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John Caleb Wilson

"The game aint worth playin if your breaking all the rules. "

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a character in “Blood of the Covenant”, as played by guru101


"The game aint worth playin if your breaking all the rules. "

[color=#HEX COLOR HERE]The Basics[/color]

Full Name: John Caleb Wilson
Nicknames and Aliases: Wonder Bread (nick name in the army)
What they go by if applicable. Some characters may have code names or names used previously
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Any age is accepted from child to elder
Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian/ Irish & Scandinavian descent
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Open for any type
Species: Human
Occupation: Officer #1

[color=#HEX COLOR HERE]What's on the Outside[/color]

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 210
Tattoos: The wonder bread logo in tramp stamp form. (It’s a long story involving his army unit “acquiring” a tattoo gun and 15 men holding him down) ... B200%3B200
If Any
If Any
Scars: Only Emotional scars from being forced to get a wonder bread tramp stamp from his troop
Description: John has always been bigger than the other kids when growing up, and the trend continued into adulthood. Being a gentle giant John is a tall and broad man composed of thick whipcord muscle built in the boxing ring. He has a strong jaw and a charming smile though he is oblivious of his looks. He is normally clean shaven with always styled dirty blonde hair, but he has been known to wear stubble on occasion. His eyes are bright blue that can make people uncomfortable when his stare gets intense. When John isn’t in uniform he can be found wearing t-shirts and hoodies

[color=#HEX COLOR HERE]What's on the Inside[/color]

Personality: John was raised as a proper southern gentleman in Georgia. He is always polite and courteous to others and wishes the best for all he meets. John also has an extremely strong sense of duty and will not stop until he feels that his job has been finished. He dislikes violence, despite being rather skilled at it, and will do all he can do avoid conflict if he can do it. Following all the rules and always telling the truth got John the nickname “wonder bread” in his military unit. John also secretly has a strong sense of wonder for an adult. He is an avid reader of fantasy novels and had dreams of being like the heroes in the stories.
{Kind, Brave, Naive, Up Beat}
Hobbies: [*]Boxing
[*]Charity work
[*]Reading fantasy novels

Habits: [*] Always smiles during tense situations
[*]Paces when thinking
[*] Holds doors open for women

Oddities: 1.Able to eat massively excessive amounts of food without gaining any weight
2. Mild case of arachnophobia

[left]Likes/Loves:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Food of all kinds
  • Hot showers after a good workout
  • Relaxing with a fantasy novel in the bathtub
  • Church
  • Justice!
  • Food!
  • Spiders
  • Unorganized people
  • Heavy metal
  • Crying women
  • Criminals

[color=#HEX COLOR HERE]What's Done Is Done[/color]

Place Of Origin: Helen, Georgia
Birth Date: 05/23/1981
History: John was born in Helen a town with a population of 400 people. His father was the police chief and his mother was a stay at home wife. His parents were loving, nurturing, and supportive of his dreams. His father instilled upon him a strong sense of justice and what is right and wrong in the world. His childhood was almost perfect and he has many fond memories of reading his fantasy novels and comic books in his tree house while he smelled the apple pie his mother was baking.

At the age of 18 John enlisted in the army and left his family to do something for his nation. He excelled in all aspects of military life and received the nick name “Wonder bread” from the men in his unit due to his obsession with always following the rules and telling the truth. One day Brandon, a squad mate with a reputation for “acquiring” non-regulation items, managed to get his hands on a tattoo gun. Disapproving of the illegal acquisition of the tattoo gun John informed his squad members that he would not be participating in their tattoo night. Disapproving of John’s attitude Brandon ordered his squad mates to hold him down while he tattooed John with “The wonder bread logo right above the ass crack.” While in the military John because obsessed with boxing as a pass time and found that he was quite skilled in the combat sport and managed to climb the military rankings with ease.

Never seeing battle John managed to make it through his military enlistment without having to shed a man’s blood. Leaving the military John decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and became a police office. Feeling like he could make a difference in the failing city of Detroit John felt drawn to the city and became a police officer there so he could make a difference.

Happiest Memory: His father teaching him how to shoot.
Saddest Memory: Being away in the army when his father passed away.

Face Claim: Chris Evans

So begins...

John Caleb Wilson's Story