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Lily Swales

"If you even touch my friends, I will rip you apart"

0 · 446 views · located in Redbrook, Forest of Dean, England

a character in “Blood of The Wolf”, originally authored by Baby Panda, as played by RolePlayGateway




"If you even touch my friends, I will rip you apart."

Who I Am


Full Name:
Lily Swales

Name Meaning:



15th August



Theme Song:
NGC224 - Uplift Spice

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Wolf Fur Color:


Distinguishing Marks:
Bite mark on right arm. Scar on left calf.

Detailed Description:
Human - Brown hair, brown eyes. Blue jacket and black jeans.
Wolf- White fur, brown eyes.


What's Inside Really Counts

She seems to always be smiling and can easily protect and heal people to some extent due to her plant knowledge from her father. She doesn't usually back away from fights if they involve the pack unless she knows that it is literally impossible to win. Lily is a friendly girl but thinks both the lunar pack an her pack are slightly intolerant (not willing to tolerate difference of opinion and narrow-minded about cherished opinions)

What I'm Good At. Or Not.
  • Protection
  • Healing to some extent
  • Accurate
  • Observant
  • Hard- A person who is difficult to deal with, manage, control, overcome, or understand. Hard emotions, hard hearted.

  • Callous- They are hardened to emotions, rarely showing any form of it in expression. Unfeeling. Cold.
  • Hard- A person who is difficult to deal with, manage, control, overcome, or understand. Hard emotions, hard hearted.
  • Humorless- The inability to find humor in things, and most certainly in themselves.
  • She had Dementophobia which is a fear of insanity.

What I Hate and What I Love
  • Humans
  • Rice
  • Countryside
  • Athletic stuff (Swimming, Running, Climbing, etc.)

  • The Lunar Pack (only slightly)
  • Humans (the go on the phones all the time ones)
  • People that brag
  • Memories

My Past Won't Be Forgotten
Home Town:

Detailed History:
Lily is a normal girl with a normal family going to a normal school. Well, that was about 12 years ago before her world was turned upside down in a matter of minutes. That was on the day of her parent's deaths. It was a sunny afternoon as school had just ended and she was going to the woods with her mother and father. At that point in time, she felt like that was the only place she could truly be herself. Where she wasn't being squashed by her friends and family all the time.

A wolf blood pack decided they needed that bit of land so they attack them. Her mother was killed along with her father as Lily went to collect some water from a stream a kilometer away. She came back and saw the dead bodies. Her eyes widened at the sight of blood everywhere and some trees with slashes on them. They took pity on the young girl and decided to not kill her, but to make her one of them.

She gave them a bit of a chase at first around the woods until they finally managed to get her at the edge of a lake where they closed in. She screamed before she was bit in the right arm and started to suffocate underwater. Blood poured out of it and the wolf-blood started to lick it. It felt strange that a wolf was licking her arm but nevertheless, she ran into the lake and started to swim before they could catch her. She found her way back home and guessed they were werewolves by the fact they acted somewhat human. She read to see that if your bitten by one and live, you become one. It hit her like she drove a car into a brick wall. They tried to make her join them, well they succeeded in the first part, turning her into one of them.

She didn't really have anything because of those wolfbloods. She barely survived for 7 years until she stumbled upon two adults and a child a year younger than her. They were wolfbloods and the adults sensed her past, asking her if she wanted to tag along with them which she agreed to. From then on, she was part of the pack and took on the role as a guardian although the land they are on is close to where she was bitten.

So begins...

Lily Swales's Story

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Moon Phase: Full Moon

It was a pretty chilly Autumn Sunday morning, in Fallon's opinion. It had been a struggle to even get herself out of bed at first, but as soon as she sat up she was buzzing; full of energy.

Oh. That's right. Tonight's full moon.

Shaking her blonde hair out behind her, Fallon eased herself off her mattress and headed over to her drawers, proceeding to tug on a pair of light blue, stretchy skinny jeans, a cream coloured tank top, a hoodie, and a pair of tight fitting converse, which were customised, of course. Happy with the outfit, she headed downstairs, where she could hear her father cooking downstairs. A smile crossed her face. Of course he was cooking. He cooked every Sunday morning, and today, she knew it would be pancakes. He always did pancakes on Sunday Full Moons. It was almost tradition.

As she headed into the kitchen, Fallon saw that she had predicted correctly. An amorous smell drifted from the kitchen, and Fallon had to stop herself from inhaling the delicious scent. Entering the room, her father turned to smile at her, before placing a plate full onto the table, at the place she normally sat. She headed over the the counter where her phone charged, unplugging it and pocketing it, placing it in her hoodie, before sitting down and scarfing down the hot pancakes, which were spread with nutella, and rolled up with strawberry pieces inside. The meal filled her up quickly, much to her delight, and she grabbed her earphones, ready to head out. She headed to the door before her father called for her.

"Fallon. Make sure everyone's back here before dark. I think there's another pack around so you need to be careful." Her father's soft eyes were hardened, and Fallon sighed, nodding. She rubbed her jaw, which was aching.

"Alright. Just... Remember I'm not a cub anymore. I'm expecting my first Change tonight, so..." She paused for a moment, breathing in through her nose. It was slightly dizzying, because of her enhanced senses - there was a lot to take in. "Just remember I can make my own decisions, but I'll be back before dark." She sighed, giving in to his wishes, because she knew it was for their safety. She slammed the door behind her, pausing to look behind her at the magnificent house that had been her family's home since the 1600s. As she moved away from the home, she broke into a jog, hoping to get into the woods as soon as possible. Her pack was supposed to meet her there that morning, and Fallon was conscious that time was not on her side. She hit the trees and began running, properly, not jogging anymore, at a pace that a human couldn't keep up for long. That was the thing about Wolfbloods, their stamina can be amazing. It wasn't long before her senses started getting out of it; she could smell something... strange and metallic, along with unfamiliar scents of someone else like her. So her father must have been right, then. Was there another pack around, encroaching on her territory? She found herself getting jealous, but shook her head and kept running.

Wherever she went, the metallic smell was constant. Eventually, she found herself following it, slowing to a walk instead of running, trying to take it everything. Her sight kept zooming in on tiny details; she could see tiny insects moving along plants a few metres away, a bloodstain on a tree, birds and squirrels, high in the trees, eating nuts, and - wait. Bloodstain?

Fallon stopped dead, inhaling deeply. Yes. That was definitely blood. Human blood.

She found herself running again, towards it, in a state of panic. Was it those other Wolfbloods? Had they done this? In her rush of thoughts, Fallon tripped over something, and hit the ground hard. She groaned - she shouldn't have tripped. She looked around her, taking in her surroundings. She was in the clearing that she was supposed to meet her pack in, yes, but something was terribly wrong. The grass had blood spattered across it, as if a huge battle had ensued in this very spot. It was fresh, too. Fallon pressed her fingertips to the red substance, rubbing her fingers together. Yep. That was blood, alright. So where did it come from?

She looked around again, before pulling herself off the ground, brushing herself off. Luckily, it was pretty dry, so nothing was stained with mud, but something else had caught Fallon's eye. Something that lay in the slightly longer grass at the edge of the clearing. Heading over to it slowly, Fallon suddenly stumbled back, hand covering her mouth to stop herself from screaming. In the grass was a very pale, very dead girl.

Fallon's screams turned into a mournful howl that anyone in the near vicinity could hear.

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Sin woke against a large tree trunk, yawning and stretching out before rolling his neck to rid the stiffness laying in there. He slowly got to his feet wearing the same dirty and ripped quarter jeans and grey tank top from yesterday. He had guessed he overslept because the birds were already confidently perched on tall tree branches whistling away in the autumn breeze victorious. Living outside wasn’t so bad. It was like staying in touch with nature even out of wolf form. And it was a way to enforce that it was the Lunar’s territory and he was guardian. He smiled to himself. Guardian. A role he treated most dearly as if there were someone going to take it from him or the role would be lost.

He patrolled the border facing Redwood last night. For an odd reason, Sin felt on edge but he couldn’t pin the reason and it grew increasingly frustrating. He could only narrow it down to an instinct lingering which wasn’t much narrowing at all.

So desperate to let the frustration and instinct go, he began to hope for an intruder. He would dare them to cross the border marked as their territory and pose a deluded threat. Then that would allow Sin to rip something up and get the bad feeling lurking in his gut over with, and all within reason too. He shook his coat as if it were a shiver rippling down his spine and brought himself to calm down.
As guardian of his pack, he had quite the obligation on his paws and he needed to stay steady and levelled and not get carried away in his own thoughts. He tried to fight the feeling and lay down, suspecting the pacing may have been encouraging the madness of thoughts. But they still ticked around like clockworks in his mind. And the feeling was similar to when dogs detected a storm. The wolf inclined his nose in the air to check and when he confirmed there was no storm due for that night, he lowered his head to the moisture leafs and huffed out again.

He feared it going to be a long, restless night for him. He didn’t mind his night patrol but unable to detect what his instincts were warning him about was complete brutality. His eyes focused on the innocent town of Redwood, most of its citizens tucked away in bed by now sleeping their dull human lives away. Maybe he was picking up on their stress for some reason even though he had no such sympathy for them.

When a scream that transformed to a howl invaded his recollection of last night, Sin’s head snapped in the direction it had come from and he found himself sprinting towards it, pushing past branches and swiftly avoiding obstacles of the woods. He hadn’t even thought of what he’d do when he got there but his legs were carrying him along the journey rapidly.

Without much comprehension he had found himself in the clearing jogging to a stop looking between a blonde and a dead body before his eyes fixed on the blonde. There was a scent…something about her. He didn’t like it. He stiffened, covering it as if he were straightening his posture a little. “Who are you?”

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Mornings were never a friend to Scarlett. Not since she could remember. Yet on this one day, the day of the Full Moon, there was always an energy that overtook her in the best of ways; even when she was young, she could feel the difference in her and her surrounding pack. Her father seemed more alert, the pack seemed more interested in what was going on, Aspen was always his most enthusiastic on the full moon---

She threw those thoughts out of her mind, and continued looking up at the ceiling absentmindedly. She wasn't sure of the time, but she could damn well bet she was late, regardless, so after a moment's hesitation she sat up and forced her way out of bed and headed straight off into her bathroom. Looking in the mirror at herself, she wanted to laugh at the miserable expression on her face; whomever said that mornings are when you're at your peak of beauty must never have came into contact with a grumpy Scarlett. Pulling the hair tie from her hair, she half-haphazardly ran her fingers through the curls to make them presentable, and after washing her face and brushing her teeth, she made her way off into the closet, changing into an oversized peach coloured knitted sweater, a pair of dark denim skinny jeans, and her grey boots.

Grabbing her phone off the nightstand she turned it on, wasting no time as she made her way down the stairs and off into the kitchen. Great, she thought to herself as she noticed everyone was already gone out for the day. Sighing, she poured a fourth of a glass of juice, drinking it down before rushing out the door, on her way to meet the pack as planned.

Walking along the sidewalk she took in the beautiful scenery that was Redbrook. Scarlett had always been one to favour the outdoors compared to the man made lifestyle she was forced into living. She would spend hours in the meadows contemplating a time when she would no longer have to hide her true existence; when she could simply be as she was. Of course, these thoughts were crushed as the realities of their situation hit her. She knew that letting out such a secret would be of such detriment to her pack, a pack she had become so fond of in only a years time. She would do nothing to harm them, and thus, keeping this secret was of the utmost importance and she knew it.

As soon as she reached the forest and was out of site of humans, she sped up, and within mere seconds she was running through the woods at a speed unbeknownst to humans, dodging the trees effortlessly. Even in the rather short time-frame that she had been here in Redbrook, she felt as though she had gained a connection with this forest. She had made it her duty to scout out every bit of the land that was considered theirs, as she was one of the Scouts in their pack, so that was her job, no? She was just beginning to take in the sweet scents of the nature surrounding her when a strong, metallic smell engulfed her, stopping her dead in her tracks.

It felt wrong. Everything about the scent felt wrong and misplaced. Just as her senses turned on overdrive, she heard a howl. She knew that howl from anywhere, that was the howl of her closest friend. That was Fallon. Fear ran down along her spine as her mind raised, and before she had the chance to tell her feet what to do, they were already headed towards the direction of the howls, and being that she was mere minutes from where they were supposed to meet, it didn't take long for her spot Fallon, Jonathan not far from her side, and she immediately slowed her pace as she did, coming up from behind the two of them, stopping dead in her tracks as she noticed they were not alone.

Her eyes ran along the blood stricken area, the metallic scent almost too much to handle; that's when she saw the body. The pale, lifeless body laying there, and only feet away, a strange man, one she knew she had most definitely not seen before. Her voice broke the silence then, soft and filled with emotion for the scene before them "...what is going on here?" She took a step closer, her blue eyes now resting on the man on the opposite side of the small clearing.

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Moon Phase: Full Moon

Fallon covered her mouth in a futile attempt to stifle her shock, but she knew that she had failed miserably. It was confirmed when she heard rustles around her; the forest was coming alive with footfalls. She swallowed hard, but prepared herself for the worst. Her father had warned her that there was another pack around, and now there was a dead body here. She hoped that her pack would turn up soon. She clenched her hands into fists, breathing in through her nose, trying to catch any scent. Suddenly, she did. It was strange, but unfamiliar. A few seconds later, someone emerged from the trees. He stiffened as he looked between her and the dead girl, before asking, "Who are you?"

Who was she? She was the Alpha of the pack, the one which owned the territory he was on. And now there was a dead body there. She scowled slightly. "Who am I? I think you need to think very carefully about what questions you ask, since you're encroaching on my territory, and there's a dead girl here." She breathed out of her nose, feeling a tingling in her fingers that was present every time she needed to reign her wolf in. Her eyes hadn't changed colour yet, but they were close to it. She was angry. Here was this girl, an innocent human, and she was dead. And there were other wolves on her territory on the day that she finds the body. Just perfect.

It had only been a few seconds before Jonathan showed up. He was aggressive as always, but Fallon expected him to be. However, she didn't expect him to pull out a gun. "Jonathan!" She hissed at him under her breath, "Do you mind putting that thing away? There's enough suspicion already, we don't need a gun. Plus we can easily defend ourselves." She reasoned with him quietly. She disliked the fact that he was so protective of her; she could take care of herself now, she wasn't a cub any more. A noise behind her made Fallon, to see her best friend approach from behind. She smiled, comforted by her presence. She cringed as she asked what had happened, though, and she turned back to see more people approaching.

One scent coming from them was the most familiar. She didn't recognize her, to be exact, but she did seem familiar... It may have been the similarities in looks. She did look a lot like Fallon... Same pallor of skin and hair, eye colour... But then the girl's eyes filled with tears and she stepped closer to Fallon, reaching out towards her. "Little Falle." She had used her nickname, and Fallon flinched back in shock. How did she know her nickname? She hadn't listened to the rest of her little speech, but stepped back a little. She focused on the arrival of what must have been the alpha, and his beta.

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked, growling. That did it. Fallon's eyes changed colour before she could reign it in. He stepped closer to the first person that had showed up, whispering to him. She picked out the word 'trespassing' and she clenched her teeth together. "Tresspassing? I think you'll find that you're the ones who are trespassing. This has been our pack's territory for hundreds of years." She growled back at him. What was his name...? Dalton. That's right. She had forgotten how aggressive male Alphas could be.

Next came the insults as he backed off. Sighing out of her nose, she stepped past the pack. "Okay, two things. First, at least I would greet you as an equal. There's no need for petty insults and aggression. Come on, I thought that you would at least have the intelligence to understand that that isn't necessary." She spoke calmly and cooly, approaching the other Alpha, pausing before muttering something that sounded like, "I would greet you." before sighing and standing on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek, as was customary for a Wolfblood to do. She didn't do it often, especially not with her own pack, but her father had taught her that it was polite. She immediately pulled away and backed off slowly, eyes still the gold colour of her wolf. "And two, if you weren't stupid, you could tell that I haven't been here that long, and she has. The blood's congealed, dried on her face, and I don't recognize the scent around this clearing. It's masked by the blood, but it's there. And if you'd relied on your other senses rather than just your eyes, you could smell that I haven't been here very long. What's wrong, you trusting your human nature now? Funny, I thought you all hated humans." Her tone was extremely sarcastic and patronising, which she intended. She didn't wish to provoke them, but she felt like she needed to give him back some spiteful words.

Finally, his beta spoke up. He agreed with her. At least he wasn't stupid like Dalton was. She smiled, raising her eyebrows at Dalton. She had been ignoring Jonathan but she gave him a look to try and shut him up. "Jonathan, we don't need all this aggression. Just... Put the weapons away, please." She sighed, just as Zach showed up. He smelled like fire, petrol, and the woods. She scrunched up her nose, as he noticed the body and muttered, "Another." Fallon sighed at this, especially as now one of the lunar members was making comments to Jonathan. Brilliant! She listened to his comments and scowled further. "Jonathan! I'm not your responsibility! I can take care of myself." She growled at him. She finally walked over to him as he raised his gun, using her hand to push it down, and the other to grab his wrist. "We are not fighting them. If anything, we all need to work together." She let go of him, trying to get him to calm down. They didn't need any of this right now. There was at least one murder - apparently more, according to Zach - and two rival packs. The last thing they needed was more death. It would make them more suspicious.

Scarlett spoke up again, much to Fallon's relief. She turned and smiled gratefully at her, thankful that she had spoken up. "I think that's probably the best way about it... Speaking of which, I heard a rumor one time that... that some of you can use senses to see histories of objects?" She paused slightly, breathing in, turning to face the other pack. Her eyes had returned to their usual blue colour. A lot of this was just too much to process at once. She swallowed a lump in her throat. "And perhaps Zach should show us where these other... bodies... are, assuming that there are other bodies." She made a face, scowling at the ground. Her first Full Moon, and there was a standoff between the packs, and one or more dead bodies. Fallon's day was definitely going brilliantly. Especially since she was missing a beta, and her guardian. Where were they? Cheyanne could lighten the mood here... If she wasn't shocked, that was. And Lily... Lily just generally needed watching. She sighed again, wanting her entire pack there. They were outnumbered right now, and she couldn't access her wolf form yet, which could be dangerous.

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[Moon Phase: Full Moon

"Last I remember, Jonathan, is that I was the alpha, not my father. I'm no longer a cub." She paused for a second, before adding "And would you stop being so aggressive! I think it's quite clear that nobody here has done it. We need to put aside our differences and figure out what the hell happened here, preferably before the police realize what's going on." She finished.

She looked back at her 'sister', or the one who claimed to be. She honestly couldn't remember a thing about any of her family, apart from her father. The clearest thing she could remember was waking up in her bed, surrounded by faces she didn't know. It had taken her a long time to calm down. The look on her face, of loss, betrayal perhaps, made Fallon's heart ache, but it could mean serious consequences if she was. Technically, wasn't she entitled to her role, then? What would happen to her? Of course, that was assuming she was telling the truth. And another surprise was in store for her, too. As soon as Zach emerged from the edge of the forest, the other blonde girl seemingly recognized him too, and flung her arms around him. She knew his name, too. And she called him 'brother'. Did this mean that she was supposedly related to Zach as well? The whole prospect of it made her brain hurt - to be honest, she already had a headache, along with a multitude of aches and pains, especially in her jaw and ears. She felt pretty awful, but she hid it well. "L-Listen. We can sort out this whole family business later. We have higher priorities right now." She tried to keep her voice steady, but she wasn't exactly successful. Whatever was going on, it could be sorted later.

Some of her pack were beginning to gravitate towards the other bodies, Jonathan included. Deciding to trust him this one time, she let them go. "I think I'm going to stay here and find out what the heck happened to this girl." She muttered to herself. At least Zach had gone. She couldn't help but feel awkward towards him. If he was her brother, why hadn't he said anything? She did remember the stories her father had told her - her sister was supposedly dead, and her brother a psychopath, but Zach and... what was her name? Fae? They were definitely not dead or psychopathic. The whole situation confused her completely.

Just then, Cheyanne turned up, apologizing for her lateness. "Oh thank god." She breathed, hurrying over to her and embracing her quickly. "No time to explain, basically. But two or three dead bodies turned up, they turned up, and apparently one of them is my sister and Zach is my brother." She muttered the words into Cheyanne's ear, pulling back quickly. She pulled a face and turned back to the other pack, who were now arguing amongst themselves again. Apparently one had said no to Dalton, before he had even said anything. Fallon wasn't sure she would mind as much, but she guessed that was how their pack worked. She managed to pick out the words used; Christopher, if that was indeed his name, was to use Ansin in punishment. Strange, Fallon had to think, for she didn't think that using a sense was much of a punishment. Then again, she hadn't even been taught to use it. It was kind of alluring to her, now she thought about it. Maybe it wouldn't be too much to ask, if she asked one of the Lunar pack members to teach her? Then again, the whole idea of the Lunar pack was alluring to her, especially her wolf. She knew of Scarlett's fascination with them, and now she could finally understand it. She couldn't abandon her pack, or Redbrook, but she knew that it wouldn't hurt to at least befriend this other pack, despite the rocky beginnings.

Still watching the other pack, and hardly listening to her best friend speak, she carefully edged over to the lifeless girl that lay dead. The Lunars were crowding around it, now, including another blonde girl. She half expected her to say that they were related, too, but she didn't. Fallon breathed a little sigh. Soon they would find out what the hell had happened to her. She hoped, for the girl's sake, that it was quick and painless. She didn't deserve this at all. And from the looks of things, she wasn't going to be the only one ripping someone apart when she got her hands on them.