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Deadly, and somewhat annoying at times.

0 · 276 views · located in IronShade

a character in “Blood & Sand”, as played by Sheoul


Prant is tall and extremely pale. He wears a pinstripe suit and bowler cap along with black circular glasses and a wicked smile. He often carries a walking stick with him made of dark mahogany with a Ram's head made of steel at the top.


Often jokes a lot, but is a mastermind of murder. Very cold and calculating.


His cane is also a sword, unscrewing the handle, the body of the cane is revealed to be the sheath, with the top the hilt of the thin and long blade. He also carries a pocket watch and a six-shooter just to be safe.


A Vampire of around 300 years old, he has sired many of his kind and has trained them to be effective creatures of the night. He looks for Vampires that are in trouble and shelters them, teaches them how to fend for themselves and learn to come to terms with what they are.

Most of his life has been spent travelling, but he is very well connected in the Vampire world and can always get money or information.

So begins...

Prant's Story