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Blood On Thy Name

The World of Deltoria


a part of Blood On Thy Name, by CutUp.


CutUp holds sovereignty over The World of Deltoria, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The World of Deltoria is a part of Blood On Thy Name.

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Ahuiliztli Jiklo [25] "You think you can walk al over me? You amuse me." {History Needed}
Athelia Nechos [25] "I owe a great deal of things to myself. None of which will be surrendered so easily."
Emron Gravenson [25] "Enjoy the adventure that life is and never leave room for regrets."
Talzon The Berserker [24] "Change is the undeniable law of life."
Lysanthir Khiiral (WIP) [24] "To achieve your goal, you must stive and suffer for it."
Iliana Tarly [24] "There is some good in this world, and it is worth fighting for."
Ross Farin [23] "Knowledge is something that is not just acquired from experience."
Morganna Fiera [23] "Fire is beast that only Mages can tame"
Jorgon Glarson [23] "Believe me, one size fits all."
Meredine Alfillia [22] "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness."

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Unconsciously, her legs took an easy pace that found her to be near the back, closer to Meridine's companion announcing he would take the rear of the group. It was only brought to attention when the elf answered her queries to appease some of her wonders. "Any manner of things can show themselves, Princess Athelia. More commonly I would suggest bobcats and wolves near the mountain floor. It is very likely we may run into wyverns on the way since they love the forest dwellings. If we are lucky, a dragon won't be making this particular mountain of ours its home. Dragons are fascinating but nasty creature. I would not wish to fight one. I suggest you stay on your toes." Athelia nodded showing she understood or at least acknowledged Lysanthir's words. Though he were no inquisitor, he struck her as a wise being whose words had value to them. After all Elves had an extraordinary life span and one would assume, wisdom to accompany it. Either way, he had tended to her curiosity and offered his suggestions of what may be encountered so Athelia quite liked it, at least giving her hunches to feed off. "Have you ever encountered any of these creatures?"
"Erm..." the sound had already escaped her mouth before her answer trying to recall on an encounter. Surely there had been some exciting tale to share. "A single Wyvern near our border. However, I must admit I was not the one to deal with the creature as such." Yes, she remembered a number of mages catching up to her on her walk, forming a barrier around her and hurling whatever elements they could at the quick creature then escorting her back within the safety of Nelmos' walls. "Other than that, I have very little experience and understand I was lucky to encounter a lone Wyvern." Athelia knew well of the creatures in Deltoria but she was very limited in encounters. Practicality and theory had a significant divide among them.

"Have you faced many creatures?" She inquired in turn, caressing over her own finger as she glanced to the tall elf then ahead where Ross and Emron were. She wondered if they had too? Talzon and Ahuiliztli were more than likely to have faced many of them and relatively often. Athelia imagined Meredine and Lysanthir to have as well, though she could not begin to calculate their deceiving true age.

When Athelia caught herself, she looked to Morganna, hoping she hadn't been too open by admitting to her lack of encounters or taking on Lysanthir's words and wondering of the elf's own experience. Time had to pass in some manner however, so why not exchange words with the others? Still, she would bite such childish temptation to run around excitedly and embrace every stranger and maintain a lady.