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Tanith Cavete

"I am a combination of the two most deadly things in existance: a venomous serpent with a human's heart."

0 · 255 views · located in Caerleon | Medieval

a character in “Blood Pacts”, as played by UltraVioleta


❝Tanith Cavete❞
❝I am a combination of the two most deadly things in existence: a venomous serpent with a human’s poisoned heart.❞

❝The Basic Facts❞

| Name |
Tanith Cavete

| Nickname |

| Gender |

| Age |

| Sexuality |

| Race |
Serpent Girl (Naga)

| Pact Partner |
Giant Serpent, Chuattor

| Pact Price |
All Memory of the Previous Life

❝The Disguise❞

| Eye Color |
Sea Foam Green / Light Green

| Hair Color |
Dark Brown

| Height |
5’ 9”

| Weight |
163 lbs

| Skin Tone |
Pale, almost with a green hue due to her extensive time in the marsh

| Distinct Markings |
Covering her Back

| Physical Description |
Tanith was a beautiful human with light, olive toned skin color and smooth features. Her lips were dainty and pink as a young rose. Her hair was long and dark brown, almost mistaken for black then the light didn’t shine on it. Her body was slender and curvy, her breasts moderate sized, and not a blemish to be found. Many of these features she still has, making her upper body very attractive. Her lower body is another matter entirely. Where he legs would normally be there is a long, sleek tail. Her scales are various hues of green, gold and brown and all of them are very glossy (shiny scales are beautiful to a snake). In length her tail from her hip to the tip measures almost four and a half feet long, but when she’s moving somewhere she’s usually only 5’ 9” Her tail she keeps hidden with long skirts and dresses that are heavy enough they won’t come up and expose her lower half to humans who may be near.

❝The Interests ❞

| Habits |
Biting: a snake’s natural reaction is to bite when it feels threaten, Tanith struggles to supress this urge in public
Tasting the Air: Tanith has a habit of flicking her tongue out to be better able to smell
Hissing: when upset or angry Tanith will hiss to let others know she’s pissed
Laughing: most snakes cannot laugh but being half human, Tanith likes the way it feels
Watching: Tanith watches everything and hates to be surprised, rarely even sleeping

| Likes |
Rain/Water: water rehydrates her snake scales and reminds her of her marshy home
Sunlight: warm sunlight keeps her blood pumping and makes her feel good
Meat: snakes are meat eaters and Tanith is no exception
Thick Foliage: Tanith can blend almost perfectly in the thicket

| Dislikes |
Being Challenged: Tanith does not like someone she deems unworthy to try and control her
Being Surprised: surprise her and she’ll surprise you with a heavy dose of venom
Being Trapped: if Tanith cannot move or is entangled she may panic
Interruptions/Changes in Plans: this just tick her off as she likes a plan to go over smooth and simple
The Cold: she is cold blooded and the cold slows her down

| Strengths |
Sheds Skin: the process is long and tedious but when her tail is damaged Tanith can shed her skin
Hunger: can go a long time without food and eats very little at a time
Poison: has a neurotoxic vemon and is very resistant to other poisons/vemons
Increased Senses: being part snake increased her sight, smell and hearing

| Weaknesses |
Cold: Tanith is cold blooded and low temperatures can immobilize her
Fire: fire can damage her scales and cause her pain until she sheds

Birds: birds are a snake’s natural enemy and she hates/fears them immensely
Strong Scents: Tanith is very sensitive to smells and strong scents can make her sick

❝My Life❞

| Potential Romantic Interest |

| Family |
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown

Before her Transformation:

| Personality |
"There are few good things in this world, and I am one of them."
Tanith is rather sadistic and has absolutely no reservations about attacking others. In fact it's usually the first thing she does when she meets someone else. She doesn't usually mean to strike at them, it's just the most normal thing for a snake to do when faced with danger. She works very hard to control the natural urge to bite, but don't catch her in a bad mood or she'll have no qualms about poisoning you. Also be very careful about surprising her and making her angry. Besides these small flaws, Tanith is not truly evil unlike her pact partner Chuattor. She holds a grudge against humanity due to the lies Chuattor told her and hates their scent, but she puts up with their existence. The constant presence of humanity and the painful reminder of what they (supposedly) did to her, it's not surprising Tanith developed a pessimistic attitude. But this doesn't mean she'll just sit back and complain. Quite the opposite actually, Tanith has the tendency to take over or want to direct because she believes that humans are incapable of "good". And if they cannot take command she will assist in any way she can, providing she respects the commander and/or considers the project worthy. Of course there are a select few humans that she respects or even likes, but to those people she'll still behave condescendingly towards simply because it's in her nature. When it comes down to it though, Tanith would be willing to risk her life and even make the ultimate sacrifice for what good is left in the world. Naturally she would never admit to this and if she did survive she would pass it off as something of little importance. Though she acts stuck up, the truth is that Tanith is not vain and dearly wants to prove to the world she's not evil either. But if Chuattor tells her to do something, she will do it as she truely believes that her father has only the best in mind for her. She would never think that her father has her do things simply for his own amusement.

| History |
Chonsie was born in a small village surrounded by thick, lush woodlands and deep into the woodlands a mighty marsh. The marsh kept the plants and animals around it fed and watered, and provided the village with fertile ground to grow on. For almost 500 years the village had been prospering and they’d faced very few troubles. But almost ten years ago animals started disappearing. Cows, horses, goats, sheep, donkeys and eventually people began disappearing too.

Chonsie was about seven at the time the village leaders got together and begged the gods for answers. It was reviled to them that a giant serpent names Chuattor had awoken from his long rest and was feeding off the village. In order to appease him they needed to send a sacrificial animal in the bogs every full moon. And every harvest moon, when the moon was full and red, they had to send a virgin maid between the ages of 15 and 18 into the marshes with the animal as a sacrifice. These sacrifices would persuade him from attacking their village.

The people reluctantly obeyed and Chuattor was true to his word. The villagers never entered the swamp for fear of the giant snake and his wicked ways. Every month a large stock animal was sent into the marsh and every year a girl chosen at random was sent on a horse to the snake so to spare the lives of her people. This went on for many years and Chonsie watched helplessly as eleven ill-fated girls rode off on the horse of their choice to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their friends and families. But when Chonsie was seventeen, her best friend Samare was chosen to die. Chonsie was in shock but could do nothing but sob as her best friend rode into the marshland under the red moon’s light.

That moment changed something within Chosie’s heart and she swore she would get revenge on Chuattor for stealing her friend’s life. For a year she trained herself in secret, keeping her plan from the other villagers, teaching herself to fight. She purchased various poisons and antidotes from the local apothecary and built up her immunity. Then she fashioned herself various weapons and sewed a dark robe with pockets and loops on the inside, placing the weapons secretly in their places. She even went as far as to put gunpowder into a thin, flammable sack with a flint and tender.

A year of hard training went by too fast and on the eve of the harvest moon Chonsie sharpened her blades and went to the altar to pray. At the altar, at the light of dawn, she knew the villager leaders would gather to randomly select a sacrifice. Cutting her thumb, Chonsie wrote in blood her name and asked for the gods’ blessings. When the sun rose the leaders called the people together and announced that the gods themselves had chosen Chonsie as the sacrifice, writing her name in blood on the altar. Chonsie accepted this with a strong heart, telling the people not to grieve over her. As the final goodbyes were said the moon began to rise, a giant eye of blood. Dressed in her robe and her weapons hidden inside, an eighteen year old Chonsie mounted a dark stallion and bravely rode into the swamp, determine to slay the snake and return home victorious.

But things did not go as planned.

Deep in the bogs her stallion suddenly reared, throwing her into the reeds. She wasn’t sure what was happening until she saw the enormous eyes of a snake and the terror as her horse was eaten alive. But Chonsie gathered her courage and drew her blade, having prepared for this moment and determine to repay Chuattor for his cruel acts. Surging forward Chonsie screamed for help from the gods to help her avenge the ones who’d fallen to his fangs. Chuattor hissed and attacked her faster than she could have fathomed, knocking her up against a rock. Chonsie slashed at his long, serpentine body, managing to cut him as he attempted to coil around her and crush her against the rock. As he recoiled she withdrew the explosive pouch and lit it, tossing it into his mouth as he tried to bite her. The bag created a small explosion with just enough firepower to burn him and force him to back up.

Chonsie thought she may be able to defeat this monster, but he became angry and attacked her with speed and power she’d been unprepared for. In moments he’d torn off her robe, scattering her weapons into the bog, leaving her bare and armed only with a dagger. The next thing she knew was he’d crushed her legs, mangling them so she couldn’t move. In another instant he’s fangs had sunk into her stomach and her veins were filled with venom. She had built up her body to fight the venom but it was still too much for her and her head swam, barely able to register the pain.

As the life faded from Chonsie’s haunted eyes, Chuattor considered eating her. But instead he could see something incredible in this human. Something so strong that it had driven her to risk everything and fight a battle she could not have even hoped to win. Something that held her strong and proud even after he had lain her low. Something he wanted from himself, and something he was quickly losing to death. So he did something he loathed to do and spoke in common tongue to the girl who clung to her fleeting life.

“Sssssilly little girl. It was foolisssh to challenge me. Now you will perissssh and no one will think anything more of your death…” He chilled, then hissed softly in her ear, “But you do not sssseek death, do you child? No, you sssseek revenge, but revenge can only be tassssted in life.” Chonsie meet his serpent eyes with a challenge and his mouth curved into a foul smile. “I can… make you a deal…” he hissed slowly, seeing the interest in her dim eyes. “I can give you your life, for a small price.” He waited a moment and could see she was suspicious, but did not refuse. “Would you like that child? To live again? It’ssss your decisssion, but you’ll have to chossse quickly.”

“I… want… to live.” Chonsie was barely able to whisper before she fainted away. Victorious, Chauttor lifted the bloody, bare and beaten, girl and held her in his tail tightly, slithering back to his nest which was a deep cave in the deepest most part of the swamp.

When the girl awoke she had no idea who she was, where she was or had she had gotten there. Covering her was a film of hard, golden material almost like an egg shell. Quickly she broke it and breathed the first breath of her second life. In a matter of minutes she’d freed herself from the egg and was slumped, exhausted, over the side. It was at this moment she realized she was in the center of a giant snake’s coil and above was the head of the watching snake.

“Hello my child,” the snake almost purred, “You have awaked from your long slumber, Tanith.”

Tanith blinked uncertainly up at her father, who returned her stare with his own unblinking gaze. She tried to move closer to him but from herself stuck, weakened by her extensive time in the egg, and could only reach out to him. It was at this moment she noticed she was different. Seeing her hand she followed her arm down to her chest and then to the rest of her body. Her upper half was the body of a human female, but her lower half was a serpent’s tail much like her father’s.

Over the course of several months, Tanith came to understand she was the daughter of Chuattor. He had found her as a baby, abandoned in the bog to die and rescued her, placing her under his care. To protect her she placed her in an egg-like compartment where she has been growing the past eighteen years, becoming better suited for survival like her adopted father was. Chuattor said little more about it Tanith accepted the story, believing it true. He taught her how to move, how to hunt and how to use her body to her best advantage. Poison seeped from her fangs and her tail guided her smoothly through the water. Tanith was taught about the limitless evils of humanity, and made ashamed of what part of her was human. Fortunately she was redeemed by her snake side which was superior to all other creatures, or so Chuattor told her.

One day, a matter of months after her rebirth, the swamp was coated in a red light and Chuattor informed Tanith that they would have a visitor. He told her how humans feared him so greatly they sent him gifts of food to try and appease him, and when the land was bathed in bloody light they would send a human to him to show how weak and humble they really were. At nineteen, Tanith was eager to see the poor victimized soul and they went on a hunt.

Smelling the girl coming, Chuattor hide himself so that his body surrounded the area and Tanith stood in plain sight with her lower half hidden in the reeds. The girl stepped through the brush, leading a horse by her side and spotted Tanith. For a moment she appeared terrified, and then looked Tanith over with a strange look. Suddenly the girl did something Tanith had not expected. She called out, “Oh my gods! Chonsie! You’re- you’re alive!” This confused Tanith as she’d never seen this girl, nor heard the name “Chonsie” before. And for what reason did this girl think her dead?

The human tried to run to “Chonsie” but her horse suddenly reared, screaming and pulled his reins from her hand, taking off only to be snatched by Chuattor’s jaws and lifted into the air, swallowed alive. The girl screamed and looked towards Tanith. But at this moment Tanith slithered forward from the brush, revealing her lower half. The girl gasped in horror and Tanith smiled, exposing her wickedly curved fangs, dripping with her own venom. “Chonsie! Oh gods, what happened to you?” she shrieked, but Tanith ignored her fearful question and instead lunged forward, grabbing the girl and knocking her to the ground. Her tail wrapped around the girl and began to suffocate her before Tanith bit her, injecting her lethal poison.

In a few minutes it was all over. Tanith asked her father why the girl had pretended to know who she was, and why she kept calling her Chonsie. Chuattor did not answer her questions, instead telling her it was irrelevant. He informed her it was one of the human’s deceitful ways as their hearts were black and evil. Then he asked her to bring the body when she was done eating and left. Tanith knew this already but still was curious. She took the girl’s things, her bag which held a satin dress and an outfit of clothing as well as the outfit she’d been wearing. In the bag there was a small knife which Tanith laughed at and a few coins Tanith found curious, in addition to some food and water. Apparently the girl had thought she’d be able to escape with her life and move on after trespassing into the serpent’s territory.

A few more months passed and Tanith was pining away in the swamp. She talked with the snakes of the marshes to find out more of the outside world, but wanted to go see it for herself. When she asked her father Chuattor was reluctant to let his prize slip away but also curious as to what could happen if he unleashed his little monster onto humanity. So he did let her down, teaching her the common ways of the human, just enough that she would be able to get through a human’s normal suspicions. On her way she would have to learn more about the wretched creatures to fit in with them. Taking the things she’d harvested from the girl Tanith was on her way. Additionally if she was in danger she could call for him and Chuattor would come to his daughter’s aid, but besides that she was on her own.

Tanith has been travelling for almost a month now and learned to blend in with the humans easily. She rarely says in one place for long and hides her serpent body under the fabric of a thick skirt. She doesn’t know anything about the mark on her back which screams the truth of her past life. She has no idea about her past life or even that her memory was the price she paid to have a second chance at life. All Tanith knows is that humanity is evil and her father is superior to all, making her a combination of the two most deadly things in existence: a venomous serpent with a human’s poisoned heart.

Outfit One:

Outfit Two:


❝Pact Partner Information❞

| Name |
Chuattor, the Giant Serpent

| Age |
”I’m a sssssnake; I’ve seen the dinosaurs and I’ve devoured them…” Tanith doesn’t believe he is that old and estimates he’s actually in his late five thousands, but who’s to say?

| Species |
Giant Serpent

| Personality |
Chuattor is manipulative and cruel. He has no problem lying and scheming if it means he gets his way. If you make a deal with him he’ll twist it like he did to the deal made between him and Chonsie. He travels in the grey-zone and is deceitful as well as cunning. Be careful around him as he’ll gladly take a bite out of you simply because he does as he pleases. The best way to get him to work with you is to interest him in something else, like a secret you’re keeping or something that he will not have if he harms you. This is not an easy task though. Considering himself to be high above all other creatures, he is haughty. He believes he is the greatest of his kind, not a god, but the most powerful living creature on the face of this planet. The only reason he took in Chonsie was because he wanted to amuse himself and found she had something special about her, which he wanted as his. He treats her as his daughter, but the way a snake shows compassion is very different from the way a human would. Tanith in return gives great respect to her father, which boosts his ego, making him more fond of her which is very good for Tanith. He feels he has invested much of his being into her and is proud to have created the dangerous monster she is; proud enough to be willing teach her and to come to her aid should she need help. It is not because of love that he has Tanith’s best interests in mind, but because of pride and greed (for the most part). Nonetheless, Tanith is his daughter and he treats her as such. He specifically picked out her name because in Serpent Tongue “Tanith” meaning “serpent girl” and “Cavete” means “beware”.

❝Theme Song❞

Please, please forgive me,
But I won't be home again.
Maybe someday you'll look up,
And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one:
"Isn't something missing?"

You won't cry for my absence, I know -
You forgot me long ago.
Am I that unimportant...?
Am I so insignificant...?
Isn't something missing?
Isn't someone missing me?

Even though I'm the sacrifice,
You won't try for me, not now.
Though I'd die to know you love me,
I'm all alone.
Isn't someone missing me?

Please, please forgive me,
But I won't be home again.
I know what you do to yourself,
I breathe deep and cry out,
"Isn't something missing?
Isn't someone missing me?"

Even though I'm the sacrifice,
You won't try for me, not now.
Though I'd die to know you love me,
I'm all alone.
Isn't someone missing me?

And if I bleed, I'll bleed,
Knowing you don't care.
And if I sleep just to dream of you
I'll wake without you there,
Isn't something missing?
Isn't something...

Even though I'm the sacrifice,
You won't try for me, not now.
Though I'd die to know you love me,
I'm all alone.
Isn't something missing?
Isn’t someone missing me?

So begins...

Tanith Cavete's Story

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This was madness.

A bloody, death filled madness.

Tanith couldn't have imagined a more perfect day either.

The scent of blood filled her nose and she could taste the death as it's distinct smell danced over her tongue. The sun was out too, though the carnage had turned the sky a goreous red, and the air was warm. Yesterday's rain had made the ground damp and it soothed the iching of her scales as she neared time to shed her skin. Tanith could feel her lower body's muscles twitching as she was tempted to charge into the battle even if only for the thrill of killing and the taste of blood on her lips.

It gave her pleseant chills to be so near, though she played no part in it. Heck, she had no idea who was fighting who and neither did she care to know. Instead she stood silently on the sidelines, watching from a cliff that overlooked the battle. Humans where stupid creatures who fought for no true reason. They were simply violent creatures who meet violent ends. Ends Tanith was not against providing. Truthfully, she wanted to be out there too, if not for a few small reasons.

Three, actually, though she had not seen them yet. She'd smelled them.

The first and most concerning was likely the dragon's scent she had detacted within minutes of watching. Dragons rarely fight, especially if humans were involved. Chuattor had explained this to her very clearly. By the scent of it as the wind blew towards her there was a human girl who was in company of the dragon. Probably a pact partner, as dragons rarely associated with humans otherwise. Dragons were like serpentine bird, so Tanith has mixed feeling about them.

The second was a scent that was semi recognizable. There scent of a wolf was very distict though it was not like the wolves in the forest. It was... stronger. Almost demonic. Likely that exactly. A wolf demon of some sort, probably with his or her human pact partner. Wolves were also rather conserning problems because they attacking in large packs but Tanith had taken them down time and time again and refused to associate with fear.

The third and final was something she'd not smelled but heard stories of. A "Spider Rider". A mercenary man with a giant spider in his company. The most obvious cause of this was a pact as spiders were notoriously hard to win over to one's side without a great sacrifice (most often one's life). But spiders did not worry the snake girl.

And neither did the black hearted humans in the valley below.

A small shiver ran down her spine, sending pleasant feelings down the entire length of her tail. Chuattor was contacting her. He always knew where she was or what was happening around her, and when he felt like it he would send her small suggestions or implications of what he willed her to do. And in this case, he wished for her to feed.

Shedding her skirt which hid her serpentine nature from humanity's eyes she careully put it in the bag she'd taken from the wretched human girl from what seemed so long ago. Flexing her fingers, the sharp edges of her nails glisened in the sunlight. Spitting on them she could feel the paralyzing poison warm her hands, though it had no other effect on her. Slowly she started towards the battle, her sleek tail glistening in the warm, red rays of the bloody sunshine.

It didn't matter who died, nor which side won.

Tanith merely wished to feed.