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James Wesley Davis

"Trying to put the needs of others ahead of your own is costly and hazardous to one's health, however , I'm compelled to do so... It's frustrating."

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a character in “Blood Moon: A Supernatural Apocalypse”, originally authored by xXcandlejackXx, as played by RolePlayGateway


James " Wes" Davis


Stark Sands

Who am I?

Full Name:James Wesley Davis

Nickname or epithet:


Age: 21

[center] What do I look like?

Hair Color:

Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6' ish
Tattoos:He's got a few tattoo's here and there. noteably one on his left arm and another on his right shoulder.
Scars:A few cut marks here , a few deeper marks on his lower back that have all but faded by now, and one shallow curved mark just under his left eye that traces over his cheek bone.
Description: James has a presence that is comfortable and not overpowering.

Even in his 'lazy cloths", consisting of Jeans and a T, he still manages to look 'nice'. Straight posture with a swimmers build his attractiveness could easily be missed until someone takes a second to notice the well defined muscle that's hidden under his clothing. He prefers this since he tends not to like public attention while still being able to catch the eye of someone he's interested in.

A look into my brain?


Chiverouse & quiet.


  • Mountain climbing
  • Gardening
  • Shooting sports
  • Philosophy
  • and Books ranging from Sci Fi- poetry.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:

Secrets: .

Who was I?



Place Of Origin:

Birth Date:


So begins...

James Wesley Davis's Story


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James kept his breathing regular... in.... and out... in... and out. He had been awake near a half hour now. 'There is at least 2 of them...maybe 3... ' He rolled over in his "sleep" and unfastened the clasp on his knife that was under his backpack, which he had been using as a pillow.

He heard the girls talking, they sounded worried , he shifted once more , rolling over on his back ready to spring up in a moments notice. He wished his bow hand been strung, he could take out at least two of whatever was in the dark with a well placed arrow or two, but taking on a monster with a knife didn't lend him any favors, that was to be sure.

He clutched the hilt of the blade, knowing it would be drawn in a reverse forward grip. His mind played it out a few times. Depending on what happened , he'd have to get close, really close.

The sickening memory of the zombie he had killed a while back flared through his mind. The feeling of flesh clutching the knife as he had tried to pull it free of the wretched ghoul made his skin crawl all over again, even more sickening was trying to pull the knife from the bone he had hit during his next stab. He relaxed his hold on the knife a little pushing that thought from his mind.

' Relax... focus on the sounds...' He continued to play asleep. That's when he heard the crash. 'it's happening!' his mind raced but for some reason he remained 'asleep' , he simply inhaled a little more and shifted again , a little more ready to pounce. He strained his whole being to listen.

He finally heard something 'Go."and " Get ---here" He assumed it was 'Go, get out of here'. That raised a large number of questions. He forced down the urge to see what had happened, and who was talking. 'play the easy target... lure them in... unsuspecting..' He focused on keeping calm, keeping the adrenaline from surging through his body and getting lost in that black and red haze it can cause. He waited for the sound of the attack that might not come.

Peace washed over him as he laid there, knife in hand, poised to strike. Tonight was going to be a long night, like every other one for the last 5 months had been...


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Silence. Great. Apparently the Changed weren't as stupid as Alyssia thought.

Alyssia didn't want to turn her back to the trees, so instead she listened to Jessamine waking James up. She looked over at Avery and walked over to him, keeping her back to them. She nudged him with her foot. "Wake up. Quick, come on." She walked away from him again, gripping the dagger tightly in her hand. She had little in the way of time left. She could feel it.

Suddenly, as she walked over to where she was stood before, a crack was heard in the treetops. She watched as something came tumbling down along with the branch. It was a... boy. About her age. He was pale, though, too pale, his pallor looking sickly and unnatural. He had bronze hair, and when he looked at her, amber eyes that pierced her own blue ones with longing as he whispered his words to her. "Go. Get out of here." His words had urgency, and his fingers clawed the ground. She took a step back, her own eyes wide with curiosity and awe. "Y-You remember, don't you?" She whispered to him, sure he would hear her. He was Changed. She knew it. A vampire, from the looks of his pale skin. She took a step back before her mind was pierced by a strong pain and she had to clasp her hands over her ears to keep from tearing her own hair out.

"Sister dearest. I know you're out there. Beware. We're coming for your little friends as well."

Her sister's voice echoed in her mind like a bad dream. Her mind felt like a ribbon, one that was being played with, one that was having it's candle wax picked off and the edges becoming unraveled. She was trembling, shaking like a leaf. They had to get out of here now. There was no question about it. She couldn't let her friends find out - even if they could hear her. Maybe it was just her. The others didn't seem to hear what she could. She righted herself again, as she had doubled over, and licked her lips. She tasted blood. She had bitten her lip, apparently, and her hand has squeezed the dagger in her other hand, and a thin line of red was slowly dripping onto the green beneath her feet in a rhythmic beat.

It wasn't a good thing. Not at all.

She backed off slowly, watching the boy's amber eyes the entire time. When she reached the group, however, her eyes flicked up to the treeline. Other Changed had edged into the glade, and Alyssia could spot the werewolf, and a few other vampires. She pushed the group with her uninjured hand. "Run." She urged, pushing Jessamine slightly. "Run!" She urged them, her own fight or flight instincts kicking in. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, like the fire did, like the fire would if she ever heard that voice in person again. She took off for the trees, her legs trembling still, making it difficult to keep running continuously. She hit the treeline before the werewolf had even realized she had run. Oh great. He was chasing her.

The trees were a maze of black and dark green. She could hardly see a thing, and she knew that other Changed could lurk here, too, but she had her dagger, and to her, that was at least a glimmer of hope. The moon lit her way, most of the time. She could hear footsteps behind her, but that just pushed her even more. Ahead of her, a young woman vampire suddenly stepped out of the treeline, and made a wild grab at her, fangs bared. Alyssia ducked and slashed out wildly, not hitting her, but surprising her enough that she jumped from her path. She just continued to run, and run, and run.

Even when Alyssia could no longer breathe, she ran. She had to run if she wanted to live. She couldn't stop because she got tired! Unfortunately, she felt her slowing down needlessly, as she weaved in and out of the trees. She didn't look behind her, but she sneezed, and that was all the werewolf needed to tackle her to the floor.

She screamed relentlessly as she kicked and struggled backwards, but the 'wolf held onto her foot tirelessly and she fought and struggled, a smirk plastered all over his face. He thought he had her. she screamed again, struggling backwards, as the female vampire came into view, right by her ear. Alyssia lashed out blindly, and aimed upwards. Her dagger cut into the vampire's throat with ease, and the red blood splattered her like warm milk. She shuddered as the vampire fell against the tree, muttered a 'thank you' and said no more. The werewolf looked over at her for a second, and then lunged for the dagger.

Both of his hands clasped around her small wrist, and she tried to pull away, viciously, for control of the dagger. She kicked at him, doing anything to get away. She could see the crazed look in the wolf's eye, he could smell the blood, and it drove him crazy. No doubt other Changed would know where she was now, and would be coming for her. Just like everything in this blasted world! The werewolf suddenly let go of her wrist with one hand, crushing it with the other, trying to make her let go of the knife. She tried to hold on to it, but screamed as she felt her bones cracking under the pressure, breaking in his grip. Using her free hand, that she had been pushing his chest with, she poked him in the eye, and he withdrew, for a good second. He got angry then, his fingertips extending into claws, his hands growing furry. His teeth also got longer, and wolfish. Alyssia trembled in fear, and pushed out at him again, while his grip crushed her other wrist.

She dropped the blade.

"That's a good girl." He growled at her, using his free hand to touch her hair. She flinched, before kicking out at his crotch area, hitting her target. He pulled back, roaring in pain and anger, letting go of her wrist in the process. She didn't even realize her broken, crushed wrist was there, but she grabbed the dagger with her free hand and plunged the dagger into the werewolf's chest, until only the hilt showed. She pulled it out, a spray of blood splattering down around her as the 'wolf died. She cried out, in pain and fear, fear at what she had done to the two people, and of what her wrist - her broken, mangled wrist - would stop her from doing. She crawled away, backwards, on her hands and knees, hair mixing with the moonlight. She leaned against a tree, lost and alone, no idea where any of her friends were. So she called out in a small voice.

"Leave my friends alone, and take me. It's past time I became acquainted with the new Eris and Blake Barakel."

She knew somebody would hear her. There were always Changed nearby, they could hear, they heard everything. Night watches were the most dangerous, and that was the reason why.

Alyssia held her wrist in her empty hand, after dropping the dagger on the ground, in the dirt, bleached white by the moonlight. It was okay in this light, the moon wouldn't Change her unless it was Red. She was shivering, and her eyesight were blurry as she cried out in pain as she tried to remove the sleeve of her jacket. Her head swam with pain, remembering her dearest little sister's voice picking at the seams of her brain. She couldn't imagine what would happen if she met with them again... And yet, she would. She was asking to. She wished to, in place of her friends. As long as they were safe. Ragged breaths were all she took, as blood from her hand dripped onto the mud. She felt dizzy, sick, alone. There was no hope for her. She'd accepted that. If her friends were okay... Then that was her job done. Maybe she could stop Blake and Eris from harming them and give them a chance... She thought of Jessamine and James, Arrow and Avery... They were her last hope, and they were gone. She hoped. She didn't want them following her. Her brother and sister didn't need her friends. They just wanted her. Like they always had.

Like they always would.


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Darcy, Jessamine & James
(part 1)

Darcy saw a werewolf dashing forward and it didn't take long until other paranormals followed him, attacking on their target. She looked towards Jessamine and James. Tall male vampire was approaching them. "That sleeping guy has to be his target." She caught up with him and nodded. Now she should convince the vampire that she was on their side and the humans that she wanted to help them. Darcy had no idea how to do it yet. "It's acting time..."

Jessamine stumbled backward as they all started to swarm in and Alyssia shoved her on.
"James!" She cried as her path was blocked by two paranormals, Vampires by the looks of them.
Jessamine held her dagger tight. Eying the two.
Her breathing quickening, her body shaking, She was well on her way to a violent panic attack but now was not the time.
Not that it was going to happen, whether she liked it or not.

James jumped to his feet, sling his backpack over his shoulder and drawing his knife in one fuild motion when Jessamine called his name.
"Jessamine!" He interposed himself betwen the paranormals and her " Run!" He shouted , fliping the knife in his hand , so it was blade down and forward, and readied him self.
His heart rated climbed as things happned. He could feel his heart beat in his ears as he watched the two paranormals. Fear had crept into him, fear that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up, his pupiles dialate.
But it also excited him. His hand trembled not with fear , but shear anticipation. Even though killing left a bad taste in his mouth he couldn't denie the rush fighting gave him. "I said run! " he shouted again digging his feet in place ready to dodge or lunge.
'As long as I can by her some time...' He pushed the thought from his mind before it could take root and distract him.

"I leave him to you" Darcy said to vampire. As a sign vampire decided to forget waiting and he attacked on James. Darcy was now behind the vampire and immediately realized that there was a chance to her to let humans know she's on their side. She glanced around her, checking if other paranormals were near. When she was sure only humans could see her, she looked at Jessamine and when their eyes met, without saying a word, only moving her lips, she said "Run". She took a knife in her hand slowly approaching Jessamine.

Jessamine felt a rush of wind as James pushed in front of her.
"Run!" He said as he eyed the two vampires.
"James...I--"Jessamine could feel her throat closing, breathing was becoming difficult.
"I said run!" He ordered and suddenly, the male vampire attacked him, leaving the female to her.
Shaking, Jessamine gripped her dagger, slowly moving back her foot to run.
The two of their eyes locked and the vampire mouthed something...Something that looked like

Jessamine could hardly think straight as it was, she just knew she read that wrong.
The vampiress had a knife. she must be wrong.
Her eyes flickered over to James.
She was not about to leave him, he was her only connection to what once was. If she lost him....
Holding her breath, Jessamine darted forward, and barreled into the vampiress, hoping to knock her off her balance so she could atleast get to James.
She refused to live knowing she let him risk his life for her.

Darcy surprised when her target suddenly attacked on her. The attack coming out of no where got her lost her balance and she fell to the ground.
"Oh crap, this is not going as planned..." she tought in her mind.

Jessamine didn't even expect to get the vampiress to even blink much fall to the ground.
Unprepared, she fell on top of the vampiress, scraping her arm against a jagged rock. Wincing, a bit, she clamoured to her feet, stumbling to get her footing, before dashing toward her real target; James' Attacker.
She needed James with her, so long as that was possible, she'd survive. She found herself plunging her dagger right into the Vampire's back, only to get a grunt and a backhand as a reply.
Evidently, she either missed the heart or the mythes weren't true. Either way, she just managed to piss him off.
Her head was snapped to the right, lights dancing madly in her eyes as her body fell hard to the ground.

That did it, Crumpled on the ground, a vicious panic attack had begun.
Gasping for air, she held her hand to her throat, as if an invisible hand was throttling her while she trembled violently.
With tears streaking her face, she tried to calm down but it never worked, she was too afraid...too useless to do anything but be murdered in front of her best friend by two very pissed off vampires.
"I'm sorry, James..." She thought grimly.


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Darcy, Jessamine and James
(part 2)

Jame's heart fell into his boots when he realized what happened. Jessamine had rushed the vampire. She had knocked one down and stabbed the other, only to be backhanded away. James bolted on the male vampire when he was recovering.
With knife in hand his fist crashed against the Vampires face, it was like punching a wall that wasn't built very well. Caught off guard by james the vampire lept back from his attacker , but james was right there with him.
Swinging upwards the tip of the knight caught the vampire in the thigh and raced upward over the groain. Shocked, he tried to evade again , but James second blow was already coming down and there wasn't enough time for him to move.
The knife slid between the callor bones, sinking down into the chest cavity, James had severed the main nerve colum in the vampires left arm and only by sheer luck missed the beings heart.
The vampire recovered his footing and landed a fist in james gut sent him sprawling. Gasping for air james rose to his feet to catch a glimps as the vampire landed another blow. James tried to deflect it but wasn't fast enough and took the brunt of the blow with his face. 'fuck!' he stayed on his feet but his eyes were blury. The vampire struck at him again, going for the throat, but james could see it comming and moved in. The point of the knife found it's way between the vampires ribs before either of them had any real idea of what was happening. The vampires momentum had carried them both to the ground. James was under the corsps panting trying to calm down. He rolled the body off of him the pulling the knife from the wretch's chest. The body convulsed a few times but otherwise didn't move. James didn't either for a second.

It took a while before Darcy even realized what happened. First the woman had attacked on her and next she was on top of her. After that she had attacked on the vampire failing miserably and now she was crying. Darcy come up with the new plan quickly. If they stayed there, the woman would get killed by the vampire. She couldn't help the male human now, she trusted he was good fighter enough to survive on his own. She walked next to the her target and while this was unarmed, Darcy lift her up and walked towards the forest half carrying, half dragging the girl. It wouldn't matter if she tried to escape. That would just seem more believable in case the vampire was one to survive. Besides as a demon Darcy had enough strength to hold one girl back.

When she was away from the vampire and the guy fighting with him, Darcy placed Jessamine to the ground offering her knife to her. "Now stab me as hard as you can and then run for your life."

His mind snapped back into place. 'Jessamine!' He looked around but she wasn't there. Neither was the female demon. "Jessamine!" He shouted. He strung his bow quickly and knocked an arrow seeing two silhouette in the darkness, they were back lit from the little moon light there was. "Jessamine!" He shouted again running twords her. He wouldn't loose her. He wouldn't be the one idle while the one person in this world who made sense was taken away from him.

"Now stab me as hard as you can and run for your life."
Jessamine's eyes were already wide, still gasping, she couldn't verbalize her confusion but it didn't matter. She snatched the knife, stabbed the knife through the girl's arm and stumbed ahead, only to be stopped dead by an arrow that narrowly missed her throat. Dropping to the ground, she gripped the grass and dirt under her.
Get it together.... She repeated to herself, trying as hard as she could but failing.
That was enough to get her moving "Ja-" She gasped between shuttered breaths.
She darted for him, collapsed against a tree. Her breathing was labored, her heart racing at an unnatural speed, her shaking grew worse as she slide down the tree and lay in the dirt.

Darcy gritted her teeth as the woman stabbed her arm getting ready for the pain. She watched as her target had troubles to run away. Next thing she realized was an arrow hitting on her left shoulder. "Aarg!" she fell down, gasping from pain. She wouldn't be able to use her left hand for a while. She reached the arrow and pulled it of gritting her teeth again, trying not to shout. "Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!" The arrow was now in her right hand and for a second, she just stayed there, sitting on the group, trying to calm down a bit.

"Jessamine!" The male was shouting, looking for his friend. "So, he did survive, good" Darcy thought in her mind. She rose up and held her bleeding arm, walking slowly towards the girl. "Listen," she said quietly. "I'm not here to kill you. I'm sorry for the rough act" she kneeled next to the girl. "Try to calm down. Look, your friend is still alive and if I was going to kill you I would have done it already." she said in relaxed tone.

Jessamine lay there, she barely heard the girl but it didn't matter, she was will into her panic attack and all she could to ride it out until James arrived.

Tears streamed down Jessamine's face, cleaning her dirt and blood covered skin as it traveled down her temple and into her hair.
"....Not....Kill....Done....Already." Only a few words broke through the panic but all she could do was lie there, rational thought was far from her at this point, as she stared at the girl, with wide panic filled eyes and all she wanted-needed was James.

James halted seeing Jessamine on the ground. " Jess!" He readied his bow and took aim at the female demon who was kneeing beside his love. " Back off!" He loosed an arrow that would strike the demon in the chest if she didn't do something fast.
When Darcy heard the shout she quickly moved further away from Jessamine, avoiding the arrow just in time. ”I'm not going to kill her.”
"Last time I heard that I nearly got killed my self." he knocked another arrow deftly and took aim again, this time aiming where she might jump rather than directly at her.
Darcy walked slowly further away. "I have no reason to kill her. I just had to act a bit. I don't want to be killed myself. And Seth would kill me if he ever hears about this."
"Give me one reason I should even consider trusting you?" He said. ' if I can get her talking maybe she won't be so quick on the jump...'
"I want to help you. I...I still remember my past. I know humans aren't prey...We all were just like you" Darcy answered quietly.
that caught him off guard..."Not helping your case." He said, his arm was getting tired of holding the arrow back.
"Wouldn't it be good to have someone inside? I work for Seth and Lillith. I can try to find out their plans. I want to help you." she was determined. This was why she was here.
He let his arm relax a little , lowering the tip of the arrow. " I'm listening..." He said keeping the arrow only a hairs breath away from his target.
He had delt with enough people in his life to know that when someone offered something to good to be true , it usually was. Though he had no idea who Seth or Lillith were.
She sighed quietly for relief when she saw the arrow going at least a little lower. "As I said I remember my past. I want to help you to survive. It's why I'm here. Humans don't deserve to die. I want to earn your trust. This might not be the best way to do it, but it was only way to get close to you."
"Because waking someone up is always the best way to get someone to listen... let alone how you woke us up. " He said moving closer to Jessamine, She was still having issues. 'just breath Jess...' he willed calmness to her. He knew it wasn't going to help, but he had other things to worry about that posed a much more imminent issues to deal with. " Why us and not some other group ?" He prodded, taking a knee beside Jess.
Darcy sat down on the ground. "You can kill me, if you don't believe me. My life doesn't mean anything to me. And answer to your question...You're only group I have heard of."

Jessamine's heard James' voice and her eyes went wide. She scurried to her feet and behind him.
"He's here, everything's alright." She told herself, as her shaking subsided.
"She-She...I think....she's...telling the truth." Jessamine managed, between ragged breaths. "She....could but she didn't...She told me to run. I think she is trying to help."

He lowered his bow the rest of the way. He trusted Jess, even though the hair on the back of his neck stated otherwise sometimes: this being one of those times, he tried to relax a little.
" Fine , I guess we can figure this out later...we have to get the others someplace safe before we can talk again. You deal with your people and I'll deal with mine, fair?" He asked feeling exposed , out in the open like this. 'I'll make sure to keep something to kill you with on hand...' He made that mental note as his eyes bore holes into hers, not in a mean way, just a ' I'm watching you...closely.' way.

Darcy nodded. "We can do this your way. Maybe that helps you to trust me at least slightly."

Suddenly she collapsed to the ground. She had seen it. Darcy was gasping, her whole body was shaking. ”Why? Why now? I'm not asleep.” She had seen one of those dreams of hers. Dreams that were too realistic to be just dreams. She had seen the blonde girl running away and then....”She surrendered?”

She looked at the humans. ”” She could barely talk. Then everything went black. She went unconscious.