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Annelise Nielsen

"I'll never leave you."

0 · 801 views · located in United States of America

a character in “Blood of the Covenant”, as played by AthaNielsen


"I love you, Master.."

The Basics

Full Name: Annelise Emilia Nielsen
Nicknames and Aliases: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Ethnicity/Race: American, Danish Descent
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Species: Human
Occupation: Personal Blood Slave to Caius

What's on the Outside

Hair Color: Medium Brown, ranging in lightness depending on dye or time of the year
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 124 lbs.
Tattoos: Full color cardinal on her left bicep
Piercings: Corset piercing on her upper back between her shoulder blades.
Scars: Various bites along her neck and wrists
Description: Annelise's skin is pale, nowhere near as pale as any vampire but still very pale since she never sees daylight, let alone the outdoors in general most of the time. Her body can really only be described as average, she's not exceptionally curvy, but she's not terribly plain either. It's not like she's harsh on herself, she just doesn't think she's very interesting. One thing she's very proud of are her cat-like eyes, accentuated better when she wears bright colors, although she normally wears dark colors out of ease.

What's on the Inside


{Insecure, Fragile, Loyal, Hateful}
If there was one word to describe Annelise it would be obedient. There’s nothing she loves more than pleasing her Master. Despite her rampant trust issues, she would easily put her life in Caius’ hands, since she does every day. Even though she’s kept on an extremely tight leash, it is anything but restricting to her, she loves knowing that somebody cares enough to monitor her every action, even if it’s for his own well being. With Annelise’s history of abuse, it’s shocking to say the least that she’s so malleable to Caius’ demands, seeing as how he can be borderline abusive at times. Outside of her relationship with him, she’s very artistic and draws almost daily considering she has very few other freedoms. She turns into the internet a lot as another way to keep herself entertained, often running to Caius like a small child and telling him of whatever interesting things she’s found out. She also has a deep interest in birds, and Ornithology was her second career choice had she been able to afford to study it. Seeing as how Annelise isn’t allowed to interact with many people she doesn’t have friends, but she’s sure she wouldn’t anyway because of how harsh her opinions are towards other people. Even before she met Caius she always had great disdain towards humanity, and found it very hard to find people whose beliefs matched hers, another reason she finds solace in the internet.
Drawing, Listening to music, Surfing the internet
Keeping feelings bottled up, Daydreaming, Being a doormat
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety
  • Pleasing others
  • Being praised
  • Making Caius happy
  • Tumblr
  • Birds
  • Art
  • Rape
  • Being yelled at
  • Being told she's wrong
  • Fear of being replaced
  • Adultery

What's Done Is Done


Place Of Origin: Chicago, Illinois
Birth Date: January 2, 1991
History: Annelise was always an outcast at school, she dressed like a boy and acted like one, making her a perfect target for bullies. She loved conflict, the thought of getting into a fight alone being enough to get her blood flowing. Her life at home was the opposite of her treatment at school though. She had a very loving family, considering them to be her best friends up until her father died when she was 13. After that she became more desperate for friendship and attention, leading to her falling into an abusive relationship with her best friend at the time (another girl). Although the relationship only lasted a short amount of time, she was exposed to every form of abuse and was sexually abused nearly every day. Upon finally escaping the relationship by being dumped, the girl turned in on herself, making almost no friends throughout high school and barely trusting the ones she had. When she finally left her hell she fled her hometown to Detroit immediately, hoping to find good education for an artist elsewhere. Reluctant to go to college, she instead took jobs wherever she could, praying that there would be some sort of apprenticeship for her. Annelise spent most of her life through high school and then on alone, only having one boyfriend for a short period of time during her freshman year, making it extremely difficult to cope with life away from everyone she knew. Eventually, the now 20 year old had started going out to clubs in a desperate attempt to meet new people, even if they would just be friends. One night she entered a new club though and met Caius there. They spoke and soon started spending more time together, until he revealed himself after hearing of her past and offered her safety with him under the condition that she provide him with what he needed to survive.
Happiest Memory: Meeting Caius and falling in love with him
Saddest Memory: All of her experience having to suffer through high school, but more specifically being told that her rapist would never be convicted.

Face Claim: Kristen Stewart

So begins...

Annelise Nielsen's Story

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Another hour passed

And another.

And another.

Annelise was always supportive of Caius and obeyed what orders he gave, but that often left her in situations where she was alone or uncomfortable. Right now she was in her bunker, or at least that's what she thought of it as. Most nights at the club Caius didn't want her out in the open and interacting with others. He felt she was too vulnerable to attacks or unwanted advances, even though many of the vampires in attendance knew she was his personal property. So to keep her protected she had her own room in the club, not unlike the room Caius had for himself. When she really thought about it, it wasn't all that bad being cooped up in her room. She had the internet, she could still hear the music from inside, and sometimes if she was lucky Caius would visit. It was always nice when he visited on his own accord and not because he needed blood, they would talk like when the pair had first met. And really anything was better than being stuffed into a room with the other blood slaves. They were all so unhappy, and if they weren't they got off on vampires and waited to be magically whisked away by one that fell for them.

Her eyes darted down to the clock and she heaved a small sigh, it would still be at least a couple hours before they might go home. She looked to the door, thinking over the options in her mind. It felt like someone had passed by, and it sounded like the door had opened...

It couldn't hurt to go see. She hadn't really eaten much tonight, but she always had time for her master.

Annelise pushed her laptop to the side and shut it gently as she strode to the door. The door pushed open and she smiled brightly upon seeing the invitation, moving over silently as she leaned around the corner and met his eyes. Her cheeks lit up as she moved into the room slowly, "Hungry..?" She murmured simply, taking notice of his eyes and fangs.

Before getting a response, she walked forward and sat before him on the ground, smiling down into his face as her hair fell forward and made a curtain around her head. She was almost tempted to reach out and touch him, pull his head into her lap. but it was always best to be granted permission first, especially since the other option was anger.

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#, as written by Vix

→ o u t f i t ←

{i n c o l l a b o r a t i o n w i t h v e v e}

“Je vois que ni la classe, ni les mœurs sont les critères d'embauche ici. Caius vraiment ne s'attend pas à moi de travailler autour d'un manque de respect t-il?”

A playful smile teased on her lips as she lifted her chin, Russian accent disappearing as the French words took over with flawless timbre that suggested some time spent in Western France. Ada's antics did not go unnoticed though Lyndi hadn't even needed to turn her head. The human was loud, violent, rude, and obnoxious. The pretty face soon became ugly in the viking's eyes and she decided that the two wouldn't get along so well. She was all for a bit of disrespect here and there, more than capable of having a good time -- often at the expense of others -- but only when it was appropriate. However, she found the human's gaudy plea for attention irritating.

“La boisson est fabuleux, par la manière. Vous avez certainement un moyen avec vos mains, oui?” She remained polite throughout as she complimented the drink as it burned her throat with a shot of pleasure. She threw a flirty smile his way with a crystal blue winsome gaze. He certainly wasn't lacking in charm, appearance, or talent. And she liked that.

James grinned, recognizing his native tongue. It'd been a long time since he'd heard someone so fluent, but it was quite welcome. It was also a plus that it came from someone so...experienced in life. "Merci, j'ai pratiqué mon art pour un bon bout de temps maintenant, et je suis heureux de savoir que vous avez apprécié."

"Les gens d'ici sont en fait pas si mal. Il n'y a que quelques-uns, comme le monsieur qui, franchement, a suggéré qu'il obtiendrait dans votre pantalon. Les autres habitués sont généralement bonnes personnes, comme elle." James looked down the bar to Ada and grinned. He cared greatly for her and couldn't allow her to be insulted. He knew her attitude was frowned upon by most but she was a great person. When she and James became friends he gave her all his respect and loyalty.

Gazing at the face of the woman before him now, he wondered what job Caius could have possibly given her. James could barely imagine someone of her stature working here. "J'ai entendu qu'il y aurait quelques nouvelles personnes à se faire embaucher ici. Je ne m'attendais pas quelqu'un comme vous, bien, magnifique."

While she didn't know his name she did know James well enough from passing word and personal recon from the past month, the ongoing interaction with him confirmed it. He was gentle and a bit of an old soul, having a classic charm to him. She estimated that he was around a century and a half in age, obviously from France. Ah, France. Terrible military but amazing sights and fashion. The men could be a bit grimy but she could see James was one of the good ones. His mellow personality and gentle, personal smile made him easy to talk to. She could see why he was a liaison.

Finishing her drink, she slid the glass across the counter with a nod indicating a desire for another. “Voyons voir si vous pouvez faire une Bombe Pop décent. Avec O positif.” She placed one elbow on the counter and rested her chin in a hand covered lightly with a thin glove of lace bearing intricate design. “I'm still not quite sure if I'll take up his offer -- But I'll take that compliment. I might just work here to spend more time with you.” Her flirting was bolder now as she gave a wink that was more playful than it was a sexual advance. She made sure to keep her tone light, indicating that she was merely teasing.

Her interest in him was genuine but she had no intentions of letting him part her legs. “I'm simply used to working with more... Traditional folk. A higher class of clientele, you might say. This sort of place isn't usually my scene.” She turned her head towards a vampire in a nearby corner ravaging a blood slave, seeming two seconds away from ripping her clothes off as he fed, indicating to the beautiful bartender what she meant. Her expression contorted to one of mild disgust, her nose crinkling. The way her face was designed made the expression a bit more... Adorable than it was meant to be.

James grinned at her request and her advances. He could tell she was just teasing him...and he kinda liked it. Going down the bar to grab the alcohols needed, he brushed Ada's cheek. "I'll be with you again soon ehough, ma chere. Be patient with me, and I promise I'll walk you home tonight." As he made his way back down the bar, he pulled a tall glass out and slid it as he mixed and poured the liquors. By the time he made it back to the woman, the drink was prepared. Slipping a tiny staw into the drink, he handed it to her. Noticing the couple that she'd been referring to, James sighed. "Sadly, not everyone knows what's appropriate for public and what should be done in private. Sometimes we ge more interesting and classic minded people as well."

Directing his attention back to her, he saw the face she made at them and lightly chuckled. It looked as if she were pouting with an expression that was not unlike a disgruntled seven year old's. I have to know now. It's too much not knowing what glorious name someone like her must call themselves. James leaned on the counter with his head in his right hand. "I simply must know now -- What does a belle like you call yourself?"

The drink looked well enough and she sipped it as she listened to him defend the honor of the club, assuring her once more that not all of its patrons were complete morons without tact. She would give him the benefit of the doubt. She hadn't much scouted the patrons over the month, paying more attention to Caius and his employees, human and vampire alike. The vampires impressed her but the humans... They weren't exactly top tier. Then again, they were living in the age of Twilight so it wasn't a shock. The majority of the humans were despicable and she hated the idea of working with them. She hated to sound pompous, but it was just so beneath her. Still -- They were prey and she was predator. A girl's gotta eat and a lion didn't choose a gazelle based on their personality.

Her head turned towards him, expression settling back into a smile as she gave a nod of approval at the drink. He was now resting in the same fashion she was, his smile winning her over. She wondered just how long of a string of broken hearts he left trailing behind him, inwardly chuckling at the thought. At the request of her name, she leaned forward some, the side of her face pressing against his as she slid out her fangs and brushed them against his earlobe. “Just call me Lyndi, mon amour.” She drew back with another wink and a lifted brow, indicating that it was now his move in this game they played.

James smiled broadly, shaking his head. This woman did know how to use her charm to get what she liked. She had to be a new liaison specialist, there was no doubt about it. Her looks, charm, and skill with languages pointed to that being the ideal duty for her. James put his hand on his chin, rubbing his facial hair. He felt he needed to be sure. "You're a beautiful woman with enough charm to sway a nation; you absolutely have to work with me." James smirked as he was taking up her hand. "Or are you going to leave me here by my lonesome, ma ange?" It was his turn to pout now.

“Comment pourrais-je oser même penser de vous quitter tous seul quand tu me traites si bien, ma lune et les étoiles?” His hands were as gentle as she imagined and she quickly replied with dramatic flair in the style of the French actresses of old, women who truly knew drama and theatre. Her gaze became one of adoration as she pouted, the full lips so perfect for the expression, enjoying the flirtatious game she had begun. She knew what he was getting at and was content to keep him guessing at what position she had been offered, though his assumptions were right on the money.

James smiled while sighing. This woman was something else, and she'd impressed him thoroughly. "We shall see, Lyndi. We'll see." James raised her hands to his lips kissing them lightly. James released them as he began to walk back to Ada at the other end of the bar. "Come back and see me soon, ma chere! Don't forget about me."

Lyndi issued the lightest of laughs with her head tossed back as she blew him a kiss before collecting her drink. Fan in one hand, beverage in the other, she was soon disappearing. The seventies were getting boring now and she needed someone new to chat with. Like Caius. She certainly needed to discuss her terms with the man if he was going to be hiring her. She held high hopes for the older vampire simply because he was older. She didn't cross many that were her age, far fewer were old than her. This would be the third time in her life that she had met vampires older than her since her Making.

Caius, she knew, had been some Roman soldier and Senate in his former life among many other things after the fangs came. Roman -- That explained his excessive brooding. Still, she retained a polite expression as she found his room and gave the door a light push to reveal herself. “Before I agree to anything, we've got some terms to set. Rule number one is that I absolutely do not take orders from babies.”

“Je vois que ni la classe, ni les mœurs sont les critères d'embauche ici. Caius vraiment ne s'attend pas à moi de travailler autour d'un manque de respect t-il?” - I see that neither class nor manners are hiring criteria around here. Caius really doesn't expect me to work around disrespect does he?

“La boisson est fabuleux, par la manière. Vous avez certainement un moyen avec vos mains, oui?” - The drink is fabulous, by the way. You certainly have a way with your hands, yes?

"Merci, j'ai pratiqué mon art pour un bon bout de temps maintenant, et je suis heureux de savoir que vous avez apprécié." - Thank you, I practiced my art for a long time now, and I am pleased that you enjoyed it.

"Les gens d'ici sont en fait pas si mal. Il n'y a que quelques-uns, comme le monsieur qui, franchement, a suggéré qu'il obtiendrait dans votre pantalon. Les autres habitués sont généralement bonnes personnes, comme elle." - The people here are not that bad. There are a few, like the gentleman who, frankly, has suggested that he would get in your pants. Other regulars are generally good people, like her.

"J'ai entendu qu'il y aurait quelques nouvelles personnes à se faire embaucher ici. Je ne m'attendais pas quelqu'un comme vous, bien, magnifique." - I heard there would be some new people to get hired here. I did not expect someone like you, well, beautiful.

“Voyons voir si vous pouvez faire une Bombe Pop décent. Avec O positif.” - Let's see if you can make a decent Bomb Pop. With O positive.

“Comment pourrais-je oser même penser de vous quitter tous seul quand tu me traites si bien, ma lune et les étoiles?” - How could I dare to even think of leaving you all alone when you treat me so well, my moon and stars?

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In the time between his own entrance and the entrance of Annelise, Caius moved only to pick up his lute so that he could pluck at it whilst the radio garbled on. This time, however, he sprawled across the chaise in the correct manner, his head resting on one arm of it while his legs dangled over the opposite arm. He quickly resumed his former position. His lute was an old instrument, the wood worn smooth from centuries of playing. The strings had been strung and snapped and strummed over and over again. He hummed gently as the folky music rang from the instrument and filled the room with a melody that was oddly light for Caius.

His fingers came to a sudden stop above the strings of his lute as the door began to creak the rest of the way open. To him, humans had a particular smell about them. Something too sweet to be called a stench, but it still seemed to cling to them like one. This aroma reached him before he bothered to look over. His pinkish eyes met her hazel ones, and he blinked lethargically before slowly sitting up. The blood rushed into her cheeks, and he could feel his fangs push themselves further through his gums as he grew more excited.

"Yes, of course," he replied, though he knew her question had been meant rhetorically. From upside down, he craned his neck slightly to look at her, displaying the bite marks on his neck from his own transformation. Caius eased himself upright, first by laying normally on the chaise again and then by sitting up before sliding on to his knees on the floor beside her. Wordlessly, he pushed her hair over one shoulder to leave a side of her neck bare. The exchanged another glance before he turned his head and sunk his fangs into her alabaster flesh. They slid through with ease, and the blood began to well. He sucked at the puncture wounds in a hurried manner while he gripped the other side of her neck for support.

He could have drained the poor girl if he were unable to get a grip on himself. Suddenly, he pulled back and let his shoulders drop a bit as the blood began to move through his system, subsequently darkening his eyes so that the pupil and iris appeared to become one. Caius's tongue glided along his lips, which were scarlet with the blood, as he began to stand. Instinctively, he reached for a slightly bloodied towel he'd kept here to staunch the bleeding. He certainly knew how impulsive these vampires could be.

As she recovered, Caius sat down again whilst riding the waves of pleasure. In the midst of it, the door opened once more, and a new vampire stepped in. It took him a moment to recognize her, for he had not seen Lyndi since he approached her months ago.
"You are certainly," he remarked before pinching the corners of his mouth to wipe the blood away.

The older vampire watched her for a moment, perhaps internally analyzing her before he stood. "You will have to be more specific, mea carissima, for that is a relative term when one refers to those of our age group." He place his hands into the pockets of his jacket, which appeared to make him stand up straighter. "A warning would have been appreciated. I may have given you a tour myself." Or maybe he wouldn't have. That was besides the point now. "I do wonder where you come from. Pale skin and fair hair would hint toward somewhere Northern, but who can truly tell with the intermingling that humans do these days?"

The tips of his fangs still glistened with blood as he ran his tongue over them slowly. "I came to you because I believe your skills are, more or less, unrivaled. However, I can not simply introduce a new member into the Coven without knowing them, trusting them." He moved a bit closer, moving his hair out of his face with a flick of his neck. "I murdered men I called brother without so much as a second thought. Betrayal would not go over well in this Coven, I can assure you."

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Annelise gave a gentle smile, a shudder trailing through her as his flesh made contact with hers. She leaned into his touch willingly, giving a gentle smile and barely wincing as he bit into her and drank. It hadn't taken long to adjust when she had become his food source, but it would be a lie to say it didn't still hurt, even if it was just a little.

The brunette gave a weak sigh as she leaned back against the chaise, taking the rag with a smile and a thank you. She pressed it gently to her neck, wiping up blood that dripped down her collarbone despite her efforts. It was nice. Knowing she could be useful and help someone. But that also made it more difficult to face her emotions towards Caius. She knew there was little to no chance of ever becoming anything more than a food source anyway, the thought of being with a human probably disgusted him anyway.

She was torn away from her thoughts as her brow furrowed when the door opened abruptly and someone new stepped in. The girl could tell immediately that she was older than a majority of the vampires she had run in to. She got the same vibe from Caius and she had seen one other who gave off the same sense of superiority when she was wandering the club. Instantly she flinched away, closer to Caius out of instinct. She relaxed just barely as her master stood and began to speak with the woman, but that didn’t mean she was still completely safe. She began to shuffle out of the way, less behind the chaise as the two conversed about business.

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#, as written by Vix

Lyndi lifted a brow, noticing the brunette young woman seemingly cowering behind the chaise as she entered. Aww, how... Cute. However, she cared little. Instead, she focused on Caius. Unlike most, she wasn't inclined to bow her head in respect to her elder. Not that she didn't respect him; Lyndi simply wasn't into bowing. She did hold her tongue and give him her undivided attention though, the lightest of smirks across her lips. She could understand his terms, feeling that they were reasonable enough. After all, trust begets trust.

She was rather inclined to divulge a few tidbits of her past that nobody alive or undead knew. She wouldn't do so within the company of others. Aside from the comely blood bag oozing adoration, she could hear someone else approaching. Clearing her throat, though it was superfluous, she gave a bit of a smile. “I'd love to have a chat of credence with you, really. However, let's save that little talk for when your groupies aren't hanging all over you, yes?”

She offered a wink before leaning in to place a lingering kiss against his cheek. “Finna mér seinna”, Find me later, she told him in a seductive Icelandic tongue. Her smile shifted back into smirk as she exited the room with her usual flourish, head held high. She was curious to find out exactly how he found her as well. She would have been happy to speak further but she didn't discuss business in front of people she felt it didn't concern. Seeing as it was Caius who was offering her a job, clean blood, and a home... Well. She couldn't give two fucks about whether or not the others trusted her.

She gave a flip of her hair with a quick movement as she went back the way she came. Rather than return to the rooms of recent decades she went higher up into the warehouse to seek out the ancient rooms. Rock and roll became doo-wop and doo-wop was soon ancient hymns. It certainly was a blast from the past. There were bands such as Enya that channeled the olden days but there was nothing quite like listening to the tunes doled out by those who had actually lived through those times. The gentle melodies cradled her and carried her to a seat in the corner.

As she glanced around she smiled. She saw some Elder vampires with their fangs out freely, some with eyes closed as they too enjoyed the music. The room was designed to emulate an old tavern, doing quite well. She began to wonder who his interior decorator and architect were. The oak was flawless and the carved murals were simply intricate and breathtaking. She lost herself in thought, a haze coming over her as she hummed along with the tune. It was Tibetan...

“Enjoying yourself, agápi̱ mou?”

There was a sudden voice in her ear, a smooth baritone that was sultry and comforting, accompanied by the brushing of stubble and soft lips against her cheek. She recognized the voice in an instant and her body reacted involuntarily, her head moving and allowing the man to place a kiss against her cheek. She could feel as his fangs slid out against her skin. Their bodies greeted one another like old friends. If her heart was still beating, no doubt it would have skipped a few beats. Her body trembled at the touch as she moved into a different haze, almost pouting as she sighed. Her eyes, which had closed as soon as he touched her, snapped open as her mind finally reacted to the situation. A dark look upon her face, she snapped around in her seat to stare directly into the red eyes of her Maker.

There she was. He knew that she had been scouting the place for a month now, stalking her unseen while she stalked everyone else. She had finally come to make a decision and he knew what it was. He knew her better than any other and he played on one of her fears, feeling a bit bad for it. But it was for the better. He knew how much his Progeny was conflicted; that she trusted no one but hated to be so alone. He had been with Caius' Coven for many years now and he knew that she'd like them -- Or at least most of them. He saw how well she was getting along with James earlier that evening. In truth, it did somewhat upset him when they flirted. He felt an immediate pang of jealousy, possessiveness, and protectiveness. Old habits die hard.

James was a threat in those moments.

However, as she responded to him he couldn't help but to feel an overwhelming sense of pride and relief, tempted to slide his lips across hers. But their moment ended too soon -- though forever with her wasn't long enough -- and she quickly turned on him with poison in her eyes. He put his fangs away and knelt down on one knee. But she wouldn't hear him out. She was gone as quickly as she came, leaving him pissed off at himself. Of course she hadn't forgiven him -- He hadn't even forgiven himself. He heaved a sigh and stood, watching where she exited as though he were half expecting her to come rushing back or even to peek around the corner to see if she had been hallucinating. But she wouldn't, she didn't, of course.

He stood there like a jackass before sliding his fangs back into hiding before taking off. He wouldn't go find her because he knew that she would find him. She knew now where he was, that he was alive... She would always find him. Shoving his hands into the pockets of his loose jeans, he moved in a lumbering shuffle that was far from his usual graceful movements. He couldn't help but to be upset though he knew he didn't entirely have the right to be angry with her. Leotychides still had faith that he could mend their friendship over time once she got over the initial shock. His shuffle carried him eventually past Caius' lair to a room he had long since made his own, brushing past Aphrodite with a muttered and solemn hello as opposed to his usual flirting. The door was closed behind him as he took a seat and sat simply in wait.

“Leotychides, sir. You're needed out front... It's... It's a human. Asking for you...”

There simply was no rest for the wicked. Leo's skulking was interrupted by a younger vampire, Lila. She was a little over a century and a half in age, straight from Bulgaria. Her English had improved over the past year as she served as something of a personal assistant. He gave her a nod as she disappeared before hoisting himself up with ease, heading back out. He put on a more charming visage with a gentle smile that pulled a bit more to the left. Working security at Blood Bath didn't just mean that he handled vampires -- He handled humans just as often.

While the vampires at the club could easily rip to shreds every single one of the humans there, it was his job to make sure that everyone had a good time. He oversaw that the vampires who got too handsy, the humans who became a bother, and either one who started too much trouble were tossed out. He assumed that the human in question was Ada again, a human that he seemed to be constantly talking to about attitude. At least for appearances. He enjoyed sharing a laugh with her for the complaints lodged about her. Sometimes the complaints were reasonable enough and he would punish her as needed. More often then not it was some handsy prick who got hit trying to pull a superior card. However, he admired that she defended herself. Not that he'd say so out loud.

He was a bit shocked when he got to the ground floor entrance. There, moving about and questioning everyone he came into contact with, was a massive Native American built like a brick shithouse. Leo recognized him in an instant and raised his arm, using his hands to motion for the dark haired man to come towards him. Almost immediately, he felt quite small. The Spartan was built... Well, he was built like a Spartan. He fit his black silk shirt well and had more than enough muscle to spare. He looked like he belonged standing on a pedestal coated in clay, stark naked for eternity. However, this tan man before him stood at least a head and a half taller than him. He had to crane his neck a tad just to look into his eyes, serious eyes that were filled with curiosity and anxiety.


It was all just so strange to him.

Cheveyo had been warned a time or two before that many vampires were not very friendly with humans. That many vampires saw themselves as superior and humans only as food. He hoped that Blood Bath wouldn't be so bad, his hopes having skyrocketed when he passed a seemingly happy couple earlier before he went inside. However, as he lumbered about asking for Leotychides, the man who had contacted him and paid for his trip here, he got only curses and dirty looks. That was probably because he had stepped on more than a few toes -- literally. There were a few of the beings with fangs that looked at him with a hunger. That, he was used to. He thought he'd be dragged off soon as a woman tugged on his arm, beckoning him in a sultry tone to come with her.

Thankfully, she backed off when a larger male beckoned for him to follow. He issued a sigh of relief and quickly made his way to the blond male. With a goofy smile on his face he waited for the man to size him up with calculating red eyes, his own unable to express the smile that he gave. Their stare down took a fee minutes before they headed quickly towards a place unknown to him. He didn't struggle to keep up at first, his long legs taking large strides. He had to slow down eventually to keep from stepping on the backs of his guide's shoes as well as to avoid bumping into anyone. He raised his arms in a look of surrender, drawing more attention than necessary to himself. He was simply doing what he could to avoid bumping into anyone. Many of the vampires and human were very tiny compared to him and he didn't want to hurt anyone. Or piss them off.

He was able to put his arms down as they moved to what seemed to be a more private area consisting of hallways and doors -- many, many doors. He was lead into a room that was rather Samhain chic. He gave a nod of approval and closed the door behind him before taking a seat on a nearby white stool as he was beckoned to. “You said Lyndi was here but I didn't see her. Is she okay?” His voice was deeper than Leo's, filled with worry as his smile faltered. He watched as Leo's own smile faltered and the two shared a serious moment. A nod from the man across from him elicited a sigh, suddenly feeling as though the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders.

He smiled a little more before nodding. He had the joy of traveling with Lyndi for six years before she simply up and left. It wasn't exactly spontaneous. Cheveyo's little sister, Chosovi, had also joined him with Lyndi on their travels. However, two years ago she was killed when an enemy caught up to their vampire companion. Cheveyo would have been next had Lyndi not saved him and literally ripped apart the vampire right in front of his eyes. Their relationship was strained from her end from that point on as guilt and anxiety overwhelmed her. He had tried reassuring her but it didn't always work. Not too long after he woke up and found the house abandoned. The deed was put in his name and he was given a bank account with more than enough money to sustain him for years to come. She had left a note that he carried around every day since, stating that she cared for him too much to keep his life in danger by being around him.

He hadn't tried searching for her despite how badly he wanted to. Nobody ever knew where to find her and those who knew her either loved her or hated her and very, very few of them didn't hate humans. For his own safety and out of respect for her wishes he didn't seek her out. However, Cheveyo had gotten a call from Leo a few days ago saying that Lyndi needed him. He now sat, listening as Leo explained just what it was that was needed.

“Lyndi needs to be in a Coven. I don't doubt her strength or ability to take care of herself but clean blood is becoming harder to come by and humans are starting to poke their noses in where it doesn't belong... Besides, she needs to be around other vampires. She needs to learn to trust people. The world is getting more difficult for our kind to flourish as we once did.”

The human listened carefully, nodding as he spoke. He wasn't the brightest star in the sky but he certainly understood what Leo was saying. What he didn't know was why the man cared so much or how he knew Lyndi. “That, uh, might be true. But SoS doesn't really... She doesn't like being told what to do or what she needs to do... And you never told me who you are, anyways...” He canted his head to the side some, offering an apologetic gaze in case he might have offended the vampire before him. Leo seemed to understand and gave a comforting smile, placing a hand against his shoulder. He had a powerful grip. “Trust me, I know. I'm her Maker -- ” Leo paused to give a chuckle at Chev's mystified mien before continuing. “I just want what's best for her. For her to be safe. I think you know, from personal experience, that she's made some enemies. What would happen if they all decided to work together? Vampires can be quite vindictive... And she's killed some important and influential people.”

Cheveyo smiled gently and gave an understanding nod before giving a blank look. “But... Why do I need to be here?... I can't protect her against anyone...” There was a tinge of despondency in his tone as he looked down some. Leo looked upon him with some pity, giving his shoulder a squeeze. “Because you might be the only thing to keep her here. I promise that you'll be well cared for here. I know the arrangement you had with Lyndi and that arrangement may remain. Just... Think about it.” Cheveyo only nodded mutely as Leo rose and exited the room.

Leo left with a weight somewhat lifted off of his chest. He knew that his Progeny would eventually forgive him in the centuries to come and they would be friends once more. He hoped. But he would stop at nothing to make sure she was safe. For now he had to handle some business. He had noticed earlier a young woman, human, wandering about with a somewhat lost expression. She was one of the few humans who happened upon the den of death with no knowledge of the place they had entered. Without knowing what they'd gotten themselves into. He had to make sure that she didn't see something and attempt to leave. Hell, he wasn't going to let her leave at all. The Spartan put on his most winsome smile as he flitted down the levels and through the rooms until the blond was in his sights.

His red eyes gleamed in the strobe lights of the room dedicated to the 2000s, target locked. Dripping with charm, he worked his wah through the crowd until he was able to grab her elbow, gently tugging her away from the throng and to the bar with a light laugh. He lifted his voice with a feigned gaze of curiosity, releasing her. “Leo -- I work security here and I haven't seen you around here before. What brings you?” As he introduced himself, he looked down at the woman who was quite petite compared to him, taking a moment to admire her. She was very beautiful and her blood smelled... Oh, it was simply to die for. It nearly made him drool though he managed to keep his cool, leaning against the bar in a more relaxed position.

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#, as written by Arrow-


Aphrodite sighed happily as she finally found her way through the maze that was the clubs hallways, and to the room that she knew as Caius'. She gave a quick knock before peaking in. "Caius?" She grinned and padded in. Yes, she was a bit nosy to him and liked to bother the seemingly emotionless man, but she felt like she was growing on him. "You really need to work on the layout of this place, I keep getting lost.."

She paused when she saw who was with him. Annelise. She was his personal blood slave, which would usually make her a bit hesitant about her being so close to him, but she was a human. She knew Caius' view on humans, as he had passed them down on her as well. The problem now though, was that she had recently been bit and was still slowly bleeding... This was quite painful for Aphrodite, as she was a newborn and had horrible restraint, plus she was starving. As her eyes grew more bloodshot and her hand on the doorframe tightened, almost causing splinters, she turned away. "I'll wait in the hallway.." She muttered, voice raspy from sudden thirst. "Even though your ancient, I know you can still move pretty fast. Don't take too long..". She tried to laugh it off and went into the hallway.

Her eyes shut tight as she tried to concentrate on not attacking something. This was the part about being a vampire she didn't like. She liked blood, a lot... But she didn't like the crazed feeling she got when hunger came. Almost like she could tear the first living thing she saw apart. It chilled her to the bones. Not because of her possibly endangering a human, but because she didn't want to become a blood crazed monster. Caius had once told her it would get easier eventually. She was still waiting for that day..

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Caius's eyes quickly followed the female vampire's as she looked to Annelise. He didn't even to turn completely toward the girl to realize Lyndi was formulating some thought about her. Before he could say something, she turned back to him. There was a smirk playing along her lips, but he did not mimic it. Rather, he met it with his usual apathetic expression. Inside, however, he calculated her movements and took mental notes on how she held herself, how she moved. She was a damn good actress though. She was cautious though, for she shied away as a figure began to move down the hall toward his room.

"I highly doubt the secrets you hold in your memory can not be spoken before a human," he countered. Still, he wouldn't push her. They both knew that he was the one interested in hiring her on. Had he not wanted her here, he would not have gone seeking her. The smile she flashed even managed to evoke some sort of emotion out of him. What that emotion was, however, he could not say.

Before he could move back to his chaise, she approached and placed a kiss against his cheek, her frigid lips against his frigid flesh. The language she spoke was not one he had mastered, but he still managed to find some meaning in her words. Though his gut seemed to respond with a clench, his face did not betray this reaction. Instead, he watched her with his blank slate of a face as she smirked back at him. "You shall enjoy the club. I am certain of it." He would know where to find her when he managed to find his way up there.

Her pale locks were the last he saw of her as she disappeared through the door with as much flourish as she had entered with.

Caius turned to resume his position for just a bit more, to hang on to that rush that came with drinking. There was a knock on the door, however, and he suddenly turned to look at it. Aphrodite pushed her head through then, her eyes a startlingly light pink and bloodshot. He trusted the girl, yet he instinctively braced himself slightly, prepared to grab her should she dart for Annelise out of hunger.

"Non sine pulvere palma," he replied quickly, his first language rolling off of his tongue with ease. Realizing there were few who knew Latin as he did, let alone spoke it as he did, he hurried to translate his words. "No reward without effort." Caius spared a smile for her, something only those he spent excessive periods of time around would ever see. Her childish ways were, in a word, endearing. He'd been that winsome once, young and excited by the idea of having a limitless life stretched out before him.

In many ways, she reminded him of himself. Perhaps that was because she had begun to adopt his philosophies unquestioningly. Though on the outside he may have seemed against the idea of another following him, he also knew, deep down, that imitation happened to be the greatest for of flattery. Besides, she certainly needed someone to monitor her. Otherwise, they'd have a crisis on their hands.

"My age only works toward my advantage, ma mie," he replied, shrugging the leather jacket off of his shoulders now so that he could toss it on to the couch. Beneath, he had on a The Who shirt on which both sleeves had been cut off in a sloppy manner. The design on it had faded with age and wear. "I shall be with you shortly." He waited until the door closed behind her before he turned to Annelise.

She still bled slightly, for he could smell it in the room. Perhaps it was not good to send her out, for if she were to be attacked, there was no chance of her fighting off an attacker. However, most, if not all, of the vampires within the club were aware of her status as his blood slave. Few would risk jumping her. "When you have ceased to bleed, you must follow that new vampire. The blonde one. Do not attract attention to yourself, but you must watch her." He pulled the skinny jeans higher on his body as he watched her.

Shooting a look back at her, he followed Aphrodite out of the room, but he continued to walk, beckoning her to move after him with a curl of his index finger. "I am afraid you were turned in the wrong century," he commented, stalking about the halls with his hands in his pockets. "Us 'ancient' vampires remember being able to take blood whenever we wanted. The humans are just finally catching up to us." Sound leaked out of the rooms as they moved by, each with its own set of sounds. Finally, he moved into one of the more recent rooms where waves of vampires and blood slaves milled about. He just so happened to be sharing the room with Leo and Leandra.

He took a seat at the bar within the room and gestured for the bartender as he spoke. "Drink from her," he commanded, pointing afterwards in the direction of a wandering woman twirling her dark hair in an anxious manner. She was only a few steps away. "I shall be right here to stop you."

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Annelise sat uncomfortably through the second intrusion, her hopes of spending some quality time with her Master quickly disappearing as he gave her orders. She gave a curt nod and smiled gently at him before he exited, murmuring a polite “Yes Master.” as he glanced towards her. She sighed softly, chewing her lip nervously as she put more pressure on the wound, praying she wouldn’t be detected although she knew that chances of her getting away without suspicion or being caught were mostly nonexistent.

She sat for three minutes more as she waited for the bleeding to fully subside, wiping away any excess dried blood. Her mind searched blindly as she wondered where she would possibly find this new vampire in the massive club. She could be anywhere and it could take at least an hour to find her, probably more. Annelise cursed herself as she moved to stand and instantly fell backwards onto the chaise as her head spun. She knew she was lightheaded before she came to Caius, why didn’t she just tell him first? Slowly, she made her way to the door on her wobbly legs, gripping the door frame for balance as she held her throbbing head as her vision faded in and out.

Where to start? Most would be crowding in the modern areas, but Annelise didn’t know this woman. She knew she was older, but that didn’t say anything about her personality. Many ancient vampires liked to hang around their own eras, but she had still seen plenty who were happy to stay with the present. Better to go with the norm though, she thought. So she started up, trying to keep her balance as she made her way up and up and up, moving groggily through the years. Though she had been with the coven for three years Annelise still found it confusing trying to find her way around the club. Having a brain that was slowly giving up on her didn’t help.

Finally she made her way closer the top and spotted Lyndi’s pale golden locks. She thanked the darkness of the room as she leaned against the wall and watched her, just close enough to hear what she said. Annelise finally relaxed, her eyes constantly threatening to droop shut as Leotychides approached Lyndi. Her eyes snapped open as the exchange ended within seconds with Lyndi disappearing and leaving Annelise struggling to find her and keep up agian. The brunette gave a weak groan and pushed herself off the wall, picking up the pace and quickly regretting it as she fell back on her ass the second she entered the hallway, her vision going black.

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The bartender came to him shortly after Caius gestured toward the blood slave. He had no need to request a drink, for the female vampire working the bar already knew what he would ask for. Most, if not all, of the bartenders were familiar with his preference for wines. After all, it was he who had decided that each bar ought to be equipped with an assortment of the drink. Unlike the majority of his fellow vampires, Caius declined the addition of blood to his drink, for the only reason he drank was to savor the taste. He spoke to the saying that old habits die hard.

As he sipped the dark, burgundy drink from its glass, he watched Aphrodite. It was obvious, however, that he was not paying as much attention as he ought to have, for his fangs descended as he relaxed to the pulse of the music. He looked away from her as Leo walked by and nodded. A strange female walked beside him, and he wondered only briefly who she might be. He trusted Leo, however, and knew that the older vampire had good intentions. His eyes flew back toward Aphrodite to see that she had pinned the woman to a wall. The blood slave gave a slight cry, and Caius merely lifted his glass to his lips. A few within the room turned to watch her, for even those of Caius's age could not help being fascinated by the primal instincts of a fledgling.

The scent of blood hit him, and even if he had wanted to, he probably could not have been able to retract his fangs. Though he was able to keep himself from starving by feeding from Annelise, he was incapable of filling himself, for she would certainly die. Calmly, he sipped the wine before placing the stemware on the bar. The blood slave made a sound similar to a whimper, and her eye turned pleadingly toward Caius as he approached.

In a fluid motion, he gripped her around the waist and pinched at two pressure points on either side of her jaw, effectively causing her to open it. His age gave him far more strength than her, so he easily lifted her and moved back toward the bar. The blood slave, meanwhile, slowly retreated from the room. "Are you sated now?" he asked, setting her on the bar stool he had previously occupied. His eyes lingered on the faint ring of blood around her lips. "Well, I should hope so." Caius took a seat beside her, and he reached across for his wine. "Now, I have an exigent obligation to attend to, cara." He sipped from the glass again before asking the vampire behind the counter to fill it once again. "If you were to wait in an adjoining room, however, I shall be with you shortly after." Caius picked his wine up once more and smiled down at her, fangs poking out again. "I do hope you will be able to control your impulses for now."

Having been unsure of her origins, Caius knew not which room she was in. However, he had narrowed it down to the top floor before he had even begun his hunt for the woman. Eventually, he found her within a room designed much like an old, Germanic tavern. Though he had never spent much time in them when he was younger, Caius knew that a room like this was in demand. The large number of vampires within the room only confirmed his belief.

She sat in a corner, her near-white locks giving her away. Wine still in hand, he made his way toward her and then stopped. "I have rid of my...what did you call them? Ah yes, groupies." A corner of his mouth quirked upward in a sudden motion, exposing a fang, and then both as he pulled his lips back slightly. Caius grabbed a nearby chair and twisted it around with one hand so that he could straddle it and face Lyndi. "Do tell me about yourself, stella. Have you given any thought to my offer?" He sipped from the glass after he spoke, placing his free hand on his knee.

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#, as written by Vix

She was being followed.

As Lyndi traversed through the rooms. One smell stayed constant, wafting about her from a distance. It was Caius' cowering little creature, tailing her from afar. One thing that those in the Coven would soon learn about her: She didn't like being followed. The viking sighed heavily as she walked mindlessly, clearly leading the girl around. She didn't bother trying to lose her in the crowds, though she seemed to have done so anyways. For no particular reason, the vampire followed the scent and made her way towards the source. She kept herself hidden, pressed against the wall as she blended with the shadows. She couldn't blame Caius for not trusting her. She wasn't an easy person to trust. Perhaps seeing and leaving his blacked out little human in a hallway would further his distrust. But, the little whelp wasn't her responsibility to care for. She stared at her for a moment and a half before retreating back to the room where she first saw Leo. He wasn't there, of course.

Shaking her head at herself, she moved to a dark corner of the room and sat down in silence with her head down, meditating. A voice familiar rung in her ears but she didn't move until Caius sat. Her head moved upward slowly until her piercing, icy blue eyes were gazing deep into his red ones. She hated talking about herself. But it wasn't as though Caius couldn't find out from Leo. That was assuming that Caius knew Leotychides was her Maker. She crinkled her nose in slight annoyance before rolling her eyes, placing her elbow on the table and her chin in her hand. Splaying her fingers across her cheek, she gave a nod. “My name is Satt Óg Samlyndi. I'd tell you my hometown but I don't have one. I was a Shield Maiden in my human life. I was a mercenary and an assassin. As I'm sure you're aware, I've carried my occupation on over into my undead life as well.”

She paused a moment to wave over a waitress carrying a platter of wine and blood. She grabbed one of the smooth, wooden mugs that smelled heavily of O-negative blood and honey mead. A sip of it hit the spot and she closed her eyes, her chest growing warm as the thickish liquid poured down her throat. Setting down the large mug, she looked around. She was reminded of the Renaissance days. She couldn't help but to smile just a tad, exposing both of her fangs. “I was young when my Maker turned me. Not yet in my twentieth year. I was in a Coven of three others; A Spartan Prince, my Maker, and two brothers. One a former Roman architect and the other a former procurator. I was turned after my seven human brothers turned on me and attempted to murder me. They were my first meal.” She held a somewhat dangerous smirk on her face now, as if proud of killing her brothers. It was obvious that she held no regret for the act even after so many centuries. It was even more obvious that she did not take betrayal lightly.

“I was with my three men for many centuries. We were great friends, them and I. However, our time was cut short. Yet another betrayal by the one I trusted most. My Maker chose a piece of ass over me. And the others. He met some woman – Perhaps you'd heard of her; She had a reputation. She was the original Jezebel. Went about seducing men and getting them to kill prostitutes for her. Leo was pining so bad for some pussy that he slaughtered nearly every prostitute in London to get up her skirt. I told him to stop it. That wasn't who he was. We fought. He put hands on me. I left. The Domitianus brothers had left before me but I found out that they later went back after Leo to try and reason with him. They underestimated Jezebel's age and power. All three were killed. Or... I assumed that.”

Her expression was sharper now, eyes narrowed dangerously as she leaned over the table. “But it seems like my Maker is under your employment. Otherwise, there's no way you would have found me.” If anyone could track her with relative ease, it would be Leo. Her gaze softened as she leaned back some. “He betrayed me. He hurt me. He let me believe for nearly an entire century and a half that he had been dead. Our former Doyen and Regent are dead because of him. He's known where I was. Knowing him, he's been stalking me. I hope you realize that I have every reason in the fucking world to turn you down and laugh in your face.” Her well arched brows perked slightly as she gave a soft chuckle, nonchalant in tone. She truly did have every reason to say no. She knew that her Maker was certainly in a position of power here. It'd be an insult to him if he wasn't. The idea of working for him was both comforting and repulsing.

“But... I will admit that this is a unique opportunity. Your Coven is quite revered, as is yourself. Though your Regent is so highly spoken of as yourself.” She gave a small giggle at this. Caius' progeny didn't much carry a good reputation around with him. She knew already from what she had heard and seen herself that she didn't like him. She'd make no promises of respecting him. Nor would she make any such promise that she wasn't going to, at some point, kick his sniveling little ass. He deserved it and he hadn't even spoken to her yet. “You've certainly got a nice collection of vampires here. Your humans, however, leave something to be desired. I understand a desire to attract customers of many kinds, but don't you think that it's safe to leave the trash outside, where it belongs?” She adopted a more casual stance and tone now, leaning back in her chair and sipping on her drink as she prepared to lay out her terms.

“Whatever you've got prepared for me, I must reiterate that I will not take orders from babies. Considering that your Regent is still a child himself in nearly every sense of the word, I fear what sort of irresponsible fucks you've placed as your Prelates.” She gave a shudder that was half mocking and half serious. “By babies, I do mean anyone who's younger than a thousand and five hundred years in age. Nor will I take orders from your Regent. If I don't like your Prelates, I won't take orders from them. I would instead take orders directly from you. I cannot and will not guarantee that I won't hit people. Hard. I do not tolerate disrespect, especially from humans and fledglings. Any disrespect will be met swiftly with punishment. ... And. The next time you want to know something about me, just ask. Don't send your human puppies to follow me.”

{ x x x x x x x x x x }

The Prince watched as Leandra moved towards the clothes, turning his head eventually even though she was hidden behind a partition. He could hear her heart pounding from the nerves, bringing the slightest of smirks to his face. However, her reappearance in the beautiful dress had his expression fall into one of awe. His mouth was left agape and his eyes vitreous as memories of older, better times flooded into his mind. For a few moments, in his eyes, Leandra had transformed into Lyndi and he could not help the wide smile from spreading across his face. His fangs were near to sliding out until her voice broke through his oneirism and brought him back to reality,

“Hmm? Oh, Giselle, eh? That's quite a classic.” A classic it was. Again, he couldn't help but to adopt an expression of reverie. The Moirai were toying with him, those witches. Bringing to him this woman that was almost a doppelganger of his Lyndi; They shared platinum locks and angelic visage, they lived to perform, and they were both met by him as young and wonder-eyed women who had yet to see the true colors of the world. Giselle, he remembered fondly. It was among Lyndi's favorite ballets. She had choreographed the original, his talented little vixen. Carlotta Grisi had been intended for the role but Lyndi wasn't going to have that. After all the work she had put into the original production, staying up even into the hours of daylight to guide the amateurs involved to help create her first masterpiece.

Lyndi broke Carlotta's legs to keep her from performing and need only to glare at the understudy. It was the last time he and his progeny had truly gotten along. Jezebel walked into his life a mere forty and some-odd years later. He hadn't noticed the darkening of his expression at first but eventually felt that his brow had begun to furrow. The charismatic liaison gave a nod of approval as he stood. “No worries – We have an entire room, much larger than all the others, dedicated to ballets. I'm sure that our maestro can play whatever your heart desires. Simply let him know what piece.” He moved towards the door at the back, passing through and maneuvering his way through the narrow passages. There were many doors on either side and eventually a staircase. The doors all had either the letters “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D” on them, marking them as either dressing rooms, feeding rooms, backstage, or entries to the main rooms.

After traversing up a set of stairs to the second floor and another set to the third floor, he lead his ward to a door marked with “D – Atticus”, indicating that it lead to the backstage area for the designated Elegant Room. The Elegant Room was the strictest room of all, almost a club within the club. It had its own dress code and emulated a concert hall. The folks that attended the performances there were of the sophisticated type and could be quite harsh critics. Most of them, like Lyndi and so many other vampires, were responsible for quite a few of the performances given and music played. Some thought it quite vain for the masters to want to witness their work over and over again. Leo could understand it. It was their intangible progeny, their art. He had confidence that Leandra would bring justice to her performance and please the crowd.

However, he soon had to depart. As soon as they were backstage he informed her that she would have to wait for the current dancer to finish her solo before going on. “Give it five minutes before going on. Give the crowd time to warm down from Swan Lake, catch your breath, and let the maestro know what you'll be performing. If you're as good as I hope then you just might make it into next month's productions; We do a new one every three nights. I'll be watching from the crowd.” He placed a kiss on her forehead for luck before disappearing after indicating to her where she should enter from. However, he had other plans that involved more than simply watching. As he made his way towards the patrons he noticed that most of the ones that could be viewed from the stage had already finished feeding and were simply enjoying the performance now. He offered a nod before pulling out his cell phone and texted the other Prelate, his friend and fellow Greecian, Artemus. **D-Atticus. Front row. And bring a snack with you.**

{ x x x x x x x x x x }

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#, as written by Vix
{i n c o l l a b o r a t i o n w i t h s c a r l e t l o u p}

Outwardly, the only sign he gave of noticing the roll of her eyes was a slightly cocked eyebrow. Within, however, he was already drawing up a mental picture of this woman, a self-proclaimed assassin. Yes, he wanted her, but he also knew from the time he had already spent in her presence that she was not easily restrained or ordered about. It was something he knew he would have to work around, for a vampire as old as she rarely changed her ways. He knew this, of course, from experience.

He watched the wine in his glass for a while as she spoke, but he found it hard to continue playing this facade of disinterest as she delved further into her backstory. He could not help but wonder if he would have known the two Romans she mentioned. But he focused on her once more as she smirked a frightening smirk, one he hadn’t expected to see on a face so angelic. No, she certainly was not a force to be reckoned with. Few would stand a chance against her. Perhaps even Caius would find her years of practice overwhelming. He hoped he would not have to find out.

By the time her backstory came to an end, he had finished the wine, and he set it down on the floor beside his feet. Initially, in response to her comment about turning him down, he only offered a bitter, feigned smile. She certainly did not mind over-stepping boundaries. Though it was an annoyance now, Caius also knew it could prove beneficial if channeled correctly. ”Leo spoke fondly of you, so I tracked you down,” he said after a while. ”You must understand, however, that while I believe your tale, Leotychides has yet to betray me. In fact, he has been quite a loyal follower over the years.”

Again, he replied with that grin of fake-amusement. Still, her soft chuckle was endearing, and he found it difficult to be angry with her for long. ”You flatter me,” Caius monotonously answered. ”Though I hardly need your approval of my Regent. At the passing of our previous Regent, he was most apt for the position. To promote him was only fitting.” He shifted on the chair slightly, draping his arms over the back so that he could lean back slightly. ”You will find that few humans enjoy spending their nights being fed on. Beggars can not be choosers, no? We are selective, of course, but it would be foolish to turn away decent blood.”

Caius mulled over her terms. She certainly was not asking for too much; he likely would have proposed the same conditions had he been in her position. Still, if he allowed her to defy Alastair and his Prelates, what was to say the others would not try to do so? Rebellion would ensue, and the Coven would certainly crumble. He folded his hands before his face in prayer style, elbows resting on the back of the chair. Finally, he opened his mouth to speak.

”I am willing to comply, but I, of course, have my own terms,” he said, voice making a very subtle shift into some other accent of his. This was, however, quite common and had likely occurred throughout the conversation. ”You will be allowed to fall only under my command. However, by doing so, I can not make you a true member of the Coven. You will merely be a mercenary of sorts. What would the Coven think if I began to make exceptions, especially for vampires I don't know well?” He smiled, this time in a genuine manner. ”A smart girl such as yourself can figure that out for yourself, I assume.”

”By roughly a millennium, I am older than you,” he said after a while, leaning toward her slightly. ”Despite the fact that I have contacted you, I do expect respect from you. Unlike you, I have a Coven of vampires at my disposal.”

Again, he leaned back and smirked that one-fanged smirk of his. ”Do we have an agreement then?”

She listened to his words with a cool smile, giving away nothing beneath her expression. Truly, she believed his Coven to be no match for her. Not when she had Leo wrapped about her finger so easily – Yes, she knew how he felt and she knew that he'd just love to make amends. The remainder if Caius' Coven were practically children and none with half the experience that she and Leo had each. Combined, they could decimate them all. She had her own allies as well. Oh, yes. She could destroy his Coven if she wanted. However, with Caius' reputation, it could bring unwanted attention to her. Still, hanging around him and his Coven in this damned club of his would draw attention to her anyways. But... She had no reason to kill or disrespect Caius just yet.

She thought about his terms with a musing expression taking over her face. “I'm feeling rather magnanimous tonight, so I'll make a better deal.”

She rose from her seat and approached Caius, placing one hand on the table as she leaned down closer to his face, a coy smile across her lips. “One week. For one week, I'll try this out. If I mesh well with your Prelates – I'm assuming Leo's one of them – then I'll stay. And take orders from them, provided that they aren't bullshit. The moment I feel like things just aren't going to work out, I'll be on my way. I don't like the idea of being a sellsword with only one client. It's not good for the cash flow, I'm sure you understand. But, if I decide that I like it here, I'll be a good girl and get you better blood slaves.” She lifted a brow and gave a smile that exposed her fangs as she leaned a little closer. “So, do we have a deal?”

It annoyed him greatly that he could not tell what she was thinking behind that cool smile of hers. It was not that he was dense, of course, she was merely a worthy adversary, and he had not come across many in his recent years. Caius grew more attentive as an expression of musing began found its way across her features.

Magnanimous? He hardly had time to react to her arrogance before she leaned down to him. He truly couldn’t complain about her offer. It was, perhaps, better than his. Still, he would have preferred keeping her away from the rest of the Coven. His mind searched for proof to back up his argument, and he found himself thinking to Martin Luther, who could easily be named the cause for the Holy Roman Empire’s decline. That would only happen, however, if the others decided to follow Lyndi. Already he wondered who Leo would choose to side with.

He smirked back up at her, both fangs poking out from between his teeth now. Quickly, his tongue ran over his fangs. They were close enough now that he could feel her breath on him as she spoke. The pros would outweigh the cons, he was certain. ”You have yourself a deal, beautiful,” he replied softly. ”I am certain my Coven will not disappoint.”

“Wonderful.” Her smile grew a bit wider and her expression drew from that of coyness to one that seemed to mesh more naturally with her face, her eyes showing tenderness and her smile gentle, inviting even. She leaned in unexpectedly, pressing her lips against his. She left them there for a moment before using a fang to nick his bottom lip, brushing her tongue against the rill of blood that she had produced before moving back to her seat. She held now a more mischievous, yet still endearing, expression across her face. “Don't let it go to your head, darling. Call it my signature on the dotted line.” She gave a whimsical wave of her hand before offering a playful wink. “Here's to hoping things work out, yes?” She had grabbed two mugs of blood and honey mead as a waitress – or wench, she might say – and passed one to Caius, raising her own in a toast.

The kiss was unexpected, and though he had promised himself that he would love no one but Lydia, he found himself drawn into her like a fly to a flytrap. He lifted one hand slightly as if he were going to cup her face, but he merely held it in the middle of the air as he twisted his head to more easily accept the kiss. This all happened in a moment, of course, but his reaction time was impressive given his heightened senses. When she left her mark on his lip, he was hardly startled. It did not hurt him, for it certainly did not compare to the pain of transformation, which most vampires never forgot. Caius merely flicked his tongue along the bead of blood as he watched her. Still watching her closely, either in distrust or enrapturement, he accepted the mead and smirked back. "Hear, hear," he purred, raising his own glass so that it clinked against her's before he sipped from it.

“Fabulous,” she purred in return. She could tell that if she could get him to stop moping long enough to realize it's benefiting nobody, they'd have quite a bit of fun, the two of them. She put the thought on hold to chug her drink after their toast, slamming the mug down onto the table. “You should smile more often – Being pissy isn't solving any problems or bringing anyone back, y'know.” She was certainly bold in addressing people's behaviors, even that of the Doyen's. She still smiled at him, placing a hand across his and emanating a vibe of truly caring. She had an effect on people, making them feel as though only they mattered. As though they were truly special to her. It had helped her move through life with ease.

He shrugged, moving the mug of honeyed mead and blood in a circular pattern that caused the liquid to slosh about slowly while maintaining eye contact. "I am certain that you have good intentions, but until you truly know what I have seen and done, I suggest you keep your words of wisdom to yourself or to the 'babies'." Still, it had been the first time someone had brought it up to him, and besides what he had said, he was not sure how to reply to her. Instead of building upon his statement, he raised the mug to his lips again and finished it off.

Rather than drinking her own liquid, the viking watched her employer while withdrawing her hand from his. “My, my. Defensive one, I see,” she teased lightly. She lifted her chin some and tilted her head back with a soft laugh. “I guess I'm going to have to teach you a thing or two about loosening up.” He was such a Negative Nathan. She wasn't going to be ordered about by a shell of man, she knew that much. His moping presented her with a challenge and it was one that she was ready to tackle. Besides, it had the bonus of getting under Leo's skin.

"I wish you luck then," he remarked."Aut viam inveniet aut viam faciet." He wondered briefly what languages she spoke, what moments in history she had witnessed. Caius could tell the conversation was coming to a close, so he glanced about for Annelise, assuming she had followed Lyndi. "Enjoy yourself now, won't you? I hope we cross paths later tonight, bella." With that, he slowly stood and smirked subtly at her.

Silently accepting the challenge, she lifted the remainder of her drink to him and responded with a smile and a nod.

The game was afoot.

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Rain fell hard in Detroit the next night as Caius stalked through the streets toward Blood Bath. His house certainly was not in reasonable walking distance to and from the club, but he had never enjoyed driving in a car. Annelise, of course, walked beside him. After finding her passed out on the floor, he had refused to drink from her or let her leave his side. Instead, he had reluctantly begun to consume his supply of blood from the local hospital.

There was a noticeable difference, however, between fresh blood and the stuff he had obtained through the blood bank. It left him, to put it generally, in an irritable mood. Then again, when wasn't he at least slightly irritable? This change about him would easily go unnoticed by those who did not speak with him. Those who had known the vampire for years, however, would be able to detect this disturbance, even if it were slight.

He held the door for Annelise, acting subconsciously, for though he might discriminate against humans consciously, his subconscious certainly did not sense the difference. Caius's hair had basically plastered itself to his face, for he had worn nothing but a leather jacket over himself to protect himself from the rain. With his hands back in the pockets of his jacket, he gave his hair a quick flick to attempt to shake the water from it. Only a few drops scattered about.

"Watch yourself tonight," he said, turning toward Annelise. "Lude tutum."
He paused, realizing his Latin would easily go over her head. "Play it safe." Caius set off then, for he had come that night with a goal in mind. There had been rumors, already, of a new member of the staff that he had yet to meet. In each telling of the story, one name continued to reappear.

Leotychides. Caius finally came across him, and the dark-haired vampire approached the Spartan. "Good evening," he said first, always one to observe formality. For a moment, he smirked at the older vampire. However, this smile began to fade as he thought of how to approach the subject. "Rumor has it that there is a new dancer here. She's quite talented, from what I hear." He paused for a moment to see how Leo reacted. "I should like to meet her, of course, to see this talent of hers."