest, the gaping hole formed by his own hand. Another stab, then another. An amused grin was reflected in Eris' eyes as she watched the man conduct his own destruction. Oops. And with that, her chilling laughter was heard as the quick footsteps rang down the stairs.

Seth rolled his eyes; his hands had already roved downwards towards the man's crotch, intent on having his own fun- but Eris had ruined it within a second. He sighed and took the glass shard out of the man's chest, observing it in the flaring lights before looking back at the man's terrified gaze. "Oh, poor baby..." Blake muttered, guiding the bloody glass shard across the man's forehead before stabbing it in. A wide grin crossed Blake's face as he started to move his body up and down, pleasure gliding up his body. Taking the glass shard out again, Blake made another parallel gash on the man's head, his hips still working incessantly, allowing blood to once again splash out, this time soiling Blake's white shirt. "Mm..." He unconsciously smacked his lips as he leaned in and licked the blood off of the man's forehead, ignoring the fact that Eris had long since left the room. I'll... Blake started to pant, his eyes gleaming with delight. I'll be there in a second, dearest baby Eris... The glass shard went into the dead man's forehead two more times, leaving a bloodied square in the center of his head. With his fingers, Blake pulled the skin and bone off, slowly munching at it, allowing the man's severed pieces of brain to slowly tumble out, falling onto Blake's exposed censored, suddenly causing rivets of pleasure to ride up his back and into his center. He closed his eyes, allowing the feeling to ride over, before taking another bite of his little snack. "Poo." He said, looking down at his pants and shirt. "My clothes are ruined." Quickly, the sound of sharp heels followed after the lighter footsteps in the hallways, allowing with a low, deep chuckle.

Blake. The flashes of her brother's name was sent toward the room, her hands wrapped around her head as the mental thoughts and images her brother held at the moment pushed into her mind, despite her willingness to receive them. Blake! Her red eyes flashed a new tinge, one that held more anger than their usual sadistic amusement. The mental scream was sent to her brother's mind, as if warning him that the boundary was not to be crossed. However, just like Blake always does, the boundary was crossed by far. Blake ignored his sister's screams as he took his time following her, his heels clicking on the cold stone floor. "BLAKE!" This time her shrieking voice echoed through the castle. It wasn't often that one heard Eris scream, but nearly every time, it was Blake's fault. The scream was followed by a mental pulse that spread through every corner of the castle, as if searching for its target, but also targetted everything in its way. Her eyes did not waver even the slightest as the mental pulse was directed toward her brother.

As if batting off a fly, Blake waved his hands as an irritated look crossed his face. Though the mental pulse did not bother him much, it still put the demon on edge. Stop, Eris Barakel! He sent back, his eyes narrowing. Blake knew that Eris would pick up his message- she was the child prodigy in terms of telepathy, after all. "You should develop some patience, baby sister." He said, coming to a stop right behind Eris. Crossing his arms, Blake smiled again as he leaned against the bloodied wall, right on a demon woman he had pinned there a week before as fun. Now, he licked the perspiration on her body off with his tongue, slightly ignoring his sister once more- as usual. However, Eris' eyes reflected no humor in the situation. Her brother's commanding voice made the young girl flinch at its force, but she nonetheless stood against his anger. Don't make me kill her, Blake. The glint in her eyes showed that the small girl was not joking, and a step was taken forward despite the scene that sickened her to no end before her. A slight push at the mental barriers of the woman, and Eris gave her brother the usual smile of innocent she often used, as if whatever that was about to happen was going to be accidental. A slight squirm was seen from the woman, but the girl did not pause.

Blake turned quickly, glaring at the younger girl as his hand whipped out and harshly slapped against Eris's cheek. "Stop." He commanded, his voice cold and silent as he towered over Eris, the flickering lights of the candles lining the hallway dimming. The young girl's head snapped sideways and the sudden surge of force was cut off from its source. Silence accompanied Blake's words and Eris did not turn her head back. But as quick as Blake had acted, a smile suddenly formed on his face as he pulled Eris into a close hug, his eyes wide with mad laughter which shook throughout the whole building. "Oh, Eris! How I do so love you!" His words were returned with a glance from the blood-red eyes of Eris, whose glances of anger suddenly died down and renewed with ones of hope. Truly, the young girl simply wanted his attention. Blake let her go and then pulled off his shoes, taking one in each hand. Walking over to the female demon, Blake shook his head slowly, an apologetic look on his face. "I must apologize, dearest. I had fun planned for you- but your Mistress would not allow it. So, adieu to you!" The impaled demon opened her mouth in fear- but it was too late. Each heel punctured her straight through the eyes, causing her screams to fill the halls once more. "Ah! I knew you were a talented one- just like those whom are so enchanted with our beloved sister!" His smile twisted into a frustrated look as he started to punch the woman repeatedly, each hit accompanied with a grunt and the sound of bones breaking. "Our- fucking- human- sister!" Blake did not even perceive the moment the female demon died, but stopped when he had managed to control his anger, his fists twitching as did. Pulling the stilletoes out of the female demon's eye sockets, Blake put them on once more and walked towards Eris.

"Well, I believe I just finished our last playtoy, Eris. It seems like it is time to find more." A roll of her eyes, and Eris raised her head, her hand on her cheek as the burning sensation faded away. However, despite her silence, she was not yet ready to forgive her brother for his actions. He chose her over me. The anger she had built up toward the woman was overwhelming, but the smile in her expression showed no hints of it. "Of course, dearest brother," She had the perfect idea in mind, and a few quick steps forward allowed her to jump up, her arms wrapping around her brother's neck as she pulled herself upwards onto his back, her hand touching his neck. I have the perfect target in mind. The images she sent toward him were strange, filled with the smiling images of their human sister. Eris no longer held love for her sister, nor even attachment. However, her brother still seemed to, given his obvious anger. The images flew by faster, the pure looks of her sister were forced into Blake's mind, one after another, not even giving him a moment to take a breath. How about it, Blake?

Blake snarled as the images filled his mind, his eyes glazing over with anger- and something else that was almost immediately smothered. You want...that piece of filth? He asked, wrapping his arms around Eris's tiny frame. A curious glance was given to the momentary change in Blake's mind, but before she could recognize what it was, it has already faded away. However, the curiosity was quickly replaced by a tiny smirk, her eyes shining with playfulness. Wouldn't you? Her little taunt did not seem to have much effect, but her hand left his neck, giving him a satisfied smile. Blake shrugged, shifting his younger sister around in his hands now that he supported her full weight. If you wish. We could go and find her other companions as extras as well. You know I never take one human only every night. The twisted smirk once again appeared on Blake's face. "Well, then. I believe you must contact our pets- I believe they are following our sister."

The red glint in her eyes flashed under the candlelight. Oh how lovely. A sadistic smile formed at her brother's suggestion, and Eris gave him a playful grin. Of course, brother dearest. It never hurt to have more playtoys. This time, a mental pulse was sent, but one that was much stronger than the rest. It pulsed through the castle, into its bloody gardens, and out toward the land beyond. Whoever was within the proximity she determined would be able to hear it.

Sister dearest. I know you're out there. Beware. We're coming for your little friends as well.