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Rejected as 'defective', he is denied his purpose and wanders the land, alone and angry.

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a character in “Blood of the Third Age”, as played by XandraBee


Name: Akash (it means 'half' in Black Speech)

Age: 347 years (47 of it above-ground)

Race: Orc half-breed

Sub-branch of your race: Elf (Silvan)

Starting Nation as determined by race: Mordor

Physical Descrip: Akash stands seven hulking feet tall, and despite his densely packed musculature is somewhat lithe, attributed to his elvish half. He has broad shoulders tapering to a trim waist, with legs and arms thick with muscle. His skin is pale green and splotchy, thick like orc hide but smooth and nearly hairless. His face is some poor balance of elf and orc, with a wide mouth, pointed nose, and expressive brows, with thin gray lips covering a mouth of sharp but orderly teeth. A mass of thick, tangled black hair trails down his back and his eyes are black with red irises. His hands and feet have thick, pointed nails, and his ears are orcish, but longer at the tip. He has several scars on his body, the most prominent being a slash down his left eye over his cheek and a faded but thick line along his neck.


Personality: Akash is a conflicted soul. He was bred for, but denied, a purpose, and lacks any sort of guidance. Orcs were made to have leaders and are confused and directionless without a clear order. His turmoil makes him savage: he attacks first, having long been aware that most living things will kill an orc on sight. He struggles to find a reason for living, but his orcish nature demands he survive, so he viciously defends his life, and he perceives nearly everything as a threat. On the other hand, his elvish side tempered his need for killing: he is also cautious, more wary of pain, and has an annoying affinity for nature. Worst of all, he craves companionship above all else. The orc in him sneers at his elvish emotions, the elf in him despises his orcish savagery, and at the end of the day his is still alone.

Reason for fighting: He would gladly join the ranks of the orcish army, or any army, if it meant he could belong somewhere and have something to kill.

Brief backstory: Akash emerged into the world in the pits of Mordor only to have his throat slit immediately and his body dumped outside the mines. The culling was a poor job, as his skin was thicker than most, and he survived. He lay there, bleeding heavily but breathing, listening in shock to his surroundings. He gathered his wits quickly, though, and decided he had to live. Knowing it was his only chance, he donned armor and snuck out of Mordor, hidden in the ranks of an Uruk-hai patrol. He now inhabits Fangorn forest, trying to stay out of sight. He built himself a ramshackle little hut and scavenges for food, and now after nearly five decades, knows the forest like the back of his hand. He's even made acquaintances with several Ents, who, after numerous attempts to kill him, determined he was not a threat.

Any random stuff that you think is important for us to know: Agents of Sauron, fueled by the success of the Uruk-hai (crossbreeds of orc and man), began experimenting with orc and elf crosses to prepare for the new war. They wanted the strength and endurance of the Uruk-hai but the speed and agility of the elves. Through unmentionable acts of cruelty, as well as several failed attempts and many dead elvish women, finally a successful batch was born: unlike the previous failures, these newborns had fully functioning organs and seemed to be a decent mix of features. They were buried in the pits beneath Mordor to grow in the darkness and slime, as the Uruk-hai were. On their true birthdates many years later, when they were dug from the soil and their placenta sacks cut, their true natures became apparent. Many were too compliant, afraid even, when given swords and armor and told to join ranks. Some were not right in the mind and just sat there, blank-faced. Others were overly-aggressive and wouldn't stop killing fellow orcs. The whole batch was scrapped and the project was terminated. They culled them all, slitting their throats, and threw them out with the trash.

So begins...

Akash's Story


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(Let's get this shit revived, people :3 I tagged all of you so you would know my intention. We must get this ball rolling again!)
It is a beautiful, clear-skied day. The sun shines bright on a field of pure blue, illuminating the flowing green and gold fields of Eastemnet, much to the chagrin of Gorthak the Piercer, one of the leaders of Saruman's Fighting Uruk-hai. He looks over his shoulder at his legion, shielding his eyes from the annoyance that is the sun and growling at the competence of his troops. He prides himself on having one of the best-trained troops in Isengard's force, though the accuracy of that is disputed by some. Today, though, he simply needs to kill something. He hasn't seen battle in a long while, and executing incompetent Orc Snagas had gone from fun to grating. If he didn't get to feast on some man-flesh prior to getting to Helm's Deep, he just might go mad(er).

As luck would have it, heading in their direction was a large detachment of Rohirrim Forces, lead by an equally ill-tempered Rohan Captain named Mordren whose weary men had just had a run in with White Hand warg riders. They had defeated the riders with few casualties, but the experience of chasing down and killing riderless wargs was one that could make any man or horse tired and annoyed, and his men had the same general feeling. Currently he just wanted to run into some small band of Uruk-hai or Orc scouts to make short work with an raise the morale of his men.

Neither were close enough to spot each other just yet, but their meeting is inevitable, and wherever the Horse Lords and the White Hand meet, there's sure to be blood, black or red...

(Also...ignore the "Ian" character I tagged. He'd been rejected already. Not sure how he got on there.)