Cameron Bellview

"Just call me Cam... like camshaft... It's a joke you're supposed to laugh"

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Cameron Bellview
Cameron Micheal Bellview

"The camshaft joke only works once... if it works at all"

-flex's almost nonexistent muscles and tries to stand up to his full height-
"Yep I'm aaaall male baby"

"I like the word Caucasian better then just saying white, I don't know I guess it just sounds more sophisticated"

Birth Date:
February 8th
"Don't hesitate to get me a gift next year... just not those strippers from that one joint.... the restraining order is still in affect"

Twenty Four
"Age is just a number honey... wait.. how old are you?"

"I'M STRAIGHT! Maybe I should get a tattoo on my ass that says exit only"
"I'm kidding I have a little more couth then that... granted not much but some."

Height: 5'4
"Yeah I may be short but the inches I lack in height had to go somewhere"

A smug expression and a half ass smirk is what most people first notice about Cam, but that falls more into his personality more so than looks. So looks wise what most people notice is he's short for a guy, and usually he finds that most of the girls in the gang are taller than him. Not that he minds too much it always give him a good look at a woman's.... assets. When he was a teen with the red hair, thick black framed glasses, skin splashed with acne and freckles, and bright shining silver braces sporting a goofy grin, a look that screamed one word "nerd". So Cam despite his demeanor is not the ladies man he thinks he is, in fact he's more of a deterrent of women. Now granted in his early adulthood, he has ditched the glasses, the braces came off a year out of high school, the freckles and acne faded making him not as unpleasant to the eyes but unfortunately none of this has helped his personality. Most girls just friend zone him and he fixes their computers for them.

Does Cam have a style specifically no not exactly, his red hair usually has a tousled just out of bed look along with a scruffy " I haven't shaved in a few days" beard. Jean's, t-shirt what he happens to pull out that is clean and or semi-clean. He tries to change his look for where ever he is, when he's working for the gang he wear his usual normal guy look. But when he goes to the club he tries to fit into whatever crowd or type of women is there, he can wear all types from flashy rave wear, to douche "Jersey Shore" esque wife beater and gelled back hair. Whatever he thinks might get him closer to his goal of getting to third base he will try.

Driving: 1978 Black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, and a 1973 silver and black Ford Mustang
"My babies" -sniffles a little and pretends to wipe a tear away- "My beautiful babies."

Weaponry: If anything Cam will go out of his way to not be anywhere near the line of fire, but if he has to shoot a gun he will, knows how to and keeps one on his person. But he is no where near as proficient with it as his fellow gang members. He carries a Glock 18 with extended clip.
"Real men know when to.... run like a little bitch!

Alliance: TBA
"Yeah it's a gang so what you think I'm wasting my talents. Let me tell you something I get paid to do what I love, and there are some of the finest women in the country at these races" -looks at a woman walk by, then turns back and grins- "I am a happy man."

Role: Computer Nerd
"I like to call it technical support, but hey I didn't write this thing." -shrugs-

Relationship Status: Single and always looking.
"Yes, ladies all this awesomeness is on the market."
Family: Father: Calvin Bellview- Retired high school geometry teacher in Plymouth Michigan. It is rumored that Calvin was known for getting a little too friendly with his female students but nothing ever came out about it.

Mother: Diana Bellview- Was a stay at home mother who put her life into Cameron and every activity she stuck him in. She was and still is very well known around the small Detroit suburb for being friendly with the pool boys when her husband isn't around... and he is very rarely around.

"Basically I grew up in Yuppie hell, and both my parents could have been pulled straight out of Peyton Place"

Uncle Jim: Jim Masterson- Cam's mother's brother, he would often go and visit him when his mother wanted Cam out of her hair for a while. Where Cam grew to love fast cars and fast women.

"Uncle Jim was awesome, some of my earliest memories were of standing on a chair looking into an engine of a car with him. It's also were I saw my first pair of.... well I found my uncles Playboy stash if that doesn't make it clear enough for you."

Known Languages: English and took Spanish in High school.

"Don't ask me to hold on a conversation now but I know enough to know when someone is pissed off at me in Spanish."

Ages 1-10: Only child to Calvin and Diana Bellview in Plymouth Michigan, had a fairly normal childhood, most would say he was kind of spoiled. Being an only child he usually got anything he wanted and many times was given something just so his parents could do their own thing. Toy's, video games, computer's anything to keep him entertained and out of their hair.

Ages 10-15: His life in Plymouth didn't change much in this time, he did find that he had an affinity for computers, he learned by taking his own apart and then putting it back together. It didn't exactly work the first time and his mother was furious when she found out but, eventually he got it working. It evolved over time into illegal upgrades and hacking his parents bank accounts.

Ages 15-18: He was a basically a nerd and was picked on frequently by the jocks at least until they found out that he could program the computers in their cars. It was around his junior year that Cam got into the underground racing scene. At first he didn't associate with any gang in particular, he was a free agent to whomever paid the most at the races. Eventually word got to ______ the leader of the _______, and Cam found out who really could pay the most. So he accepted his position in the gang, the money feeding his obsession with video games, vintage muscle cars, and women.

Age 19-to present: Cam is well known for doing some of the best upgrades in the racing community, and he loves it. Often times getting paid in more the one way for his services. He loves his life, he has his own apartment in Detroit now and rarely has anything to do with his parents, and as far as he could tell his parents are more wrapped up in themselves then what there son is doing. They thought he had gone to college and gotten a degree in computer programming, but the truth is he just used his parents money from his college fund to buy his apartment. Using his talents only for the gang, they are none the wiser thinking their son get's his money from a respectable well paying job. He is loyal to _____ and the gang but he like to do his work behind the scenes and reap the benifits.

So begins...

Cameron Bellview's Story

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#, as written by Layla




Veins hummed to the throbbing bass as the heavy pounding of the live band's drums rattled the bones of the sweaty, drunken mass. The lead singer clutched the mic stand, the dragon curled around his bicep rippling as he gripped the metal tighter, tighter. "I can promise you," he cooed into the microphone. "I will treat you well, my sweet angel."

The closely knit bodies stumbled backwards as death strolled through them, her pace unruffled like her swaying waterfall of glossy dark hair. Skinny jeans clung to a pair of long, willowy legs, tucked into a pair of boots on needle points - there was nothing better than a pair of iron stilettos to bury into skulls like a knife through soft butter. The crimson lights of Club Red caught the sharp glare of a belly ring on a flat, rock hard stomach.

Eyes the colour of ice remained unmoving, fixed on a point in the distance. Had the people of Detroit not known better, they would've thought she was oblivious to the events around her but they knew she was always watching, her wrist ready to flick a knife through the space between their ribcages at any moment.

"If any of you die, don't expect the rest of us to pick up the pieces of your pathetic, worthlessly talentless corpse," Angel said monotonously, slipping the bullets into the magazine of her FN Five-SeveN with the ease of a living person getting their heart to beat. "You can get the fuck up and clear away your own disintegrated car and find your own detached limbs." There was a soft click as she slapped the magazine into place with the heel of her palm.

"If you lose," she said, lifting her cold gaze to meet those around her for the first time. "Don't come back."

"And Camshaft," she began, tossing a particularly venomous gaze at the computer genius, if her gaze could be more scathing than it always was. "Don't. Talk." The speakers in their cars were useful for communicating relevant information but not so much for Cameron's endless yapping.

He was funny, or so she'd heard, and apparently, many people found him rather charming. Fine, then let them listen to his riveting comments. There was only so much blablabla one could listen to when one was busy driving cars off of buildings. Cameron Bellview was intelligent beyond belief, she would give him that, but it seemed he'd put all his stats into technical efficiency and left none for social survival. It was shocking, the amount of pervertedness and annoyance that could fit into such a small body. She was almost impressed.

"Abnormally large man," she stated, turning her stoic gaze to Lance Baine. "Find out what weapons they use and whatever they have," she said. "Get better." Angel was skeptical of Baine - more so than she was of everyone that was more dangerous than cotton floss, anyway - as he'd been the dealer for their rival gang. He appeared to despise not only the Sons of Saints but Luka Revonds - then again, who didn't despise the guy? He was a sleaze and he looked like Barbie Ken - but appearances were deceiving.

He often reminded her of Luka, as they were both promiscuous and over-confident but at least Baine had body hair.

"Lee... You know what to do," she said simply. Lee Jung Won was about the only tolerable living thing besides sea anemones and the leader of Red Eclipse, also known as God. He was quiet and content with dissolving into the shadows. He could be sleeping in her closet and she probably wouldn't notice. He stayed out of the way and knew a closed mouth gathered no foot.

Besides being incredibly efficient and quick in his work, he was also incredibly skilled in gathering information by slipping around unnoticed. People felt free to discuss their darkest secrets around him, so much so that she half suspected they thought he didn't speak English. He was as inconspicuous and as annoying as a lamp. Perfect.

Angel slid easily into her Koenigsegg Agera R, also lovingly named Mike. The engine roared to life and her car flew out of Heaven.



"Watch my back," Danny said, patting Luka on the shoulder. The arms dealer flashed his leader a lopsided smile, his straight teeth gleaming so brightly, one might be blinded if they stared too long. He raised a dark brow and dropped his gaze to Daniel's backside, wiggling his eyebrows jokingly or suggestively, it was hard to tell.

"Don't mind if I do."

Luka flicked his gaze over to Sayuri, a Japanese Goddess he would soon bed. After all, he was irresistible and seeing as they were both impossibly good looking, meant for each other. He watched the lollipop disappear into her mouth, his eyes fixed on the way her lips formed a pout around the candy. He watched as she replaced the sweet with a cigarette and stared even harder as the smoke poured from her parted lips. With a mouth and hands that skilled, he could only imagine what she could do outside of her job. Thank God he worked with her. If it weren't for God - Red Eclipse's mysterious, unknown leader - there would be no Red Eclipse and without their rival gang, no Sons of Saints, no job and no Sayuri every night and day.

"Cigarettes and candy, huh?" he breathed, his face level with Sayuri's due to his tall frame and his lips inches from hers. "Wonder how that tastes." Cigarettes, candy and Sayuri, he thought, a smirk lifting a corner of his lips. Nothing could get better than sugar coated sexy women with drugs.

Another impossibly sexy woman was, of course, Jack. He'd had a little less luck with that one. Then again, he hadn't really tried. Yet. He would be her new project. Luka let his gaze graze over Jack's figure, trying to pick out the shades of colour in her hair today. Being the newest addition to the Sons of Saints, he didn't quite know as much about each member as he should. He knew she'd been in some sort of car accident but he'd never seen her drive, much less race but he'd heard she'd been good.

Luka shrugged his curiosity away - he wasn't one to pry and honestly, he didn't care about others if it didn't involve how good they were in bed - and headed for his "little" weapons room where he stored the weapons for the week. You could never be predictable and so he mixed it up every week. He pulled out his latest honeys, rifles, machine guns, pistols, bombs, spikes, katanas - you never knew when you would have to duel with a Samurai, one had to be prepared - whips... Oh, nope, that was for his own private use.

"I know you're not a big weapons fanatic," he said, pulling out a Glock 19 and handing it to Jack. "But you should have one in case you need it. Glock 19's are easy to use." He took the Glock 19 apart in a matter of seconds, briefly explaining each part, putting it back together, mumbling about recoil. "You point," he began and demonstrated. "You shoot." There was deafening bang as the bullet whizzed past dangerously close to Jack's ear to slam into the Bull's Eye on the wall.

"Don't worry, the worse thing that could happen is you shoot yourself in the face," he chirped

"Now a sexy weapon for one sexy woman." He turned to Sayuri and handed her a coiled weapon. "Spiked whips," he announced with a grin. "Great for puncturing car tires or, you know, BDSM." He winked.

"And last but not least, an upgrade for our badass leader who really needs to get laid and still owes me $60 for all that beer I bought him." He handed Daniel a gun through his car window. "A Uzi Sub-machine Gun, capable of firing 600 rounds per minute over a distance of 200m. Love him dearly, Danny, someone died for me to get this," he partially joked but mostly admitted.

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Jacqueline DeMarco

Unlike Sayuri, Jack was clad in a pair of skinny jeans and a guinea-T. She was comfortable at the moment, though thoughts of changing into a sickeningly bright orange jump suit crossed her mind. It reminded her of the clothes people had to wear in prison, but then again that was probably why she liked it so much. Currently her head was under the hood of Luka's SSC Ultimate Aero, just trying to do some last minute checks on the engine. She had been worried that the Saint's arms dealer had strained it a bit during the last race, but the machine had been running smoothly for the last week or so without any problems. Jack just sometimes got paranoid about car safety, with good reason. Jack didn't want anything that happened to her to potentially happen to her Son of Saints family members.

"Aye, aye el capiton." She said as Daniel spoke to her. The mechanic had actually straightened up and saluted the gang leader, though there was a big grin on her face. She had known their leader for about seven years now, even before he had taken over and given her the job of their mechanic. Jack liked to consider them close, she did the same with Sayuri and often thought of the other woman as a sister.

The young woman was actually a bit disappointed that she wouldn't be able to race with them. Since the accident several years ago, her entire right side just didn't work as well as it used to. Just recently, in fact, she had gotten permission from a doctor to not have to wear her leg brace anymore. Years of physical therapy had finally given her enough strength in her leg to not need the metal to help her stand on her own or walk properly. Jack had been ecstatic, it was like getting a bit of freedom back after being imprisoned for so long.

Her long white hair was braided and hanging in the back that day, but a few strands clung to her forehead from her working hard. Jack had been working hard to calibrate and make sure that every vehicle in the garage was working properly since the night before. What sleep she was running on was all thanks to the raggedy old couch in the break room, that didn't stop her from being her professional and bubbly self though.

There was a dull throbbing in her right shoulder, the one with most of the burn scars she'd acquired. Jack tried to stretch it out, it was a little hard because she didn't have the same range of motion one would normally have, but she managed. It always did whenever there was a race, like a reminder telling her to not get behind a wheel for that purpose every again. Not that she could, no more clutch cars were at her disposal. Which was a shame cause the young woman absolutely love them, those were the cars that could race, not the automatic shit. If she were to race though, it could spell disaster and she didn't want to possible hurt any other racer.

Luka's voice brought her away from her train of thoughts. Jack found him very attractive, but ridiculously so. She had actually poked him in the cheek to make sure he was real when he had first entered the gang and was introduced by Danny. Jack wasn't exactly known for her personal boundaries and nothing as off limits to her, though somehow the arms dealer had managed to evade any prying so far.

She kind of glared at the gun he was showing her. Jack did not like weapons…at all. She want nothing to do with them, but she supposed that did make her an easy target. A serious protest of how she didn't need to know how it worked because she wasn't going to be using one, but Luka fired the damned thing before the words could come out. It shocked her, froze her up. That was much to close for her liking. The mechanic glared as Luka turned his attention to Sayuri.

Luka made his rounds to Daniel next and that was when Jack officially finished up on his car. She closed the hood down and gave the beautiful machine an affectionate pat. "Alrighty, everything's working great. Nothing should cause a big problem, but I'll be watching just in case." At her side she was doing a few exercises to make sure her hand wouldn't give out later one. It was better to keep it moving than stopping. "You all better drive safe."

Lance Baine

Lance was leaning against his car, arms crossed over his chest as he listened to Anzhela berate just about every member racing that day. As she finally addressed him, rather indignantly if you asked him, he refused to even give her any sort of answer. No nod, no spoken reply, nothing. As beautiful as she was Anzhela was ruthless and cruel, while Lance could respect that she also didn't give the proper respect when it was due to other people.

There were plenty of strings he could pull in order to find out what the Sons of Saints were packing. Luka was still young and new so it was quite easy for Baine to ask and pry around to find out what the hell the guy had been getting for his gang. Payback was a bitch though and Lance believed there were no pulled punches when it came to war. That's what it was after all, war. It wasn't just about the rival gangs though, both Daniel and Luka had waged war on the older man just because one had went back on their arrangement and the other resulted in a large chunk of his income being taken away. Frankly speaking, Lance was a little disappointed in the leader of the SoS. He thought Danny boy was smarter, but apparently he had assumed too much from the younger man.

Lance proceeded to get into his own car without saying a word to anyone else. The 'Angel' wanted weapons and he'd get them for her, just like he had done for the past some odd years. Once the woman had jetted out of the garage, Lance followed. His task took him a different direction, but he'd be back with them once he acquired the proper weaponry. It wouldn't take him long and he'd be finished with plenty of time to spare before the race even started.

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Lee munched on his chips absentmindedly as he listened to Angel talk. She was giving her annual anti-pep talk that always arose before a big race, but he was used to them by now. In fact, he'd been around long enough to know just how serious she was.

Girls holding guns that big were always serious. He popped another chip in his mouth as she looked up at them finally. He had seen plenty of Red Eclipse cars finish the race in last, but never stop moving. And never be seen again. Lee had yet to lose, but he also didn't race that much. He stayed behind in case they needed a quick fix.

A slight quirk of what could be considered a smile appeared on her face as the technician got her attention. Cameron was probably the only person in the room that was actually happy, and he was a talker. Something their angel of death didn't take to kindly to. Lee himself actually found the kid slightly amusing, but he wasn't sure if it was the man himself or the reaction it pulled out of the cold, Russian beauty.

He tossed back another chip as her attention was on Baine. Perhaps Lee himself was in a rather good mood, he was finding her amusing anyway. Not smile worth but enough that his eyes lit up slightly when she spoke. He didn't blame her for being shifty around their newest member. After all, she didn't get second by just trusting everyone.

"Lee... You know what to do.” He looked up at her and crunched down on another chip as he answered with a simple, “Yup.” No need to bore her with words she didn't care to hear anyway. She was gone after that, in that beautiful white car of hers. Lee made no effort to move, except for popping another chip in his mouth. Lance Baine was gone not long after her.

With just the two of them left, Lee shrugged at Cameron's first sentence. “Isn't she always like that?” Though she seemed to be a little more worked up on race days. He stepped away from his car when Cameron spoke about it next, and tossed his chip back away after downing the crumbs. “Thanks man.”

He smiled fondly at his car. It had been awhile since he had actually been in a race. He missed it, but not the stress. Anyway, he was a low round racer, he didn't figure he'd have to kick too much ass before Angel would decide he still deserved to live.

“Let's get going before they actually miss us,” he muttered, before sliding into his baby and taking off the same way their princess of pain, as Camshaft so lovingly nicknamed, went.

Sons of Saints

Daniel, as usual, was ignoring the awkwardness that Luka presented in their friendship, but Sayuri was a different person. She loved being fawned with attention. Even if men weren't usually her thing, Luka was an exception to the rule. It was the amazing good looks combined with the personality...there was very little she could say no to. And she oh so loved a man with tattoos and big guns...

"Cigarettes and candy, huh?" A smile spread across her face the moment he was in front of her, they were so close. It was all just a game. Chase, catch, let go, chase, on and on and on. Until they ended up at some final peace stage. "Wonder how that tastes.” “Wanna try?” she asked, all teasing as she leaned in just slightly closer to him, enough so that the smoke that fell from between her lips landed across his oh so perfect skin.

She wasn't upset when his attention drifted, Sayuri just loved to tease. And in all honesty, it would be hard not to be distracted by Jack. The girl was beautiful. And then he was gone and all sleazy teasing was put to a stop as work was back on the table.

Sayuri leaned back on the hood of her car, one had holding her up and the other still switching between her vices of the year. Luka got to work showing Jack the inner workings of a Glock 19. Of course, the mechanic looked disinterested---if not pissed—but Luka was right. Jack didn't carry weapons, and she didn't drive. That made her a huge target.

She shook her head at the interactions that went on between the two, and then slowly smiled as the attention was back on her. She sat up fully to take the coiled wires he offered her. When he winked, she simply offered him a cigarette/lollipop blown kiss.

“We'll be safe,” Daniel said , a promise to Jack's statement. They all understood the risks. He looked up a moment later to take the gun Luka handed him, but he was shaking his head at the other males words. “If anything you owe me $60 for the concussion I nearly got.” But even as he argued, he appreciated the gun. Damn it was nice. However, he didn't take Luka's parting line as a joke at all. Despite the town, he was sure it was quite serious.

Sayuri slid off her car with ease, finally choosing the rest of her lollipop over the slowly dieing cigarette. She opened the drivers door and leaned against it for a moment, fixing her eyes on Jack. “Wanna ride with me, sweetie?” Jack would have to ride with one of them anyway, they needed her out on the streets. But the offer was almost double. Ever since Jack had gotten her brace off, if she ever asked, Sayuri wouldn't hesitate to let her ride passenger during the race.

But she would understand if it would never happen. The night Jack crashed, Sayuri was standing sideline, and watched it all in horrifying detail. She and Daniel had been the ones to pull the girl out before the car went up in flames. Ever since then...it made her a little nervous to drive. She couldn't imagine how Jack would feel about even moving faster than the speed limit.

Daniel was watching his group with a smile on his face. From Luka's shameless flirting, to Jack's show of enthusiasm, and Sayuri's silent looks and nods that made him feel as if everything was going to be okay...he was slowly becoming less worried.

He just had to make sure everything went the way it was supposed to go. He had to win...but he just wanted the others to make it through the night. Survival was always first and foremost. He had a tough gang...but they were family. And human.

Pushing his thoughts aside, he revved his engine a couple of times before gliding out of the garage. Calling out one final order: “Let's race!”

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#, as written by Layla

Screams tore through the air, accompanied by the screech of a guitar blasting from industrial speakers. Inked gym junkies held scantily clad petites on their arm and cars, large and small, from the most expensive to rickety, dented things, were scattered throughout the streets. A massive crowd had gathered to watch the race between the most powerful gangs in Detroit. A race between Red Eclipse and the Sons of Saints was always unforgettable, with a high chance of injury and fireworks made out of exploding car parts.

The entrance of the Sons of Saints was accompanied by a chorus of whoops and boos. Luka scanned the buffet, tossing a long legged blonde a wink, to which she nearly crumbled from. He didn't blame her. He was hot as hell.

"You know the rules, baby!" Pixie, a woman dressed in little more than underwear yelled into a microphone, her spiky pink hair standing on end as she grinned, her pupils blown wide with drugs. "There are none!" The crowd roared. "On my left, the Sons of Saints!"

"S.O.S! S.O.S! S.O.S!" the crowd chanted.

"Led by Daniel Vladislav!" The cry of the audience slashed the night sky, the name invoking no small number of feminine screams. "With the Son's trusty mechanic, Jack DeMarco and tech genius, Sayuri Yukimura." Cat calls were thrown all around. "And last but not least, us girls' favourite, Luka Revonds!" High pitched squeals were thrown, followed by the thump of a fainted body. Luka grinned and saluted. He beat Lance Baine in the girls' votes. Could the day get any better? Oh yeah, right, when he beat Baine the pain in the ass.

"On my right is Red Eclipse!"

"Red! Red! Red!" the crowd chanted.

"Led by...." Pixie trailed.

"Angel, Angel, Angel!" the people roared, the men rattling the Earth with their enthusiasm.

"That's right, boys, and don't worry, girls, your favourite Lance Baine!" Women screeched his name as Luka grimaced. He'd make Baine look like a puny little thing and scream like a frightened little girl tonight.

"Jung Won!"


Spectators exchanged glances, confusion evident in their faces. Jung Won? Was he a new member?

"Lee!" The crowd roared. "And last but not least, Techman Cameron Bellview!" A few more people fainted and not too far away, a pair of pale grey eyes rolled.


"I want french fries," Angel declared to herself or to the Red Eclipse members who could hear her through the technology that linked their cars, no one was sure. Angel insisted on keeping the lines open at all times "in case one of you wusses scream for help and need your half-lady asses saved."

There were perks to being able to communicate at all times. Red Eclipse and Son of Saints were selective, being made up of only the best of the best. Other people had to get their danger fix from somewhere and belonging to a gang meant protection. Unfortunately, not from the two gangs that dominated underground Detroit.

When one gang member was being cornered by one of these gangs - who were pathetically weak but what they lacked in skill, they made up for in sheer numbers - the nearest R.E. member could snipe them down with relative ease. The sniper most often being R.E.'s apathetic but efficient second.

If it were Lance nearby, all he really had to do was show up, his sheer size, reputation and arsenal of weaponry he was rumoured to keep underneath his skin was enough to scare most children off. Word is he's a cyborg, a government experimentation that tried to escape, like Wolverine, but with rifles for bones and gasoline for blood.

Cameron managed to talk his way out of most things - a ghastly surprise Angel puzzled over every time his lips moved and out came a poor imitation of her partially Russian accent. She found most people predictable when they were not associated with Cameron. Society's apparent love of Camshaft made her lose faith in humanity. Well, more so than her initial lack of faith anyway. She had to admit, however, that if Cameron couldn't convince someone to do something stupid, nobody could. That was, excluding when she threatened to saw someone's manhood off, but that was a different story.

As for how Lee handled tricky situations... She didn't know. He simply did. The man was a ninja from the future, an odd mix of a pregnant woman and the Terminator, making for one weird person. She was quite certain the "salt" on his chips was actually crystal meth.

Mike purred as she slowed him down from a "cruising" speed of 120mph. McDonald's drive-through heard Ravenna arrive when she was a mile away. She'd had Lee tweak the sound to mode Deafening, "It helps me think," she'd said. Of course the sound of the world ending would help the Angel of Death think.

Angel felt nauseous, like someone had reached into her and was swirling her internal organs around. She swayed slightly. Was this adrenaline? Anticipation? Dread at having to be within close proximity to the Sons of Saints' wicked leader? No, of course not. She didn't give a damn about him.

"I want french fries," she told the microphone. "Greasy and salty and just huge fistfuls of them - I want to eat every french fry in the world."

"You look like you're going to throw up," chirped a voice. The hell? Angel flicked her eyes to the car beside her, narrowing her eyes briefly at the old woman. Wrinkled humans. You could never trust those. "Should you be having food?"

"Don't say 'food,'" Angel said quickly, turning her gaze back to the road ahead. Why was this crippled human even next to her baby? What was she even driving? A 90 year old tractor? It was an insult to Mike to have to be so close to something so rusty. "I don't want food, I want french fries."

"Young people are so weird."

"Shut up."

"Umm," interrupted a scratchy voice from McDonald's speakers. "I'm sorry but we ran out of french fries. Can I get you anything else?"


"You're telling me," Angel said slowly, monotonously, unmoving. "McDonalds ran out of french fries."

"We apologise, there's a race and umm... These people came and bought all our french fries in case Danie-"

"Shut up."

Screams tore through the air, accompanied by the screech of tires and the deafening roar of a car flying through the air. People ducked and scrambled for cover as a familiar Koenigsegg Agera R sailed over their heads. Pixie stumbled from the tracks just fast enough to miss being bulldozed by Death's vehicle as it slammed violently onto the ground.

Angel was angry.

"French fries. That's all" - she spun the wheel viciously - "I've ever wanted" - she shoved her foot down - "And they run out?"

"Talk about an entrance!" Pixie called, laughing nervously and wobbling on her bony legs. "Looks like Red Eclipse's lea- I mean, second, made it."

The white car spun furiously and the ground sizzled as it headed straight for the car of Sons of Saints' leader, also known as the Thing Responsible For A Beautiful Woman's Starvation And Possible Death. Angel shifted gears as Mike purred beside Daniel's car. With knuckles white from gripping the wheel, she suddenly snapped her head around to burn holes through Daniel's skull. She winded down the window with excruciating slowness.

"You," she seethed. "This. Is your fault."

"Brace yourselves! The first car to reach the National Gallery of Aerospace wins!"

"I will kill you." The window rolled back up. "Keep close," she told her gang, eyes swivelling back to glare at the road ahead. "Lance, blow things up, make fireworks out of Vladislav's corpse, make a lady milkshake out of Boob 1 and Boob 2," she said, using the nicknames she'd given Sayuri and Jack whose names she never remembered. "Cameron, wreck havoc their communication. Do that thing you do so well and yap into their speakers, talk about My Little Ponies and play One Direction. You have my permission to do whatever you want. I want eyes everywhere. Hack into every camera and give me the fastest route." She paused. "And when I say fastest, I mean ignore the buildings, human beings and chihuahuas. Bricks, cars and little babies are minor setbacks one can drive through."


"Lee, stay close. Mikey's served us well but I think I'll be driving him into a few lakes tonight."


"Also, get me some french fries."


Angel soared.

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Cam was wrapped up in looking at all the eye candy that consisted of bimbo's, sluts and crack hoes. He tended to lean more towards the bimbo's, cause so many from the other flavors screamed STD. Frankly he couldn't wait till the after party those were always the most fun part of the race at least for Cam. Yeah he liked fast cars, and racing was awesome but he'd much rather not risk his skin or his babies just to move in on the other gangs turf. Granted he was loyal to Red Eclipse and would never even think of flip flopping, but it was more cause he knew where his bread was buttered and he didn't want to end up another body in one of the lakes.

"Cameron, wreck havoc their communication. Do that thing you do so well and yap into their speakers, talk about My Little Ponies and play One Direction. You have my permission to do whatever you want. I want eyes everywhere. Hack into every camera and give me the fastest route." She paused. "And when I say fastest, I mean ignore the buildings, human beings and chihuahuas. Bricks, cars and little babies are minor setbacks one can drive through."

Cam smirked at this she always told him to stay quiet before a race then right before it started Angel would realize why he did what he did.

"Yes, mam I will do but I'm afraid One Direction might have the opposite affect don't you, I don't know it just seems to me that maybe Sayuri and Jack are closet boy band fans. he shrugged. "Maybe I should just Rick Roll them the whole time see how long it takes for what brains they have to ooze out of their ears.", he chuckled sometimes he just cracked himself up.

He already had most of the camera's on the race route qued up on his multiple computer screens, and also had control of the stop light to many of the intersections so he can keep any cross traffic out of the way. They were ready to rumble and he always had the fun part, it was like playing a video game for him just he would be in deep shit if he lost the mission on this game.

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Jacqueline DeMarco

Jack watched as Daniel and Luke teased one another. It was nice, being able to joke about everything. From what she'd seen of the Red Eclipse it was run more out of fear than through the friendship and family bonding the Sons of Saints were accustomed to. That was one of the main differences between the two rivals. Jack was pretty sure she'd never seen the actual leader of the Red Eclipse, but she'd heard rumors. Most said he was more terrifying than Angel was and the mechanic did not want to be caught in an alleyway with that woman. She was a scary and crazy little thing and not in the fun ways.

The white haired woman's attention was brought to Sayuri. Jack had been so far in her own mind that she had missed the other woman's approach and almost missed her question. The mechanic paused for a moment to contemplate the offer. "Uh..sure, just to the race start though. I think I'm more lucky for you guys waiting on the sidelines than actually being in a car with one of you." Jack teased. Sure she would have loved to race again, the speed, the feel of each bend you rounded, the pulsing feeling that at any moment something could go terribly wrong. It was an adrenaline high that brought many racers back each and every time. On the other hand, Jack wasn't sure if she could handle another wipeout. As far as she was concerned one was enough and she took it as a sign that her place was no longer behind the steering wheel.

Her eyes shifted to Daniel. When she had to be taken to the races it was usually in his car, but a change was nice once in a blue moon. While Jack missed racing on some level, she also got a bit anxious as the speedometer began its steady rise. She felt terrible having to say it out loud, Jack didn't want the others to think less of her and she usually toughed it out. Sayuri always seemed to catch on though, like she just have a sense of how Jack felt and the Asian woman never rushed to the races when Jack was in the car with her. It really was a nice change of pace when it occurred.

Jack made her way into the passenger seat of Sayuri's beautiful vehicle and rubbed the dashboard affectionately. It was kind of sickening the attachment she had to every vehicle in the gang, but then again she did tend to work with them rather intimately. Going crazy now Jack. They're machines not people. The white haired woman shook her head to rid herself of the thoughts, but she really couldn't help it. she just loved cars.

Sayuri drove, well for lack of better words, normally to the racing grounds. Once they were there though Jack got out of the car with a few words of thanks and another wish of good luck. The cheers as Pixie introduced them made Jack laugh, it was something she never got used to, probably never would, but she absolutely loved it.The petite female made her way over to the side lines, the designated SoS cheering area of course, and stood by at the ready if something went wrong. For the most part someone managed to hack into street lights and the like, but sometimes mistakes were made. Jack's wipe out was a great example of that, being T-boned by a tractor trailer was not a fun experience.

The entire scene was a partying chaos. Jack could smell the booze, the weed, but more importantly the smell of fuel and burnt rubber. It sent an excited thrill through her and she was finding herself anticipating the race even more. It took a few minutes, but once Pixie got up to get them started that was it. Once 'go' left the the mechanic screams along with many of the other bystanders and watched as the cars took off.

Lance Baine

Surprisingly enough, Lance had managed to make it back to the race before their ever-demanding second in command did. The arms dealer had gotten one of his men to drive in a car with a trunk holding a small arsenal. Angel wanted the best for the Red Eclipse and Baine was willing to provide that, he was getting paid well enough after all. Not to mention what he was giving them made Luka's services look like they came from a toy store. Once the gang was throughly armed, Lance bid his man away and moved to his car to get ready for the race.

A scantly clad, pink haired stick walked out in a drug endured stupor to announce each member from each opposing side. Lance was pretty used to it by now and he had slept with Pixie a few times, both during her drug endured stupors and when she wasn't high. The woman hadn't been terrible in bed, but the screams that reached his ears after the sound of his name always helped to remind him that he was able to have anyone he wanted. The fact that Luka had gotten a louder greeting than him didn't really bother him. Those women were obviously ones that had never been with a real man, he'd take his time converting every one of them.

Of course Angel had to make some sort of strange and attention grabbing entrance and Lance had to roll his eyes. With her arrival it signaled that the race was on its way to starting. Lance made his way into his car and switched on all the tech that Cam and Lee installed into it. Unfortunately that meant he was able to hear all the others.

Angel's voice cut through him like a migraine. Lance was not a man to follow the orders of a little thing lie her, but he was also not one to kick a gift horse in the mouth. Instead of replying he remained silent, the only one he was really intrested in hurting was Revonds, but if she was willing to pay then he was more than happy to get something done for her.

As Cameron finished speaking. Lance decided he'd make Angel an off. "My job is strictly on the track Anzhela, that's what you pay me for. With a little more incentive though, I'm willing to call a friend to hit the Sons of Saints hard, you know leaving a pretty little thing like Jack all by herself while the rest of them are off racing might not be such a smart idea. Easy target and an even easier setting for something bad to happen, just give the word and I'll see what I can do." Sure sending someone out to hurt a woman could be considered low, but business was business and as long as Lance was getting paid he didn't care.

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#, as written by Layla

The supporters of the Sons of Saints barely spared Luka a glance as he easily weaved his way through the crowd. They were engrossed in the violent scene unfolding before them, Dan's and Angel's car tearing the world apart. It was quite different from his usual having to crawl his way out of the sea of females that would swarm him.

Where Dan drove with a deadly precision, Angel drove with reckless but efficient abandon. She took the sharpest but quickest turns and shredded the speed of her car to the point where he could feel the heat oozing from the friction of her tires and the road from this distance. The woman was insane - even when she wasn't driving, he would know - but her lack of care for her life or seemingly her car was effective.

Even if one hadn't known whose car was whose, they would know who was driving it. Daniel transformed behind the wheel, in Luka's opinion, seeming to become one with his car, for lack of a better description. Sure Angel drove like Satan on wheels, almost as if she believed she were immortal, but Daniel... Daniel could drive. It would be interesting to see the events of tonight and Luka no doubt expected a show. It had been quite some time since he'd seen Daniel and Angel compete.

Then again, he'd heard rumours of Angel and Daniel being lovers or, well, enemies with benefits, and they would often race one-on-one and the winner would get to have sex with the other in their car. Who knew? Yeah, he doubted it. Luka had spent one too many years trying to get Danny to get laid, futile as it was and continues to be.

He still remembered the first time Luka and Daniel went drinking together. In Club Red, actually. It had been an interesting night to say the least. He still remembered the ethiriel beauty strolling through the warm bodies that night. They'd parted for her, some tripping over their feet to try to get away. He should've known but, hey, he was new to the inner workings of underground Detroit. He didn't even race then.

"Look at that ass," he remembered musing to Dan. "Damn, she's smoking. You should tap that." He didn't quite remember what Dan said, if he'd said anything at all. By then he wasn't quite lucid. Luka watched the dark haired beauty, her stern but startling silver eyes sweeping the club like a lioness hunting for prey.

He'd grabbed Danny, pulled him off his stool, dragged him through the people - who seemed to avoid the sexy Angel like she was death - and shoved him right at her.

"This is my friend Da-" Luckily and unluckily for Dan, he'd stumbled and in his attempt to halt his fall, his hands landed right over her...


Luka didn't even bother to hide his gazing at a certain white haired girl's full chest. What a beauty, he thought, fiddling with the multiple rings through his left ear, an unconscious habit when he'd found his snack for the night. He inched closer until his body grazed Jack's from behind. He dipped his head down to the crook of co-worker's neck.

"Jack," he purred into her ear, his warm, smoky breath tantalising her bare skin. He trapped Jack between his strong arms, deciding this was work as the gang's weapons dealer. He had to ensure Jack was... Well equipped. Luka glanced down her shirt, savouring the hint of cleavage. Mmm, she's well equipped, alright.

"Holy shit, did he just steal the entire U.S. Army's weapons collection?" mumbled a supporter.

Luka lifted his gaze and narrowed his eyes at a familiar car towing...

"Baine," he hissed. "Sorry, love. Back to work." Luka grabbed the railings and in one swift movement, swung around and landed like a cat on the ground. He tapped the ear piece he wore. Baine thought his weapons were better? Huh, let him think that when I blow up his employer and his source of income. Angel and Luka had... History. He knew her well enough to know she wouldn't be so easy on Baine. She would hold him responsible for whatever weapons S.O.S. used against R.E. She believed it was Baine's job to disable whatever S.O.S. used and she always expected better. It made it hard as hell to keep up with and surpass R.E.'s weaponry because, as much as Luka hated admitting it, Baine was good. Unlike Baine, however, he actually cared about his gang and actually wanting to protect your leader made a hell of a difference.

"Danny, do I have permission to blow up your Russian girlfriend?" Sorry, Angel, Luka thought. What a waste, she was hot and really, really good in bed. It was the best night of his life, honestly, but he had too much pride to not want to humiliate Baine. He got Baine's S.O.S. job and he fully intended to rub it in his future unemployed face.


"My job is strictly on the track, Anzhela, that's what you pay me for," came the testosterone filled voice. He was one of the rare few who called her Anzhela. She'd have preferred 'Boss' or 'My Queen.' If it were up to her, she'd have fired him or had him assassinated by now but God insisted he remain intact for reasons unknown but God always thought a million steps ahead so who knew. The thought of God watching - because he was always watching, in fact, she was quite certain he was up there in the audience right now - sent her foot grinding into the pedal and her body jerking with the sudden burst of extra speed.

"With a little more incentive though, I'm willing to call a friend to hit the Sons of Saints hard, you know leaving a pretty little thing like Jack all by herself while the rest of them are off racing might not be such a smart idea. Easy target and an even easier setting for something bad to happen, just give the word and I'll see what I can do."

Look at that, the thing could actually come up with decent ideas. Anzhela spun the wheel to the right, initiating a sharp turn that sent sparks flying. She took a few moments to reply, keeping Vladislav's car in sight at all times. Money wasn't a problem, it was how reliable was Baine? Obviously she couldn't trust him, she didn't trust anyone, but she did trust in a human's nature of greed. Club Red, one of the biggest clubs in America, brought in enough money for her to swim in. That and God was rich. She could not begin to describe just how wealthy he was. Admittedly, she wasn't sure how he got all of it. She knew he dealt but not even recreational drugs could bring in the kind of big bucks he had. Was he swimming in old money. She oddly felt like she was a character in the Great Gatsby at that moment.

Finally, she spoke. "Disable the mechanic."

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#, as written by Layla

Luka grinned as he propped his feet up on his Mercedes Benz 600 limousine.Why did he have a limo? Well, because they were cool as hell, spacious, bullet proof, fire proof, glass-tinted, looked and felt like heaven, and, last but most certainly not least, had a mini bar. The limo wasn't owned by the gang, it was just part of the perks of his multi-million inheritance.

He pressed his palm to the scanner and allowed the other light to glaze across his pale blue irises. God bless you, Sayuri, and your magical hands, he thought, wiggling his eyebrows at the double meaning and chuckling softly to himself.

"Voice confirmation required," said a robotic voice that sounded suspiciously like GLaDOS. Another perk to having money and a world class mechanic and computer genius wrapped around your big...

"Welcome back, my lord," chirped GLaDOS from Portal. He grinned, taking note to kiss Sayuri right on the mouth next time he saw her.

Lights scattered across the interior of his limo and screens popped up everywhere. So far Sayuri was the only person besides Daniel who'd seen the inside of his limo or, he suspected, even knew it existed. That was, excluding the one time Luka might or might not have caused Danny to pass out from chugging about a dozen barrels of whisky but... That wasn't his fault. Ish. Anyway, he'd dumped Dan on his backseat and in his drunken state, Dan even pulled him down onto his chest. Man, was it one sexy chest. But Luka would never use an unconscious person like that. It took all the fun out of it.

A dozen screens popped up, showing the streets in all its luminescent glory. He perked at the sight of the crazy bitch - most likely fallen from Heaven all on her own by flying crazy as circuits around clouds she'd turned to spikes for the thrill - behind Dan. Shortly followed by a frown as she very nearly killed Dan with her stunts.

Having been a lieutenant in the American Army, he'd worked with countless soldiers like her. Those who thought they were immortal and omnipotent. They almost always ended up with a bullet between their eyes. Not before, of course, bringing down an entire battalion with them.

He swiped his fingers across the screen and a map popped up. He was in no sense of the word a computer genius. That was Sayuri's field and so she programmed it to be as simple as an iPhone. He thought he might be slightly in love with the woman.

Two dozen green lights blinked throughout the map of Detroit, all the way to the National Gallery of Aerospace. It was simple, really. He'd planted multiple bombs throughout the way to the final destination that he would activate when Angel was on them. He would, of course, ensure Daniel was far enough away first. The explosions would be relatively small and controlled, enough to break apart any car if it encountered enough of these bombs directly and there were most certainly enough of them, but not enough to kill a bullet-proof bystander like Daniel's baby. It was a pity, Angel was really, really hot. But she was also nuts.

"Serving the appetisers," he mumbled, his finger hovering over the button that would set the domino bombs off. A smirk lifted the corners of his lips. "A teaser for what's to come, sprinkled with flamethrowers." He dropped his finger.

The first green light turned red.


"Anzhela, the plan's in motion. Fuck his car up and he shouldn't be able to get it fixed by a loyal mechanic any time soon," Lance's low voice chirped in her ear, muffled by static. Damn, the reception in these tunnels was crap.

She grinned as she drove her car backwards, slamming into Daniel's none too gently. She pulled her Heckler and Koch HK16 Assault Riflefrom her passenger seat and stuck her arm out the window. She twisted her body so she was nearly parallel with the door and fired wildly and blindly behind her. Her arm jerked painfully with the recoil of each shot but she held on tight and fired, glancing back and forth between the dark road and the blinding lights of Daniel's car. Either way, she couldn't see anything but the resolute bang of her shots on glass and metal was comforting, if deafening.

She popped her arm and assault rifle back into the car as she slammed her car into Daniel's. Her car would survive or at least, would have Lee the Car Whisperer. Daniel's? Not so much.

The light was near.

Anzhela grinned as her car soared towards the tunnel's mouth. She decided to make an exit. Just before her car arrived outside, she swivelled her car around, the vicious 180 turn sending her body slamming into the door. Whoever said she couldn't drive backwards in a race was an idiot. In its spin, her car curved around a...


She cursed as bits of debris crashed into the side of her white car. Her flawless, beautiful white car. She flinched as bits and pieces slammed into her bullet proof glass. She quickly swivelled her car around when they were outside so it was straight again. If she hadn't decided to pull that stunt at the last second... An Angel Sandwich sounded better than it was.

"What the hell was that, Lance?" she growled. "Bellview, you're meant to be my eyes," she hissed. She glared into her rearview mirror, her hands trembling faintly from a combination of shock and drugs. "Looks like I'm going to need you a lot sooner than planned, Lee."

"Damn, I missed," Luka muttered with annoyance, hovering over the button to stop a bomb from exploding if necessary. Otherwise, each bomb from there on was set to detonate automatically with the help of motion sensors. Why couldn't the woman just stay still-

"What the fuck?! Let-"

Luka's eyes darted around in search of the voice before realising it was coming from his earpiece?


"Danny, Sayuri, did you hear that?"

More muffled noises came from his speaker.

"Jack," he called into his microphone. "Jack," he repeated, almost shouting. "I'm going in," he hissed.

Luka grabbed his UZI Machine Gun - acquired from a Black Ops supplier - and shoved the limo door open, completely forgetting about the two dozen bombs that were set to detonate when anything drove through or near it. He slammed the door shut and ran towards the stands where he last saw Jack.

Daniel and Angel had attracted much of the audience but people were still hanging around. He shoved his way through the audience, cussing and growling and swinging a few solid punches at anyone who got in his way.

"Jack!" he yelled.

"Look, it's Luka!" yelled a feminine voice, followed by even more squeals and an onslaught of fangirls.

"Dammit," he growled, then flashed a charming smile. "Hey, ladies."

"Luka, focus!" he heard a voice growl in his ear, or maybe it was in his head. Luka smacked himself on the forehead.

"Right, focus, Luka. Jack's in trouble." He squeezed his way through the large breasts and skinny legs pressed against it. "Sorry, can't sleep with all of you right now. Find me later. The number's 0382811122."

He caught a glimpse of white. "Jack!" He could kiss her pale hair right now.

"Hands up and off the lady," he commanded, aiming his handheld machine gun with the comfort of someone who'd been born into a military family and served his country since he was legal. He trained the gun on the two men. "Let me guess, Baine? That's low, attacking our unarmed mechanic." He bore holes in Jack's eyes, a question in them. Did she have the Glock 19 he gave her? "At least S.O.S. has class."


The impact from the next bomb threw Angel's car to the side and very nearly killed both her and Daniel. Her icy gaze blazed with fury as she shoved her car next to Daniel's to rip the side of his car. She dropped her window and glared at him, their faces parallel.

"What the hell is this, Vladislav? Your men doing this?" She bumped her car violently into his. "Your gang really that stupid?" She held her F.N.Seven in her left hand and aimed it at him. "They hate you so much they want to kill you too?" She jerked her gun, gesturing wildly with her hand. "My men didn't do this so it must be you and don't give me that It's Judgement Day and Jesus Decided To Blow Up Half Of Detroit crap."

Up ahead, an explosion sent two cars jerking to the sides and multiple others bumping into each other with the abrupt breaks. The sound of vehicle horns filled the air in a chaotic cacophony of confusion and fear.

"You crazy son of a bitch," she muttered, her jaw nearly dropping at the sight of civilian cars hastily driving out of the way but going nowhere instead. The streets around them were a mad criss-cross of cars. "First you kidnap my french fries and now you-"

"Вы идиот!" she gasped, throwing her hands in the air in exasperation. The switched gears and whizzed around the chaotic mess of vehicles. She muttered to herself in Russian, "Я всегда получаю сумасшедшие люди. Что, черт возьми, он думает? Пытаясь убить всех? Почему я даже не потрудились причине с этими людьми... Теперь у меня есть, чтобы исправить мистаке."

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#, as written by Layla

”Run,” Angel said.

“You’re insane,” he gasped, spinning around to tear through the brooding streets. He stumbled over the chaotic mess of shattered glass, spilled alcohol and crumpled bags of cocaine.

“I know,” she replied with a smile, counting down the thirty seconds she’d given him as a head start. She’d been out of action for some time and she was in some desperate need of relief from days of being useless. She heard him curse as he tripped over the unconscious body of a scantily clad woman.

She pulled a cigarette from the pack in the back pocket of her black jeans, slipping it between her teeth. She flicked her lighter to life and the embers buzzed to life. She inhaled, her eyes closed as she tasted the minty tinge of the cigarette.

There was a time when she found these jobs tedious. She didn’t really care for hunting down people who’d dealt with God only to decide they were stupid after all and cross him. Then she tried it out for herself, disobeying God that is, and realised those people were even dumber than she’d originally thought. She was doing the world a favour by getting rid of people who were going to die sooner or later anyway.

Besides, she needed the exercise.

Her lids lifted, revealing the two transparent silver orbs. Her hand swooped to slide a curved dagger into her palm. Her cigarette fell from her fingers and the light extinguished beneath her boot.

“Ready or not, here I come.”

She tore through the streets, her long hair billowing behind her like a slithering black cape. She scaled the fence that her target had clumsily wiggled over, dropping with a catlike grace to the ground on the other side. It didn’t take long for her to have him in her line of sight again. The man was not only an idiot, but a clumsy idiot. In his hurry to escape, he hadn’t bothered to even partly disguise his tracks.

Honestly, it somewhat ruined the fun.

Lucky for her amusement, she’d gotten a climber this time. She followed him onto the tops of the buildings, swinging herself onto the rooftops. Her long legs flew forward as she leapt over the gaps between each rickety house in the nasty side of Detroit. She pulled her arm back and threw her dagger forward, her wrist flicking with a deadly precision.

He turned around and the dagger buried itself in his skull. His descend from the rooftop was followed by a sickening thud as his corpse met the ground.

'Breakfast @ Mama’s Kafe.'

She slipped her phone into her leather jacket after she’d sent the text to the members of Red Eclipse. Early morning sunlight eased the strands of copper and auburn from her rippling dark hair. She took her morning stroll through the West side without a care in the world, the ease radiating from her casual glimpses into shop windows as frightening as if she were to charge in in her car armed with nuclear grenades.

She caught no small amount of attention from the partygoers who were in the later stages of their partying since 2am. Morning joggers and old women feeding pigeons in the park benches gawked at her usual attire of black, black and… More black. Wait, nope, the thigh sheath containing what suspiciously looked like a gun holster had a deep bronze tone.

No one had seen or heard any sign of her since the major race between Sons of Saints and Red Eclipse a month prior, it was both troubling and comforting to see her now.

A young boy gawked at her and she smiled and waved.

He cycled into a fire hydrant.

She nudged the door of Mama’s Kafe open and slid in, her presence as out of place in the modest Russian café as snow leopard in the Sahara desert. Pinching a menu between her fingers on the way to a seat by the window, she sat herself down; her lips making a loud, suggestive pop when she pulled the lollipop from her mouth.

If it were a lollipop at all.

She glanced at the menu, the dishes listed in both English and Russian. Her literacy in the latter was better than the former but it was nothing to gloat about. Kindergarten education didn’t give her much to go on.

“Oladyi…” she muttered. Оладьи. She shrugged. It sounded familiar enough. She crushed the remains of her translucent and fluorescent candy between her teeth and gazed out the window.

Sunlight scattered across the clear blue river not far from Mama’s Kafe, painting the liquid in sparkling diamonds. Modest houses greeted the people who bustled about and a mother and father lifted their giggling child between them. A flock of birds soared high over the gleaming rainbow.

It was hideous.


Luka strolled, a woman on his arm, down the street. He tossed two men walking arm in arm a devilish grin. One blushed whilst the other stepped forward, forgetting the man who’s arm he’d held a moment before. Luka looked away and continued his walk, his attention span as efficient as an eight year olds during a long car ride.

He walked into Mama’s Kafe like it was his second home, ready to announce his entrance with grandeur and seduce Daniel’s hot sister for real this time. Before he could, however, his morning evaporated into a mist of nails and razor blades. His hand slipped from the handle he’d been holding and the door slammed into his date’s face. His one nightstand opened her mouth to screech in protest but when he saw what Luka was gawking at, she huffed and stormed away.

Luka tapped furiously at his phone, sending Daniel a message before approaching Angel.

'Dead Death now Undead in your café.'

The woman had disappeared without a trace in the past month. They’d begun to hope that maybe she was dead. That perhaps she’d messed with too many and too much far beyond her insane power and was now lying in a garbage dump, her soul somewhere in the lowest levels of hell. He never would’ve guessed she’d been lying on Natty’s couch. Well, at least he’d get the chance to kill her for himself.

“What are you doing here?” he hissed.

“Ordering oladyi,” came the bored reply.

“No, I mean, what are you doing here. In this restaurant.” Luka stormed over to where Angel sat, poised as ever, her hair and nails too immaculate for the things she did with herself. You’d think killers would at least have some bloody nails or maybe some acne problems but not her and Miss Face of Perfection.

Angel showed no reaction to having heard him, rather flipping to the next page of the menu.

“Well?” Luka asked again, impatient, his fingers drumming on the seat in front of the woman who’d torn down his life’s work, his multi-million dollar home.

She lowered the menu from her face and raised a dark, sculpted brow.

“It is morning, I am hungry, and I am Rrrrussian,” she purred, mocking Luka’s miserable attempts at imitating her accent every chance he got.

“What’re you doing on the East side?”

“America,” she mused. “Land of the free and edible pursuits. I am trying out new restaurants on the other side.”

“Where’ve you been for the past thirty days?”

“In the lowest depths of Hell, as you would wish to believe. Unfortunately Satan felt his status as Most Powerful was being threatened.” She flipped to the list of beverages. Mmm, no vodka.

“You mean Most Evil,” Luka replied drily. Angel hummed in reply. “That’s it? You disappear for a month, reappear in Danny’s territory – in his café – and you just expect some olabis?”

“Oladyi,” she corrected.

“Do you want to die?”

“Not particularly, no,” she said.

“What do you want, Zhel?”

“Right now? Oladyi.”