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"Bite me! Uh.. no, actually. I meant- Ugh. Never mind."

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Aria Seraphine Quinn

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Twenty Two



Korean | American

Heterosexual | Heteroromantic


Naturally a near-black shade of brown, although she sometimes dyes it lighter brown or red. It is rather wavy, and reaches just past her shoulders.

Dark hazel

Body Type
Slender, with a slight leanness to her limbs, and an 'inverted triangle' figure.


Overall Appearance
It is simple enough to say that Aria is a rather attractive girl, with looks that she inherited from both parents. Her mother's eyes, dark and olive, often narrowed in annoyance or distaste. Her father's signature glower, which, when put to use, can burn holes into heads and leave grown men quivering wrecks. Well, perhaps she has yet to master her father's ability in that sense, but she's certainly well on her way.
She is slim in build, not particularly strong or toned, possessing the both impressive and infuriating ability to be able to wolf down the most fattening and vast of meals, and remain svelte and thin. As is expected, considering her mother's heritage, she has Asian features, with fair, olive skin that never freckles nor develops pimples or blemishes. That being said, it never seems to tan, either, which is currently a nationwide trend as far as physical appearances go. Naturally, her hair is rather dark, not quite black but bordering on such, however, she often dies her locks a reddish shade, or occasionally a lighter brown.
Her teeth are naturally quite straight, and as far as fashion goes, she is rarely seen without expensive clothing, considering her father's wealth and the high expectations of people in her social class. The clothes themselves tend to differ in variety, but are never in pastel shades, as she loathes such, and her jewellery tends to be simple but always present. As for make-up, her already clear complexion requires little to no cover-up, but she is rarely seen without eye-liner. Her lashes are naturally dark, thick and curled, but she still sometimes coats them with a layer or two of mascara.

Aria is a rather jaded individual who wears a mask that declares the opposite. With her less personal emotions, she is vocal and honest, always prepared to say if she has a problem with something or someone. However, when it comes to her deeper emotions, her fears and her secret hopes, she rarely to never dares to utter such things aloud.
She plays the part of a fiery warrior, but beneath her solid armour, she is far more sensitive and gentle than she'd ever care for anyone to know. She is passionate in all that interests her, as well as remarkably persistent. Once she has her mind set on something, it is unlikely that she'll ever give up until set goal is achieved. She is street smart, and knows her way around the treacherous city that is her home, but she is far too reckless to ever be completely reliable to keep herself out of trouble. She is bold, and tough-talking, and if someone blows her fuse, she will not back down, no matter her opponent.
She is stubborn, and can rarely have her opinion turned or altered. This being said, when she knows that she is wrong, she will not ignorantly deny it, rather, she'll grudgingly accept it. She is cynical when it comes to things like romance and love, and has little experience in such fields, with her inability to truly trust people putting her constantly in awkward situations as far as relationships go. She is honest, sometimes brutally so, and possesses a sharp, sometimes biting wit.
She is intelligent, and has an insatiable curiosity that often gets her into circumstances best left avoided, and she doesn't take to strict rules or mockery well. Although somewhat harsh on the outside, she is extremely protective of her friends, and will be sure to pick a fight with anyone that dares harm them in any way, and will almost always put them before herself. That being said, she hasn't got all that many real friends, so the fights she picks are often to compensate for herself and her own pride.

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Father | Leroy Quinn | Alive | Fifty |
Mother | Alison Jung | Deceased |
Aria was never expected, but then again, few pregnancies that occur in Vegas are. Her mother was a security guard for one of Leroy Quinn's thriving casinos, and, despite Leroy's infamous reputation and Alison's stoic personality, they soon took a shine to one another. Their wedding was also typical of those in Vegas. Quick, casual, and reckless. But, shocking to everyone else, it lasted. In fact, it lasted twelve years. Twelve long, slightly tumultuous years. And it would have lasted longer, had a vampire not taken a shine to the pretty Mrs Quinn, or, more so, her jugular vein. The blood beneath her nails and the bruises on her knuckles suggested that she put up quite the fight, but the gaping hole in her neck made it quite obvious that such had not been enough. What infuriated Aria the most was not her father's detachment from her that followed the tragedy, but rather his disregard for what had happened to her mother. He did not act against vampires, spread the word to hunters or even don a mask and stake himself, like a character from one of her comics. Hell, he didn't even talk to her about the dangers of vampires, and what they had done. She had to learn it from her mother's partner, who has since taken up the role as a fatherly figure. She grew up loathing her father's weakness, as well as his coldness towards her feelings, and she grew up loathing vampires even more so. But of all places for a vampire-hater to live in, Vegas is hardly a good spot.

Anything Else
Is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, thanks to her mother's friend, who taught her.
Has a pet cat named Momo.
Extremely low tolerance for alcohol.
Excellent driver.
Rubbish when it comes to playing instruments and drawing and the like.

So begins...

Aria Quinn's Story


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Image"Come on! Don't be such a wimp! Apparently it feels amazing." The girl's name was Alicia Cole. Nineteen. Daughter of one of Aria's father's coworkers.

And a complete moron.

Aria returned her urging with a scowl, shaking her slender arm free of the blonde's manicured grip, before reaching over and snatching the girl's glass of liquor as well. "You're drunk and insane. Not a good combo." With a flick of her wrist, she tipped the contents of the drink onto the concrete. Alicia growled in annoyance, snatching the glass back and licking at the remaining droplets. "I am not drunk! And I'm completely sane. Just because I know how to have fun and you don't..." "I know how to have fun, I just don't see how having some undead murder machine chew on your jugular falls into that category." Alicia's nose wrinkled in disgust, "Ew. You make it sound so gross." Aria sighed, slipping her arm over her not-quite-friend's shoulder and trying to lead her back to the hotel. "It is gross. That's what I'm trying to tell you."

'Take her out', her father had said, 'Have fun'. The idea of dragging a defiant drunk around Vegas hardly seemed fun to Aria, but then again, neither did serving as a living bloodbag, and that had recently become quite the trend around here.

Perhaps she was the weird one.

Her father's attempts to get on the good side of a fellow landowner hadn't been going all that well, apparently. The landowner was stiff and her father was... well, her father. So what had her father proposed? Something that reminded Aria of the arranged marriages of old, wealthy nobles using their children as bargaining chips, uniting families and whatnot.

Only instead of walking Alicia down the aisle, she was holding the girl's hair back whilst she vomited up a stomach's worth of martinis.

She couldn't remember how the subject of vampires had started, but ever since it had, Aria had been spending the time trying to talk sense into the younger girl. But if Alicia was anything, it was stubborn, and she'd sunk her fangs deep into the idea. Pun completely and utterly intended.

"Have you even seen a vampire before?" Alicia queried in a demeaning tone, staggering slightly as they walked into the first floor of one of Aria's father's hotel-cross-casinos. "Have you?" Aria replied with an equally icy tone. Alicia hiccuped. "No. But I hear they're hot." Aria rolled her eyes, and glanced around for the nearest elevator, only to feel the hairs on the back of her neck rise. "Ohmigod, Arry, look at him." Aria turned to follow the girl's gaze, and froze slightly as her eyes met those of the man Alicia too was staring at.

He was handsome. Painfully so, with sharp features and a charming smile. His eyes, almond-shaped and gold, seemed to sparkle with mischievousness, and his dark hair curled about his face wildly. Aria's eyes narrowed, and she shifted her gaze away. Vampire. No doubt about it. Apparently, Alicia could read her mind, because suddenly she was fizzing with excitement, "Ohmigod, he's totally a vamp, isn't he? I told you they were hot." Aria could have sworn she heard the vampire chuckle. "Stay away from him. No. Stay away from vampires in general, got it?" Her hand slipped from Alicia's as she started to wade through the crowd. "They aren't some form of entertainment, they're predators. Vile, blood-sucking predators that would sooner rip your throat out then-" She turned back to Alicia, only to see no one. The blonde was nowhere to be seen.

Aria frowned, searching through the crowd, panic rising as she glanced back to where the vampire had been.

He was gone, too.

Aria shoved through the crowd, escaping out of the doors and searching frantically for the girl. "Alicia? Alicia?!" Was that a wisp of blonde disappearing down that alley? Aria hurried after it, calling out the girl's name once more as she tried in vain to locate her. The alley was dark and damp, and it wasn't long until the noise of the main street began to subside into a murmurous hum. "Alicia, where the hell are you?!" Aria jumped slightly as her phone began to play a tune, and she slipped it hurriedly from her jacket pocket, and even faster so when she recognised the contact number on the screen. "Alicia?! Is that you?!" "Huh? Yeah. Duh. Why are you shouting?" Aria flooded with relief. "Where are you? Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine. I saw daddy so I went to say 'hi', and he told me to get some sleep. God, he treats me like a baby. Anyway, I'm back at my hotel room, now." "Jesus, Alicia! I was so freaked out! I thought-" "What? I'd gone off with a vampire? I was going to, but that hot one vamoosed before I could go up to him. Shame. He really was-" "Glad to know you're fine," Aria interrupted, "I'll be back soon, okay?" With an exasperated sigh, she hung up, tucking the phone in her pocket as her relief turned into annoyance.

"I was having a mental breakdown and she was sipping iced tea in her luxury suite." She muttered angrily, turning back to the way that she'd come, only to stop in her tracks.

"I know. It's hardly fair, is it? And you went through all of the trouble of trying to stop some... what was the term you used?" The vampire standing in her path smiled toothily at her, his golden eyes gleaming, "Oh, yes. 'Vile, blood-sucking predators' from getting at her." His voice was smooth, his typical Vegas accent touched by something foreign. South African? Possibly.

He took a step towards her. "Kind of ironic, isn't it? Considering your situation." He chuckled. A low, cruel chuckle, and Aria looked around for something, anything, to keep the beast at bay. [color=#45135E]"Stay the hell away from me." She warned, the traitorous tone of terror leaking into her otherwise vicious words. Her eyes fell on a rusted pole of some sort. The vampire laughed. "A threat? You're threatening me?" In a heartbeat, he was only a meter away from her, drinking in her appearance with a roguish, hungry smile. "I think you've got our roles reversed, love."

Aria's fingers wrapped around the pole, and, without a second thought, she sent it swinging into the vampire's temple. He tumbled to the ground, crying out a number of furious curses, as Aria broke into a sprint.

Too slow.

She felt a hand grab at the roots of her hair, yanking her back as she cried out it pain. The vampire's golden eyes now flashed ruby, and he clutched one of his clawed hands to his head. A trickle of scarlet leaked through his fingers, and got caught in his wild locks.

"That, bitch, was not very nice." With a snarl, he threw her at a wall, full force. Aria cried out as her head met stone, and almost immediately, her vision began to blur and shudder. Through slow blinks, she watched the vampire approach, a ghost of a smile on his lips as his tongue ran over them. "How does it feel, I wonder?" He teased murderously, "To be fed on by a 'vile, blood-sucking predator'?"


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Julian ignored the changeling as he stared at the scene in front of him with fury coursing through him. "Issac, what the hell is wrong with you?" Julian demanded, as he stormed forward. He didn't look at the girl, crumbled on the ground in front of him, it was too hard. Nobody deserved to be treated that way, not a human, not a freshie, not a new freshie, nor a changeling.

Issac's dark head turned and Julian saw that his eyes were as red as Julian's own were at the moment. Julian had Issac by a century and a half in their ages, yet Julian had less respect for Issac. Issac was crouched over the girl, about ready to pick her up to either brutally and forcefully drink from her, or rip her throat out. Julian had done both, neither were pleasurable for the victim.

"Julian Scarlatte, what are you doing here in the middle of the night? Come for a snack as well?" He asked gesturing to the girl before reaching down and picking her up by her hair and coat. "Unfortunately, this pretty little bitch is mine. Find your own Jules," Issac said as he moved to drink. Julian moved and it took seconds for him to grab a rusted pole, he had heard it earlier as it fell, then was by Issac, slamming the thing into his legs harder than anything Issac had felt. He was a changeling, a devilish one that took pleasure in seeing the pain that he could cause others.

Issac flew back, slamming into the brick of one of the buildings that formed the dead end. Julian caught the girl as she was dropped, holding her close to him as he searched for signs she had been drank from. He could see blood was coming from the back of her head and a knot was already forming. He looked into her face to keep his hunger at bay. The scent of blood caused his fangs to appear and his chest constrict in anticipation for the blood. He focused on her face, the way she was way prettier than any girl he had seen lately, so in the past hundred years or so.

He looked up to the changeling down the alley. "Go, I'll pay you hundreds if you go find my brother. He looks like me, he may or may not be drunk, and he's at XS Nightclub on the strip. Tell him there's a rogue and to meet at the apartment, prep his medical stuff," Julian called to her as he saw Issac had regained his composure and was charging again. Within seconds, Julian was fighting Issac having set the girl down in a corner.

Issac had caught Julian as he had set her down, throwing him into the wall. He felt his head slam into the brick and other than breaking his skin, it only angered Julian more. His eyes, a pure ruby, were alight with fury as he held onto a fire escape ladder above him and brought his legs up to kick Issac in the stomach. As he flew backward, Julian grabbed him after his landing, slamming him onto the concrete below them.

"What is it Jules? Did I take your favorite toy or something?" He asked as Julian worked to get an angle where he could break the guy's neck. It wouldn't exactly kill him, but it sure would hurt and give Julian enough time to hand the fellow out for the sun to get him. It was illegal to attack a local for drinking purposes. If Issac walked, other changelings, half bloods, and pure bloods would feel as if they could do anything, and that was not something that could happen with the treaty and all.

Julian shook with his anger as Issac gained the upper hand, now fumbling to get control of Julian's head to snap his neck. "Not quite, you know our laws. It was you in the news a month ago wasn't it? That dead local girl, you're hunting girls for more than blood, for sport, aren't you?" Julian managed as he struggled to keep Issac from twisting his neck now that he had gotten it in his hands.

Issac just smiled, giving the answer without words as he dug his knee into Julian's front. Julian bared his teeth as he felt his ribs crack. One... Two... Three... Issac grinned more so, as if victorious. Julian groaned as he realized what he had to do, he did have to work out, but at the moment, it was worse than feeling the burn later. He let go of Issac, feeling his neck crack yet before Issac could put any more force in to drive it home, Julian reached up to Issac's neck and the job was finished before Issac could finish his job on Julian.

Issac's eyes opened in surprise. Julian groaned as Issac fell on top of Julian's broken ribs. Julian pushed Issac, off, finding that he didn't think there was supposed to be a pointy bone on his right side that appeared as if it would puncture the skin at any second. He groaned as he heaved himself up, removing his belt as well as Issacs. It wouldn't hold him for forever, but it should hold him long enough since the broken neck would have stunned him for a few hours. Julian bound Issac's hands behind his back, then tied a noose like holder with his belt, then tying the other end to the fire escape Julian had used in the fight.

Issac would wake as the sun rose to midday causing the sun to shine down directly on him. He would burn up and be dead before tomorrow night. Julian managed to haul himself over to the girl, more aware of his bones sticking out than earlier. He kneeled by the girl, falling slightly as he tried to breath and found it was kind of painful. "Hey, hey, love, you must stay awake. You must stay awake and you must talk to me, alright? I'm going to take you to get help, you've hit your head and I'm afraid it might be very bad, love," Julian managed as he tucked his arms under her head and legs and lifted her. It wasn't that she was heavy, but the fact that he was healing very slowly because of the fact that he hadn't had blood for so long. He was lightheaded as he carried her out of the alley, walking as fast as he could without drawing attention, and without puncturing his lung with his rib.

"Love, tell me about something. Ah, tell me about... about your family, alright?" He managed through ragged breaths. It would take Julian around a half to get home at this rate. He was only a a few blocks away, but because of his pace and the injuries he had to watch out for for not only himself, but the girl, he could only go so fast. He just prayed that his brother could have everything he might need out. Julian wasn't good at looking at injuries and knowing what needed to be done, the girl could need stitches for all he knew.


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ImageAnger. Frustration. Fear. Aria was pretty overwhelmed as far as emotions went. She couldn't really decide which one was was the most defined amongst the flurry. Maybe pain.

Probably pain.

Then again, what was that feeling in her stomach? She couldn't decide whether she was legitimately sick or whether it was her stomach tied up in knots at the knowledge that very soon she was going to play the part of the late night snack to a hungry vamp. Her head was beating like a drum, and every time she blinked, the closing of her eyelids was slow, drawn out, and left her harbouring a fear of them never opening again.

Were thoughts supposed to echo?

Wow. My head really hurts. I should probably get that checked out.

Oh, right. I'm about to get murdered. Great.

"Ah, look." Aria gasped as a sharp pain erupted from the back of her head, where it had, moments prior, met the concrete wall. "You're bleeding. Heh." As the vampire retracted his fingertips from the open wound, the came back stained scarlet with blood. With my blood. It was enough to make anyone woozy. Or, in Aria's case, woozier.

"Ow, that bar on the head actually kinda hurt." The vampire growled, his voice lilted with humour as he raised a hand to rub his own cranium. He shot Aria a grin, and her vision began to blur once more. As her eyes slid shut, she heard him growl, "I'll be sure to return the favour when I rip your pretty little throat out."

Blink. Aria's attacker tumbled. Blink. Strong, protective arms. Blink. Blonde hair and concerned eyes.

Consciousness had never been quite so fragile for Aria Quinn. Never before had she slipped in and out of it so randomly. So frequently. She couldn't decide whether she wanted to be awake or not. Being awake meant pain. Splitting and sharp. But it also meant she was still alive. Which was unexpected, considering the circumstances.

As she lay in a daze, she heard snippets of conversation. Two voices. One was familiar. That of her wannabe killer, all soft and low, with its curious accent, riddled with a detectable insanity. The other one, however, she'd never head before. It was pleasant. Smooth and deep, layered.

What was that about a dead local girl? Aria didn't get the chance to hear the rest, because she slipped into darkness once more.

"Hey, hey, love, you must stay awake. You must stay awake and you must talk to me, alright? I'm going to take you to get help, you've hit your head and I'm afraid it might be very bad, love."

Aria blinked, looking up at the stranger with half-closed eyes. I hit my head? She opened her lips to reply, but they fought against parting, "No.. shi..." She didn't get to finish her snarky response, because the black engulfed her again.

"Love, tell me about something. Ah, tell me about... about your family, alright?"

".. Family..? .. I .." She felt her eyes shutting again, and mumbled with closed eyes as she lost consciousness once more.

"Don't.... call... me... Lovmph..."


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Why had she followed him? Why? Just why? Having been judged and undermined by the pure-blood had already sobered her up a little, but what was happening in the alley made all of the bad shit in her blood just go *poof*! Gone! She hated vampires who had no respect for human life, and she hated vampires who attacked innocent people just for the LOLZ even more. Somehow, the pure-blood seemed to know this vampire on a killing frenzy - Issac, Dragana recalled him saying. The look in the murdering vampire eyes was that of a true killer. Not only were his eyes red like the blood he would feed on, but they were filled with the intention to cause trouble.

A vampire fight. Dragana had rarely seen vampire truly fight. She had seen occasional brawls, but the one time she had actually seen bloodsuckers go in an all out fight, she had been scared for her life. And this pure-blood seemed more than fit to combat for as long as needed.

"Go, I'll pay you hundreds if you go find my brother. He looks like me, he may or may not be drunk, and he's at XS Nightclub on the strip. Tell him there's a rogue and to meet at the apartment, prep his medical stuff."

Had it been a different situation, Dragana would have been insulted by his words and flipped him off without doing shit. But with a human girl bleeding from her head and a rampage vampire on the loose, Dragana knew exactly what she had to do, "I don't need your fucking money!" Now was not the time to get angry about benine matters. "I'll go find your brother, you take care of the girl! He looks like you, may be drunk, at XS Nightclub. I'm on it! Be careful and kick ass!"

Dragana shoved the rest of her strawberries into her bag and dashed toward the bustling city center. Luckily, she had been to XS Nightclub before, Dani had told her to come along one night with some other vampires. Unfortunately, she had no clue how to get there again. She would recognize the building if she could get in front of it. So she ran through the streets calling out to people to tell her how to get to XS Nightclub, but the problem with asking for directions in the middle of the night is that the only people who will answer you are the happy (yet stupid) drunks, and the rest are usually sober and stuck-up.

"Screw this!" Dragana esteemed the situation to be an emergency which meant she had a valid reason to call Dani so that she could give directions.

Good thing Dani was a very comprehensive guy/girl. She was in the middle of some intense vampire business at her apartment but still picked up the phone and still took the time to correctly direct Dragana to the nightclub. {Sweetheart, you're going to have to relax a bit.} Dani spoke with her very feminine male voice over the phone. A true diva. {Tell me where you are. Okay now walk down the road - not now, sit over there, poor yourself something to drink, I'm helping a friend, alright? - so go down the road then take a left. . .} Somehow, Dragana was able to follow Dani's instructions despite the constant interruptions from Dani's house guests who were apparently very hungry and quite impatient, but Dani was a tough guy/gal who always got her way. Fearless and sassy. Finally, the petite changeling made it to the place where pure-blood #2 should 'normally' be. She busted into the place ignoring the bouncers and all the drugged-up, alcoholized people. Pure-blood #2 wasn't hard to find. He really was just like the other pure-blood. Practically identical.

"Hey you! You over there! Your brother sent me, there's an emergency!" Dragana shouted not caring about being discreet. Most of the people wouldn't care in any case.


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Jean-Luc was rather sure that he was on his seventh, possibly ninth, shot of liquor. The guy behind the counter wasn't paying much attention and Jean-Luc figured he didn't care so long as Jean-Luc still had money, for him and the business.

At this point, he had a buzz in him. He had a buzz after the second shot since he was not one to usually consume alcohol. He looked up upon hearing someone making a commotion, ready to join a fight over anything with his drunken head. Instead, he saw a girl, a changeling, staring right at him, shouting at him. He looked up at her confused, but upon hearing there was an emergency, stood. Most people needed a lot of time to sober up, but hearing that Julian was potentially hurt sobered Jean-Luc up faster than time ever would have.

He tossed his wallet on the counter to pay for the bill, not bothering with the change as he ran out of the club, or rather, scooted as fast as he could, out of the club. "Ms, did he say what happened or what's wrong?" Jean-Luc asked, having taken a hold of her hand and not letting go as he made his way through the club. He normally wasn't so forceful, but he let the fear and worry show in his eyes as he asked, praying to whatever god might still care for the damned that she would help him. He released her, but motioned for her to follow him. He wasn't sure if she would or not, but he sure hoped she did.

It was then that he got a text.Rogue vampire, injured local. Prep med supplies.The text sent shivers down Jean-Luc's back as he feared what had happened. He knew Julian would have fought the rogue, but was he strong enough considering he hadn't drank for who knows how long?

Jean-Luc led the girl, should she have followed, down the three blocks and two turns they were from the Scarlatte apartment, passing the doorman without a glance as entered the elevator. Pausing only to allow her in though he didn't look up before closing the doors and having the elevator shoot to the penthouse apartment.

He didn't even wait for her or to explain as he moved, running at a speed that was inhuman as he grabbed the bag he kept in his closet. He was downstairs again, swiping everything off of their kitchen counter with a swoop of his arm across it. A bowl with trinkets was sent tumbling along side the remains of what Julian had been looking at during the evening when the sun was still out. Jean-Luc heard the clatter of his and Julian's dog tags from World War 2 as well as a couple other things that they had acquired over the years as their long lives progressed.

Jean-Luc wasn't sure if the changeling was there, he was not paying attention to anything more than putting a pot of water onto the stove to boil, but he hoped she was. How was he to help someone by himself if it was bad enough? Jean-Luc was pretty sure Julian would have already been here if he was fine, he would have ran, but he wasn't and it was most likely because he was hurt.

"If you don't mind, grab a sheet from the closet upstairs and bring it down. It'll keep anything that might be on this counter from getting into whatever wound or whatever my brother or the local received," Jean-Luc requested in a calm tone though his heart, had it been beating, raced. Jean-Luc continued to stare at the pot of water, attempting to heat it by using will power.


Julian was moving at a hobbling pace. People passed him and probably figured he was just carrying some drunk friend home. He hated that people were so inconsiderate, but was thankful for if they saw that Julian had a broken neck and was still moving, they would know immediately what he was. They need only look into his still red eyes as well, but he kept them focused on a point ahead as he finally heard a response from the girl.

He smiled very slightly upon hearing her nearly curse, then felt a pang in his chest as she made it sound as if family were a foreign thing to her. Was she alone in the world? Did she not have any family? Julian only had his brother, but that was enough for him since he hadn't seen his parents in a few centuries.

When she told him he wasn't to call her dove, he nearly laughed, but found that doing so would hurt him greatly with his ribs and all. "Alright Mademoiselle, but really you must-... You lost consciousness," Julian groaned. He sighed, then picked up the pace. It hurt to move as he did, but if she didn't get looked at by someone who was somewhat qualified soon, there may be no point in worrying about her anymore at all. What if she was going through trauma? Julian didn't get this stuff! That was Jean-Luc's field.

Julian adjusted the girl in his arms, being careful as he did so. He held her against him like he might a toddler, holding her head gently where he wasn't touching her blood, Julian ran as fast as he dared, moving at the speed of a human running full speed. He ran on the road by the curb, avoiding traffic when it came near him and the girl.

After Julian had run for five minutes, he made it to his apartment building. He walked by the doorman very quickly, taking the elevator up, the entire time, clutching the girl to him closely. "S'il vous plaît réveiller, s'il vous plaît réveiller," Julian muttered to the girl, adjusting how he held her again so it was as if she were a babe, holding her close to him as if she would die without his help.

"Jean-Luc, elle est une fille, autour de quel âge nous regardons. Sa tête est coupée et elle est inconsciente,"
Julian called, accidentally switching into French since it was his first language. Jean-Luc responded in French as well, so distracted was he with dunking the medical supplies into the pot. "Amenez ici. Êtes-vous blessé?

"No,"Julian responded automatically. When he carried the girl in, he set her on the counter covered with a white sheet, being gentle with her head. He grabbed a pillow off of the nearby sofa, not caring that the blood was on the pillow as he tucked it under her head. Jean-Luc glanced at his brother, sucking in a breath before moving to look at the girl.

"Who was it?" He asked as he gently studied the blood as Julian took the girl's hand, looking into her face for signs of her consciousness. "Issac. Julian didn't elaborate or offer more information. "Taken care of?" Jean-Luc asked as he moved to take the tools out of the still boiling pot. Julian nodded, not trusting himself to speak as he moved the wrong way. "Get up here. There's room. You need to keep from moving with those ribs," Jean-Luc said as he moved to look closer at the girls head. Jean-Luc attempted to pull her slightly closer to the edge as Julian moved to join the girl on the table. "You let him break your neck you idiot! Did you even get anything to drink?" Jean-Luc asked as he was more mad now than anything. Julian should have... he couldn't have done anything else, but still... He shouldn't have waited so long to drink again. It had caused him to be weak.

In a spare moment, Jean-Luc dipped a towel in the boiling water, now off of the heat, then tossed it at Julian. "Wipe of the blood," He said originally. When Julian moved to wipe the blood off of the girl, he shook his head, moving to continue looking at her head. "Your blood." He said again, now sounding more annoyed than anything.

"I am. I got blood on her," Julian said, though with a look from his brother, he began wiping at his face where he felt it was wet and his fingertips came away red when he touched it.

S'il vous plaît réveiller Please wake up
Jean-Luc, elle est une fille, autour de quel âge nous regardons. Sa tête est coupée et elle est inconsciente.
Jean-Luc, she's a girl, around how old we look. Her head is cut and she's unconscious.
Amenez ici. Êtes-vous blessé? Bring her in here. Are you injured?


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ImageOw. Owowowowow.
You know when you feel really sick, and you go to sleep, and waking up, it feels like the best-thing-ever, because you open your eyes feeling cosy and comfy and all better?
Well, yeah. Aria wasn't like that.
How many times had she fallen unconscious? Too many to count. How long had she been like this? Not a clue. Where was she now? No idea. Did it hurt? Like a bitch.
Aria's eyes flitted open, only for her to have to close them again. Wasn't it supposed to be night time? Why was everything so bright? Wait- seriously? Was she dead? Was this Heaven? Then how come her head was hurting so much? Oh no! Was this Hell? If she had to spend eternity with a migraine she was gonna-

A face. No, two faces. Wait- actually, she wasn't sure. Was she seeing double? Ew, one really needed a wash. He was covered with something red and sticky-looking. Oh. Blood. Nice.

As her vision focused, the bright light become more false. Flourescent. Bulb rather than solar. Well, she wasn't dead, which was a good sign. Unless she was, in which case the Good Book really didn't know what it was on about.

The two guys really did look similar though, although they seemed to radiate different.. Somethings. She couldn't really put her finger on it. Maybe if she lived, she'd find a better word to describe it.

'If'. The word didn't exactly fill one with confidence.

The better groomed blonde leant over her, inspecting her head. She breathed, and felt queasy as an all-too familiar scent filled her sinuses. Alcohol. Great, her doctor was drunk. That was a good sign. She wanted to complain, seeing as that was her forte, but to be frank, she wasn't really in the position to be her usual, whiny self. In her mind, that big, old 'if' popped up once more. She winced.

"I am. I got blood on her."

Blood? On her? Oh, yeah. That vampire asshole had been pretty pleased about that, earlier. Urgh, if she lived, she was totally gonna kill that guy. Her mind was slowly clearing, but still her head stung, and her mind pounded incessantly.

She tried to move, to find out where she was, but as she began to sit up, her head blared in contention, and she winced in pain, gritting her teeth as she tried to lower herself back down again. "Ow..."


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"She's awake... kind of," Julian exclaimed softly as he tried to see if her eyes were open, ignoring the fact that his rib was pressing against something on the inside causing him discomfort. "Julian sit back, you're gonna puncture a lung or your skin with those broken ribs. You should have gone to get something to drink and now I'm going to have to go hunting," Jean-Luc complained as he prepped a needle and thread.

He grabbed a bottle that was filled with a liquid Julian had felt in his own wounds many a times. "Make sure, she stays down, but if she flails too much, get away. It'll take a week for those to heal with the bloodloss..." Jean-Luc muttered. He couldn't believe that his brother was so smart about this stuff when all he had done was just did world war 2 medical stuff. They had been too young to help during the French Revolution and hadn't wanted to deal with world war 1 which both of them still referred to as the great war.

Julian, who had already been moving to do such a thing, shrugged slightly. If it did puncture a lung, he would just be in twice as much pain and be out for two or three weeks while that got fixed. Jean-Luc would have to cut him open to move the rib out of the lung, then he would stay in bed and do nothing, or drink himself to death, whichever he was able to finish first.

Julian was on his knees as he leaned over the girl, not putting enough weight on her arms to cause her pain, but to keep them from moving. He also grabbed her wrists for good measure. If she swatted at him, she would hit his head, which was connected to the extremely slow healing broken neck he had, or his sides, which contained broken ribs. Neither sounded good to him. "This is going to hurt. A lot," Jean-Luc said. Julian knew it was necessary, but perhaps the girl didn't. Julian and Jean-Luc had never needed the alcohol on wounds as they never contracted any sicknesses or illnesses. They had only done it to avoid suspicion of not being human, and though they didn't need it, they still felt all of the pain it brought. It didn't matter if you were fifty, a hundred, or a decade old, alcohol still hurt when it was poured on an open cut.

Julian looked to the girls eyes, willing them to stay open so he could see her eyes, but at the same time, stay closed so he wouldn't see the pain she was about to endure. "Focus on me, alright? I never got your name," Julian realized as he was gentle about holding her down, but with enough force that as soon as she felt the pain, if she reacted as most people did, she wouldn't fall off the table or hit him or Jean-Luc. He gave Jean-Luc a nod and the twin, who had prepped a clean washcloth with nearly half the bottle of alcohol, began wiping at the bloody gash she had.

Julian swallowed his hunger as he himself focused on the girl to keep from wanting to taste it. As soon as the blood was cleared away, Jean-Luc looked up. "You're gonna have to do it Julian. I don't have morphine and I don't think you want to knock her out... So... Since I drank today..." Jean-Luc looked apologetic. He knew it would be against the girl's will, but if he didn't, she might feel all of the sewing.

"I'm not drinking." Julian wasn't even going to consider it. "If you don't she'll feel everything," Jean-Luc argued, but agreed. Instead, he went to the freezer, grabbing an ice tray and dumping them on the sheet by the girl, then put hand sanitizer all over his hands again. "It won't be as good as our bite or morphine, but it will keep her from most of it," Jean-Luc stated at Julian's slightly confused look. Before each prick of the needle, he numbed the area. The process took maybe ten minutes, but Julian held the girl just the same, now unable to look at her as he worked to control his hunger.

When it was done, Jean-Luc made the announcement, then went to wash his hands of the blood. The less blood around, the more control Julian had. "I'll go grab some... Kool-aid," Jean-Luc decided on upon fearing the girl would be awake. Julian looked up from where he still hadn't moved, so focused on his stomach that he hadn't noticed his brother moving. "What kind?" He asked, knowing what Jean-Luc was talking about. He didn't want a freshie to have to come up to their apartment... "You were dangerous tonight. So not... Orange Kool-aid for you. You're getting what I can find," Jean-Luc stated with annoyance. He was referring to type O blood with the orange. Julian would get animal blood which wouldn't nearly be enough to satisfy his hunger, but it would keep him from passing out. He could go out the next night since the sun was only a few hours away.

"Fine," Julian grumbled as he rolled off of the counter and moved to get a washcloth. He felt where he knew the cut to be on his own head, finding the skin had already scabbed over and a bruise causing there to be tenderness. He went to the sink, an industrial one for when Jean-Luc or Julian felt like attempting to cook. He leaned over it, being careful for his ribs as he let the water run over his had, ignoring the pain that laced through it. With Jean-Luc gone, Julian felt weird with those in his apartment that he wasn't familiar with. He grabbed a kitchen towel, being careful to wipe his hair gently and not move too quickly.

He took off his now soaked shirt which was covered with a combination of blood from the girl and blood on him. He had begun sweating from the trip to his apartment and helping his brother causing him to sweat blood which only added to his bloody shirt. He tossed it aside into the trash can, then moved wipe off some of the blood with the towel, tossing that in the trash too since neither brother wanted to do laundry to get their favorite, and only, food out of laundry. Blood stains were such a pain.

Julian grabbed the dog tags on the floor, moving carefully as always. He then moved to look at the girl. He wasn't sure if she was awake or not since he wasn't looking at her face quite yet. "Does it hurt?" He asked gently. "If it's too much, I can help take away the pain," He said though he prayed she wouldn't ask him to do something like that. It would cause his morals to feel as if they flew away, abandoning him to nothingness.


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It was stunning, really, how alike these two pure-bloods were and this one was pissed drunk, but hearing that his brother was in trouble and that something bad was happening pulled him from his aloof, tipsy behavior. It was strange how Dragana could totally sympathize with him on that kind of 'slap in the face'. This pure-blood's brother seemed to have that kind of effect on people because moments ago she was drunk with her head spinning and when he had spoken she immediately lost all feeling of being alcoholized, and now this guy just went through the same thing.

This was also to Dragana's advantage; no need to help him walk, no need to explain for too long, the guy was already paying the bill and rushing out of the bar. Everything happened so fast Dragana just went with the flow, plus she felt like it was also a part of her responsibility to follow the guy, after all she was the one who had brought him the message that something was going on. First he held her by the hand, then she just follow behind him. They were headed somewhere quite nice. Very nice actually. They entered a fancy building. You have got to be kidding me! The fucking penthouse! Dragana paused for a moment before entering the fabulous house. Large windows with a view on the city, clean floors, open space. This was nothing like Dani's apartment she would sleepover at whenever she had no where else to sleep (meaning, her not wanting to sleep out in the streets).

The pure-blood on the other hand was all over the place. He was getting whatever medical supplies he could find, prepping hot water and other things that Dragana had only read about in books. But she had read enough books to know how to assist in certain situations. She had read an entire collection of Medical School manuals as well as Psychological Trauma manuals on how to react in certain situations. And right now the situation was way to panicked. The pure-blood was all over the place. She didn't know how old he was or what he had experienced in his life, but she did know that it didn't matter how many things a person had seen in their existence, they will always stress out when things are not in their control.

She walked over to him and grabbed one of his hands then looked up into his eyes, "Hey, relax. Take a deep breath and calm down. I am sure your brother is just fine, he seems like those kind of guys who don't get hurt easy, so just calm down a little bit and come back to your senses. I will get the sheet, you just slow down your pace a little. Alcohol is still in your system so don't get too hectic. I will help in any way I can."

Dragana got the sheet and after that things got more agitated. The brother arrived with an unconscious local, her head was bleeding, he had broken ribs. . . What have I gotten myself into? Dragana helped in anyway she could. The only thing with could do was get more towels or clean the once pristine floor of the blood that had suddenly smeared itself all over the place.

Then the bloody part came along and the two brothers seemed pretty occupied with the girl. Poor local. For a girl who probably wasn't too keen about vampires she sure was getting her fill of them tonight. One trying to attack. Two other trying to save her. Dragana felt like the poor girl might not want to have too many around her so Dragana went to wash her hands of the blood she had cleaned off the floor and then sat on the stair case. Her pack of cigarettes was still on her and the pack was still crushed, but the cigarettes were in a smokable condition. She put one in between her lips and lit it then ran a hand through her hair.

The girl seemed like she was okay now, though Dragana was a little bothered that the first of the twins she had met, Julian was the name she had heard his brother call him by, was a little too close to the girl. She had been bleeding and by what Dragana had heard, Julian hadn't eaten in a little while. Plus, an innocent-looking girl like her probably didn't want to wake up right next to a vampire.

"You should give her some space," Dragana said from the stair case. "She's been through a lot tonight. And you might want to set her on the couch or at least somewhere more comfortable than on the kitchen counter."


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Image"This is going to hurt. A lot." Well, shit. That doesn't sound good.

Aria was about to sound a complaint, but her disdain was cut off by a pair of eyes. She stared back at the blonde with a slightly stunned expression. "Focus on me, alright? I never got your name." Aria met his gaze, keeping her eyes locked with hisas she tried to utter one of the few things she could remember without too much effort.

"Ari-AGH!" What had begun as a soft utter finished as a cry of pain, as the back of Aria's head burned as though someone were pressing her scalp to hot embers. As she gritted her teeth in pain, Aria silently wondered if her doctor had any magical, immediately-effective painkillers on him. She doubted it.

Damn. Being in agony sucked. Urgh. Unintentional vampire pun. Talk about ironically appropriate.

She watched her doctor and his photocopied nurse as they spoke over her. Her gaze flitted to the bloodied twin, as he dragged the dampened towel across his red-stained skin, slowly but surely revealing the fair, olive tone underneath. Huh. Nice complexion. In wonder what face wash he uses? It was odd. In moments of pain, or in near death experiences, Aria had expected her inner thoughts to be more... well, deep. Stuff like thinking about old, fond memories with a nostalgic, wistful smile, or looking back on past mistakes whilst drowning in regret.

But no, apparently, at this moment, her psyche was more concerned about whether some dude was using Boscia or Clarens.

"Does it hurt?" A voice shattered Aria's thoughts, and she blinked, eyes opening more to reveal her chocolate irises. "If it's too much, I can help take away the pain." Wait. So you do have some magical, immediately-effective painkillers? For a second, Aria wanted to agree. To get him to do whatever he was offering to do to relieve the searing pain. But something in his voice convinced her otherwise, and gave him a reply riddled with winces and gritted teeth that made it clear she was fibbing, "Nah... I've had... worse."


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Jean-Luc moved with his shoulders hunched, walking quickly. He was going to have to go to a nearby butcher who knew of the vampires, and was one himself, who supplied animal blood in desparate situations of hunger. Animal blood was bitter and gross for any vampire in Jean-Luc and Julian's opinions. It tasted like expired blood and it was rare to find any blood that wasn't disgusting.

Both twins preferred humans though neither liked the idea of it. When he entered the butchers shop, he caught sight of a flash of dark curls leaving in the back room. Jean-Luc moved to see though the butcher emerged then, blocking his view.


"I need a few gallons of blood in something discreet,"
Jean-Luc asked as he began reaching for his wallet. He had left it at the bar and in his rush, hadn't grabbed more money. He knew the butcher though, and the butcher knew the importance of a vampire drinking some form of blood.

The butcher was the kind to give you the stuff so long as he knew you could pay later. "Sorry sir, just gave away all that I had. The customer even bought the blood out for the next week. It won't be until next week that I have more," The butcher stated with an apologetic, yet unapologetic, shrug of his shoulders.

Jean-Luc groaned, running a hand through his hair. Something was up. Nobody bought that much blood. Nobody would want to drink that much. So why buy that much? When Jean-Luc was about to inquire about it, the butcher gave a quick shake of his head with wide eyes.

Jean-Luc took the hint, making a nonapreciative thank you before leaving the butchery, heading back home slowly, curious and somewhat unnerved at what he had just discovered. He couldn't go to another butcher without looking suspicious, so Julian would just have to tough it out for one more day.

Jean-Luc's thoughts drifted to the girl, the changeling, that had helped a bit. He wasn't too pleased with her, thinking that alcohol could effect him. He may not be a heavy drinker, but he was old. She probably didn't get it yet, but the older you were, the more you knew, and the more you knew, the more you could control. Yourself included.

Julian looked at the changeling. He nearly hissed, using that as his normal response considering he was so used to dealing with humans that way. He caught himself, instead giving a vicious glare. "Put that out. We don't smoke in here for a reason. Go out to the balcony if you must," He said in a tone that was polite though made it clear she had better do as she was told, or he would simply kick her out. He was in a sour mood and was pretty sure anyone that pushed his buttons would regret it greatly.

"Don't tell me what to do. You may think I'm high and mighty because of what I am, but that's just because I know more, even if I don't always act like it," Julian stated. He let his eyes show their intelligence, hinting to the fact that he had a great depth of knowledge that could only come from years, hundreds of years, of experience.


Julian thought back to when Jean-Luc had poured the alcohol on the girl. She had opened her eyes. She had looked into his own. And she had cried out in pain that made Julian ache thouroughly as if it was him instead. He moved to touch the girl's hair, brushing it from her face as his attention turned to eyes once again. He was thankful when she said no. He wasn't sure he could control his hunger if he started drinking and she was already low on blood.

With her response, he smiled, thankful she was okay enough to pretend she wasn't in that horrible pain she was in. "I'd offer tylenol, or some pain killer, but my brother and I rarely need them, so we don't keep them around," Julian explained. In fact, neither brother ever needed any. It didn't do anything and since they didn't get headaches, there was no reason to get them in the first place.

"Don't speak too much. You're going to have to stay here until morning, or when you feel better. We have a spare bedroom. I... I don't know what to do. I was never into medicine like my brother..." Julian stated apoogetically, finding he was regretting it for whatever reason right then. He was suddenly very self conscious about himself as he realized he was covered in blood and probably looked like every stereotypical vampire in every movie that was ever made.

"Sleep? Sleep seems like the right thing. Shower first. You're... really, bloody. Sorry, I'm sure that's my fault too... I..." Julian paused, needing to regain his composure. He was pretty sure if he wasn't a vampire, this would be him going into shock, or the beginning of it at least.

"My name is Julian. That... That thing tonight... He won't hurt you again. I promise," Julian stated as he moved to grab a blanket off of the nearby couch. He wrapped the first one around himself, then moved to offer the second one for the girl to wrap herself in. He offered his hand to help her off the counter, now sure that with the adrenaline gone, he wouldn't be able to carry her upstairs entirely without puncturing a lung. He sure would try if she needed him to, but he didn't want to. He'd rather her lean against him.

"I'll try to find something that you can fit into so you don't have to be stuck in those bloody clothes while you sleep," He explained as he stood holding the blanket open so all she had to do was stand nearby.

Julian figured things probably looked weird. They were weird. He figured this girl would be freaked out and think that this was like one of those stupid Twilight books that Julian thought were hilarious at parts. It wasn't. He certainly didn't sparkle in the sun. He died. Extremely different. He also figured that he appeared intimidating and creepy. He was taller, bloodied, shirtless, and wrapped in an orange, fluffy blanket. It was his favorite and he only then thought of the fact that it wouldbe really bloody soon. Maybe the changeling thought ahead, but Julian knew more. That's all he would give her.


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Dragana took a puff of smoke after Julian had told her to take her cigarette and herself somewhere else. She had observed what went on and she knew that these pure-blood brothers looked down on her. After all, she was a changeling, just some human turned into a vampire. What did she know about the world? She could not compare to their intellect and experience. And she also knew a part of that was true, but it was also false. They may have lived certain things, but she too had experienced things that they were most likely oblivious too. She hated how pure-bloods always thought they knew everything. She wasn't saying that they knew nothing, she knew that pure-bloods were very experienced and very knowledgeable, but also extremely arrogant causing them to forget that the world is a large place and that they are not gods. She hated that look in pure-blood vampires' eyes when they looked at her. She's just a changeling. She knows nothing of our world. She probably doesn't even know how to control herself. Just some dirty vampire.

Dragana stood up from the staircase then went to gather up her things. She wasn't going to stick around. Why would she? The girl was safe (it wasn't like Dragana had taken any major part in it) so her duty was done. She needed to go somewhere she could no longer be judge or belittled. Who knows, maybe back to that bar?

She found her bag and when she put it on her shoulder she felt the strawberries she had left in there. They were still good and just the sour-sweet taste in her mouth already made her feel a little better. She made her way tot he door then said, "Well, goodbye." She then looked over at the girl. "Good luck with the boys." But the real thought going through Dragana's mind was, Two hot vampires. Of course the girl is going to be happy. I'm only in the way.

So Dragana made her way out of the building. It wasn't all that easy. She had always noticed that the fancier the places were, the harder they were to get out of. Eventually she found the front door and left. It was funny how all the people around stared at her. Then again, they were all so fashionably dressed while she looked like some dirty junky just woken up on the side of the street, at least compared to them that is.

She pulled out her phone when she got out in front of the building and then stood there hesitating to call the only friend she had in town.


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Image"I'd offer tylenol, or some pain killer, but my brother and I rarely need them, so we don't keep them around." Aria looked up at her would-be doctor as he explained all the little inconveniences, an apologetic expression etched into his handsome features. If Aria was up to it, she probably would have made a sarcastic complaint, but, with her head having an agony-spasm and beating to a frantic tune that sounded similar to one of the themes from Mario Kart, she was decidedly, well, not. Instead, she made a little shrug in her attempt to assure him that all was well (save for the bloody mess on her scalp, but other than that..).

"Don't speak too much. You're going to have to stay here until morning, or when you feel better." Huh. Well, she couldn't exactly complain about the living situation. This apartment was nice, and would undoubtedly been even more aesthetically pleasing if not for the pesky dots scattered across her vision. But no talking? She would have retorted, but as she opened her mouth her head throbbed, and she shut it again. Hm. Maybe I'll go with Blondie on this one.

"We have a spare bedroom. I... I don't know what to do. I was never into medicine like my brother..." Again with the apologetic look. With all his fretting, Aria almost felt guilty himself. Almost.

"Sleep? Sleep seems like the right thing. Shower first. You're... really, bloody. Sorry, I'm sure that's my fault too... I..." This time, Aria laughed slightly. A small, pained laugh. She couldn't help but be amused by her doctor's antics, and his apologetic manner was something that would have usually irritated her. After all, what did he have to apologize for? She'd wandered down a dark alley in a city ridden with bloodsuckers. It was her that was to blame for such an idiotic move.

Actually, no. She was gonna pin this one on Alicia. It was that brat's fault. When I get a hold of her I'm gonna-

"My name is Julian. That... That thing tonight... He won't hurt you again. I promise." Promises. Aria had grown to loathe them. What could he do? How could he possibly ensure such a thing? Did he always make promises so shamelessly? Aria wanted to scoff, but instead she found herself lingering on his introduction, and she tasted the word on her tongue in a soft utter.


She slowly sat up, and, when he offered her a hand, took it, leaning onto him as she forced herself to stand. She tried her best to ignore the pain, which was, thankfully, beginning to ebb, and focused on staying upright, and not collapsing. As they ascended the stairs, Aria glanced to Julian, a small humored dancing on her lips as she noticed how hilariously horrific he looked. Or rather, should have looked. He was tall, imposing, with sharp features and skin painted with blood. But he was also hobbling, and coated with a bright orange, fluffy blanket. It severely damaged his horror factor, to say the least.

"I'll try to find something that you can fit into so you don't have to be stuck in those bloody clothes while you sleep." Aria nodded, and followed him, leaning on him slightly, but trying to be as little of a weight as possible.


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Julian grunted slightly as he moved up the stairs. Her slight laugh giving him energy for whatever reason. She was such a cute thing, her eyes being beautiful. She was responding at least, with her facial expressions. Julian figured that was a good sign. It had to be a good sign, it only made sense for that.

As Julian reached the top of the stairs, he led the girl to the bathroom. It was a nice room with a spa bath and a large shower. There was a double vanity and everything was sleek and knew. Julian felt a shiver run through him as he heard her say his name, then moved to allow her to sit on the toilet that also furnished the bathroom. He was thankful she was trying so hard to prevent all her weight from going onto him, unsure whether or not he could have done anything to have gotten her upstairs without an elevator, that he didn't have.

Julian moved to retrieve a towel from a spot beneath the sink but groaned as he felt something move in his chest. He paused, leaning over to try to ease the pressure, even trying to push the sharp bone away from the skin it risked puncturing. He tried to cover his actions with the blanket so he didn't appear so... well, vampirish. What human could touch their bones when they were broken and try to push it into place.

Julian remembered he'd have to have Jean-Luc help set his neck so it would heal faster. It didn't ache though it did have a sharp pain in one part towards the right.

Julian groaned, then resolved himself to get the towel. He leaned heavily against the vanity, streaking some blood on it as he struggled to open the cabinets and retrieve a towel. He smiled at the success that appeared when he grabbed the towel. Setting it on the table, he smiled at the girl, then looked around.

"Okay, I'll... I'll leave you so you can... umm... get cleaned up. I think there's a robe on the door, you can borrow that. I'll look for something that might fit you... There's a bedroom down the hall on the left, you can use that, I'll put the clothes in there so you can change in private..." Julian stated before giving an awkward wave and leaving.

When Julian went back to his room, he tossed the blanket on his bed as he passed it on his way to his closet. Upon looking around, he realized the difference between his size and the girls. He didn't have any girls clothing and neither did Jean-Luc since both were boys and didn't bring girls home for overnight stays. Julian did find a soft t-shirt that had long sleeves and was large on him. He had gotten it when he had run a marathon and this was one of the only sizes left.

He tossed the shirt on his bed as he looked for something else she might need. Underclothes... Nope. He grabbed a pair of boxer shorts and a pair of running shorts, then grabbed the shirt to take the three items to the guest room he had told her about. He was not going to be awkward about it if he could help it.

Julian folded the clothing and set it on the bed, then moved to go back to his room. He undressed and showered in his own bathroom, the apartment having three total. With the blood off and the feeling of freshness, Julian was able to dress in a pair of sweatpants and a very, very loose white t-shirt.

Julian laid down, looking out his open door to where the glass window looking out on Vegas was in his line of sight. He was exhausted, even though he didn't need sleep. Julian found himself thinking of the girl, wanting to talk to her, to at least learn her name so he could try how it sounded when he said it like when he had heard her say his name.


Jean-Luc watched the girl, wondering what he should do. He felt sort of responsible for what might happen to her. She had, after all, only been caught up in this after seeing something happen, like Julian had up until he fought a vampire.

Jean-Luc looked to the elevator. If he wasn't careful, Julian and the girl could be attacked. Both of them were weak and would have a hard time in a fight should one come to them, so what was he to do? Jean-Luc struggled, groaned, then went after the changeling.

Jean-Luc waited a moment before he followed the changeling so she wouldn't have to know that he was following her. Jean-Luc followed Dragana upstairs having pulled his hood of his sweatshirt up so that he wouldn't be recognized by the girl as he walked by, as if going to an apartment.

He heard the vampires before he saw them. He crashed into the room where Dragana had gone into only to see someone else in there. He was slightly confused for a moment before remembering the time period he was in and where he was, then shook his head slightly and moved to look out the window.

"I'm sorry I followed you, but I thought something like this might have happened..." Jean-Luc claimed as he shut the blinds upon seeing one vampire making his way towards the window using the fire escape like a jungle gym.

"We really need to get you somewhere not in the open so you aren't being hunted anymore," Jean-Luc stated as he moved towards the door. "My apartment? Or do you have somewhere else to go?" Jean-Luc asked as he looked to the two. When the door slammed, Jean-Luc realized they were out of time.

He looked to the changeling. "It's up to you, but know we all might be dead in a few seconds if you don't think quickly. Sorry, that came out wrong, no pressure," Jean-Luc tried to sound comforting though he was pretty sure he was only making things over, actually, pretty positive.


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ImageAria had always liked showers, and was often burdened with the slight guilty awareness that she wasted far more hot water than necessary in her long, twenty minutes washes. Sometimes she'd just stand there, allowing the steamy drizzle to pour over her, and sometimes she'd sing. Although, come on, who doesn't sing in the shower?

At this moment, however, it was considerably less relaxing, mostly due to the fact that her head was packing a fit and what she was washing off her body wasn't the typical daily dust, grime and sweat, but blood. She watched with a glazed look as the scarlet dripped from her skin, revealing the fair shade underneath, and pooled, dark and crimson, at her feet. Nonetheless, she certainly felt better afterwards, and when she stepped out of the cubicle and wrapped the soft, white towel around herself, she felt far better that she had pre-shower.

Aria looked over the clothes folded neatly on the bed, and a small smile tugged at her lips as she put them on, fingers stroking the soft fabric of the shirt with a vague affection before slipping it over her head. As she climbed into bed, her mind was burdened with thoughts. The vampire attack, the pain in her head, her almost-death... and her golden-haired hero. Aria frowned at the thought, mentally shunning herself for such a petty idea.

Even with all these thoughts plaguing her, sleep came just like the attack. Sudden, and unexpected.

Light peeped through the gossamer curtains, dancing on Aria's eyelids and kissing her awake. With a reluctant frown, she rolled over, yanking the duvet over her head and burrowing beneath the covers.

Then she remembered.

Sitting up suddenly, her head pounded in defiance, and she clutched it in pain as she looked around the room. Sliding out of bed, she looked to the door, and reached for the handle, hesitating briefly before opening it.

As she wandered nervously down the stairs, she glanced down at her clothes. Or rather, his clothes. The shorts hung low on her hips, kept from falling by the boxer shorts beneath, and the shirt swamped her, forcing her to roll back the sleeves in order to be able to use her hands. She noticed her own lack of underclothes, and pulled at the front of the shirt to make said detail less noticeable.

She reached the bottom of the stairs, peering around for any sign of life. "Uh... hello? Is anyone there?"


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Jean-Luc gave an apologetic smile and shurg when he was given attention to. "Can I explain my theories later?" He asked as he grabbed a nearby broom that appeared to have not been used in ages. When they went out the front door, someone grabbed Jean-Luc's neck from behind but was quickly forced back upon getting hit with the broom Jean-Luc held.

He appreciated Dragana being able to fight through, but found that he was glad to have come. The human that Dragana seemed to care for deeply was nearly broken when a vampire dropped from above, before getting tossed to the side again. As they ran, Jean-Luc had no trouble, having just drank, he was in a very good shape.

Jean-Luc looked to the girl... guy... Dragana's friend, and looked around anxiously. She was a local, that much was clear, but he wasn't sure he should say anything about his suspicions quite yet. He allowed her to walk off, not missing a beat of what was being presented before him.

Jean-Luc stood anxiously at the entrance of the alley they had briefly paused in, waiting for the two to finish their goodbyes while giving them some privacy. He texted his friend who lived in the apartment building Julian and Jean-Luc lived in, calling in a few favors as he did so. As Jean-Luc led the two to his apartment he shared with Julian, Jean-Luc managed to dodge one vampire that approached, every other one seeming to realize it was best not to do an attack in the mainstream crowd anymore.
Jean-Luc entered his apartment building, dragging Dragana upstairs with him.

"There's another guest room down the hall, the second door on the left. The first one probably has the local girl in it. Rest tonight and we can talk about this in the morning. Julian probably wants to sleep so he can give his body a better chance of healing since he still hasn't had anything to drink," Jean-Luc explained as he walked upstairs, motioning to the room he was referring to before going to his room but not closing the door. He collapsed on the bed. His exhaustion nearly overwhelming.

"We should be safe since the sun is coming up soon. That, and I called in a few favors from some friends. They're searching the building for intruders now," Jean-Luc admitted, speaking to the girl as he walked towards Julian's room to look in and see him sleeping already. Jean-Luc sighed, knowing he'd have to set Julian's bones in the morning since he couldn't wake up the other girl.


Julian showered quickly, letting the blood get off of him before stepping out and going to find sweatpants. He slipped them on, then climbed into bed, careful to not move one way too much for fear of puncturing his skin with his still weird bones.

He woke up in the morning when his brother entered not very quietly. He sighed, moving to roll over before groaning in pain. "You know I need to set them," Jean-Luc stated with a sigh, referring to the bones. Julian nodded, pulling back the covers to reveal his chest that still looked weird. "Neck too?" Jean-Luc asked upon catching sight of a slight ridge that otherwise shouldn't be where it was.

Julian gave a thumbs up rather than a nod. Jean-Luc rolled up the sleeves of his sweatshirt, then set to work. He first set his brother's neck, causing him to groan before trying to roll over though Jean-Luc prevented it. Jean-Luc then prepared to fix Julian's ribs. Julian made a muffled scream when Jean-Luc did his ribs, unable to prevent it from coming out, holding a pillow over his face to keep the sound from being too loud in the house. When it was done, Julian groaned again. His brother sat beside him. "Something's going on Jules... Three locals killed in one night, one was nearly killed who was friends with that changeling. Something's happening, I found a note saying 'It's time.' By the way, you're sleeping beauty is downstairs," Jean-Luc states upon hearing her. Julian groaned slightly, realizing the girl probably heard his screams.

Jean-Luc travels down the hall, then, leaving Julian to get out of bed. Jean-Luc knocks on the door where Dragana would have been in. "Sorry, I know it's only been few hours, but Julian is up and it's time we talked a bit about what's happening," Jean-Luc stated as he waited outside.

Julian rolled out of bed, then walked to the staircase, looking down to see the girl. The blinds of the apartment's grand window were closed. They were tinted so that they could all see through them, but it was darker and sun wasn't allowed in. "Hey, you're awake," He stated as he walked down the stairs carefully. "Feeling... feeling better?" He asked as he grimaced. He was a vampire, yes, but he was also a little human, somewhere deep down the blood lines. He was also one to feel pain.

He went to sit on the counter, struggling to do it gracefully though he did succeed eventually. "Want food?" He asked upon the reminder of his won hunger. His eyes were both underlined with bags so badly. His cheeks were probably gaunt and his cheekbones very prominent because of his lack of food. He knew his stomach was thin too, but with him hunching over from his pain, he kept that from being too prominent. All over again, he realized he didn't have a shirt. He had forgotten to put a shirt on. Usually in his house, he didn't wear a shirt. Jean-Luc was his brother and didn't care so long as no company that was extremely important was over.

Julian studied the girl, not hiding the fact that he was before he noticed that she was holding her shirt out and ducked his head. He had gotten surprised at the fact that she was still in his clothes, then realized why. Her clothes had been bloody and messed up. She didn't have any clean underclothes and well... he could figure the rest out. "Jean-Luc, bring a sweatshirt down when you come down," He called so that the girl wouldn't have to continue to hold her shirt. It couldn't have been too comfortable though Julian had never had similar problems. Or problems like that at all really.

He looked up at her, then back down, playing with the dog tags he had only taken off while he had helped with the stitches the night before. When asked about them, he said they were his grandfathers. People believed it since people usually had their grandparents in major wars such as the one the dog tags came for and grandchildren were often named for their grandparents.


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Image"Hey, you're awake," When a voice finally replied, Aria almost jumped, although her still sluggish mood dampened this and turned the action from a shocked leap to a simple 'ah' and turn of the head. "Uh... yeah." She looked up at the slender figure draped against the top of the stair's rail, recognising him as the fellow that helped her the previous night. Julian.

"Feeling... feeling better?" As he began to descend down the stairs, he grimaced, causing Aria to instinctively frown in concern. "A lot, thanks..." She looked him over with a troubled expression, But... you're not.

He moved to the kitchen counter with what seemed like as most grace as he could muster, looking over at her as though masking pain with casual behaviour. "Want food?" For a brief second, Aria considered denying the request, for a reason that even she herself was unaware of. She wasn't some stick thin model that refused to scarf down anything more than a meagre salad and some bottled Mountain Dew, she was a wolf when it came to food, downing whatever was in front of her, and then asking for seconds. However, the reason for her brief consideration didn't matter, as at that moment her stomach decided to voice its protest, letting loose a long, rattling gurgle. Aria's hand flew to her stomach, and she winced slightly in embarrassment, attempting to brush it off with a, "Um, yeah. Food would be... great, thanks."

As he leant over the counter, Aria noted the fact that his bare chest was... well, exactly that. She averted her eyes with a slight flush to her cheeks, silently wondering why on earth she was unnerved by the sight. This was Vegas, for God's sake. There was a lot more that she'd been unintentionally witness to in her lifetime here. Her flush darkened more so when she noted his intense gaze, avoiding his eyes with an awkward knot of the eyebrows.

"Jean-Luc, bring a sweatshirt down when you come down."

Jean-Luc? That must be his doppelgänger, or twin. Potato, Po-tah-to.

Hesitantly, she stepped towards him biting her lip slightly and swaying on her heels.

"Um... I'm not sure if I got the chance to last night, but... Thank you. For saving me."[/b]


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Julian smiled at the girl as she seemed slightly... Unsure. He would be too if he woke up in a... well not a vampire's house, but a human's house where he didn't know anybody and was in women's clothes. Julian pushed the thought away. He wouldn't look good in women's clothes whatsoever.

She was feeling better, or at least she claimed to be. That was good, he was worried she was gonna be really hurt. She'd have to report to the locals that she had been attacked and that was definitely something one wanted to avoid. Julian nodded at this, thankful but fearful at the same time. It could also just be because she was filled with adrenaline, say she was scared of a supernatural creature and was waiting for the chance to run?

He pushed the thought away yet again. He couldn't help but think Ayria was so thin when her stomach growled and he couldn't suppress a laugh. It felt good to be happy even if it did ache. When she verbally admitted she wanted food, Julian smiled. "Sounds good. Uh... toast?" he asked, honestly having no clue how to make any food that was normal. He could make one hell of a Bloody Mary, but he had no clue how to make anything other than toast and even that took a while.

Jean-Lucmade an appearance and Julian was thankful. Jean-Luc took care of humans before, he knows how to make food. "Brother, maketh some food for us," Julian exclaimed while Jean-Luc walked down stairs. He gave Ayria a little wave before tossing Julian his sweatshirt.

When Dragana asked for liquor, Jean-Luc paused. He looked at her, with wide eyes and a surprised smile, but shook his head slowly. "Ah... No. We both don't drink much. I was only slightly drunk tonight because I had an anniversary to drown out," Jean-Luc had admitted before going to bed.

Jean-Luc didn't know that Julian had a secret stash of alcohol downstairs. In the morning, when Jean-Luc had knocked on her door and Dragana answered in boxer shorts and a t-shirt, Jean-Luc stiffled a laugh. "Dragana, there are few times I have ever actually gotten a good night sleep," Jean-Luc admitted with a smile before going to his room to grab a sweatshirt Julian had requested.


Upon beginning to walk downstairs, Jean-Luc tossed the red, soft sweatshirt to Julian who in turn offered it to the girl. Jean-Luc gave a small smile to the girl along with a wave as he went down the stairs. He watched his brother carefully and when Julian finally met his eyes, Julian just shook his head. The bags beneath his eyes couldn't have been more prominent. How long had it been since he had fed?

Julian declared a need for food and Jean-Luc rolled his eyes before moving to make food. Julian had laid back on the counter, savoring the coolness of the marble. He looked over at Ayria as she came closer and he felt his fake breathing halt entirely. "Oh. Yeah, well... Nobody should be forced to be a drink," Julian stated simply.

Jean-Luc managed a kick to Julian's leg, wanting him to stop talking. "And... I wouldn't leave anyone behind," Julian stated honestly, letting it show in his eyes. He knew it was cheesy, but everything about their situation was. This was Twilight. Or something like Twilight.

"Jean-Luc, what's going on?" Julian finally managed to look away from Ayria in order to ask his brother about his fears. "A lot. Bad stuff. Dangerous stuff," Jean-Luc stated with a sigh as he began to put water in a quick pancake mixer. His brother had bought it in hopes of learning how to make breakfast for a girl that may or may not ever spend the night. He'd have to find a girl first.

Julian turned his attention back to the girl. "So, is your head doing well?" Julian asked as he managed to sit up and walk to stand behind Ayria as he looked where Jean-Luc had done stitches.

Jean-Luc looked to Dragana. "By the way, I think we... We um... We may or may not be getting... Hunted," he said quietly to her. Not wanting Ayria to hear and freak but knowing she would still probably hear.


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"Dragana, there are few times I have ever actually gotten a good night sleep," Jean-Luc had replied.

Well, everyone dealt with things differently. She had met vampires who never slept at all because of guilt or because of fear or simply because they prefer to party all the time. then there were other vampires like herself who liked to sleep as much as possible to avoid different things; guilt (again), excessive thinking, reality and sometimes even the need to feed. Though if hungry enough, Dragana would wake up in the middle of the night and have to go find a drink.

Anyhow, now that Dragana was awake she went back into her room and dressed with the same clothes as the day before. She hadn't exactly thought about taking a change of attire when they had been attacked by a number of vampires. She then proceeded to where everyone else was. She quietly made her way down the stairs. It was good to see that the girl was awake, alive and well. Jean-Luc was preparing pancake mix. Dragana didn't really know where to put herself so she opted for leaning against the kitchen counter to have a good view on everyone and not have to turn around every few seconds to look at the person talking.

"By the way, I think we... We um... We may or may not be getting... Hunted," Jean-Luc spoke to Dragana softly.

She hadn't really paid attention at first, she was still in her sleepy state of mind. Dragana had to process everything; 'we', 'maybe', 'hunted'. It sounded like a pretty plausible hypothesis given that last night had been quite the vampire chase, but maybe it wasn't only them. To Dragana it still seemed a bit too soon to make conclusions about what is going on.

"That could be true, but I think we should do some more digging," Dragana said in the middle of a yawn she had been incapable of holding back. You can be a thousand years old and still be unable to hold back a yawn, or not feel irritation for something getting into your eye or anything else that humans get all the time. When her yawn ceased, she continued,"I'm thinking of going out and checking on things, but first, some breakfast!"

Dragana stared at the pancake mix Jean-Luc was making with hungry eyes. Human food didn't exactly satisfy her hunger but she still loved the taste. In all honesty though, she was thinking of eating breakfast then going straight to Dani's mother's place to see if everything was alright. Maybe on the way she would find something that would explain the sudden vampire rising and violence. She then turn her eyes away from the pancakes to look at the human girl sitting int he living room. For the local's sake Dragana told herself she would do more digging after making sure Dani was okay.