Lydia Hennessy

"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?"

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a character in “Blood & Pastries”, as played by Runika


Lydia Hennessy


❝The Basic Facts❞

❝The rather simple things.❞

Name: Lydia Hennessy

Nickname: “You can call me anything you like sugar.”

Gender: ”Is it not obvious with this body of mine?” Female

Age: ”Dear me, it’s rude to ask a lady.”

Sexuality: ”I’m not picky at all.” Pansexual

Race: Vampire

Role: "I'm the sexy one."

❝What I See In The Mirror❞

❝I see a lean-mean, sexy, purring machine.❞

Eye Color: Azure

Hair Color: Pink

Height: 5’7

Weight: 130 lbs

Skin Tone: Pale

Body Markings: A dark red rose tattoo on her back, below and between her shoulder blades.

Physical Description: ”Take a look sweetie pie. A good long look.”

If one happened to see a flash of pink run by, most likely it was Lydia’s long pink hair. It is an abnormal color, yes, but unique and quite adorable in her opinion. She has not chopped off her hair since the 19th century; the day her heart had been broken. Her hair flows down from her scalp and extends down to her thighs. Of course she trims it frequently; she has not had a major haircut since then. Although many people wonder if she is a true pink head, she has only one answer to those who ask: ”If you check under these clothes, then you could find out.”

From a distance, one could say Lydia’s eyes were blue. Up close, they are not just blue. A mix of bright blue hues that glow and blend together, the closest color to resemble them would be azure. Her eyes are usually bright and clear, though if she is provoked, bad or good, they start to give off a sultry appearance.

Like most vampires, her skin is pale. The pale skin adds onto her doll-like appearance, but she wishes that she could own skin that could tan like humans. Tanned bodies just looked so delicious. If she could pull off that look during the summer months she’d be just irresistible.

Lydia has a body she is quite proud of, one that many women would envy her for. She has a thin waist and well toned arms and legs. Her curves are most definitely present as she boasts a voluptuous figure, making her waist appear even smaller than it already is.

❝Behind The Façade❞

❝Façade? I like to think of myself as quite the honest person.❞

Lydia’s speech tends to be rather formal and resemble that of the older ages. Although she has long been exposed to both the modern culture and language, she finds them unrefined. Her own choice of words she considers more ‘polite’ and adequate. However after living for so long in modern society there are times when she will use modern slang or terms, and most of the time it may sound odd or out of place.

Many are able to hear her humming a quiet tune when she is not talking. She doesn’t like the silence. At times it is peaceful, other times it is irritating. It makes her feel like she is alone.

Lydia licks her lips a lot. Generally it is when she sees a potential lover for the night, she gets anxious to taste them.

    [♥] Flirting
    [♥] Drinking
    [♥] Singing
    [♥] Sex
    [♥] Causing mischief
    [♥] Attention

    [x] Religion
    [x] Being ignored
    [x] Having those she loves taken from her
    [x] Homophobes
    [x] Silence


A Broken Heart – She never wants to experience the feeling of a broken heart ever again. Although she goes through men and women constantly, she is careful to not attach herself to them.

Ugliness – She knows she is beautiful, and would never want to be anything less than beautiful. This meaning she fears receiving scars and things of the like.

Dying – She wants to live. She’s afraid of religious people and those who know her weaknesses.

Losing her Family – They are all she has left.

Being Alone – She doesn’t mean sitting outside in the dark alone, she means having no one there for her.


Vampire Traits – All that cool stuff.

Seduction – Lydia has a talent for seducing people, male and female alike.

H2O Manipulation – Her specialty is ice. Common uses are to make ice cubes for her drink. It’s difficult to use in a battle unless it is winter. Conjuring up water out of the air isn’t impossible, but it isn’t particularly easy for her to conjure large amounts.


‘Purity’ – Oh, the goddamn clergy.

Sunlight – Prefers the dark anyways. Feels uncomfortable in her own skin when exposed to the sun’s rays.

The Coven – Since she is obsessed with them, they too pose as a weakness to her.

Unlike the majority of other vampires, Lydia is a social person. She appears friendly and outgoing when she speaks to others, but she is just social. Yes, there’s a difference. She likes to speak to people, but she is not someone they could consider a ‘friend’. She just likes people telling her that she is pretty. Most of the time she only socializes to find a new partner for the night.

As one could guess, this woman is somewhat of a narcissist; though not to the point where it’s an actual disorder. She absolutely adores herself and wants others to adore her as well. She’s conceited, vain, and has a huge ego, but she isn’t the type of think she is above everyone; she just really likes herself.
In a way, she is selfish. She adores her coven; even if they do not adore her, and doesn’t want anyone break this ‘family’ she finally gained. They are hers, and she would not allow anyone to take them from her. If anything or anyone had the potential to lure a member away from her, she would most definitely find a way to get rid of that threat. So, she can also be considered possessive.

On the positive side, she’s protective of her vampire family and cares about them dearly. She would do anything to keep them; even if that means the methods will make them hate her.

❝My Past and My Present❞


“I don’t need glasses, but you must admit I look sexy with them, don’t I?”

Interest: ”I adore everyone.”

Family: “The coven is my family now.”

Her human family has long passed. The only memory she has of them is the last name she had taken from her father.

Hennessy was born in the Victorian era. She had always been a cute child. One that was adored by her family and relatives, and as she matured, the more prominent her beauty was. Of course after having everyone call her a beauty for her whole life, she accepted that as the truth and became vain. This personality of hers somehow allowed her to become the Queen Bee in each of her schools, and also earned her a lot of hateful people. She paid no heed to them though, always telling herself that they were just jealous. She was not the brightest of kids, but her creativity was well above those who were doing better than her academically. She was able to draw, paint, create art works out of the most dullest and most ordinary of things; just another thing that was added to her list of praises.

As one could guess, she was popular with boys. She loved the attention she received from them, and all the admiration she got from girls. It didn’t matter who was praising her, as long as someone was there to love her. She went through boys and later on, girls. Everyone knew she wasn’t straight, but no one seemed to care. Well, some, but they were insignificant. If she weren’t as popular as she was, she would probably be treated as an outcast due to all the homophobia.

Even as Lydia matured into a woman, she didn’t change the way she handled her relationships. She dated many people, and had many one night stands. Until eventually, she had though she found the ‘one’. This particular man was a few years older than her. He treated her as a child, and never let her advancements get to him. She found it intriguing and wanted to pursue him more. Without the friskiness she normally had with men, the two actually began to learn about each other, and she found pleasure in not sleeping with him. He would praise her, about her personality rather than her beauty, and he had always said he adored her long, silky hair. She started to fall in love with the man. One day, he had asked her to do him a favor. She immediately agreed to do whatever was asked of her. He drove her to a secluded area, where an old, but large, house stood. She asked him where they were. He said it was a surprise. Inside the house, he pushed her into the arms of another man. Apparently, the stranger had asked him to bring her to him, as he wanted a young beauty and would give him riches in return for the favor. She couldn’t believe it. She cried for the man to save her, but he just walked out. The stranger toyed with her, and eventually turned her, wanting to keep her with him forever. It was the most excruciating time of her life. She amazingly survived the transformation, but immediately killed her biter. Then, she set off to kill the one who betrayed her.

After that, she cut off the long hair that he said he had adored so much. Her parents didn’t want her, and threatened to have her killed with a stake. Some parents they were. Lydia wandered for years and years, trying to get over her heart break. Her hair slowly started to grow again, but by the time she was ready to cut it off, she met Ephraim and joined his coven. Finally, she found a place where she felt at home again.

Unfortunately, she has never forgotten what that human had done to her. Sleeping with them was one thing, but she now believes that humans and vampires should never fall in love. It would be a fruitless love anyways. If her coven members started to fall for vampires, she doesn't know just what she might do in order to stop it.

So begins...

Lydia Hennessy's Story