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Blood of the Covenant

United States of America


a part of Blood of the Covenant, by Scarlet Loup.


Scarlet Loup holds sovereignty over United States of America, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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United States of America is a part of Blood of the Covenant.

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Ada Marshall [30] "Eh, fuck em'."
Caius Dubois [26] "I no longer feel any allegiance to these monsters called human beings, despite being one myself."
Leotychides [26] "You won't be needing those panties, dear."
Satt Óg Samlyndi [25] "I am many things. Above it all, I am an apex predator."
James Alexander Fortier [23] "Come on. Laugh. At least there???ll be fewer tears to clean ma ch??rie."
Leandra Annibelle Gates [21] "We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." (Nietzsche)
Scotty Dombrovski [13] "If you're an underdog, you can still be a hero."
Artemus Marinos [12] "Please just cut to the chase. I don't have time for the extra."
Annelise Nielsen [12] "I'll never leave you."
Claudia Vala Sun [11] N/A

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Scotty seemed nice but tense. He looked like the kind of person who was having a hard time in life. Claudia knowing how life was she knew that she had a hard time also. But she wasn't wanting to think about herself. The chewing seemed to stop and she was sure damn grateful for that. "Do you feel like someone is watching us?" She asked not in a worried tone but just in a question-like-conversation-question.

Claudia had an irky feeling and she did not appreciate it one bit. She thought it was creepy but as they were walking someone said something to Scotty and it made her a tad angry that she was so rude. She decided to say something since it was making her cranky. "Why don't you move FUCKFACE!!!" She was a tad angry and heard the response from Scotty. "Good one! That was not nice of her at all."

Claudia walked around looking at people as they walked past or people were busy with someone or other. Claudia was a very good listener and listened as people spoke about this girl or this person it was all very interesting. She turned to Scotty who now said something which she missed. "Pardon?" Claudia listened as he seemed to say something else. "Sure why not?" Claudia began to walk and looked through the crowds she sort of walked through not saying excuse me or anything it wasn't in her type of character to say or do something like that. "Who should we talk to?"

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Caius also noted the sweet scent of Ada's bleeding wound, but he held himself back with very little change in his expression. He also sensed her attitude even before she slammed herself into another being. Caius nodded in response to Leo as the Spartan moved through the crowd. He, in turn, took the seat Leo left vacant. Without even speaking with Leo, Caius knew what the older vampire had in mind. He certainly would have moved in too if Leo hadn't. Caius simply blinked as Leo clutched her throat. It served her right, for an attitude often turned off the vampires who frequented the club, and Caius certainly couldn't have that.

Caius tried to make eye contact with Ada, hoping she would see that this was his doing, deep down. He didn't even need to lift a finger to punish her. He could see the tendons in Leo's arm tighten as his hand also tightened about her throat. How dare she think she was above them in anyway? How dare she think she could bring her problems here? Humans certainly weren't good for much more than feeding from. Finally, she was released, and Leo began to make his way back to Caius -- only to be stopped by Lyndi. They spoke to each other, and Caius certainly wasn't surprised, for it had been Leo who originally requested that Lyndi be invited to join his Coven.

Again, he nodded while looking toward the stage. "Understood." And it was, for if it were Lydia who had approached him, Caius knew he would have been unable to leave either. There was already a confident air about her as she took the stage. The blue spotlight gave her scarlet dress a purplish hue instead. He could have sworn that there was a hint of something across her visage, but it passed almost as quickly as he had noticed it, so he paid no mind to it.

He pinpointed the song within the first few notes. Harden My Heart. Quarterflash. It was a tune he had not heard in years, for it often was not a request in the club. Her eyes flickered open as her voice came in. Oh, it was beautiful. He had not heard a voice like hers in ages perhaps. Rindy Ross had a wonderful voice, but Lyndi quickly put her to shame. Leo had walked off, but Caius remained, his lips parting and his fangs showing as he let her voice shake him to the bone. Her voice flawlessly rose on the last notes of the chorus, sending a shiver down his spine.

He tore himself away as the guitar solo began, but Caius could hear her singing the refrain once more. Was it possible to fall in love with a voice or at least fall for someone because of their voice? If it were, he had. But now, he shook the thought from his head and retracted his fangs once more as Leo opened Leandra's door. He removed his leather jacket then and folded it over his left arm. His outfit below was quite similar to the one he had worn yesterday: tight jeans tucked into dark boots and a band shirt with the sleeves unevenly cut off. This time, however, he wore a shirt with Jim Morrison emblazoned across it. Once, he had tried to copy the hair style of The Doors' singer, but his hair lacked the volume necessary to achieve Jim's boyish waves.

He followed Leo in, but he kept a few steps back as the vampire greeted the human. There was, quite obviously, a similarity between she and Lyndi, and Caius wondered if perhaps she too reminded Leo of the blonde vampire. When Leo gestured towards him, Caius simply nodded and took the same hand Leo had taken. He pressed the back of it gently against his lips. His fangs just barely poked out between them, brushing against the skin as he moved the kiss very slightly up her hand before letting go of her hand. "Good evening," he said, his typical English accent mixing with one that sounded vaguely Southern. It would only seem odd to Leandra, of course, for his Coven was used to the ever-changing accents in which he spoke.

"Leotychides speaks highly of you. Hopefully, by the end of the night, I shall too."

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#, as written by veve

James smiled and nodded. “Sure thing.” He turned around, tossing a few cubes of ice into a glass and pouring some water into it. He sat it down in front of the large man and continued to attend to the other customers while still keeping an eye on him. If someone managed to take a bite out of him while he was under James’s watch, he’d catch it from Leo. The thought itself was thoroughly unpleasant.

After taking care of another customer, James heard some commotion and looked up to see Ada storming through the crowd. Just from a glance at her, James could tell she was completely pissed. Stuff like this wouldn’t likely go by well with any of the higher ups, especially Leo. His first instinct was to hop over the counter and subdue Ada before someone else had a chance to, but… James looked back at the man at the bar. He couldn’t lose sight of him, and James knew that Ada was too far away for him to get her and watch him at the same time. James could only watch as Leo sped to her, and put his hand around her throat.

James’s fists tightened slightly, wanting to go protect her, but he knew that Leo wouldn’t kill her. He’d just scare her for now. Damn it, cheré… Feeling a bit helpless he watched the scene, hoping it’d end quickly. Once Ada was released, James once again had to urge to go get her, but the vampire the man was waiting for hadn’t arrived yet. Shit! James watched Ada for a bit more, then reluctantly returned to his duties. He filled drinks as vamps and blood slaves readied themselves for a show.

James turned to see Lyndi on the stage smiling at her audience. To James’s surprise, the bulk of a man that he was supposed to be watching waved eagerly at Lyndi, and by the look that crossed her face, she definitely knew him. Was she who he was waiting for? This had begun to get a bit…interesting. So she also had a human in her life that she was familiar with. He also watched as she looked at Leo before she began to sing. Oh so she knows Leo as well?

James sat back and listened to the song. Her voice was beautiful and the audience loved it…except Leo. He observed as Leo became increasingly uncomfortable and escorted Caius out of the room. Oh so the song’s about Leo. James chuckled lightly to himself, wondering how deep their ties ran.

When the song ended, he clapped and cheered along with the crowd as she made her way over to the bar. James, pretending to be busy with drinks, watched as the man wrapped his arms around Lyndi. The look on her face was so gentle, so genuine. That gave her away. It was obvious that she had feelings for him, and he absolutely loved her. She wiped tears from his face and sat with him. James grinned to himself as he poured drinks and pieced together this puzzle of a woman. First, she had deep ties to Leo, and apparently they aren’t on good terms as of right now. Second, Lyndi had a human that she had serious feelings for, maybe even loved. His thoughts wandered back to Ada. He felt horrible about not being able to do anything to help her when she needed him. He really needed to talk to her as soon as he could.

james waited until they’d finished talking in another language before glancing back at the pair. He witnessed her place a very intimate bite on the man’s neck. That merely confirmed what he thought. He turned away as she instructed for him to go dance.

“Je vais prendre un O nég végétarien Four Horsemen.”

James turned around pulling the liquids from the shelves and mixing them. He smiled at her and served up the drink. As he sat the drink in front of her, James brushed his fingers along her jaw. “Your drink ma ange.” She was quite beautiful, and he knew it’d be hard to resist her. However, what he’d just seen made him want to try to reel her in closer. He wanted to know more about this mysterious woman.

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Leandra turned as she heard the door to the dressing room open. Leo entered, greeting her as he did so. He grasped her hand gently, laying a kiss to her palm.

“Lovely Leandra, I would like you to meet Caius. He is the Doyen of our Coven, our Leader, as well as the owner of this establishment." Leandra's focus drifted to the threshold of the doorway, just beyond Leo's right shoulder. There stood Caius - Leandra had seem him out of the corner of her eye in passing the day before, but up close in person his presence was defined. The air around him seemed to bow away in respect.

She knew she had her work cut out for her then.

Leo's voice continued to pour forward, smooth as silk. "Leandra, I fear that he has some doubts of your performance despite all the praise." Leandra's eyes snapped back to Leo's face as the words left his mouth. Caius had doubts? The guy who would be paying her had doubts? She hoped that her face didn't betray her thoughts.

Leo's next words offered some hope, though. "He would like to see you dance tonight. Perhaps you have another beautiful number prepared?” She felt almost instant relief at the words - she was going to get the chance to prove herself again. And this time it would be for the owner.

Leo moved in closer then, his smile infecting her as she offered her own brilliant one. "Of course..." she began, her attention turned towards Caius.

A voice that held an old-world charm spoke, velvet and raw all at the same time. Leandra couldn't place it - something felt off about it, but at the same time, it sounded so pure. "Leotychides speaks highly of you. Hopefully, by the end of the night, I shall too." Caius had stepped in just before he spoke, leaving a gentle kiss on the back of her hand. She continued to smile, the flattery of their gestures and words seeping into her.

It was the first time that Leandra had heard Leo's full name spoken, and her eyes glided once more to his face. "I do have something I can show you."

Turning from the men for a moment, she leafed through a few costumes she had brought on the rack. Pulling out a hand-sequined black, white and blue starched tutu, she disappeared behind a folding screen as she began to speak.

"Well, I suppose I can do something different than what I did last night. Something strong, I suppose - Esmeralda's dance." She slipped out of her dress, and quickly pulled on the leotard and tutu, before emerging from behind the screen. She offered both Leo and Caius a brilliant smile, before doing a slow spin to show off the costume. "I made this one myself. I'm glad it still fits."

Walking over to the makeup table on the far wall, she turned her hair up into a tight bun, securing it with a hair elastic before pushing a few bobby pins into place to hold it secure. The prop shelves were her next destination, and she grabbed a tambourine. She then returned to the couch, put on her pointe shoes, and stood. Facing the males with a confident grin, she spoke again. "I figured we could use the main stage. I assume no one is there yet, right? If not, I don't mind using a smaller stage."

After waiting for a response, she made her departure from the two, promising them her best.

She made her way backstage, already feeling a part of the atmosphere of the theater. She was lucky - a few girls were practicing with the maestro, and upon speaking with him, he said he wouldn't mind a special performance for Caius. He seemed rather pleased to be doing it, actually.

Excusing herself from the other girls - who gave nods of recognition, though mostly blank looks - she made her way around to the back of the curtain, peering out while she waited to see Caius and Leo take their seats. Once she heard the tuning note from the conductor, she prepped herself, before the violins began to play, and she quickly entered the stage.

The dance was a flurry of legs, kicks, and turns. She was confident, strong and deliberate in her placement and movements. Every step had a purpose, and every face she gave the men watching her was full of intent. She held her movements for just as long as choreographically possible, emphasizing the sheer talent and control she needed to make this variation successful.

The thing she loved about Esmeralda's dance was that she could be as sexy as she wanted, while still maintaining the beauty that was so characteristic of ballet. It was one of her favorite variations, and she would do it a million times over if they asked it of her.

As her final run came, she finished with a final leap and lowered pose. Standing gracefully after a moment, she bowed to the men, but instead of exiting the stage, she gave them another deeper bow after a moment. Approaching the front, she thanked the maestro for his time, and he nodded back, taking his leave to work some more with the other girls who were practicing for their shows that evening.

"So... what did you think?" she said, her regular carefree smile returning to her face as she addressed both Leo and Caius. She was almost radiating with confidence, clearly happy with her own performance. "I can do all sorts of styles," she began, directing her words more so toward Caius. "Pointe, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, tap... You name it, I can dance it. And not just dance it, but dance it well." Her hands found their way to her hips, and she placed them their gently as she awaited an answer from her employer - or, at least, who she hoped would still be her employer when all was said and done. She really wanted the job, and even though it had a catch that was totally unique and totally terrifying at the same time, she couldn't pass up the opportunity.

The gravity of the situation was just beginning to sink into her skin, and she could feel a bead of sweat run down the back of her neck, a mix between exercise and adrenaline, and also the nervous feeling she knew was about to rear its head if she didn't hear something from Caius soon. All she wanted to hear was that she was in - that she was what they were looking for.

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He was too busy looking about in curiosity to even think about being watched by anyone. Either way, he wasn't even planning to turn around to look at anyone besides Claudia. "I dunno," he said, shrugging a shoulder as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose once more. He had had a plan when they left the office earlier that day, but it seemed to have suddenly gone to ruin. How could they have ever thought they would be able to achieve anything by simply waltzing into the building? Did he really think someone would tell him about the human trafficking they were chasing?

He finally looked back at Claudia in surprise when she shouted back at the huffy woman. To be quite honest, he had hardly expected that out of her. Not that he thought she was soft spoken, because she certainly wasn't, but because he had assumed they would be trying to lay low. Still, no one seemed to pay any mind to them. Scotty, instead, watched the woman storm off, only to be intercepted roughly by a man. He had moved so quickly that Scotty had no idea where he had even come from. And then he was...baring his teeth at her? No, that certainly wasn't what he was doing. The man was simply snarling something at her, scolding her for something, but his grip seemed so tight. Too tight. There was something about it, the way he spoke down to her, that seemed to unnerve him at least slightly.

Scotty turned to look at Claudia then as she asked him where to start, but instead, he found himself fixating on a couple a few people away. Two women seemed to kiss each other, but that wasn't what struck him as odd, of course. He was bisexual himself. No, instead, he noticed their outfits first. One wore a modern cocktail dress of blood red, and the other was dressed as a...flapper? But this wasn't a costume party. He looked about then, and suddenly he seemed to notice other outfits that simply didn't fit the time period. His gaze once more fell on the couple, just in time to see the flapper's fangs distend and bury themselves into the other's neck.

And now he looked about him. As if what he had just seen had awakened a third eye in him, he began to notice other couples doing the same thing. He noticed others walking about with drinks. Blood red drinks.

Blood red.


What the fuck was this? What kind of sick twist owned this place? This wasn't at all what he had signed up for: to raid some sort of club for people with vampire fetishes or something. The way he stared at the couple would most likely alert Claudia, but he suddenly stopped staring as he began to feel eyes figuratively piercing him. He looked about and swallowed nervously as red eyes met his own gaze.

"Claudia...we need to go. Now. It''s weird here." He spoke softly, but something told him it made little difference, for a few seemed to smirk at him.

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She was quite annoyed by that female who had passed and she wondered who they were going to question or do here it was a mission so why were they just standing around. She wondered if this was what they did all the time. She looked around. Everyone seemed to be having fun people were making out females, men, female and men, it was normal for her. She didn't care about people and what sexual orientation she doesn't think its her business.

She looked at him. He seemed busy staring it was odd and she kind of nudged him in the shoulder but he didn't seem to be paying attention at all. She looked around and it looked a bit like a club she wanted to hang out. People who must be jsut as obsessed with vampires as her. She had walked around for a minute since he was busy staring he wouldn't notice her gone. She noticed him moving a bit and she knew she had to get back.

So she quickly walked back through the crowds and went back to standing near him like a child that disappeared and went back by her mother before she would be noticed. She looked towards him and he spoke about leaving. "It's not weird why do you think so? We just got here also why do you want to leave now?" She sighed and looked at him wanting a full on explanation. "I thought we were working you can't quit work can you?"

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It was only within the blink of an eye when Leo was upon her, his hand clenched around her throat. She made a sneering face and grabbed his wrist, writhing about despite knowing how futile it was. If he wanted to he was completely capable of killing her right here and now, but she knew he wouldn’t. Defiantly she glared at his face as he scolded her like a child, no not even that, an animal. She thought it was a bit humorous honestly, he was telling her to not be emotional and yet his own coven leader was one of the most emotional, brooding things she’d ever laid eyes on. He released her and she stumbled, coughing, almost falling to her knees. Immediately her hand went to her throat and massaged the now bruising flesh. Her eyes bore into Lyndi as she mocked from behind Leo, fuckin’ bitch.

The commotion was soon over and that’s how it usually happened here. Everyone went back to business and Ada stood, anger bubbling over as she rubbed her neck. Mother fucking, cock sucking..the insults strung on and on in her head as she glared out at the crowd of vampires now watching a female dance on stage. Fine, she could play nice. Checking the wrapping on her scraped knuckles and satisfied with the work, she trudged into the crowd once again.

Her façade of niceness was sickeningly sweet as she spoke to the customers, yes, of course sir..anything for you madame, for anyone who knew Ada it was obvious that it was completely fake but hell it worked wonders and would keep Leo off her back until she could clock out of this hell hole for the day. As her eyes scanned the crowd there was a new face, something off about it, that drew her attention. She furrowed her brow in confusion and edged closer to the spectacled man, realizing it was the fellow from earlier that she’d barged into. He seemed panicked, ready to flee, wanting to escape. Oh fuck.

The realization hit her like a ton of bricks, it was an unwitting human that had wandered in. Good! Great! Let him go and squawk to the world! Bring more humans in here and tear this place down at its very foundation! The more she thought about it, the more she realized how bad of an idea that would be. One, James would be in trouble along with the rest of the coven and despite how much she hated the lot of them she couldn’t see him hurt, even if she was infuriated with him at the current moment. Two, there was the fact that she’d probably go down with this place too.

“Jesus take the wheel one thing after another.”

She plastered on a smile and placed herself in his direct line of view. Distraction, distraction, distraction. Keep him here until one of the others can deal with him.

“Hey there! I just..wanted to come and apologize for running into you earlier. Why don’t you let me buy you a drink, hm?”

She grabbed his wrist and gave him a tug, hoping he’d play along and hoping his little girl friend would just trot on with them.

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He could tell that Leandra was trying to read him as he spoke to her initially in the room. Part of him wanted to know what she thought of him, but part of him also knew that she was a human and therefore hardly worth his time. But he would watch her for Leo. He could, however, read her emotions, and he saw a trace of panic flash across her face before she resumed a more neutral expression. Good, he mused. Already she knows how to act the part. He watched Leo move about her, move closer, and he knew that the older vampire saw something in Leandra that he certainly couldn’t. It was confounding. Some words and then a smile were exchanged between them before she looked to him again. "I should hope so," he remarked, realizing afterwards that his words may come off as rude. She needed that though. The customers most certainly wouldn’t baby her and neither would he.

As she disappeared behind the divider, Caius took a seat in one of the chairs within the room. "A classic," he said. "It has been quite some time since I have had the pleasure to see it performed."
His words held within them both approval for her choice and high expectations for her. He wouldn’t dare compliment the costume she showed off. Doing so would instill within her too much confidence, and he wanted to see her dance without such thoughts to distract her. Plus, he refused to show a weaker, romantic side of himself before both the older vampire and the human.

Caius carefully watched her apply the makeup, secure her shoes, and then turn to face them. "I should like to see the best of your ability," Caius said, his voice continuously void of emotion. "We shall use the main stage." They parted then, Caius walking beside Leo to the largest auditorium within the building. "She is quite beautiful," he voiced, attempting to start some small talk to gather more information on her. He took a seat precisely in the center of the auditorium though a bit closer up so that he had an unmarred view of her when she came out onto the stage following the tuning in the pit. She moved with grace already, and the violins began to hum out their first notes.

ImageIt had been some time since he had last seen Esmeralda's Dance performed on a stage. The music was beautiful, to say the least. Caius was a man versed in many tongues, yet he found it difficult to voice his love for the piece. Her kicks came perfectly in sync with the music, and she glided and spun across the stage, tambourine in hand. He had seen it all, known it all, yet here she was, a human who was a mere fraction his age, throwing his apprehension to the wind as she continued to dance. Very few vampires danced as she did, and even fewer humans danced with her elegance. They had to have her. He had to have her.

Words could not do justice to her performance, and so he remained quiet as she took her final leap. He refused to mar the scene with applause or praise of any sort. Caius blinked his red eyes quickly then, chasing out any trace of tears that might show when he addressed her. Finally, as she came to stand before them, he took to his feet. A slow breath inwards gave him enough time to gather his thoughts.

"Had I little regard for talent, I would have you dance nothing more than piece," he began slowly, speaking with more praise in his words than he had wished. "Alas, I shall not waste such talent on one piece, albeit one well-executed piece."

He cleared his throat once and buried his hands into his pockets. "Should you want it, you do indeed have a job here amongst the other dancers." Caius paused, giving her a moment to react as she wanted to. "I expect the best from you, of course. You have proved yourself to be an excellent dancer, and I hope you shall continue to impress both Leotychides and me."

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#, as written by Vix

ImageShe watched Cheveyo dance, confident that the other Vampires would know better than to put hands on him in the wrong way. Her attention was drawn back to James as he presented her with her drink, gently stroking her face. She couldn't help but to tilt her head so that it pressed a bit more against his touch, a slight smile on her face. “Mm, darling. You spoil me so much.” A soft laugh escaped her as she quickly turned her head so that her lips caught his wrist. Her fangs slid out quickly, piercing his flesh. She didn't bite him, rather it was the speed and sharpness of her fangs that cut his flesh. Yet, as soon as they had come out and drawn just a bead of blood, they had retracted once more. She ran her tongue gently across the minuscule wound, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. He could see the curiosity of her mystery swimming, gleaming in his red eyes and she couldn't help but to smile. “You taste... Divine.” Her voice was a soft purr as she watched his flesh heal before kissing where she'd bitten him.

Her gaze floated up to see a man with glasses spazzing out along with a woman that he had entered with. The problem with this was that they didn't look like blood slaves. Not even new ones. They were looking around as though they didn't know what was going on. They're fucking humans and they look like fucking feds. Casually as they were dressed, their demeanor gave them away. The club wasn't situated exactly around any neighborhood and any other business – It was inside a fucking warehouse. The other warehouses around it were rather abandoned. She wasn't really quite sure that they were simply lost. Casually, she watched as Ada finally started doing her job, trying to distract the people from the scene of Vampires. It wasn't exactly an easy feat considering nearly everyone was feeding and ninety percent of the drinks were red and thick. Still, she got points for trying. Lyndi gave a thought to addressing the situation but she then thought Yeah, that's not my job. and let her attention turn back to James, bringing the rim of her shot glass to her lips and drinking slowly.

Behind her, she could hear the sounds of a young human girl having a less than favorable night.

“Hold still, you little bitch!” Michelle shouted over the music as she grabbed one of the newer blood slaves by the wrist and yanked her back. Though Michelle was much smaller, her strength as a Vampire afforded her the ability to easily overpower the woman. However, unlike what Twilight might have this struggling human believe, her skin wasn't as hard as diamonds. In her flailing, her nails scratched against Michelle's face and drew blood. “You little cunt!” Michelle brought her hand across the young woman's face and sent her into the wall. There was some laughter around as the Vampires took delight in the abuse of the insolent mortal. The dark-haired witch-wannabe descended upon her quickly and pinned her to the wall, fangs tearing into her soft flesh. Her pale face was stained with blood as she covered the girl's mouth and pulled her face away to look deeply into her eyes. “Hush, darling. I can't hear the music,” she giggled before diving back into the flesh and feeding sloppily.

“Yes... She is, isn't she?” His eyes followed her with a fond smile before he walked at a swaggering gait next to Caius so that they could watch her performance. They chose the largest of the auditoriums, the one she'd performed in last time. It was a bit empty, housing only six others. As the lights dimmed, he took his seat and leaned forward, ruby eyes glittering with anticipation. Like Caius, he hadn't seen Esmeralda performed in quite some time – Since his departure from Lyndi, he didn't attend many performances. It pained him too much. But seeing Leandra perform such a sexy classic made him smile widely, his fangs sliding out rather quickly. He could not take his eyes away from her legs, watching as they kicked up high into the air with the grace of a swan. He could not help but to wonder how it would feel to run his hands down such powerful legs, perhaps to even have them wrapped about his waist. The thought made his mouth water as he reached out to grip the seat in front of him, nearly denting the metal. He was actually rather sad when it came to an end, standing slowly in silence. He let his gaze flicker over to Caius to gauge his reaction with a soft smile. He was hard to read but the Prince was quite sure that his old friend enjoyed it.

His own delight was not hidden as Leandra returned to them and he could feel the confidence emanating from her. He wanted to tell her how amazing he thought she was, but he waited for Caius to speak, respectfully bowing his head as the Doyen spoke. His words were short but they carried a lot of weight and he could not be more pleased. He lifted his head and gave the young dancer a bright smile. “You did beautifully, Leandra.” He took one of her hands and pressed his lips slowly and firmly against her flesh, inhaling her scent. Pulling back, he gazed into her eyes. “I do believe that I should give a tour of the club; show you where you can find Caius or I if you need us, the rooms you will be performing in, break areas.” His arm had slipped around her shoulder at his point and he could not help himself from staring at her neck, blood rushing from her earlier performance. “And, at some point, I would like you feed from you. Get you used to the feeling and at least erase any anxieties you may have about it.”

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Leandra felt as if the silence in the room stretched on for eternity - yet only a mere few seconds had passed since she had even spoken. Caius was the one who broke the silence with his voice, which seemed to echo throughout the great performance hall.

"Had I little regard for talent, I would have you dance nothing more than that piece. Alas, I shall not waste such talent on one piece, albeit one well-executed piece."

There was that accent again. Leandra couldn't place it, but it hardly was the most interesting thing to her in that moment. Instead, she was more excited about the words he had just spoken to her. A bright smile instantly tattooed itself onto her face, and she felt in that instant as if all her worries about impressing Caius had been placed appropriately, and she had done the best job she could have hoped for. He had liked her performance!

"Should you want it, you do indeed have a job here amongst the other dancers. I expect the best from you, of course. You have proved yourself to be an excellent dancer, and I hope you shall continue to impress both Leotychides and me."

"Of course! Thank you!" She felt like gushing then, but decided against it - he didn't seem like the emotional type, so she figured she ought to keep her emotions in check more around him than she would normally. He had just told her she had a job - no reason to screw it up right out of the gate.

Leo's voice was the next to cut in, and she gave him a happy smile at his words. "You did beautifully, Leandra." He took her right hand and pressed his lips to the top of her pale skin, a mix of gentle and firm all at the same time. Her eyes were fixated on him, and his soon met her own as he pulled away and spoke. I do believe that I should give a tour of the club; show you where you can find Caius or I if you need us, the rooms you will be performing in, break areas." His voice seemed to drift off, and Leandra could feel herself float into whatever he said. She was still so elated and dizzied from her performance and acceptance by Caius that she was absolutely and totally on Cloud 9.

She nodded, anyway. "Alright..." She said. She was going to continue, to thank him for taking his time to get her acquainted with everything, but he spoke up before she could.

His arm snaked around her shoulder, and the words moved freely from his mouth. "And, at some point, I would like to feed from you. Get you used to the feeling and at least erase any anxieties you may have about it."

She inhaled once, answering him on the exhale. "Okay." Her voice cut out after a second, before she spoke again. Her eyes fell to the floor for a moment. "If you don't mind," she began, her eyes picking back up to look into his own red ones. "...Could it be somewhere calm? Somewhere quiet? I don't..." Her voice trailed off. What was she supposed to say to him? She wanted to be somewhere where all the eyes in the room wouldn't be on them? Eventually, she knew he would probably feed from her wherever he pleased, so it wouldn't matter how many people were watching. But this first time...

She thought it would sound stupid if she admitted it, voiced this thought and gave it life.

Her heart beat picked up pace at the thought, her nerves kicking up once again. Leo's arm around her shoulders was helpful in grounding her, but the thought of the impending act had her on edge. She figured if she thought of it like a performance than she wouldn't feel this way, but it just seemed wrong of her to pretend...

Instead, she decided to try her hardest to swallow her fear, looking to Leo's face for reassurance that everything would be okay.

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#, as written by veve

Artemus made a sweep of the room, continuing to track the pair as well as taking in all of the current activities that continued in his presence. He took in account every vampire and human in the room, blending into the crowd. As the duo moved Artemus observed them from afar, patiently waiting for them to see the simple truth laid out before them.

When Ada barreled through the crowd, Artemus had to restrain himself, making sure he did not draw attention to himself. With Leo in the room, he was assured she wouldn’t get very far. There was no way he’d accept her being insolent tonight, especially with all the things he had on his plate. A second later Ada was subdued, as he expected. Glancing toward the bar, Artemus was slightly surprised to see James only watching Ada being handled by Leo. He thought that he’d at east try to get Leo to ease his grip, but he stayed in his place. Artemus knew he forced himself to stay put, but what was holding James back? Soon enough his question was answered.

The new vampire, whose name he couldn’t remember, took the stage. She sang so beautifully, and her presence was immense. She had to be an older vampire like himself to give off that kind of vibe. He smiled to himself as it was not a common sight to see an older vampire in this setting. Nonetheless, he listened to the song, taking note of Leo’s hasty retreat. As it ended, he lapped along with all the other patrons.

Once again, Artemus watched the duo. He stood, floating closer to them. Since the show was over, a few vamps began to feed after they’d waited for the show to end. He watched as the man, witnessed a pair of women flirt, kiss, and eventually feed from each other. The look that crossed his face instantly let Artemus know that it was time to intervene.

Ada attempted to distract the two from the ongoing feasts surrounding them. He had to move quickly. Even more commotion seemed to stir as female vamp savagely dug into a human. Damn it. Artemus coolly walked up to the duo, attempting to distract the female while Ada grabbed the man. In the back of his mind, Artemus knew he'd have to wipe their memories, so why not have a bit of fun first?

“Yes why don’t we have a few drinks, after all,” Artemus lightly gave the woman’s hand a kiss, allowing his accent to wrap around her, and continued, “it would be a crime for me not to offer a lady as gorgeous as you a drink.”

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#, as written by Vix

James winced slightly at the small nip Lyndi had made. He watched as she tasted his blood, licking up the bead of blood. Only once before had anyone else tasted his blood, and that was Kiera. Memories flooded back with several images of intimate encounters and lots of biting on her part, but James forced the images out of his mind. Those were for another time.

"You taste divine."

James snapped back just in time to hear Lyndi's comment. He flashed his smile at her as she kissed his hand. She's good. He followed her gaze to see Artemus and Ada getting a hold of two humans that obviously didn't belong. Their demeanor suggested that they were either spies or law enforcement, most likely the latter. As Lyndi took a sip of her drink, James held her hand. So many questions were burning inside him, but he knew he had to take care of this tactfully. No one likes to be asked loads of questions at once; it makes people feel like they're being interrogated.

"Your voice was incredible, chérie. And the song was beautiful as well, but I must ask, why that one?"

“Mmm. Because I wrote that song many years ago. It was never supposed to hit circuit but... Things happened.” She heaved a sigh as she reminisced about the eighties, a faint smile on her face. There was once upon a time when she would take a break from working for anyone and she would instead submerge herself into the music and art culture, scouting talent to influence. It was her goal for centuries to leave her legacy behind in forms art. She didn't care if nobody ever knew her name -- Though she knew plenty enough Vampires were aware of her talent and the treasures she had given the world. “If I told you how many songs I've written, how many classics I've choreographed, how many paintings I've got hanging about... It'd surprise you.”

She set down her drink and tilted her head to the side before glancing to Ada and then back to James. “You seem rather... Torn. I could make myself scarce if you're still hung up on your human. I can see the worry for her in your eyes...” There was a genuinely innocent, almost hurt, tone to her voice as she shrugged but still held onto his hand, her thumb absently stroking the top of his hand gently.

James sighed looking over at Ada. He definitely needed to talk some things over with her, but he hadn't come up with the words he needed to say. He knew he cared deeply for her, but he also knew his presence wasn't exactly the best for her. Having a boyfriend who could easily outlive you and even kill you at a whim didn't seem like a smart option to choose. She'd probably curse at him, telling him he had no idea what was best for her and tell him how dumb his thoughts were. He chuckled lightly at the thought...however, he did know what loving a vamp could do to a human. It hurt to think about it.

James gazed at Lyndi, and put his other hand on top of hers. He didn't have any intention of letting Lyndi go easily, but it seemed that he wasn't the only one torn. He thought back to the way she looked at the Indian man that was now dancing in a way that could almost be described as frantic not too far off. "I do worry for her, but I know she is a strong woman. I will have to take some time to figure out what she needs, but I don't intend to let you leave me when you're in the same boat as me. What about him, your large friend over there?" James looked behind her towards her companion. "You seem to have a human attachment as well that's even more deeply rooted than my own, ange."

She gave what would easily be pegged as a condescending smirk with a roll of her eyes. “Oh, elskan mín... You're in a one-man ship.” There was a soft laugh bubbling past her lips as she glanced at Cheveyo. “Your attachment to your blood-bag is one formed out of love.” She seemed to almost vomit out the word, showing the typical repulsion that Vampires so often do with the thought of loving a human. “Cheveyo... hmm. Well.” She turned her gaze to meet his, a dubious gleam in her eyes. “Have you ever tried to take away the favored toy of a pit bull?” Her brow lifted just a tad. “He might be human, but he's proved that he will die for me. He is a rather dear friend and possibly my first progeny... But I don't love people.”

She was scowling a bit now, gripping her glass a bit harder until it was near shattering. Her gaze became a glare as she narrowed her eyes. “I especially don't love humans. It ends well for no one. They're only a weakness. You're young... But the lesson is inevitably learned over and over again. There is no room for love in this sort of afterlife.”

James sighed pulling the glass from her grasp. if she broke it, the glass would be in her hands, and that would be pretty bad. He then gathered both her hands in his lifting them to his lips."Oh've been hurt haven't you? That kind of reaction only comes from a heart that has been betrayed many times over and has become accustomed to sadness. I know that loving humans may be a mistake, but I can accept that. I think that love is worth some failures. Besides, forever without love seems pretty lonely. It'd be nice to have a light in all the darkness, cheré."

“For someone to hurt me, I'd have to care about them. After I was Changed, I stopped giving a shit about anyone.” She gave a shrug and pulled her hands from his as it became obvious from the tone of her voice that James was treading into dangerous waters. She was certainly in perfect control of her emotions, the true calmness of her inside not even coming close to matching the feigned irritation and hidden hurt in her expression. “That's what flashlights and fire are for. Love is not worth betrayal and it's not worth heartbreak. Why take the chance of loving someone that will hurt you? Short-term gain, long-term loss... I don't do that bullshit.” She scoffed softly as she stood from her seat and shook her head. “You don't need love to not be lonely. Look at me -- I've got no love for anyone and no one has love for me. And I've been living it up since before your time.”

James looked at her, obviously sad with her response. He knew that he'd crossed a line, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him. Silently cursing at himself, he looked down at his hands. Now it was beyond obvious how hardened Lyndi was, and there was so much behind her that he yearned to know.

"You do love. You do have a light in all your darkness. It's the art, personified love." He sat up running his hand through his hair. "I know you think it's worthless, the love, the heartbreak. I can promise you though, it is worth it. Being there for someone...knowing that you are their light is worth anything the world can throw at you. You should ask your friend. I'm sure he knows."

She turned her back to him now, a bored expression on her face as she withheld a sigh. She hated 'love' speeches. They weren't the least bit entertaining. However, she quickly resumed her sad look, tears welling up in her eyes as she turned her head. “That's thinking that gets you killed in this world. We are the darkness. We have no room for light.” A shrug of her shoulders as she looked out at Cheveyo brought along a sad smile as well. “I know how he feels. And he knows that it's unrequited. I told you -- I don't love anyone. My capacity for love died when I did.”

"Maybe I can make you think differently one day."

James knew that she'd already withdrawn herself, but that was fine. Eventually, he'd change her mind, but lectures weren't going to do the trick. Actions speak louder than words to someone like her. So back to the fun stuff. He jumped over the counter, leaving the other bartender to the rest of the customers and faced Lyndi. "Until then..." James wrapped an arm around her waist. "We still have this week, don't we ange? I promised to make it as entertaining for you as possible, and I intend to keep it." James took her hands, kissing both of them. He now understood what he was working with and knew he couldn't get to her with the tiny amount of knowledge he had now. He needed another perspective for someone with as many years as she had. Maybe Artemus would be up for a tiny chat sometime, though he knew he would be the one talking.

“...” Lyndi watched him with careful eyes, allowing him to hold her close, giving the air a vulnerable woman trying to be strong. With Ada so near it made her way to break into tears and hold James close just to rub it in the breather's face. However, that wasn't her angle. Instead, she shrugged softly. “Fólk sem elskar mig á endanum dauður.” The language rolled from her tongue in a soft, near-whisper as she turned and walked away from him, Cheveyo's eyes following her as she disappeared into the crowd.

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He realized after he'd spoken how absolutely stupid he probably appeared to her. Scotty seemed to fall back a peg mentally, suddenly becoming far more calm and a bit more self conscious than he liked being. "No, I just..." he began, hoping he'd be able to explain himself, be able to convince her that he actually wasn't as crazy as he sometimes made himself out to be. Deep down, however, he knew there was nothing he could say or do to convince her otherwise, for if the girl who believed in vampires didn't believe him, he had a bit of a problem.

"...just my eyes playing tricks on me. He spoke softly, defeat in his voice. No, they couldn't quit then. It would go against everything he knew, everything he had been taught. Even if some crazy, vampire-wannabes owned this club, he had an obligation. Scotty started to turn away then, hoping to resume their search, but then he heard a voice behind him. He had assumed at first that she was speaking to someone else, not him. But there she was -- inches away and smiling in his direction. The girl.

"O-oh..." he started, following her without protest as she grabbed his wrist and tugged. Scotty looked for just a moment over his shoulder to see Claudia being spoken to by a well-built man. He took a seat at the bar without protest, trying to push the events that had just transpired from his mind. "Hey, look, um...what happened earlier? Not, like, when you pushed into me or anything. I mean afterwards. With that guy."

Ada had no chance to reply, for then Scotty's attention was caught by the massacre only a few yards away. When the attacker looked up with blood on her face, he almost fainted. Not because blood made him uneasy, but because he simply couldn't deal with all of this tonight. But at least now Claudia couldn't call him insane. He had to get out. But something about the man with Claudia unnerved him. He turned to look at the bartender, and he was met with the hard gaze of two hungry-looking, red eyes. More and more people seemed to watch him, and in that moment, he seemed to realize that he couldn't just leave either.

"I...I have to use the bathroom," he said softly. "I'm feeling pretty nauseous...have to clear my head." Before she could argue, he was up, and he nearly tripped over his barstool. Twice, Nevertheless, he managed to half-run, half-walk to the bathroom where he flipped out his dinosaur of a flip-phone and began to write a text to the headquarters.

Look into club at edge of town. Weird things. Assault. Vampires??

It didn't have to be a complete thought. It was enough to have them dispatch a few agents or at least enough to come pick up Claudia and Scotty and see the blood bath for themselves. He didn't get to send it. In that moment, another man walked into the bathroom, obviously of Scandinavian descent.

"You shouldn't be here," Eret snarled, moving towards Scotty as the human shoved his cell phone into his pocket. Scotty opened his mouth to speak, raising his hands in self defense. Everything went black before Scotty could even throw a punch.

Jacob was already on alert when Artemus brought the girl back towards the bar he was working. A drink was already 'roofied' and set on the bar when Artemus either led or dragged the woman over. If she didn't order a drink herself, either vampire would be completely capable of shoving the pre-made drink down her throat. Either way, she had to be removed from the club, and unconsciously seemed to be the best route.

The Southerner simply looked on as she passed out soon after the man left the room, Eret in pursuit. What a shame, he mused sarcastically to himself. It would have been nice to have a change in diet.

They would wake on the sidewalk, dazed and unable to remember what had occurred the previous night. Stripped of quite a few belongings by the scum of the streets, Scotty would search frantically for his flip phone, and he would find it. No one even wanted to steal a flip phone it would seem.

Eret had thought to check all messages in his inbox and outbox, but the message in question would still be in Scotty's drafts. The agent will look through his messages for some hint towards the events of the night before, but he will only find the enigmatic draft and a pair of small, circular cuts on his neck, crusted with dried blood.

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Claudia looked at him. The guy was a bit crazy.But then again she was also. She smiled at him. Hoping to get the tension gone. But then it was never gone. Ever. This was crazy. She believed in vampires and this guy here, now believed too. And she was telling him that they weren't. Wait. That's not what she was saying. She looked at him and watched him carefully. He spoke and she decided to interrupt. "Wait, Listen, I shouldn't have said what I said." She normally didn't say she was sorry. And she wasn't saying that now. She was just simply. Telling him.

"Let's go come on." She was about to leave when she saw a girl pull him to the bar. She waved at him and smiled. Suddenly a man walked over to her. He was flirty with her most definetly. She let her hand fall to her leather pants that had a gun in a gun holder. She let her grip go and smiled at him.

She had a feeling he was a vampire but she might as well have some fun with him. "Sure I would love, to have a drink." She went with him to the bar and sat down watching as Scotty went to the bathroom. She ordered a drink with the man and smiled. "I will have whatever you are having. So where's the accent from." She watched the door from the corner of her eye where she hadn't seen her friend return yet.

"Exscuse me I am going to go find my friend." She left the building after noticing what had happened. She walked outside to see Scotty on the street. It looked like he was unconcious. She didn't see anyone around so she quickly dragged him to the car that was down the street.

She pulled him to the car and put him in the back. "Scotty wake up." She looked on his neck and saw the bite marks on his neck. "I KNEW IT!" She smiled big and then knew what that meant. She searched him and saw that he must have lost his keys. She grabbed a bobby pin out of her hair and picked the engine.

She drove out of there quickly and parked near a store. She locked all the doors from the inside after climbing out and ran into the store. Went to the bathroom grabbed some paper towels. Damped it with water and ran back to the car. Grabbed the bent bobby pin and unlocked the front door. Locking it again. She sat back on the floor beside him and damped his neck and his head.

She hoped he would wake up. She leaned down to hear his heart. And she could hear it thumping luckily. She was really worried about him because even though they didn't know each other well she still wanted them to be friends.

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#, as written by Vix
“I'm coming home, little brother...”

Lyndi thought back to a week ago when the power had gone out at Blood Bath. It wasn't the power outage that had Caius' Coven on edge, but the mysterious disappearance of the two humans that were within. They had disappeared in the darkness and neither Eret nor Artemus could explain how it happened, only that one moment they were there and when the lights came on... They weren't. Caius had sent out Artemus and some few other Sentries as well as Lyndi and some of the Liaisons to track them down but they had all come up empty handed.

They scoured the streets of Detroit and made contact with all of their connections but nobody seemed to know anything about them. It was frustrating. It was a blow to Lyndi's pride, not being able to track down two humans after an entire week. Tracking people and killing them... It was her thing and now she couldn't even do that? She tried not to think too much about it as she graced the threshold of Blood Bath, closing and locking the door behind her.

She couldn't worry about those two humans right now. Not when she had something far worse to report. She gave a nod to those she passed, lifting a brow at Eret. He'd always gaped at her and seemed at a loss for words when she passed by and he looked entirely too familiar. Still, she hadn't had time to ask him to take a picture if he was intent on staring at her all the time. Her march lead her through the halls, up and down stairs, and straight to Caius' door.

She pushed it open without knocking, sighing at the sight of Jessica kneeling at Caius' feet like some puppy worshiping its master. “Beat it, groupie. You're completely irrelevant at this point in time.” Her tone was commanding and cool, contrasting against the soft expression in her red eyes. Jessica seemed ready to peep up and speak out but a single step forward, uncrossing her arms from her chest, seemed to let the human know that Lyndi wasn't playing.
As soon as the girl had left, her gaze fell to Caius. “We've got a problem, darling. A big one.”

He had hardly left Blood Bath since the entire affair had begun. Doing so was too risky, for it could encourage more humans to enter the club. Paranoia consumed him, and although he succeeded in keeping this from at least the blood slaves, he knew there were a few vampires who could sense the tension in the air. It was only in his room, his sanctuary, that he felt comfortable. In there, the air was only thick with the sound waves of his record player.

Jim Morrison's soft yet deep voice echoed about the room. Caius had draped himself along an antique chaise and kept time by tapping against his thigh until Lyndi entered, disrupting the scene. He leapt slightly when the door opened without warning. He'd feared, of course, that they'd been discovered. Jessica, whom he hadn't even been fully aware of until then, began to retreat as Lyndi grew menacing.

Caius slowly resumed his lounging. He turned his head to face her, however, showing his nearly-black irises, indicating he had just fed from the young girl who presently hurried from the scene. The Doyen gave a soft sigh. "Does it have anything to do with the human predicament?" he replied, attempting to sound blasé. She would, he knew, be able to see past the short response. The quick flicker of his eyes about the room would betray him. "Any news?"

“Nobody can find them. Six of us have been searching Detroit up and down for seven days and we couldn't find them. Not even a hint of a scent of them.” She ground her teeth at the thought, closing her eyes before leaning against the doorway. “But our problem is bigger than that...” She took a moment to compose herself before moving towards Caius, promptly sitting upon him and directing her gaze to meet his with an intense stare. “We reached out to contacts in and out of the city to see if they might know anything... But nobody reached back.”

She let her words sink in for a moment before shaking her head, a perplexed expression on her face. “I reached out further, beyond state lines. Covens are disappearing. Three small ones here in Detroit, about seven in the surrounding towns and cities. Nomads are starting to turn up missing as well.” Despite her somewhat disturbed expression, she managed to keep a calm tone. “There are... Rumors. Of Hunters... But I haven't seen one since the ninth century. Even then, it was just one...”

He didn't even bother to conceal the frown that graced his features then. It wasn't a frown aimed at her, but it was a frown stemming from disappointment nonetheless. Caius watched her brace herself, and he sat up slightly on the chaise just before she perched herself atop him without warning. For just a moment, she reminded him of Lydia. The fervor with which she spoke reflected the woman he had married centuries ago. He forced himself, however, into the present to deal with the far more pressing matters.

"No..." he said softly, brow furrowing in concern. "They are a dead species, eradicated by our kind." Yet what else would explain such a scenario? He frowned again, turning his head away slightly and propping it up on a fist as he thought, nearly reminiscent of a Renaissance piece. "Suppose the humans were agents..." He trailed off, for he knew he and Lyndi shared a similar thought process in regards to the topic at hand. "It does not add up..." His eyes narrowed slightly, annoyed with the enigma that troubled him now. He wanted to act, and he knew they ought to, but it was difficult to come to a decision not knowing the enemy in question.

She easily followed his train of thought, as it was something that she had feared as well when she was mapping out scenarios earlier. “With how the humans have disappeared without a trace and now it seems that Covens are disappearing so quickly in only a matter of a single week -- many of which were patrons of the club -- perhaps it was Hunters. The humans could have been agents scouting the place for signs of Vampires. They found their evidence and disappeared into thin air and all of a sudden, our patrons are disappearing just as quietly as the humans.”

She tilted her head some, her vision going blurry as she disappeared within the confines of her mind. “It's possible that those humans weren't agents. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I feel that the greater issue is the disappearances. But, not just that...”

She seemed bereft to continue further, her jaw clenching as her voice seemed to fade out. “We all went out... When our contacts never reached back, we dropped in on them. Those who weren't missing were just dead. Whoever is doing this... They're sending a message. It could be a psycho elder on the loose...” Her hands had found each other, gripping tightly. She'd been around for over a thousand years and never had she met a Vampire that she was afraid of. However, the entire situation was one that was frightening. She'd have to be a fool to not swallow her pride and admit that it was, at the very least, disturbing. “Whoever it is... They don't like us.” She pulled out her phone and opened up her gallery, passing the device to Caius so that he could witness himself the massacres she'd stumbled upon. “I cleaned it all. Burned the bodies and scattered the ashes...”

She found her teeth grinding together again and she had become so lost in thought that she didn't notice the man standing in the doorway with two women and another man that looked familiar. She kept a cool demeanor and regarded them all with a curious gaze, immediately dropping their conversation and tilting her body some so that they would not see the photographs. The man dressed in black, who appeared to be their leader, gave a soft laugh and held his hands up in mock surrender.
“Easy, lovely. I don't want any trouble. I've simply stopped by to make sure my little brother is still alive.” There was a gleam in his red eyes as he looked directly at Caius, moving a hand to rub at his stubble.

“I see he's doing well enough -- Productive business, plenty of playthings... Lovely companion.” He lifted a brow suggestively before holding his arms out. “Now, come and give me a hug, Cai! It's been eons.”
Caius nearly ordered the four who entered the room out of the room instead, for he had been intently listening to Lyndi's story, processing the information she provided for him. He still held the phone in his hands as he looked up at the man before the others, a grin spreading on his lips already. Initially, Caius wanted to yell at the man for his obvious arrogance. How dare he stride in here, assume Caius would see him? The memories came flooding back in just a few seconds.

Two dark-haired boys raced about the enclosed garden of their parents' home. One was built more strongly than the other, and he threw himself at the younger one. They tumbled about for a moment until they came to a pause, the stronger one pinning the lesser built one down. "I've got you, Lucius!" he cried, grinning gleefully down at the older boy.

"Lucius..." Caius found himself mouthing, unable to even put volume behind his words. The phone fell from his grip as he squirmed out from under Lyndi. He rushed forward and embraced the other man tightly, one arm about his neck and the other holding his head.

"We had thought you were dead..." he breathed, finally finding it within himself to form words. He held on to Lucius as if breaking his hold would cause his brother to disappear once more. "You are...oh Gods, you are alive."

Lyndi caught the phone before it hit the ground, taking a stand in the background with her arms crossed over her chest. Lucius quickly pulled Caius into a tight hug, wrapping his arms around him and squeezing tightly. “Ah, don't start crying.” He pulled back and observed Caius before giving a laugh. “Lets see you try to pin me down this time, o mikrós aderfós.”

He caught Lyndi giving a nod as her suspicion of their relation to be confirmed. “Oh, now who is this tasty morsel?” He moved past Caius to take her hand, kissing her knuckles gently. “I tease. I know who you are, Satt Óg Samlyndi Asgersdottir. And I brought something -- well, someone -- who's been waiting over a thousand years to meet you.”

Lyndi lifted her chin, clearly perturbed that he didn't just know her, but knew her full name. She narrowed her eyes at him but he chuckled knowingly and motioned for the blond male in his company to join the pair. He turned to the two women and Caius, motioning towards the door. “I think we should let them speak alone. Why don't you let me buy you some drinks, Cai?”

Lyndi's eyes absorbed the features of the blond young man in front of her and she tilted her head to the side as she allowed her memories to fly back over the centuries. It wasn't until she recollected her younger years, her first century as a Vampire. She remembered his face in the dark of night, lying alongside so many others, stained with blood and quickly losing his color. “Holy shit...” She took a step back and the younger Vampire reached out to steady her with strong hands. “Actually, it's Thor.”

Despite Lucius's comment, Caius could feel himself growing emotional before his brother. Too long he had lived in the presence of vampires far too young to call themselves his equal. To see his brother again after these years was as much a touching reunion as it was a long awaited salvation. He couldn't help that he was terribly nostalgic either.

He didn't resist, of course, when Lucius beckoned him out of the room. In a manner similar to that of a dog following his master, Caius walked hastily asfter his brother at a gait similar to a trot. Unsure what to say after such a sudden reappearance of a brother he had thought dead for years, Caius stayed silent. Finally, however, curiosity got the best of him as he took a seat at the bar beside the older vampire. "All this time...where have you been?" he asked softly. "Why haven't you made contact?"

Lucius guided his brother and the two women to the bar, pausing by Eret. “Not my business, mate. But if you want to drop the I'm your progeny bomb on the valkyrie, you might wanna go do it now.” He nodded towards the direction in which Lyndi had gone before taking a seat at the bar and ordering for them all. “Three scotches. O positive and B neg mixed in.” As their drinks were prepared, he turned to his brother. “Fair questions,” he admitted with a nonchalant nod. Scratching at his stubble, he made pretend as if wondering where to start before he spoke again.

“I spent some time alone before I got tossed, traveled a bit. I ended up being turned -- quite willfully, I might add -- and my Maker showed me about the world. I thought to come back a time or two but by the time I had returned, mother and father were dead and I had no clue as to where you were. I thought to seek you out, but I'll admit that I was ashamed. I wondered what you might think of me, a bloodsucking creature of the night. We didn't exactly leave off on a good note. I thought you'd be better off without me. So, I wandered. I ended up picking up Thor, that viking back there. Along with these two lovelies.” He motioned to the two female vampires enjoying a bite from one of Caius' many blood slaves.

“Alexandra, the lovely dear, is from England. Tenth century Wessex. She was nearly the Queen but I had to save her from the chopping block. Ianka, my little Solnyshka, is a gypsy. From Russia. Seven hundred years ago, I turned her. Just because. These are my only two progenies, my pride and joy.” He beamed a smile at the pair, both of whom smiled back with bloody faces and a "pleased to meet you" directed to Caius in unison. Lucius turned back to his brother before taking a swig of the scotch that had been served. “I hadn't found out that you were still walking the earth until a few months ago. I wasn't sure whether or not I should show up, but as you can see, I decided to take the chance. I couldn't let things remain so sour and I couldn't just keep going and not let you know that I was alright.”

Caius listened intently, enraptured by his brother's tale. Indeed, he had never thought it possible that his brother might have, all this time, been alive and well. Caius found himself unsure of whether or not Lucius looked the way he had all those years ago. Two centuries of life had resulted in quite a faded memory of his own brother's face.

He followed Lucius's gaze as they looked back at the two female vampires who were also in the room. For just a moment, he noticed the way Lucius gazed at the two. It seemed to Caius to be, indeed, a look of pride. Caius nodded back at them politely. "The pleasure is all mine," he said quickly.

His eyes, burgundy in color, settled once more upon Lucius. There was still so much he wished to hear. Too much. "I'm grateful you came to me, brother," he said after a pause. Indeed, he was. In fact, he smiled back at his brother, his limp black hair falling in front of his face. "It'll be wonderful finally having someone of my age here."